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APPLICATION FORM Name & Surname of child: Date of birth:


School location, where child attends: Any medical conditions or allergies: Does the child have an LSA/facilitator in class?



If yes, the child needs to have a qualified LSA during summer school.

Name of parents/guardians: Home address: Telephone number:

Mobile Number:

E-mail address: Emergency contact numbers: Number of days, the child will be attending: 2 days (€85)

3 days (€110)

5 days (€160)

Do you give us permission to take child’s photos during activities?



These photos may be used on our publications; such as advertising materials and Facebook page.


Signature of parents/guardians: ID Card Number:

RATES Who Are We?

Qualified and experienced teachers First Aid trained Love being with Children


3 DAYS per week Monday, Wednesday & Friday


5 DAYS per week


Monday to Friday

What we believe...

Children learn through stimulating & fun activities Exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials The importance of age appropriate activities Children have their own rights & dignity Respect & treat all children the same

What will we be doing this summer?

Water & Sand play Messy play Gardening Crafts Music Movement, dance & physical activities Story telling and puppet shows Cooking Outings .......and lots more!!

2 DAYS per week Tuesdays & Thursdays

To enrol your child in the Summer Club please fill in the application form and contact us: Ms. Bryndis Mercieca Mob. 7905 8599 Ms. Romina Formosa Mob. 9984 2048 E-mail:

Rainbow Kids Summer Club  

Brochure with application form

Rainbow Kids Summer Club  

Brochure with application form