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Jose Isidoro Sepulveda 605 Regio Parque Industrial Apodaca, N.L.C.P. 66600 P: +52 (81) 1334-0700 F: +52 (81) 8114-9767

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Orchid International’s Monterrey facility supplies aluminum die cast motor components and secondary finishing services to electric motor and consumer product manufacturers with operations located throughout Mexico. Orchid has the capabilities to provide full, fractional, and sub-fractional motor components. Formerly Hawk Motors, the Monterrey operation was acquired by Orchid in 2006. Future plans for the facility include the addition of lamination stamping capacity to meet customer needs. Die cast motor components supplied by Orchid can be found in virtually every home in America, predominantly in kitchen and laundry appliances, HVAC systems and other electric powered consumer products.

Appliance and HVAC Rotors Die Cast in Aluminum The Leader in METAL STAMPING and So Much More...

ORCHID MONTERREY Orchid Monterrey has much to offer manufacturers in search of a highly skilled and performance-driven aluminum die caster. Orchid Monterrey offers the high quality and delivery performance motor manufacturers expect, all from a strategic geographic location at the epicenter of Mexico’s appliance and electric motor powered equipment industries.  Automated lamination stacking, skewing, pinning, die casting, turning, and finishing  Exceptional on-time delivery  Secondary value-added processes  Expertise and willingness to invest in equipment to satisfy customer needs

Die Cast Rotors for Electric Motors

The Leader in METAL STAMPING and So Much More...

Facility Data Square Footage 65,000 Primary Operations Aluminum Die Casting Secondary Operations High Tolerance Finishing Lamination Stacking Processes High Precision OD Grinding

Orchid International Monterrey  

Two-page flyer focusing on Orchid International's Monterrey, Mexico facility.

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