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GOODWOOD REVIVAL 13 - 15 September 2013

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Goodwood Revival Programme We are delighted that you are joining our Goodwood Revival weekend. We have gathered all relevant information in this passbook. The programme for the weekend is listed below: September 13, 2013 19:00 Departure from CPH to Gatwick 19:55 (GMT) Arrival at Gatwick 20:15 Pickup; from Gatwick to Hilton Brighton 21:30 Late night dinner at Hilton Waterhouse Restaurant September 14, 2013 07:00 – 09:00 Breakfast 09.00 Pickup; Hilton Brighton to Goodwood 12:30 Lunch at Cedar Suite Goodwood Hotel

17:30 Pickup; from Goodwood to Hilton 19:20 Pickup; Hiton to the Restaurant at Drakes 19:30 Dinner at the Restaurant at Drakes 22:30 Pickup; from the Restaurant at Drakes to Hilton September 15, 2013 7:00 – 09:00 Breakfast 09:00 Pickup; Hilton Brighton to Goodwood 12:30 – 13:00 Lunch at Goodwood 13:45 Pickup; Goodwood to Gatwick airport 15:55 Departure from Gatwick to CPH 18:45 (CET) Arrival at CPH

All tickets (flights, entry, etc) will be distributed upon arrival at CPH airport by Christian Schow Madsen, Henning Aasmul-Olsen and Lars Skanvig.

We look forward to seeing you.

About the Goodwood Revival During the Second World War, the Goodwood Motor Circuit was a key Battle of Britain airfield and home to several Spitfire squadrons. When the RAF closed the base after the war, the landowner ­Freddie March, grandfather of the current Earl of March - turned the perimeter road into a racing circuit, and Britain’s first post-war motor racing meeting took place at Goodwood on September 18, 1948. Over the next 18 years, the circuit became one of the most popular and prestigious in the world, before closing its doors to contemporary motor racing in 1966.

Exactly 50 years after that first meeting, Goodwood Motor Circuit reopened with every detail recreated - and the Goodwood Revival was born. Since 1998, the circuit has come back to life each September for a magical weekend that recreates the golden era of its glorious heyday - from star drivers on the track to the actors dressed as ‘bobbies’ and ‘spivs’, from the air displays to the Mods and Rockers, the Goodwood Revival really is a unique, unforgettable weekend.

What to Wear The Goodwood Revival is as much about recreating the fashion and culture of the postwar years as it is about historic racing cars. Each year, everything within the perimeter of the Motor Circuit is transported back in time to the 1940s, 50s and 60s - including the spectators, who are encouraged to dress in authentic period clothing for their visit. Fashion experts, Fleet Street critics and eagleeyed photographers will be on the hunt for the most glamorous, eye catching looks throughout the weekend. Then, at the end of each day, a panel of judges awards prizes to the most stylish ladies and gents in attendance. When planning your outfit:, however, remember that you should be prepared for any kind of weather during your visit.

FOR THE LADIES Fashion is always at the heart of the Goodwood Revival. It's a chance for you to put together your most daring creations. Whether you favour a pood le skirt, pencil dress, bellbottoms or a Mary Quant mini-skirt, there are plenty of ways to look the part. How about a WWII military uniform, be it NMFI, WMF or ATS? Or the dungarees and headscarf of a country Girl? Even a 1950s rockabilly dress wouldn't look out of place at the Revival. FOR THE GENTLEMEN Unless you arrive on a classic BSA Gold Star motorcycle, jeans are a rare sight at the Revival. Think smart, gentlemen - from herringbone tweed of the 1940s and the famous flannel suits and penny loafers of the 1950s to authentic wartime uniforms, there are plenty of ways to create a stand-out look. If you fancy something a little more flamboyant, why not buck convention and style yourself like the teenagers of the time? Teddy Boys, Rockers, Beatniks and Brylcreem - come on chaps, step out in style. For more on how to look the part, take a look at theRevival Style Guide at

Get Closer to the Action! ON THE TRACK The drivers spend Friday setting up their cars and getting used to the track in preparation for the official races, which take place on Saturday and Sunday (not forgetting the special Friday 'evening' race). The races are organised to reflect the types of cars and categories that competed here at Goodwood during the circuit's heyday. Even the names of the races are steeped in Goodwood history - the St Mary's Trophy, for instance, was always the saloon car race at Goodwood, and still is to this day. THE PADDOCKS Entry to the paddock enclosure is restricted to GRRC badge holders, and period dress must be worn. However; access to many of the infield paddocks, which include over half the cars and all the bikes, is unrestricted.

SPECIAL PARADES As well as the races, every Revival features special parades - these may be a tribute to a celebrated driver; or a quirky look at transportation from the past. Look out for them on the track between races! AIR DISPLAYS As a former WWII airfield and Spitfrre base during the Battle of Britain, Goodwood is proud of its aviation history. There are a number of air displays during the weekend, so keep an eye on the skies. FREDDIE MARCH SPIRIT OF AVIATION This prestigious concours d’elegance for pre 1966 aircraft brings together some of the most elegant and significant machines in the history of aviation MARCH MOTOR WORKS These period garages, housed in a perfectly recreated 1930s - style showroom, feature a plethora of classic road and racing cars.

When You Arrive YOUR TICKETS Admission will only be allowed with a valid ticket so please keep your ticket with you at all times, as you will need it to enter and exit the event OPENING HOURS Gates open at 7.30am, and track action starts at 8.45am. Gates close at 7pm (8pm on Friday), with the ‘OverThe Road’ area remaining open until 10pm. PROGRAMME AND RADIO The official Revival programme comes with an entries booklet, and will be on sale near the car parks and across the event.The driver schedule and itinerary are subject to change, but you can stay up to date with the latest news by listening to Radio Goodwood (87.7FM) on the pre-tuned radio supplied with the programme. GETTING AROUND THE CIRCUIT If you want to watch the action from a number of different angles, take a ride on a passenger trailer towed by a vintage tractor; and visit the spectator banking at the far side of the picturesque track.Tractors run on the perimeter; from the Supershell Building (Gate 12) anticlockwise to Gate 3. There are two tunnels which will take you to the infield, and

a further tunnel for badge holders. (See Get Closer to the Action for paddock restrictions). INFORMATION There is an Information point (see Getting Around map), as well as a number of roaming information officers to help you with any queries on the day. FOOD AND DRINK There are eating and drinking options to suit every palate, from a restaurant meal to fish and chips and a pint at the traditional pub. Or stop by the Spitfire Cafe and watch the aircraft while you enjoy lunch. THE GOODWOOD SHOP The Goodwood Shop (by Gate I) offers clothing, accessories and gifts from the Goodwood Collection.Visit to view the full range available. MEDICAL FACILITIES There is a fully equipped pharmacy and numerous first aid sites at the Revival (see the You Are Here maps around the event for details).

The Races CELEBRITY RACES VIP drivers are a hugely popular aspect of the Goodwood Revival, with a list of past participants that reads like a Who’s Who of motor racing greats. Formula 1 World Champions, Indianapolis and Le Mans winners, and Isle of Man and MotoGP stars all take to the famous track in a glittering array of two- and four-wheeled machinery. THE RACES: Freddie March Memorial Trophy Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy St Mary’s Trophy Shelby Cup Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration SPORTS CAR RACES Sports car races were the mainstay of Goodwood’s race meetings during the circuit’s active years from 1948-66. At one end of the

spectrum were the members’ meetings, for road-based sports cars, and at the other the World Championship Tourist Trophy races, which featured the very fastest and most exotic machinery of the day. The Revival’s sports car races reflect this amazing variety and provide some of the most competitive races of the weekend. THE RACES: Whitsun Trophy Fordwater Trophy Brooklands Trophy Sussex Trophy SINGLE-SEATER RACES The Revival’s single-seater races reflect the huge diversity of cars that raced at the circuit in period. From British pre-war voiturettes to tiny Formula Three Coopers, classic front-engined Grand Prix cars to jewel-like 1.5-litre Lotuses, BRMs and Brabhams, all provide sights, sounds and smells that evoke a bygone era. THE RACES: Richmond and Gordon Trophy Goodwood Trophy Chichester Cup Glover Trophy

More to See and Do! EARLS COURT MOTOR SHOW With its glamorous art-deco facade, the Earls Court Motor Show is an authentic recreation of that famous exhibition, complete with period cars, traditional stands and more than a few surprises! REVIVAL CAR SHOW Welcome to the world’s greatest car park! Located just outside the main gates, this area is home to hundreds of fabulous road fund exempt historic cars. ‘OVER THE ROAD’ Open until 10pm, the ‘Over The Road’ area offers lots of opportunities for eating, drinking and shopping, as well as live entertainment and a period fairground. THE REVIVAL HIGH STREET AND MARKET Be transported back to another era - and experience shopping as it used to be - on the High Street. Or explore the Revival Market, where you’ll find everything from automotive art and memorabilia to vintage clothing, live entertainment and a period fairground BONHAMS’ AUCTION The prestigious Bonhams sale takes place on the Saturday afternoon of the Goodwood Revival. For more details, visit

Goodwood Revival 2013  
Goodwood Revival 2013