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Obama Calls for Action, With or Without Congress Obama to Raise Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Vice President Joe Biden looks on as President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington.

“Sometimes we stumble; we make mistakes; we get frustrated or discouraged. “But for more than 200 years, we have put those things aside and placed our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress.”

WASHINGTON — He talked a good game of acting on his own if necessary, calling for 2014 to be a “year of action, but President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address showed he knows that true progress depends on cooperation with a divided and recalcitrant Congress. “Sometimes we stumble; we make mistakes; we get frustrated or discouraged,” he said near the end of the more than hour-long speech, seeming to describe his bad 2013 that lowered his approval ratings. “But for more than 200 years, we have put those things aside and placed our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress.” It was vintage Obama, blending hopeful calls for a unified approach

with declarations of presidential independence through executive orders. There were the now familiar calls to recalibrate the tax code, spend more to rebuild roads and bridges, bolster education and avoid war if at all possible. He brought many to tears with a tribute to Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg, a disabled war veteran who sat next to first lady Michelle Obama and waved with wounded limbs to a prolonged standing ovation. Even Republicans relentlessly critical of the President conceded his oratorical skill. “A speech by Barack Obama is a lot like sex,” said GOP strategist.

“The worst there ever was is still excellent.” According to International polls, 44% of respondents had a “very positive” response to Obama’s speech, while 32% described a “somewhat positive” response and 22% didn’t like it at all. Last year, 53% of respondents in a similar poll rated their response to the 2013 address as very positive. The underlying theme of Obama’s fifth State of the Union address was his call on Tuesday for the government to work on behalf of all Americans in 2014, and his pledge to do so even if Congress refused to join him in an election See OBAMA, on page 2

Former Mayor Ray Nagin Arrives At Federal Court

Civil Rights Attorney Constance Slaughter-Harvey to Speak at LSU BATON ROUGE – Civil Rights Attorney Constance Slaughter-Harvey will speak at LSU on Friday, Jan. 31, at 1 p.m. in the African American Culture Center Multipurpose Room. The event is co-sponsored by African and African American Studies, Department of History Department, Manship School of Mass Communications and the Department of English. Slaughter-Harvey will speak on Saturday, Feb. 1, at 2 p.m. at Star Hill. Star Hill is located at 1400 North Foster Drive, Baton Rouge. Her appearance is part of the church’s Black History Month celebration. Slaughter-Harvey is the first African-American female See HARVEY, on page 2

NEW ORLEAN, LA - Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin arrived Monday at Federal Court with his attorney Robert Jenkins for the start of his federal corruption trial. Nagin faces a 21-count indictment. Charges include wire fraud, money laundering, and bribery. Reporters asked the former mayor several questions as he made the trek from his attorney’s office into the courthouse. The former mayor didn’t have much to say as Liz questioned him about his health. Nagin was walking with a noticeable limp. He was also asked about his thoughts as jury selection begins Monday morning. Nagin smiled and laughed as he walked across Lafayette Square while throngs of reporters and photographers followed. Jurors will be selected from 13 parishes. Even after the trial begins, Nagin could still accept a plea deal at any time if the government offers him one. If he doesn’t, the trial is expected to last two weeks.


Ray Nagin arrives at the Hale Boggs Federal Building in New Orleans, Monday, Jan. 27, 2014. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin arrives at the Hale Boggs Federal Building in New Orleans

Each bribery count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Each wire fraud count is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The charges are the product of a City Hall corruption investigation that already has resulted in several convictions or guilty

pleas by former Nagin associates who could be key prosecution witnesses at the trial. Nagin’s 21-count indictment accuses him of accepting more than $160,000 in bribes and truckloads of free granite for his family See NAGIN, on page 7

WASHINGTON - While President Barack Obama’s attempts to increase the nation’s minimum wage through legislation have stalled in Congress, the White House announced plans on Tuesday to use the president’s executive powers to partially address the problem. Just hours before the President is scheduled to deliver his fifth State of the Union address, the White House revealed that Obama will issue an executive order to increase the minimum wage for new federal contract workers. The action will cover all workers employed under future government contracts, ensuring that none is paid less than $10.10 an hour. In a fact sheet announcing the action, the White House highlighted several occupations that will be helped by the move, including kitchen and laundry workers on military bases, as well as janitors at federal buildings and construction workers at government building sites. “The President has embraced the idea in the past that he can use his authority as President and the




powers available to the President to advance his agenda on behalf of the American people,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at his briefing on Monday. “What we have said is that he views 2014 as a year of action and that he has tasked his team to come up with new ways in which we can - he can - advance that agenda.” An administration official confirmed the action will only apply to new contracts, and the White House believes contractors will have time to factor the new wage requirements into future bids. Included in Tuesday’s announcement was a call for Congress to pass an increase in the minimum wage nationwide and an endorsement of a proposal put forward by two senior Democrats, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Rep. George Miller of California. The proposal would raise the minimum wage for all workers in stages, ultimately reaching $10.10 an hour, while also indexing the wage floor to inflation going forward. See MINIMUM WAGE, on page 2

RELIGION Some people have what they call their “bucket list.” I am not too sure what this is all about but it seems to me it is a list of things people would like to do before they “kick the bucket.”..See Page 6


CADAV CELEBRATED 19TH ANNIVERSARY CADAV (Community Against Drugs Fans who tuned in to the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl were treated to an actual football game....See Page 8

and Violence) held its 19th annual Ms. Banks Holiday Pageant at the new North Banks Middle School, formerly Banks Elementary...See Page 3


Businesses across south Louisiana are well-acquainted with the economic tsunami generated by cheap natural gas that is spurring billions of dollars in industrial investment in Louisiana. ..See Page 5

WINNING AT OBAMACARE A central promise of Obamacare

was to spur competition between insurance companies to drive down health care costs and give consumers more choices. The results are mixed so far...See Page 7

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Jindal Proposing New Money for Disabled Services Louisiana Youth Head BATON ROUGE, La. — Gov. Bobby Jindal is proposing to expand services for the developmentally disabled in next year’s budget, six months after the governor angered lawmakers by vetoing similar spending plans. Health and Hospitals Secretary Kathy Kliebert announced Jindal’s proposal Thursday, a day ahead of the unveiling of the governor’s budget recommendations to lawmakers for the 2014-15 fiscal year that begins July 1. Spending on disabled services is proposed to grow to more than $600 million in Jindal’s budget, up from $574 million this year, according to the Department of Health and Hospitals. Kliebert said the governor’s budget will include $10 million in new state dollars to spend on expanding home- and communitybased care for the disabled, services that help keep people out of nursing homes and other institutions. She said that will draw down federal matching money for a total of about $26 million for the services.

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For State Livestock Show Feb. 8-15 In Gonzales

Kids learn as animals grow in the LSU AgCenter’s 4-H livestock educational program.

Gov. Bobby Jindal is proposing a $10 million expansion for disabled services.

The increased funding will get care to nearly 2,500 people who are on waiting lists that contain nearly 50,000 names, including some families that have waited for years to get assistance. “Securing the funds to assist these individuals, their families and caretakers was one of our top priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. We’ve heard time and time again from advocates, from people living with disabilities, from parents


and from caretakers about just how crucial these services are,” Kliebert said. After lawmakers wrapped up their work on the current $25 billion state operating budget, Jindal stripped $6 million the Legislature added for disabled services. The governor said the state couldn’t afford the add-ons because lawmakers hadn’t provided enough funding to pay for existing health care programs.

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year. “Let’s make this a year of action,” Obama said. “That’s what most Americans want -- for all of us in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.” It’s an optimistic goal for a President with a 43% approval rating entering his sixth year in office and facing a determined opposition in the Republican-led House of Representatives with congressional elections looming in November. “What I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class, and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class,” Obama said. “Some require congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you. But America does not stand still, and neither will I.” On issue after issue, he invited Congress to work with him but said he also would go it alone. Obama called for more government support to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, but also said that “I will act on my own to slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects, so we can get more construction workers on the job as fast as possible.” The President also promised an executive order to raise the minimum wage for some government contract workers. While the action is relatively narrow and affects less than half a million people, Obama urged Congress to follow suit for all low-wage workers in America. Earlier Tuesday, House

Speaker John Boehner chafed at such unilateral action, telling reporters that Republicans are “just not going to sit here and let the President trample all over us.” In the official Republican response, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington complained that Obama’s policies “are making people’s lives harder.” “We hope the President will join us in a year of real action -by empowering people -- not by making their lives harder with unprecedented spending, higher taxes, and fewer jobs,” she said. One area of possible progress is immigration reform. Obama got a long ovation when he urged Republicans in the House to join Democrats in passing a Senate plan that got bipartisan support. McMorris Rodgers also brought up the issue backed by some Republicans as a way to bolster their weak support among Hispanic Americans, the nation’s largest minority demographic. “We’re working on a stepby-step solution to immigration reform by first securing our borders and making sure America will always attract the best, brightest, and hardest working from around the world,” she said in describing the more limited GOP approach to the comprehensive Senate measure that includes a path to legal status for immigrants living illegally in the country. On another major reform issue, Obama chided Republicans for trying to undermine his signature



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Generating the loudest complaints were Jindal’s line-item vetoes that struck out $4 million for a program called the New Opportunity Waiver, or NOW. Family members of developmentally disabled children plead with lawmakers each year for new NOW funding, with nearly 12,000 people on a waiting list. The dollars vetoed would have paid for 200 See JINDAL, on page 8

health care law that passed in 2010 without GOP support. He cited the millions of people helped by the reforms that ended denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions among its benefits. “The American people aren’t interested in refighting old battles,” Obama said. “Let’s not have another 40-something votes to repeal a law that’s already helping millions of Americans. ...The first 40 were plenty. ... We all owe it to the American people to say what we’re for, not just what we’re against.” In her response, though, McMorris Rodgers continued the GOP attack line on the health care reforms as big government run amok and causing harm to people by raising costs and limiting their personal choices of doctors and medical treatment. The polls indicated 59% of respondents thought Obama’s policies as presented in the speech would help the economy, a lower figure than in recent years. Obama said he will order the U.S. Treasury to create a new federal retirement savings account called MyRA, a savings bond that would guarantee “a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in.” It will be available to those whose jobs don’t offer traditional retirement savings programs, he said. Additionally, Obama called for: • Eliminating $4 billion in tax subsidies for the fossil fuel industries “that don’t need it” and instead “invest more in fuels of the future.” • Equal pay for women, noting they make 77 cents for each dollar a man earns, which he called “wrong” and “an embarrassment” to prompt loud and long applause. • Setting new fuel standards for American trucks to help reduce U.S. oil imports “and what we pay at the pump.” • Reworking the corporate tax code. He urged Congress to work with him to close “wasteful, complicated loopholes that punish businesses investing here” and instead “lower tax rates for businesses that create jobs right here at home.” • Congress to lift restrictions on transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay so the prison cna be See OBAMA, on page 7

BATON ROUGE, La. – As many as 5,000 young people from across Louisiana will converge at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, La., for the 79th annual LSU AgCenter Livestock Show. The show, which runs from Feb. 8-15, is the statewide competition that students in 4-H and FFA livestock projects enter after placing in parish and district shows. Livestock Show manager Dwayne Nunez said entrants show animals including pigs, sheep, goats, beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry and rabbits as well as participate in skills tests and competitions. A highlight of the state show is the Premier Exhibitor Program, which is supported by an endowment from Gerry Lane Enterprises in Baton Rouge. The program is available to participants exhibiting beef, dairy, swine, sheep, poultry and goats. Testing all facets of the youths’ ability in their livestock projects, the contest comprises an interview, a resume, a test, a skill-a-thon and showing abilities. The awards

include a $500 cash award plus a jacket and belt buckle for the first-place winner. Other event sponsors have donated more than $50,000 in scholarship premiums for champion market animals, Nunez said. One of the largest agriculture events in the state, the AgCenter Livestock Show exposes youth to the many facets of agriculture, Nunez said. In addition to caring for animals and preparing them for the show, participants learn about science and develop leadership qualities. “It teaches those young people all those pillars of character that we’re trying to teach throughout the year,” Nunez said. “Livestock’s a little bit different from many other projects we have because it is an everyday responsibility.” While the annual event may be called a livestock show, it’s more about the young people than their animals, said Bill Richardson, LSU vice president for See SHOW, on page 8

Minimum Wage Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner pushed back against the executive action by the President. “This idea that he’s just going to go it alone, I have to remind him we do have a constitution. And the Congress writes the laws, and the President’s job is to execute the laws faithfully. And if he tries to ignore this he’s going to run into a brick wall,” the top Republican in the House told reporters. “Were just not going to sit here and let the President trample all over us,” Boehner added. The White House says the President has the authority to make the move. Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, said in an interview Tuesday with CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta that the President “clearly has the authority” to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers. Obama has made wages and economic inequality a central theme of his second term in office, raising the issue repeatedly, including during a call for


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an extension of emergency unemployment benefits in his first public event of 2014. “America is getting stronger, and we’ve made progress,” the President said. “And the economy is growing, and we’ve got to do more to make sure that all Americans share in that growth. We’ve got to help our businesses create more jobs. We’ve got to make sure those jobs offer the wages and benefits that let families rebuild a little security. In other words, we’ve got to make sure that this recovery leaves nobody behind. And we’ve got a lot of work to do on that front.” Two national polls conducted in the past two weeks both indicate widespread support for raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Seventy-two percent of those questioned in a CBS News survey and 73% of those questioned in a Pew Research Center poll said they favor the move. Both surveys indicated a partisan divide, with around nine in ten Democrats and seven in ten independents in support of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and Republicans divided.

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to receive a law degree from the University of Mississippi. She was the first African American female to serve as student government president at Tougaloo College (1967); to be appointed to serve as judge in Mississippi (1976); to be the president (first female) of the National Association of State Elections Directors (1991); executive director of the Governor’s Office of Human Development (1980-1984); and to

serve as assistant secretary of state for elections, public lands and general Counsel for the State of Mississippi (1984-1995). Slaughter-Harvey’s commitment to social justice spans many decades and continues today. For more information, contact Lori Latrice Martin, LSU associate professor in sociology and African & African American studies, at or 225578-1785.

Thursday, January 30, 2014 • The Weekly Press • Page 3

Community Against Drugs and Violence Celebrated its 19th Year Anniversary

State Rep Regian Barrow, Ms Jr Banks, Amirah Montgomery. Ms. Banks Dayshira Raby, Little Ms banks Jacquell Hoyt and Pat McCallister-LeDuff, President

Our 2014 reigning Ms. Banks is Ms. Dashira Raby, being crowned. BATON ROUGE, LA CADAV (Community Against Drugs and Violence) held its 19th annual Ms. Banks Holiday Pageant at the new North Banks Middle School, formerly Banks Elementary. This year pageant sponsors

were SABLEnet, BAEO, POSH MEETS CHIC and EXXONMOBIL. Nearly 100 people in attendance despite a rainy Sunday afternoon. Among the guest was State Representative Regina Ashford Barrow, a strong sup-

porter of CADAV. The judging and tallying consisted of a three part scoring. The girls were responsible for writing an essay on the topic, “What I Like About My Neighborhood And What I Would Like To Do To Make

A Change.” This year ’s top winners were Amiah Montgomery, and Dashira Raby; each of them had winning points to the pageant’s scoring sheet. The other two categories were sports and dress wears. Cash prizes were

awarded to each of the winners. This judges were Janae Boothe, former Ms. Louisiana. Evelyn Bickham, Monica Bertrand, Helen Toliver and Mr. Isaiah Marshall, SABLEnet. Photos were compliments of Eric Singleton. Mascot, Bai-

ley Monet Galloway. The group is celebrating its 19th anniversary and continues to meet every 4th Tuesday at the Scotlandville Branch Library, 6 – 7:30pm monthly. Next meeting, Tuesday, January 28th.

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Attend The Super Tax Day Nearest You! Saturday, Feb. 1, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. • Southern University Law Center, 1 Steptoe Drive Saturday, Feb. 8, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. • Baton Rouge Community College, 201 Community College Drive For more information, visit or dial 2-1-1.

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COMMENTARY Thursday, January 30, 2014 • The Weekly Press • Page 4

Making Better Decisions in 2014 By Dr. Daryl Green Can we afford to make the same decisions this year? While politicians and media pundits seize the opportunity of each life-changing event, families seek to make the best of a struggling economy. According to the latest government job report this month, just 74,000 more people were employed in December versus 205,000 expected by USA Today’s survey of 37 economists. Life will become tougher for job seekers as globalization sweeps down on country after country. For some countries, they will become industry leaders while others will fade into the night of obscurity. Many Americans are retreating from the workforce, causing the unemployment rate to fall to 6.7% in December. In fact, only 62.8% of the adult population is participating in the labor market now; participation rates relate to those individuals who have employment or those actively seeking employment. Heidi Shierholz, an Economic Policy Institute economist, explains: “We’re going to have a long-term unemployment crisis for a long time.” This current low participation in the job market matches the lowest level since 1978. Sadly, many folks fail to understand the consequences of their decisions. For example, Vanessa Williams was one of these fallen Hollywood icons. In 1983, Wil-

liams became the first AfricanAmerican woman to be crowned Miss America. However, her immediate success was short-lived due to a scandal. Consequently, Williams was forced to relinquish her title; she probably did not think her youthful deed would come back and wreck her dreams. Yet, the consequences not only damaged Williams but her family, friends, and millions of her fans. Nobel Prize author Albert Camus once noted, “Life is the sum of all your choices.” In spite of all wise counsel, some people seem to have a knack for making poor decisions. Sadly, many poor decisions have unforeseen impacts. Nancy Cavender and Howard Kahane, authors of Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, argue for better decision making under this financial crisis: “Now, more than ever, we need to think critically about the world we live in and the decisions we make.” They point to the dire consequences of poor decision-making. In fact, these circumstances often can be traced back to a root cause. The Law of Unintended Consequences relates to any purposeful action that will generate unintended consequences. This law can be categorized into several areas: (a) a positive unexpected benefit called serendipity, (b) a negative effect which is contrary to the original intention, and (c) a potential source See 2014, on page 5

Bling It On: The Sad Redundancy of a Show and Tell Mentality By Hakim Hazim It’s lamentable when I turn on the radio and hear so many young men talking about what they have, did or will do. This show and tell false bravado seems to permeate the airwaves. Attention-seeking behavior rarely appreciates the level of appreciation it receives. It’s never enough. Modern day hiphop culture has helped to norm this approach to life for many of our young. Now this begs a question about a certain segment of our culture, the poor and marginalized youth who seem to use self-glorification as a way to build their persona due to the fact that most visible means of support are missing from their lives, and the question is this: why? Why do so many feel compelled to act in this manner? Dr. Ryan T Howell hits the nail on the head when he wrote this article “What Drives Us to Get Our Bling On?” (Psychology Today): “According to the urban dictionary, the term bling came

in to the modern vocabulary in the 1990s, possibly imported from Jamaica by American rappers, and meant to indicate either the imagined play of light bouncing off shiny jewelry, or the sound of the metally bits of jewelry “blinging” against itself. Whatever the specifics of its origin, it turns out to be no accident that a term meant to describe and draw attention to shiny, expensive possessions grew out of low-income, inner-city environments. As a new study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology demonstrated, the ostentatious display of expensive personal adornments is most likely to be practiced by people who perceive themselves to be of low status.” As a black male raised in an athletics-oriented family, I remember a gnawing desire to distinguish myself and be good at something. Muhammad Ali was my idol so I learned to talk trash, play the dozens and stay witty. Most of this was See BLING, on page 7

The Life and Legacy of Amiri Baraka By Marc H. Morial NBPA Columnist “Art is a weapon in the struggle of ideas, the class struggle.” Amiri Baraka On January 9, with the passing of the prolific poet, playwright, essayist, and critic Amiri Baraka, one of the literary giants of the 20th century was called home. As we offer condolences to his wife, children and family, we remember the 79-year-old Baraka not only for his bold, inventive and iconoclastic literary voice, but as a courageous social justice activist. His ideas and work had a powerful impact on both the Black Arts and Civil Rights movements beginning in the 1960s. Baraka was best known for his eclectic writings on race and class. He extended many of the themes and ideals of the 1960s Black Power movement into the realm of art, which he saw as a potent weapon of change. And like many good revolutionary artists, he sometimes went out of his way to offend the status quo. He has been variously described as a beatnik, a Black nationalist and a Marxist. But he was first and foremost a writer and social commentator of uncommon skill and insight. His 1963 masterpiece, “Blues People,” which explored the historical roots and sociological sig-

nificance of the blues and jazz, has become a classic that is still taught in college classrooms today. Almost every Black and progressive writer and thinker of the 20th century shared a kinship, friendship or feud with Baraka. But, undergirding everything he wrote and stood for was his desire to lift up the downtrodden and disenfranchised, especially in his hometown of Newark, N,J. As a testament to his broad influence, more than 3,000 people attended his funeral at Newark Symphony Hall. The actor Danny Glover officiated and noted Baraka’s influence on his career. Cornel West called Baraka “a literary genius.” Sonia Sanchez read a poem for him written by Maya Angelou. Speaking at the wake the night before, Jesse Jackson honored Baraka as “a creative activist and change agent who never stopped fighting or working for the formula to create social justice.” Born Everett LeRoi Jones, the writer changed his name to Amiri Baraka in 1968 to reflect his embrace of Islam and the philosophy of Malcolm X. He attended Rutgers, Howard and Columbia, served in the Air Force and began his literary career in the 1950s in the Beat poet scene of New York’s Greenwich Village. His one-act play, “DutchSee BARAKA, on page 7

Obama Seeks to Do Something with Do-Nothing Congress By George E. Curry NNPA Columnist President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, parts of which were shared over the weekend, was designed to be upbeat and to again sketch his vision for an economically “United” States of America. But this year’s speech, like the one a year ago and like his second inaugural address, was a gallant effort to remain relevant during an era of a do-nothing Congress that will do even less in 2014. Heading into his sixth year of office, President Obama has finally accepted the reality that he can’t change Washington. At least, not for the better. Having already passed the Affordable Health Care Act, the signature accomplishment of his administration, Obama’s goal in his last two years will be less ambitious: to continue to improve the economy, lower the unemployment rate, expand access to early childhood education, enact immigration reform, make progress on climate control and curb the nation’s propensity to get entangled in wars that have little, if anything, to do with our national security. With many of his proposals lost in the logjam of Congress, President Obama now plans to do more by executive order, according to his aides. Speaking Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “What we saw in 2013 was a Washington that did not deliver for the American people. The president sees this as a year of action, work with Congress where he can and to bypass Congress where necessary…”

According to the Washington Post, White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer has submitted a threepage memo that outlines a different strategy for 2014. “Among its conclusions is that Obama, a former state legislator and U.S. senator, too often governed more like a prime minister than a president. In a parliamentary system, a prime minister is elected by lawmakers and thus beholden to them in ways a president is not. As a result, Washington veterans have been brought into the West Wing to emphasize an executive style of governing that aims to sidestep Congress more often.” That means more executive orders and leaving the legislative haggling primarily to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada). Obama understands that the Republican-controlled House in particular will continue to obstruct whatever legislative plans he might offer. According to the Pew Research Center, the 113th Congress is on track to be one of the least productive.” Unlike most measurements that only take into account the amount of legislation passed, Pew tallied only substantive legislation and found this Congress lacking. Consequently, according to another Pew survey, “Views of Congress remain historically negative: just 21% have a favor-

Obama understands that the Republicancontrolled House in particular will continue to obstruct whatever legislative plans he might offer.

Awakened from a Dream By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist

Mid-January is the time when Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is commemorated. Cities, towns, and colleges across the country lift their voices and rise up the language of Dr. King’s dream that people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. They cherry pick the King dream, forgetting that he also spoke to the “check marked insufficient funds” and the fact that African American people always got the short end of the economic stick. Members of Congress, mayors and governors issue proclamations and speak to their constituents about the dream. Some of these speakers have worked in direct opposition to King’s dream, cutting food stamps, refusing to extend unemployment coverage for those whose checks were cut off on December 28, nearly a month ago. They talk the talk and they don’t walk the walk. They are marching to the dream of a different drummer. I am writing after the fact because it is never after the fact.

able opinion of Congress while 70% view it unfavorably. Opinions of Congress fell to a 20-year low in August 2011, following the contentious debate over raising the nation’s debt ceiling, and have

The hypocrites who rail about social and economic justice need to be held to some standard. They need to be confronted about their hypocrisy around the dream. They need to read all of King, not just the passages that mollify them and make them feel good. They cannot dream a dream of social equity without working for economic equity. I have the same criticism for my hip-hop brothers and sisters who can set almost anything to music. Why not take the words “cash the check” and educate our young people about what Dr. King really said. The generation who can electric slide from the Negro National Anthem (I am not kidding – I’ve seen it) ought to be able to slide their way to a freedom song. Instead they mostly myopically enjoy the music, not the words. My preacher brothers and sisters, too, take snippets of the King dream and turn it into a sermon. Why not tell the whole story about Dr. King being rejected by his supporters when he connected poverty and racism with Vietnam. Supporters turned their backs on him. The foundation that once embraced his work dropped him

never recovered. “Large majorities across nearly all demographic and partisan groups have an unfavorable impression of Congress. About seven-in-ten independents (73%) view Congress unfavorably, as do 69% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans.” In a break from his normal over cautiousness, President Obama acknowledged that race may be a factor in the strong oppositions to his programs. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine in an interview. “There is a historic connection between some of the arguments that we have politically and the history of race in our country, and sometimes it’s hard to disentangle those issues.”

because he told the truth. People who vied for his company suddenly shunned him. Now, in death, he is a hero. In 1968, 72 percent of all White people disapproved of Dr. King, as did 55 percent of all Black people. Black folks have racial fealty, but not racial radicalism. Were it not for racism, too many African American people would embrace some aspects of conservatism. That’s why too many of us celebrate President Barack Obama without analyzing the work he has done. Indeed, Africa American people have a schizophrenic relationshiop with President Obama. We like his swag, his confident representation of a powerful Black man. We are ambivalent about the ways he has used his power, too often to essentially ignore the challenges that the Black community faces. He says this year will be his year of action around income inequality, poverty, and unemployment, and we all understand that action trickles down. Will it trickle down to us? Our president, he of Black man swagger and confidence, will not say. What will this year of action

Obama is not the only one who thinks race drives many of his opponents. A Rasmussen poll last November found: “One-infour voters believes racism is the driving factor behind opposition to his [Obama’s] policies.” While Obama is unlikely to make any progress on race, he hopes that anger over huge corporate profits and record Wall Street gains will be a rallying point for both Democrats and Republicans. According to the Tax Policy Center, the top fifth of the population receives 66 percent of tax-expenditure benefits, the middle 60 percent of the population receives a little more than 31 percent of taxexpenditure benefits, the bottom fifth receives just 2.8 percent of tax-expenditure benefits and the top 1 percent of the population receives 23.9 percent of tax-expenditure benefits. And the report pointed out, “That’s more than eight times as much as the bottom fifth of the population, and nearly as much as the middle 60 percent of the population.” Republicans, traditional protectors of the rich, aren’t likely to join President Obama in trying to narrow the gap between rich and poor. And they’re even less likely to do so in a mid-term election year, a time the party in power usually looses seats in Congress. George E. Curry, former editorin-chief of Emerge magazine, is editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service (NNPA.) He is a keynote speaker, moderator, and media coach.

mean? Five areas have been selected as experimental areas where funds and focus will be targeted. Each of these areas has challenges, but it would have been powerful if he had highlighted the area, just a stone’s throw away from the White House, where African American men and women have unemployment rates that exceed 20 percent, where teens who want to work cannot find jobs, where the King dream is nothing more than a nightmare for them, where their pain is hardly addressed. Hypocrisy and hip-hopcrisy. Elders and young’uns both speak of the dream but hardly embrace it. There is a week of commemoration and then we move on. If the dream is real, it is not a weeklong dream; it is an affirmation of those things Dr. King cared about – the eradication of poverty, social and economic equity, voting rights, and peace. We have attained none of these dreams, yet we commemorate the dreamer. Julianne Malveaux is a Washington, D.C.-based economist and writer. She is President Emerita of Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, N.C.

The views expressed in the editiorial columns are not necessarily the veiws of The Weekly Press or its staff. Address all opinions and comments to: Letters to the Editior, P.O. Box 74485 Baton Rouge, La. 70874 or E-mail them to:

Thursday, January 30, 2014 • The Weekly Press • Page 5

Chemical Gold: Billion-Dollar Businesses Are Banking On Louisiana-Made Ethylene


Regions Bank Opens Riding Forward Scholarships to High School Seniors, College Students Since 2012, nearly $250,000 in scholarships provided in honor of Black History Month

By Kathy Finn Businesses across south Louisiana are well-acquainted with the economic tsunami generated by cheap natural gas that is spurring billions of dollars in industrial investment in Louisiana. But less commonly understood is how the state’s abundant resources are changing the dynamics of the global chemical industry. Geographic shifts are underway in the supply chain of key


materials that drive chemical production, and Louisiana’s wealth of natural gas has helped boost North America’s profile in the worldwide chemical marketplace. The action stems largely from profits associated with ethylene, a hydrocarbon that is one of the chemical industry’s primary building blocks. “Companies want to make as much ethylene as possible and sell it into the business supply chain,” says Dan Borné, president of the Louisiana Chemical Association.

from page 4

of problems which is commonly referred to as Murphy’s Law. Like Murphy’s Law, some decisions may appear to afflict some people as if their lives are cursed. Making the right decision is a difficult process. No one will applaud your many good decisions; however, you will probably catch heat over the bad ones. In fact, every person, regardless of their background or social standing, can benefit from good decision-making techniques. In this life, most people make decisions to the best of their abilities. When various things happen, especially bad ones, individuals must be

ready to deal with them. Therefore, understanding unintended consequences can assist in helping us make better decisions for the future. About Daryl Green: Dr. Daryl Green has done extensive research on cultural issues impacting today and future leaders. He is an author of several books including Breaking Organizational Ties: How to Have a More Fulfilled Life in Your Current Job. For more information, you can contact him at www.darylgreen. org.

BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Regions Bank (NYSE:RF) is offering high school seniors and college freshman, sophomore and juniors an opportunity to both celebrate the contributions of African-Americans, and earn money to attend college. Regions will award a total of 32 Regions Riding Forward® Scholarships to high school and college students across the 16 states served by the company. The selection is based on a competitive essay contest: High School seniors are eligible to apply for a $5,000 scholarship based on an essay about an AfricanAmerican who has inspired them. College freshman, sophomores and juniors are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship based on an essay about an African-American who has inspired them and influenced their college career. Additional entry details, official rules and complete eligibility requirements are available on the campaign’s website, ridingforward. “When we developed Riding

Forward three years ago, we wanted to recognize the accomplishments of African-Americans while, at the same time, investing in the future,” said Michele Elrod, head of Regions Marketing. “This program achieves both of these goals by featuring historical figures Ralph David Abernathy and Thurgood Marshall and offering the Regions Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest. To date, we’ve awarded 57 scholarships to high school and college students totaling nearly $250,000.” The Riding Forward Scholarship is part of a larger Regions Bank campaign to celebrate Black History Month and is in its third

generation.” Applications for the Regions Riding Forward Scholarship will be accepted from January 20, 2014-February 27, 2014. Scholarship awards will be announced in April 2014. For more information or to see last year’s winners and essays, visit ridingforward. For questions about the application, submission process or technical questions, please contact ISTS Customer Care at 855-670-ISTS (4787) or via email at contactus@ Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. CT. All phone calls and emails are returned within one business day.

year. In addition to the scholarship program, Regions is making a unique online learning module about African-American History – “306: African-American HistoryTM” – available to select high schools in markets served by the company. The online module was developed by Everfi. “The Riding Forward program allows us to shine a light on our young people and their perspectives on Black History,” said Lajuana Bradford, head of Regions Corporate Social Responsibility. “The contributions and accomplishments of African-American heroes are what propels us forward in helping to make a difference in the next

5 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014

When trying to grow a business, a common misstep is to focus on gaining new business, but the secret may actually be right before your eyes. Focusing on what you already have – internal staff and external customers – may be the key to success. To achieve business growth and development this year, consider practicing:

Customer service is king. Reality is, everyone doesn’t have a nice demeanor and not everyone cares about how they or their company are perceived. It’s crucial to teach and stress the importance of client relationships, and the value of treating them with respect. Gaining business from new customers is nice, but retaining current custom-

ers is more important. Establishing a loyal customer base ensures steady, reliable business.

Hire slow, fire fast. Take the time to find and hire the right people…people that are a culture fit, and don’t be afraid to part ways with the bad hires who impact productivity, moral and culture. To ensure a candidate is the right fit

for the company, and vice versa, each candidate should meet with four or five different staff members individually. If a few employees have concerns, it’s likely they aren’t the right fit for the organization. If a manager still ends up hiring the wrong person for the role, they should remove the employee imSee BUSINESS, on page 7

“Team Working For Success Through Quality Performance”

“Teaming with Shreveport for progress” W.T. Winfield, Manager Civil Engineers Needed 318-222-0639 Shreveport Office 1-866-324-WTAA Toll Free

WANTED PROJECT ENGINEER MANAGER “PPMG Consultants in Baton Rouge, LA is looking for a Project Engineering Manager and Instructor. Masters in Civil or Construction Engineer Mgmt req’d plus 6 months exp in Construction Engineering and/or Engineering Instruction. Certification in Oracle’s Primavera P6. 106K, 40hr/ wk. Send resume to”

CDL-A Owner Operators • Out & Back Plastic Dry Bulk • Home During the Week & Weekends • Above Avg Pay • Top 10% Industry • 100% FSC • Consistent Year Round Freight • Plate & Ins Program • Financial $ign On A$$i$t

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PROJECT ENGINEERING MANAGER “PPMG Consultants in Baton Rouge, LA is looking for a Project Engineering Manager and Instructor. Masters in Civil or Construction Engineer Mgmt req’d plus 6 months exp in Construction Engineering and/or Engineering Instruction. Certification in Oracle’s Primavera P6. 128K, 40hr/wk. Send resume to” Call me on 919 561 0548 if you can.

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HELP WANTED/DRIVERS Drivers: Looking for Regional Company Drivers in your Area!! $500 Sign on Bonus, $950 per week guarantee for first six weeks. Requirements: 18 months Tractor Trailer experience. CDL-A with Tanker and Hazmat. Highway Transport Offers: Paid Orientation, Excellent Benefits, TWIC Assistance Available. Safety Focused Quality Driven, “Our CSA rating reflects our commitment” EOE/M/F/V/D Apply Online Now! www.drive4hyttchemical. com Call 800-800-5856 #3

National trucking company seeks a terminal manager in Baton Rouge. Minimum 5 years trucking experience required. Cargo tank and supervision experience preferred. Great benefits including company vehicle, 401K, Ins. Must have clean background and pass a drug test. Fax resume to: 903-988-3879

For the Celebrity in You Trichology Clinic

(Laser Hair Treatment)

Enterprise Architect: Responsible for developing coordination & integration strategy for over 300 software systems for state agency. In this regard will ensure alignment of IT strategy & planning w/ business goals; optimize information management; be responsible for long term IT strategies; promote shared infrastructure & applications to reduce costs & promote efficiencies; avoid IT duplication & divergence; manage risks & ensure high level of system & data security; help steer IT policies throughout the organization. Requirements: MS, Computer Science, or alternatively, BS Computer Science & 5 years’ progressively more responsible experience in IT. Must have in depth knowledge of: Microsoft .Net development technologies, database management tools, development process management tools, enterpriselevel content & case management platforms, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA). Job location: Baton Rouge, LA. To apply send resume & credentials to Kathi Richardson, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, 628 N. 4th St., P.O. Box 4818, Bin 28, Baton Rouge, LA 70821. Must apply w/in 30 days & refer to job # 12043 to be considered.


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Page 6 • The

Weekly Press • Thursday, January 30, 2014


THE CHURCH LADY REPORT I’ve Never Robbed a Bank... Yet! By the Church Lady

By Dr. James L. Snyder

Hey babies, how re all my sweethearts doing this week? I hope still saved and yet holding on. Shucks you better be holding on to something right about now with all of that ice outside or you will sure enough be slip sliding away! Chile di you all see all of that sleet that we had this week? I mean it was a little bit of snow, but for the most part it was ice, ice, ice, ice. Jesus is soon to come I’m telling you! These are signs of the time; not to mention these idiots have messed up the planet with all this pollution and junk. Babies I tell you Jesus is soon to come and it won’t be soon enough. These spirits are just running rampant, murder, suicide, rape, and alternative lifestyles. Does God tell us we have the right to change ourselves once he has made us fearfully and wonderfully? Do we have the right to just do what we want to do no matter who we hurt in the process? I tell you God is not pleased with all of this. It’s breaking my heart, so I know what it is doing to him. Do ya’ll know that someone told me that a nine year old committed suicide because the mother had a baby and the child felt left out and unloved? I keep telling ya’ll that that ole slew foot is a liar! He is a low down dirty liar, but if we listen to his lies he will entrap us. Even the old people aren’t safe. You can’t even sit in your own house without wor-

Some people have what they call their “bucket list.” I am not too sure what this is all about but it seems to me it is a list of things people would like to do before they “kick the bucket.” Me, I do not plan to kick any bucket as long as I am alive. I have other targets for my kicking. I understand that the general concept is there are things people would like to do before they die and I suppose everyone has their own list. But I have too many things on my “to-do-list” from the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. I affectionately refer to this as the “kick my butt list.” As long as I have been married, and it has been longer than I can remember, you would think I would have come to grips with this dynamic in the marriage relationship. To a certain extent, I have. I do certain things without asking any questions or even complaining, at least out loud. What I say under my breath is between me and myself. Sometimes we, me and myself, get into significant arguments. The problem is, I never know if me is winning or myself? In one case, there was a tie, but I cannot recall what it was about. Lately, I have come up with a novel tactic in dealing with this scenario. It came to me quite by accident. You know how it is, you think of something to say, but usually the day after you needed to say it. I have great comebacks to everything I hear except the fact that the comebacks are usually a day late and a phrase too short. I hate it when I am driving down and think of what I should

rying about someone invading you. What have we become? Who are raising these folks walking around with their pants on the ground showing all of their dirty drawers looking like fools with their pants hanging down? Who told them that this was cute? Somebody needs to tell them to go to the JC Penney and buy a belt! Stop listening to his lies ya’ll. Faith cometh by hearing and so does fate. Whatever you listen to long enough is what you will eventually believe. He wants to make us believe that all of this mess is okay. It is not! God is good and forgives, but he is also a God of wrath. Ya’ll can believe Bro. Carlton telling you that there ain’t no hell if you want to , but don’t get mad at me when you wake up busting hell wide open. Babies I tell you if we don’t make it to heaven it will be nobodies’, fault but our own. The word is going out from the pulpit, the internet, the live stream… hm, if you don’t See CHURCH LADY, on page 7

have said. I have a whole list of what I should have said to certain people but it is too late and there is nothing I can do about it. Recently I hit the target. (I just hope my identity has not been hacked!) It was one day last week when my wife looked at me and said in one of “those tones,” “Have you taken out the garbage?” She is always surprising me with questions related to things she has asked me to do. My problem is my attention span is about as long as my memory. Personally, I think she takes advantage of me in this area. I looked at her with one of my infamous dummified faces. She responded, “You did not take out the garbage, did you? You never do what I ask you to do.” Without thinking, and I mean it quite literally, I quipped, “Well, I’ve never robbed a bank... yet!” Where that came from, I will never know. To my recollection, I have never even thought about robbing a bank. I do not know where I would start in the first place.

With an astonished look my wife responded, “What bank have you been thinking of robbing?” It worked beautifully. I did not think it would work as well as it did because I did not put any forethought into this. However, it did get her off the topic at hand. For the next several moments, all she could talk about was me robbing a bank and the horrific trouble we would be in if caught. Any individual successful in life needs to be able to put forth the proper words. For me, I found the right words. Coming in the door the other day I was greeted with, “Did you get the quart of milk I asked you to get when you left this morning?” Without thinking, which is the beauty of this strategy, I responded by saying, “No, and I haven’t robbed a bank yet, either.” Only one problem with this kind of victory. Who can I brag to about it? I cannot tell my wife because then I could not use it anymore. It is awful to have something that you cannot share with your

significant other. I am not sure how long I can keep this secret. The only thing I can do at this point is to smile. And boy, have I been smiling lately. No matter what she throws my way, I respond by smiling and saying, “And I haven’t robbed a bank yet, either.” Is it possible to have too much fun? I mean, as a husband? All my life I have tried to get the upper hand and all my life I have not succeeded only to shake hands with myself. Until now, that is. How long it will last is anybody’s guess. I’m just not guessing at this point. Sometimes people get depressed about all the things they have done in life. Some are pretty bad things. Occasionally, it is good to think about all the things you have not done. I may not be as good as I should be but then again, I am not as bad as I could be, either. Leastways, I have never robbed a bank. Thinking about this I was reminded of what the apostle Paul said. “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost” (Titus 3:5). Thankfully, my salvation is not built upon what I can do, but upon what He has already done for me. Rev. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, PO Box 831313, Ocala, FL 34483. He lives with his wife, Martha, in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 1-866-552-2543 or e-mail His web site is


Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. - Hebrews 10:25 Let the community know whats happing at your place of worship. Email your church event or religious organization news to The Weekly Press @ or call 225-775-2002

Email your church event or religious organization news to The Weekly Press @ or call 225-775-2002

Pastor Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Florida, Jr. Co-Pastor Rose J. Florida

VISION CHRISTIAN CENTER, INTERNATIONAL Seeking New Members for the Hope Christian Center 5013 Windfall Court Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70812 Reverend Henry Martin, Pastor Service Hour: 12:00 noon Wednesday

Telephone: 225-355-8194

1047 Rosenwald Road Baton Rouge, LA 70807 Telephone: (225) 774-8125 • E-Mail - Sunday Worship.........................................................................10:00 a.m. Holy Communion2nd Sunday.................................................... 10:00 a.m. Intercessory Prayer Wednesday................................................. 6:00 p.m. Mid-Week ServiceWednesday.................................................... 7:00 p.m.

NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH 5856 Greenwell Springs Road • Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806 Telephone: (225) 926-0246 • Facsimille: (225) 925-8022 Toll Free: 888-700-6174 Websites: Rev. Leo Cyrus Sr., Pastor Order Of Services Sunday Worship...................................................... 11:00 A.M. Holy Communion.................................. 3rd Sunday 6:00 P.M. Sunday School..........................................................9:00 A.M. Bible Study................................................Thrusday 7:00 P.M.

Thursday, January 30, 2014 • The Weekly Press • Page 7

Church Lady get a word today it’s because you don’t want it or somebody dropped you on your head. I’m telling you what God loves babies, and that’s the truth. The truth hurts a little bit sometimes, but it will sure enough set you free if you want to be free. The old heads use to say open rebuke is better than secret love. I love you, but I’m compelled to tell ya’ll the truth even if it steps on my toes. It’s time for us to stop being scardy cats and stand up for right, join in the fight and be soldiers for Jesus. Now I’m not talking about going out being nasty to people. You can tell the truth in love. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it, and I do know that I need to work on that a little bit ya’ll, but I love you, really I do. Okay enough of that I just want us to be right. Look here, Chile let me tell you I was at a little church over there in Plaquemine , La. on this past Sunday morning and I felt like I was in the twilight zone, but did not those people up in that New Saint John Baptist Church praise the Lord. The Hammond organ was sounding good; the drummer was drumming and the people spent more time focusing on God than bringing their


to get up, move around the office and talk to co-workers in different units. Some of the best ideas come from cross-unit/cross-office communication. Compassion: Have compassion for one another and try to understand what others are going through. Realize events outside of the office may affect someone at work, i.e. planning a wedding, death of a family member, having a child, etc. Consider reorganizing tasks on his/her team. Competition: Internal competitiveness is OK! It’s great for an employee to want to be better… better than they were yesterday… better than a coworker…better than their direct team members. This doesn’t this mean they want anyone to fail. And it never hurts to remind the team to compete as a whole against your business competition. Then everyone wins. Tom Gimbel is the Founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, a staffing firm based in Chicago. Founded in 1998, LaSalle has served thousands of clients and candidates, placing job seekers in temporary, temporary-to-permanent and permanent positions. LaSalle Network has been listed on Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list for the past seven years, named by Staffing Industry Analysts’ as a top five “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” from 2011 through 2013, and among the “Fastest Growing Staffing Firms” in 2012 and 2013.

from page 4

man,” won the Obie Award as the best off-Broadway production of 1964. In 1965, he co-founded the Black Arts Movement in Harlem, infusing the Black Power movement with powerful artistic voices. His numerous awards and honors include his selection as the Poet Laureate of New Jersey in 2002 and his 1995 induction into the exclusive American Academy of Arts and Letters. Controversy was a mainstay of Amiri Baraka’s career. Ishmael Reed, another provocative poet and contemporary of Baraka re-


money throwing at the bishop’s feet. They even still took up a mission offering. It reminded me of the day when we went to church for the right reasons. We need to go back to church ya’ll because some of our progress has really set us back. It’s time to get back to the basics of not just that old time religion, but that real relationship. Well babies I got to go, but before I do let me remind you that that musical celebration honoring the memory of the life our beloved Cecil Houston is this Friday night January 31, 2014 at the New Hope Baptist Church on Greenwell Springs Rd. and if you can’t make it up there Rev. Jenkins and his crew will be having a miracle and deliverance service at the jewel Newman center in Scotlandville. Both of these events start at 7:00 p.m. so after you get all of the ice off of your cars go out and be a part of one of these programs. If you are doing something or know of any other church event that we should know about drop us an email or give the Weekly Press a call. In the meantime stay dry and warm and by all means stay saved! Until next week be encouraged and don’t forget to pray. I’ll see you in church.

from page 5

mediately. Invest in professional development. Growing a company means committing time to professional development. Managers can’t expect their staff to want to learn, grow and invest time outside of the workplace by attending seminars or taking continuing education classes if managers aren’t doing it themselves. 3E’s: Education, Empowerment, Empathy. Utilizing the 3E’s will help you retain staff. Education: Employees want to continue developing their skills while learning new ones. Offering training sessions and having employees attend webinars and conferences will feed their desire to learn while augmenting their skill sets. Empowerment: Empower staff by demonstrating confidence in their abilities to utilize the newly acquired skill set with new and challenging tasks. Once the employees are comfortable in their roles and know what they’re doing, encourage them to act first and apologize later. Empathy: I believe the best managers and leaders have great empathy for their teams and staff. They understand that an employee can feel pressure without understanding the end goal, and make it a point to walk them through the process and help them to understand. 3C’s: Collaboration, Compassion, Competition. Collaboration: Promote internal communication. Encourage employees


from page 6

cently noted, “Amiri Baraka was controversial because his was a perspective that was considered out of fashion during this post race ghost dance, the attitude that says that because we have a black president, racism is no longer an issue, when the acrimonious near psychotic reaction to [Barack Obama’s] election only shows the depth of it.” Amiri Baraka always challenged us to face such uncomfortable truths – and we are better because of it.

from page 4

fun, but some of it was insecurity and false bravado. Fortunately I had a strong father who curbed a lot of this. I learned from his example that self-hype was meaningless. He said, “Let someone else toot your horn. If you are really worth something they will.” Sadly, many of our youth don’t have a strong male figure in their lives to curb the excessive showmanship that constantly competes with peers in the form of possessions, women and trash talk. Stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence, the music reflects the wounds of children screaming for affirmation, even when they are well into adulthood. This social commentary is about a chronic insecurity that has caused many of our young, disadvantaged youth of today to sub-

stitute gimmickry, fashion, sexual prowess, material possessions and catch phrases in the place of substance and gravitas. The unfortunate thing is this: once that behavior sets in it proves difficult to change and continues well into adulthood. The cries for attention can be concealed in religiosity, business, sports, entertainment, athletics and just about every other platform. Sadly, no amount of applause, bling or recognition can fill that void. Bling is to fool’s gold what character is to a good name. This is what we need to teach. This is what we need to live. Marc H. Morial, former mayor of New Orleans, is president and CEO of the National Urban League.

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These Health Insurance Companies Are Winning At Obamacare

apart. You must continue to hold on to your faith and stay before the Lord. But, it may be that the timeAhas come when you may central promise of Obamneed to take time acare was to some spur quality competition for yourself and spend some ofto between insurance companies that time God. drive downwith health care costs and on your knees before God giveGet consumers more choices. The and tellare him of how results mixed so you far. are feeling inside. maybe words MonthsAnd after the the launch of wont come out exactly as you the Affordable Care Act’s health wish but you can have a good insurance exchanges, large insurweeping, wailing crying falling, ance companies such as WellPoint out tantrum and give all those still dominate many local markets problems to him. -- although smaller insurers are While you are praying, you challenging might forgetsome someof ofthe the biggest things players in some according that vexed youmarkets, but God knows towhat datayou from nine states analyzed are going through. he by The Huffington can read the pain, Post. which flows Midway Obamacare’s through yourthrough tears. even though first six-month enrollment he knows what’s troublingperiod, you, new health care to marketplaces have he still wants tell him about it and up bring your problems and signed about 3 million people burdens to insurance. him. for private Given the exchanges’ rocky start, that is a sign the law might come close to its goal of signing up 7 million people by the end of March, when hildRen fromconcludes. page 4 enrollment for this year But a lack of competition among insurers frustrate another ering all would children. keythe goal for President CDF Action Council,Barack buildObama’s health care ing on thesignature best practices in states reform law. and lessons learned about children While morethe than 120 insurfalling through bureaucratic ance companies are offering covcracks of Medicaid and SChiP, strongly urgedthe Congress to enact erage through exchanges, the the All of healthy Children Act, problem poor competition isn’t S. 1564/h.r. 1688, introduced solved yet: New Hampshire and by representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) in the house and Senator Bernie Sanders (i-Vt) in the Senate. the measure would provide comprehensive benefits including dental and mental health, simplified bureaucracy, and a national Beligibility y Jamal Eric Watson plan for families up to 300 percent of the federal poverty Growing upthe in the Bronx,coDr. level. We thank 62 house Jillian Lucas Baker was fortunate sponsors for their support. how-to have strong family supporta system ever,awe regret that neither single cheering her on from theany sidelines. house republican nor other “I lived with parents, grandSenator joined them to push for parents coverageand for great-grandparents all children. in one house,” says Baker, who the CDF Action Council strongly recalls thelong living quarters that she supports overdue health covonce shared with nine other people erage for everyone in America as until headed off to college soonshe as possible—because childrenin the late 1990s. “Having my elders cannot wait. As SChiP comes up inagain my for lifereauthorization had a huge influence in early on me because they were big on 2009, we hope every Member of education.” Congress will insist on covering Though she was the first in every child and pregnant mother her immediate family to attend now by enacting and adequately college —gaining acceptance funding the provisions of the All into the prestigious University of healthy Children Act. Pennsylvania — family members Specious claims that we could who remained deeply supportive not find the money—$70 billion even as she decided to press on for over five years—to cover all an advanced degree celebrated her children is belied by that amount accomplishments. spent in eleven months for tax cuts Now, at the age of 35, Baker is for the top one percent of richest an assistant professor in the Master Americans and in seven months of Public Health Program at La for the iraq War. We do not have Salle University and credits her a money problem in America: We family and mentors like Dr. Loretta have a priorities and political will Jemmott, a world-class researcher deficit. it is time for all adults to and nursing faculty at the Univerprotect the health of our children. sity of Pennsylvania, with helping her to develop a keen interest in

therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hands of God, that he may exalt you in due time, “casting all your cares upon him, ance companies is a key factor for he cares for you,”(1st Peter in encouraging lower prices and 5:6-7). offering more benefits choices to After you finished having your consumers. Insurers with few rivals, tantrum. You may have a stopped or none, can exercise their clout by up nose and swollen eyes and charging higher monthly premiums. (NAPSM)-A survey commissioned mucus running down your lip by two leading health organizations Likewise, firms that command huge and dried tears on your face, but found that although two out of three shares of their states’ markets may you’ll feel better after emptying African Americans (61 percent) ex- discourage others from joining the yourself of those things which pressed concern about developing exchanges in 2015 and later years, had been heavy on your heart. heart disease and two out of five (40 and drive out companies that fail Sometimes we go for weeks percent) expressed concern about to gain enough customers in the or months trying to take matters developing Alzheimer’s, only about early going. into our hands and try to solve our one in 20 are aware that heart health The market-share comparisons own problems. We are not super is linked to brain health. are imprecise, because companies humans; we can’t handle everyGuides work the phones in St. Paul, Minn. for shoppers scrambling to finalize the Alzheimer’s Association is can still sell to individuals outside thing alone. We need God’s help. health coverage before the new year at Minesota’s insurance joining forces withmarketplace. the American of the marketplaces in most states. We have to let go of those situheart Association to educate African Insurers participating in exchanges ations and let God handle them. Americans that by managing their also can sign up customers directly, there are some things we can’t data from the U.S. Department West Virginia have just one health 2011 cardiovascular risk, they may also and those enrollments aren’t inhumanly doprovider anythingon about. Health Human Services are insurance their mar- of strengthenand their cognitive health. cluded in states’ reports. Only nine most recent compiled by the ketplaces, and 10 states have only the“What’s good for your heart is state exchanges have reported how Family Foundation. two, according to data compiled Kaiser good for your brain,” says Jennifer people signed up for each insurer. Historically, the health insurby the Henry J. Kaiser Family Manly, Ph.D., Alzheimer’s AssociaBut those details have been revealmarket has offered Foundation. New York offers the ance tion spokesperson. “everyconsumhealthy ing. just one or a small handful of most insurers, 16, followed by 13 ers heartbeat pumps about one-fifth of Most strikingly, Blue Cross from which in Wisconsin and 12 in both Ohio insurance your bloodcompanies to your brain to carry on and Blue Shield of Rhode Island ento Prior toofthe insurance and Texas. thechoose. daily processes thinking, probrolled 97 percent of the 11,800 state exchanges opening, one or two And HuffPost’s analysis com- lem solving and remembering.” the citizens of the nation must companies in 45 states paring insurer market share between demand that our leaders free our “By the year 2030, thecontrolled number of residents who signed up through children false ideological than half of age the65 market for African Americans or older is HealthSource RI as of Jan. 4, in 2014 tofrom datethe and 2011 shows the more and political tugs of holding war among expected to more than double 6.9 line with the 95 percent share of the who buy coverage onto their status quo is mostly in sev- people individual market the company had those who put excess profits ahead million,” said emil Matarese, M.D., own rather than get it from their eral states -- including Rhode Island, ofCalifornia children’s lives. American heart Association according to aspokesreport in 2011. Neighborhood Health Plan and Connecticut -- where employers, how well with did Congress protect person. “Although Alzheimer’s is of Rhode Island, the only other carby the American Medical companies the biggest market published rier on the state’s exchange, signed children in 2007? Not well enough: not part of normal aging, age is the shares in 2011 are leading enroll- Association in November. 276 Members of Congress had up just 353 people. greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s Competition among insurments via the state’s exchanges. The good CDF Action Council Condisease. So it is important that Afgressional Scorecard scores of 80 rican Americans take steps now to percent or higher, and 198 of those decrease their risk of heart disease, had stellar scores of 100 percent. which research has shown could But 231 members scored 60 percent also decrease the risk of cognitive Research shows a link between heart and brain heal heart function could lead to impaired brain functio or lower—a failing grade from our decline.” school days. formance in the class, Jemmott accepted and earned her degree in Whether Members of Congress recommended her for a job as a 2009, concentrating on community are liberal, conservative or modresearch coordinator working with health and prevention and writing erate; Democrat, republican or her husband, John, who runs the a dissertation under the supervision independent, children need all of Center for Health Behavior and of Dr. Lisa Bowleg. them to vote, lobby, speak for and Her experience in the field, Communication Research at the protect them. Adults need to listen coupled with herparticularly doctoral degree Perelman School of Medicine at (NAPSi)-here’s an alert worth ness of diabetes, when increased p carefully to what candidates say from Drexel, eventually helped delay or pr Penn. paying attention to: According to it is left undiagnosed and untreated. they will do for children and famitenure-track posi- diabetes. In that position, Baker worked Baker the American Diabetes Association the dayland is helda on the fourth tuesday lies and, once they are in office, as an assistant professor in on implementing HIV (ADA), learning your riskand for sexutype 2 tion of every March. Among we need to hold them accountable. theon Master of Public pro- for type 2 ally transmitted disease diabetes could save yourprevention life. that day, peopleHealth are encourPlease thank your Members of ConLathe Salle University in weight, sed programs schools across Diabetesinispublic a serious disease that gram aged toattake Diabetes risk test, gress with scores of 80 percent or the citynearly of Philadelphia. strikes 21 million children Philadelphia. either with paper and pencil or online. 45 and hav above and let those with scores of “Her theanswer jump diabetes. Af “It wasinmy to the risk and adults thefirst U.S.exposure it is named testteaching requires from users to 60 percent or below know you are has been exceptional,” says Dr. Native Ame how research is actually implethe “silent killer” because one-third seven simple questions about age, dissatisfied with their performance. Brian A. Goldstein, the Dean of islanders a mented,” says Baker, who stayed of those with the disease--more than 6 weight, lifestyle and family history-And please convey that same mesLa Salle’s School of Nursing and in the position for almost four years million--do not know they have it. all potential risk factors for diabetes. are women sage to each presidential candidate. Sciences, who or points out while also pursuing a master’s at Health Dr. Jillian Lucas Baker For many, diagnosis may come People scoring 10 points more are more than We must demand that our leaders Baker’s to obtain Temple partthetime. seven toUniversity 10 years after onset of that at a high risk forability type 2 diabetes anda the Dia commit to children as a condition grant from the National Institutes One of Baker’s early tasks type 2 diabetes. early diagnosis is are encouraged to talk with a health ofpublic our vote. health issues. to study how Africanwas to recruit committed couples critical for successful treatment and of careHealth professional. Baker’s dramatic rise to be- that American fathers father fighad been together for of some can delay or prevent some the An estimated 54 and million AmeriMarian Wright Edelman is Presicome one of the nation’s leading time address risky sexualthose behaviors — one partner had todiseases, be HIV ures complications such as heart cans have pre-diabetes. with dent of the Children’s Defense Fund researchers on developing ways to positive and the other negative — with their adolescent sons is unand its the Action Council Leave in blindness, kidney disease, stroke and pre-diabetes have blood glucose levstem HIV crisis,whose particularly precedented in the school’s history. for a study. amputation. els higher than normal but not high No Child Behind® mission to minority communities, wasishardly Because La Salle iswith primar“It was areason hard job for lots of enough that’s one the ADA holds to be diagnosed type ensure every child a Healthy Start, predictable. a teaching institute, Goldstein reason,” Baker recalls. “I had to ily the American Diabetes Alert® Day, 2 diabetes. a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe As a psychology major at get “we’re not use via to having emerged in the HIV community a one-day wake-up call to inform the says, early intervention lifestylea Start andBaker a Moral Start in life and Penn, was unsure of her in grant,” adding that Baker has Philly. We hit about the streets, went NIH American public the seriouschanges such as weight loss and successful passageuntil to adulthood career trajectory she enrolled to all the HIV organizations and played an important role outside of with the help human of caring families in Jemmott’s sexuality class began networking with people.” the classroom in spearheading the and communities. No during her junior year and became Baker’s work with Loretta launch of the school’s new Bachfascinated by the subject. and John Jemmott continued. In elor in Public Health program. If you Impressed by Baker’s per- 2007, for example, she was hired “It’s very unusual for a junior scree as project director of a HIV pre- faculty member to help lead a new alk adio from page 4 vention program at the Center program, but to be in that kind of scree for Health Equity Research and leadership role speaks to her drive, agin from page 1 all funny or remotely appropri- we forget o’reilly’s less-thanPresen worked with Loretta Jemmott on determination and intelligence.” ate about the use of a lynching informed comments regarding a Loretta Jemmott, who has a Land program called Sister to Sister, of Our Line (225) 356-0703 referenceinabout Michelle obama,’’ dinner year with funded initiative by the Center known Baker for more than a debusiness exchange for promoting contractheforshared granitelast installation work a Cell made Phone (225) 235-6955 he interests said. ‘’it’sof-local i’m speechless.’’ at Sylvia’s harlem? she’s encouraged the businessman Sharpton for a business Nagininand his sons for Disease Control and Prevention cade, says thatGSRASAC As Fradella. President Bush pointed out o’reilly E-mail: Goodshepherdbapt@bellsouth. that targeted African-American by her protégé’s evolution from Frank founded.expressed surprise over so eloquently the Black to other net Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am – 8 pm student to a respected colleague. women. Nagin alsoduring was charged with how similarSylvia’s Known for hiswas occasionally history Month event, the noose restaurants in New York restau“She is a bright young lady Excited by the work that she accepting at least $60,000 in payoffs cringe-inducing rhetoric, Nagin faBreast represents than a Rodney tool of rants. whomAbuse I’ve had the pleasure of knew that she from another‘’more businessman, mously declared in 2006 that the was doing, Baker Good Shepherd Substance Center Tuesday murder but a tool of intimidation’’ ‘’there wasn’t one person in for a mighty long degree ifOutpatient she was /working Williams, for his help in securing slowly repopulating city would be needed a doctoral Intensive Inpatientwith Therapy 10am – to generations of African-AmeriSylvia’s who was screaming, time,” says Jemmott. “Her focus to advance in the field and take on city contracts. “chocolate” again, playing to black For Drugs, Alcohol, Anger Management cans.The Nooses not only robbed some ‘M-Fer, i want more iced tea,’’’ indictment claims Nagin residents’ fears that they would get more responsibilities. In 2004, she is strong, and she’s passionate. LSUHSC of their lives but many of their said. It makes me proud to know that upon news that Drexel received free private jet and lim- he short shrift during the recovery pro- stumbled 1401 N. 2873 Mission Drive Rev. Donald Britton, MA, LAC peace services of mind. to New York from cess. As the Washington Post’s robousine After voters elected him to University was in the process of after I’ve mentored her, she’s now Baton R Baton Rouge, LA program 70805 inClinical Director ‘’As a civil society, we must sadlyterm, observed on MSNBCwas launching mentoring others and passing the a doctoral an unidentified businessman who inson a second his popularity (225) 315-0740 Harrison.” Hayes, Overseer understand noosemovie displays February, ‘’Allby you go by knowledge Health. She applied, wasBishop owned a Newthat Orleans the- insteadily eroded thecan city’s slow Public and Nagin lynching jokes are deeplyto isrecovery his wordsand andahis actions. federal And ater. allegedly agreed mounting Breast offensive. they are And he keeps saying things that waive tax penalties thewrong. businessman investigation ofthese his administration. Friday, M they have no place in America sound pretty darn racist to me.’’ owed to the city on a delinquent tax The contractors who pleaded 10am – today,’’ he said. has talk radio learned bill in 2006. guilty to bribing Naginanything agreed to Neither o’reilly nor ingraham from imus’ decline and fall? of From several city contractors, cooperate with investigators. FrLeo S. B has been reprimanded by their free re- course because it didn’t take Nagin is accused of accepting adellanot, pleaded guilty in June 2012 Center spective even though too terribly long tobribery. get a travel andemployers vacation expenses for imus to conspiracy to commit 950 E. W the Fox News personality didVegas offer new gig. trips to Hawaii, Chicago, Las Williams pleaded guilty in DeBaton R a half-hearted apology. our nation’s outlets and Jamaica while in office. cember 2012 to a media conspiracy charge. AtThe least ingrahamaren’t didn’tlimited drop should not provide a platform for allegations Greg Meffert, a former technology the l-word but her suggestion that racialhostility and hateful speech Breast to his tenure as mayor. official and deputy mayor under Sharpton, a former presidential or inpleaded the future. Whatinkind of to Tuesday Prosecutors said Nagin ac- now Nagin, guilty 2010 Indications For Treatment: candidate and respected member of messageare we sending to our chil5pm – 7 cepted monthly payoffs from Frtaking bribes and kickbacks in exthe African-American community ourfor nation and our • Low Back Pain adella totaling $112,250 after he dren, change steering cityworld? contracts Woman andoffice. beyond, is a petty thiefareeks such an historic election year, left Aaron Bennett, busi- toinbusinessman Mark St. Pierre. • Pinched Nerves 9050 Ai of race-baiting and negative stewe cannot stand aside and allow nessman awaiting sentencing in In 2011, St. Pierre was con• Pain in Legs Baton R of African-Americans to usethat the include airwaves areotyping separate bribery case, told The individuals victed of charges con• Numbness and black men in particular. as an outlet for insensitive and Times-Picayune he introduced spiracy, bribery and money launder• Burning Sensation But to it’sFradella hardly the first time ei-to misguidedcommentary. if youhim Nagin specifically ing. Nagin’s indictment accuses ther the has mayor venturedget into questionable something that offends • Muscle Spasms help a Home Depot hear of accepting bribes from, Pierre. and offensive territory. how can speak up. • Nervousness • Arthritis Pains bama from page 2 • Scoliosis Dr Paul Matthews yStem from page 4 • Sleepiness rate profits, Obama said average closed in 2014. • Disc Syndrome wages havewith beenthe flat. Along with Obama alsoout reiterated that he concerned cally pointed that changes conditions order raising the minimum wage will veto anyinnew sanctions which occur a human beingbill is athis Jetson. it is happening there. for workers on federal contracts, from Congress thatfrom would office hours: 9:00 a.m. — 12:00 noon redirected to pull the derail core What i do know is that most of Obama asked Congress get on talks preventing Iran from de- these 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday of hisonown humanity to reaffirm youth can be changed,tofrom board withina Democratic veloping a nuclear weapon,he adding self worth and purpose. will contrition a prepatoryproposal school to raise the federal minimum to $10.10 that the sake of our L 6233 harry Drive, Suite C • Baton rouge, Louisiana 70806 then“for by nature acquire thenational will to for Angola to rehabilitation for hour. life that may lead to a security, we must diplomacy aper do for himself andgive others. positive largely oppose a chance succeed.” Space to is not available to cover life ofRepublicans meritorious glory. That is any federal increase, saying it will Even as he cited a growing concerns of so many people the Way I See It! economy and increasing corpo- place a burden on employers.

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Weekly Press • Thursday, January 30, 2014


Livonia’s Russell NFL Pro Bowl 2014: Score, Grades and Analysis for Team Rice vs. Team Sanders Farris wins 7th Annual Warrick Dunn Award in the game-winning two-point conversion with 41 seconds left. The 43 combined points— that’s 19 less than the NFC scored last year—mark the lowest total since the 2006 Pro Bowl (40 points). Derrick Johnson, with nine solo tackles, came away with Defensive MVP honors, while Nick Foles won Offensive MVP. Foles finished 7-of-10 for 89 yards and a touchdown. Team Sanders started off the scoring when Andrew Luck took a flea-flicker from Jamaal Charles and fired a jump-ball into the end zone. The pass wasn’t for notable big guys A.J. Green or Dez Bryant, but for speedster DeSean Jackson, who came down with it for the 36-yard score. Luck finished 5-of-7 for 80 yards, a touchdown and an interception, while Jackson hauled in three catches for 40 yards. Drew Brees, who struggled with Team Sanders’ unbelievable pass rush early on, answered in the second quarter when he connected with teammate Jimmy

Warrick Dunn and Russell Farris BATON ROUGE, LA After a season full of outstanding performances, Russell Farris of Livonia High School earned the 2013 Warrick Dunn Award and Sportsline Player of the Year Thursday night at the Atrium Cafe. As a starting linebacker for the Wildcats, Farris piled up 156 tackles. He also doubled as starting running back, rushing for 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns. Though Farris had more than a few standout games, his performance in the state semifinal against Jennings was one for Livonia history. The senior running back rushed for 232 yards as the Wildcats earned their first trip in school history to the state title game. In their double overtime loss to Union Parish in the 3A championship game, Farris tacked on another 125 yards rushing with two scores. He also forced one fumble and recovered another. Farris beat out eight other finalists for the 7th annual award: Russell Gage of Redemptorist, Garrett Brumfield of U-High, David Siggers of Broadmoor, Jeremy Jackson of West St. John, Julius Maracalin of Plaquemine, Dontrell Hilliard of Scotlandville, Jarrad Hayes and Gary Triplett of Central. Coach David Brewerton of Livonia won the inaugural Coach of the Year award. Coach Brewerton led the Wildcats to their first state title appearances well as their first district title and undefeated regular season.


Fans who tuned in to the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl were treated to an actual football game. The much-maligned NFL allstar game has been an embarrassment the last several years, but

the new system—unconferenced rosters drafted by Hall-of-Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders— helped inject some energy into this year’s version at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Former LSU Pitcher Rick Greene To Join Southern Baseball Staff BATON ROUGE, LA — Former LSU pitcher Rick Greene will be the new assistant baseball coach at Southern University. Green will join Roger Cador’s staff for the 2014 season. Green pitched at LSU in the early 1990’s and helped the Tigers win a National Championship in 1991. Mike Partida, a former baseball instructor at the MLB Urban Youth Academy in Houston, will also join the Jaguars coaching staff. A press conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Thursday at Southern to introduce the new additions. Break Through! Break Through! Break Through! This Is What We Have Been Waiting On. You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere You Don’t Have To Buy Anything This Exercise Program Is Designed For You, Right Where You Are.

Surprisingly enough, the defenses shined brightest in Hawaii, as the teams combined for nine sacks and eight takeaways. Team Rice escaped with a 22-21 victory after Mike Tolbert ran

Graham to tie the game. Brees completed just 9-of-19 passes for 81 yards, but Graham finished with five catches and 51 yards. After Cam Newton scored on a quarterback sneak, Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who finished with a team-high six catches and 66 yards, tied things back up for Team Rice just before halftime with a 10-yard TD catch from Philip Rivers. Teammates being on opposite sidelines was a large reason for the added physicality. In addition to that Brown-on-Brown violence, Kansas City’s Johnson put a lick on Jamaal Charles and Carolina’s Tolbert attempted to flatten Luke Kuechly. Finally, after Alex Smith took the ball with 1:24 left and cruised down the field, finding DeMarco Murray for the score, Tolbert converted the go-ahead two-point conversation. Justin Tucker had a chance to win it in the end for Team Sanders with a 67-yard field goal, but it came up short.

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agriculture. “This event provides an opportunity for some of the most outstanding youth in the state to receive recognition for their hard work in learning not only the scientific principles that must be mastered but also the responsibility required to raise this wide array of animals,” Richardson said. “This show also is about the dedication of the many parents, teachers, volunteer leaders,


4-H agents and FFA advisers who have worked with the young people to help them grow as people and responsible citizens.” More information about the show is at www.LSUAgCenter. com/livestockshow. Or Olivia McClure at 225-588-6721 or for more information. Dwayne Nunez can be reached at 225-578-2255 or

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new recipients. Jindal’s budget proposal for next year would add those 200 people to the NOW program, while also increasing spending on other, less expansive health care programs that provide homeand community-based care to the elderly and disabled. Kay Marcel, of New Iberia, chair of the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council, said she was pleased “that the untiring voices of people with developmental disabilities and their families who advocated for these sorely-needed services have been heard.” Marcel’s son Joel has the

chromosomal disorder Down syndrome and receives services through the NOW program that help him maintain a job with the local recreation department. Lawmakers will consider the governor’s budget recommendations in the legislative session that begins March 10. Since lawmakers previously backed similar spending, they are expected to agree now that Jindal is proposing the disabled services expansion himself. “We were on different pages at the end of the last session. Now it looks like we’re on the same page,” said Sen. Dan Claitor, RBaton Rouge.


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