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Ups, we did it again! It was damn hard and nervous to complete this issue but the most important thing is that it is now in your hands and I really hope it will leave positive emotions in you. For this issue we made some general changes in the design, we also changed the main font and now the interviews are more readable, something a lot of people have complained about over the years. In this issue I did the longest interview that I have ever made - it is the intie with Marc from IMPETIGO - a cult name among gore/grind freaks. Perhaps the younger fans are not familiar with this name but be sure to check out their re-released albums - they are a historic band and definitely worth listening. As usual, most of the bands featured in this issue are total Underground artists and probably, for some of you, this will be the first encounter with them. You can also listen to eleven of the interviewed bands on the CD Sampler attached to this issue. Thus you can get the best picture both as music and views and I really hope you will support those of them that appeal to your taste. We had more than 500 requests for interviews; a lot of labels/bands asked us to make interviews with them. Of course we want to make as many interviews and reviews as possible but it is not possible to feature even 10% of them. We are open to everybody but we are a small magazine. Today’s Metal scene is quite strange, there are a lot of labels and tons of bands but the number of printed magazines decreases, probably because the Internet is so easily accessible and undoubtedly much more dynamic. So far we enjoyed a good number of supporters and thanks to them this magazine still exists. Will there be a new issue? No one knows. If we get a positive response from the readers and there are labels who wish to support the magazine we will do our best to make it as good as possible. But the course will remain the same! Brutallica will always be an Underground magazine with a lot of unknown bands from all parts of the world. The bigger magazines give enough support to the bigger bands and the smaller Brutallica will continue to give support to the smaller bands. Of course we also need your support. We created a mailorder webspace: to help financing the magazine. If you want to help Brutallica, go there and buy something, the prices are symbolic and all funds will be used to make the budget for the next issues. OK, folks, that’s all from me. I would like to say a giant THANK YOU for choosing Brutallica and we all hope this issue will please you.








































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Issue # 12, Spring / Summer 2007

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Underground music is no longer beyond your vision. Just stretch out a hand and get a grip on this incredible issue that will provide the information you have been hungering for about the music least minded by the media.

< SLAYER frontman Tom Araya and drummer Dave Lombardo have started a yet-unnamed Christian Metal side project with ex-LIVING SACRIFICE (and more recently POD) guitarist, Jason Truby. The three have been jamming together since the end of the recent SLAYER tour with UNEARTH and they are presently looking for a second guitarist. Araya, who is Catholic, has commented several times in recent interviews that he and Lombardo don’t necessarily subscribe to the lyrical content of SLAYER’s songs. “We’ve been playing this kind of music with dark themes and anti-religious topics for a long time now and I feel like I need something new, something more positive in my life,” explained Araya. Chuckling, he continued, “I feel like I have to do some penance as a good Catholic, you know?” SLAYER fans need not worry though - when asked if he is disbanding SLAYER, Tom reassured his fanbase: “This new project will not interfere with SLAYER any more than my going to church has. It’s just a small side thing at the moment.” When asked to comment on the project, Kerry King had only this to say: “Whatever Tom and Dave need to do to exorcise their demons and keep the SLAYER machine moving is ok with me. I wish them the best on their project.” < Virginia Metallers SOLACE OF REQUIEM have signed a two-year agreement with Open Grave Records for the distribution of “Utopia Reborn”. The band would like to thank James Mattern and the OGR Team for all of their help so far. The “Utopia Reborn” CD will soon be available through OGR in select retail stores throughout the United States. Open Grave is strengthening the distribution of “Utopia Reborn” considerably with their retail connections. As well as adding to SOR’s already stout internet distribution core by complimenting Century Media Distribution, HammerMill Records and last month’s newcomer from Europe M-System. < Victory Records has announced the signing of Washington D.C.’s DAMNATION A.D. The group’s new album, “In This Life or the Next”, is scheduled for release on June 12. < Anger Music are proud to inform you, that the new album from UL MIK & LONGOBARDEATH BAND was released on the 15th of April 2007 and called “Polenta Violenta”. Special Guests on this record are: Gerre from TANKARD and John from NECRODEATH. < Swedish thrashers CARNAL FORGE, celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2007, have finalized the track listing for their sixth album, ”Testify For My Victims” due in May via Candlelight Records. The follow-up to 2004’s ”Aren’t You Dead Yet?” was recorded, mixed and mastered over a four-and-a-halfmonth period and was produced by CARNAL FORGE. ”Testify For My Victims” was recorded at Studio Fast Forward and mixed at Black Lounge Studio. Two videos have already been filmed for the album tracks ”Numb” and ”Burning Eden”, both directed by Owe Lingvall (Village Road Film). Bassist Lars Lindén recently stated, ”We have an utterly brilliant peace of work soon to be released. We are all very satisfied how the songs have turned out and are very confident in the new more varied material. It will mean some change for you who have heard the previous albums, but hopefully you find it for the better.” < Poland’s CRIONICS has finalized the track listing for its new album, “NeuThrone”, due this spring via Candlelight Records. The recording session took place at Zed Studio in Olkusz, Poland with the very talented Tomasz Zalewski, who recorded the most recent albums by THY DISEASE, TOTEM, and HORRORSCOPE among many others. The follow-up to 2005’s “Armageddon’s Evolution” will contain 10 compositions and one bonus track of material that the band describes as “deep and convincing!” The cover and layout art was done by Michal “Czecza” Czekaj (not Jacek Wisniewski, as was the case in the past). < Grindethic Records has announced the signing of UK extreme Metallers DETRIMENTUM. The label had previously released their debut release, the EP “A Monument To Suffering” in 1999. Commented Tom from Grindethic: “After long discussions with the band, we are extremely proud to announce that the fantastic full-length “Embracing This Deformity” will see light of day via Grindethic Records in 2007. This album offers a unique experience of dark and crushing brutality intertwined with an atmosphere of morbid doom.” < It was a secret for a long time, but now it is official. Drummer Atomic Steiff (ex-SODOM, ex-LIVING DEATH) returns back to HOLY MOSES after 15 years. Sabina stated: “I am totally happy that Steiff is back in the band. After all the chaos with wrong drummers for the band we have now a real Thrash/Death Metal

drummer back to HOLY MOSES. Somebody who is a totally into Metal, is behind the special kind of music we are doing and he understands the spirit of HOLY MOSES. We are right now in the rehearsals for the new album. We are already rehearsing in the studio and in our rehearsing room and we are writing together with Olli on bass, Michi on guitars and Steiff on drums on the new material. I am so happy….after a long time!” < US Death Metal masters DRAWN AND QUARTERED have completed their fifth album, “Merciless Hammer of Lucifer”, slated for release this June. Says guitarist/songwriter Kelly Kuciemba, “The album was recorded at the Autopsy Room with Jesse O’ Donnell and mastered by Kevin Nettlingham. The CD will contain three videos, including the recently-made video for the title track, and the first 3,000 copies will include a bonus CD of rare and unreleased tracks, including the hard-to-find 2002 EP Crusaders of Blasphemy. The cover art has just been finished, once again by Gabriel Byrne. The band is rehearsing for some upcoming shows, including a festival appearance in Oklahoma on June 23rd, and some more shows. < Featuring half of the original VITAL REMAINS line-up, the songwriting core of that band’s legendary “Let Us Pray” album, GODLESS RISING are new-yetseasoned enlistments into the Moribund’s elite ranks of Satanic Death Metal. Last year, the Rhode Island quintet released their first album, “Rising Hatred”, which Moribund will reissue with bonus tracks and/or video material. But the bigger news is that the band will soon be recording their debut for Moribund, tentatively titled “Battle Lords”. With artwork again being handled by the legendary Chris Moyen (BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, BLACK WITCHERY). < Mexican Black/Death masters HACAVITZ are in the final mixing stages for second album “Katun”. Slated to contain 11 tracks, “Katun” will feature such songs as “Regnum Satani,”“From Sin to Honor,” “Motlatito Yn Quetzalcoatl,” and “Serpents of Smoke”. Promises drummer Oscar Garcia, “Katun” will be the band’s “darkest release to date.” The album’s release is tentatively slated for this summer - the Aztecan holocaust awaits! In other HACAVITZ news, guitarist and longtime friend Eduardo Guevara has left the band, and they wish him the best of luck and thank him for all the time they spent working together. On the live front, HACAVITZ will be doing sporadic gigs and festivals around Mexico, including one opening show for OBITUARY, SADUS AND HIRAX. < Chavis Records has co-sponsored this year’s Milwaukee Metalfest XIX. This year’s festival is being held at the Waukesha Expo Center in Waukesha, WI, May 11-12, 2007. May 10th is the pre-party. SNAKE EYES SEVEN and AZRAEL’s BANE will be performing with SNAKE EYES SEVEN being one of the few bands to perform all 3 nights! < ANGELCORPSE has completed the recording of their fourth full length album “Of Lucifer and Lightning”. Osmose Productions will handle the release of the CD (and limited edition LP) in Europe, The End will handle things in North America, and Mutilation Productions will take care of South America. A short US East Coast tour is planned for May, with WATAIN and NACHTMYSTIUM in support, as well as numerous other harsh Underground acts. < Following the departure of Mord and Goatpromoter Lava, Norwegian Black Metallers DEAD TO THIS WORLD have announced that Kvitrafn (ex-GORGOROTH) would be taking over drumming duties for the recording of the new album. Iscariah, frontman and founder member of DEAD TO THIS WORLD commented “I’m very satisfied with the fact that Kvitrafn will be lending his abilities to this album. Even though it’s unfortunate that the others had to part with the band, it was still a necessary move” Iscariah (NECROPHAGIA, ex-IMMORTAL) originally created DEAD TO THIS WORLD as a solo project in 2002, producing a three-track demo in 2005, which was limited to 150 copies and available only for promotional purposes. A limited edition 7” EP of the demo was later released on Iron Pegasus Records, whilst Hearse Records released a split 7” EP with AUDIOPAIN in 2007. Tracks from both these releases can be heard on the band’s official MySpace page at < SKITLIV, formed by former MAYHEM frontman MANIAC has posted a new track on the band’s official MySpace page at “Slow Train Coming” is unmixed and unmastered and one of several that the band is considering for their new album. Work is continuing on the new album, which will include appearances by a number of guest musicians, and MANIAC anticipates taking SKITLIV on the road once the album is released. MANIAC has also just finished recording vocals on a

track for the forthcoming album by Swedish band DEADWOOD, due to be released shortly on the UK Cold Spring Label. Never one to avoid controversy, MANIAC made a recent, and very bloody, appearance at the SHINING gig in Sweden, along with the likes of CARPATHIAN FOREST’s NATTEFROST. A show that caused considerable outrage and hit the headlines both in the press and on Swedish Television. < Aural Music signed the Brutal Death Metal band PSYCHOBOLIA. Formed in 2000 in Paris, this is probably the most extreme female-fronted band in the whole Metal scene! Thanks to the incredible voice of Caroline Rose, this band push the boundaries of Death Metal to a new level. The crushing debut album “Fisting You All” will be released by Aural’s “brutal” imprint Goregorecords in September 2007. In the meantime check an mp3 preview of the track titled “Androgynous” here: < Season Of Mist have announced their deal with the Greek Black Metallers NAER MATARON, whose forthcoming album will be released by them. Here’s the band comment: “The last period was really victorious for NAER MATARON, we composed the harshest and most extreme music we ever had, for our new album. So, the next big step was taken, as we are now proud to announce our signing to Season of Mist. We are stronger and more enthusiastic than ever before and feel that we are also supported henceforth in the same spirit. To this point, we wish to extend our salute to the hordes that supported our Black Metal war machine throughout the last 13 years and especially thank Michael & Season of Mist for giving us the chance to deliver what will be the most extreme and uncompromising work of NAER MATARON to date.” < ABRASIVE’s new CD “Awakening Of Lust” is nearly ready. The CD will be released by Nice to Eat You Records and will feature nine songs. You can expect the heaviest and most brutal album of ABRASIVE. It will be a brutal mixture of US style Brutal Death Metal and Old School Death Metal. Just before this recording the second guitar player Tino left the band and ABRASIVE will stay as a three piece until they find a new guy! < Italian Death Metallers HOUR OF PENANCE have inked a deal with Unique Leader Records. The band’s recently completed “Promo 2007” EP, recorded and mixed at 16th Cellar Studios with producer Stefano Saul Morabito, is available for streaming on the band’s myspace profile: HOUR OF PENANCE previously released two albums through the Xtreem Music label: “Pageantry for Martyrs” (2005) and “Disturbance” (2003 ). < Sweden’s DISFEAR will enter the studio this summer to record their next album for Relapse. The still-untitled full-length effort will be recorded in August with CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou at his Godcity studio in Salem, MA. Working song titles include: “Deadweight”,“In Exodus”,“Failure”,“The Cage”, and “Testament.” DISFEAR guitarist Bjorn Pettersson (the band is rounded out by drummer Marcus Andersson, bassist Henke Frykman, vocalist Tomas Lindberg, and former ENTOMBED guitarist Ulf Cederlund) offers: “We are still in writing process but the album will possibly contain 9 to 10 songs. 10 songs have been demo tracked and are under development now together with Kurt. This will also be our first recording with Ulf on second guitar, even though he has toured with us previously” < Austrian symphonic Black Metal DORNENREICH has extended its contract with Prophecy Productions for a further three albums. The band is currently working on material for its new album, entitled “In Luft Geritzt” (“Carved in Air”). Commented the band: “For “In Luft Geritzt” we will be recording eleven tracks: ten tracks that will form the album, and one that will only be included as a bonus on the first edition. The writing process is nearly finished by now, and we will try to feature additional new songs in the set-list of concerts to come. We have also already gathered specific ideas for the artwork, and the lyrics are also coming forth, promising to be more concise than ever before” < Jacoby has announced his retirement from DEEDS OF FLESH and will be replaced by Erland Casperson from Norway. The band is finalizing songs for the new, as yet titled album. Erland will record on the new album, which will include a re-recorded version of “Infecting Them With Falsehood” from the album “Inbreeding the Anthropophagi”. The band plans to hit the road this summer following April/May recording sessions. < The US based Unique Leader Records have signed a deal with THE ORDHER from Brazil featuring members from past Brazilian heavyweights NEPHASTH and REBAELLION. Memorable guitar riffing, furious precise drum attack with aggressive vocals, THE ORDHER is bound to be one of Brazil’s

future dominators in Extreme Metal. They are scheduled for a summer 2007 release. < EVILE are pleased to announce their debut album entitled “Enter the Grave” is slated to be recorded in May 2007 at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen with legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen. The album is scheduled to be released worldwide in September 2007 on Earache. < Relapse Records has announced the signing of Scotland’s MAN MUST DIE, the first UK-based band to be signed to the label. MAN MUST DIE is currently putting the finishing touches on its Relapse debut, “The Human Condition”, tentatively due early summer. The group recorded “The Human Condition” with producer Jean Francois Dagenais (MISERY INDEX, KATAKLYSM, MALEVOLENT CREATION) at Studio Victor and JFD Studios in Canada. MAN MUST DIE formed in 2002 and has toured extensively throughout the United Kingdom with the likes of FEAR FACTORY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION, KATAKLYSM and more. < Massachusetts-based Black Metallers BABY. STAB.HORROR have inked a deal with Rotting Corpse Records. Their current self-released album, “Manifesto Infernale” has been remastered and will be distributed by their new label, featuring the single “Masochrist”, with new artwork also provided. A new, pending, release is anticipated for this summer. < Finnish progressive/avantgarde metallists FALL OF THE LEAFE have completed work on their sixth album, “Aerolithe”. The track listing is: “Opening”,“All the Good Faith”,“Drawing Worry”,“Lithe”,“At a Breath’s Pace”, “Graceful Retreat”,“Sink Teeth Here”,“Minor Nuisance”, “Especially By Stealth”,“Look into Me”,“Closure”. “Aerolithe” will be released by Firebox Records, the release date has yet to be announced. < Finnish funeral doom cult COLOSSEUM has signed album deal with Firebox Records. The band will enter the studio in May to begin recording their debut album for a late 2007 release. Band’s previous demo (with songs “Saturnine Vastness”,“Gate of Adar” and “Aesthetics of the Grotesque”) is available for free download at < Philadelphia’s Metal War Productions has announced the release of DECEASED’s “Inject the Ugliness” seven-inch single, featuring four tracks in all - two live tracks from a killer set in Chicago, IL and two studio tracks, paying tribute the the old masters. This will be pressed in 500 copies total, with a limited quantity on green splatter vinyl. Release for “Inject the Ugliness” is set for late April. < Virginia’s extreme sound nihilists PIG DESTROYER have completed work on their new full-length album, “Phantom Limb”. The CD was recorded at Omega Studios (BAD BRAINS) in Rockville, MD under the helm of guitarist/producer Scott Hull and is scheduled for release on June 12 in North America (June 18 internationally). The follow-up to 2004’s “Terrifyer”, “Phantom Limb” features 14 of “the most deranged Metal songs we could come up with,” says vocalist JR Hayes. The artwork for “Phantom Limb” was designed by John Baizley (BARONESS, TORCHE). < OSM Records has set a July 16 release date for the sophomore album from Bangalore, India-based thrashers KRYPTOS, entitled “The Ark of Gemini”. According to a press release, the CD will feature “ten new tracks of heavy, precision, melodic Metal with lethal doses of Thrash aggression. . . “Imagine CORONER, DARK TRANQUILLITY, CANDLEMASS and JUDAS PRIEST in a bar room brawl and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark about what this album will sound like.” < Legendary Swedish doomsters CANDLEMASS will release their new album with the group’s latest addition, Robert Lowe (ex-SOLITUDE AETURNUS), “King of the Grey Islands”, on June 22 through Nuclear Blast Records. The track listing for the CD is as follows: ”Prologue”,“Emperor of the Void”,“Devil Seed”,“Of Stars and Smoke”,“Demonia 6”,“Destroyer”,“Man of Shadows”,“Clearsight”,“The Opal City”,“Embracing the Styx” < DARKNESS BURNS THROUGH is in need of a guitarist! Somebody of least 18 years of age who plays at pro level and has good pro gear, transportation and a creative mind. DBT’s music is Symphonic Death/Thrash Metal with influences from DIMMU BORGIR, DEATH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, NILE, etc. The band is based in the West Hills area in the city of Los Angeles and the guys have connections to record producers and their own studio to record in. “All we need is to complete the band. If you are interested, you can call Nick (keyboards) at 1-818282-3213 or Brett (drums) at 1-818-477-7452”. You can check out their music at darknessburnsthrough

THE END is probably the most promising band out of the Relapse Records catalogue. With their second full-length album “Elementary” all heads are turned to the next big thing to come out of Relapse after MASTODON. It was obligatory for Brutallica Magazine to take the chance and interview the vocalist Aaron, just before he rises to stardom! Stoyan Tsonev Your new album is already out. I am sure that the response of the media is great? Things seem to be heading in a positive direction, some good reviews, and good interviews. We are happy with the way things are going so far. “Elementary” is a strange title for an album that contains complicated music. What are the styles that influenced you mostly? The title has a lot to do with our frame of mind while writing the album. A lot of the ideas and concepts are far more basic than what we have done in the past, but are filled with much more content. It’s a hint at less is more in some ways. Also if you take a close look at certain elements that are in the artwork, fire, man falling (air), there are hints at elements throughout the booklet. Some food for thought. How do you see the musical development of the band since “Transfer Trachea…” through “Within Dividia” and coming to “Elementary” in 2007? I think as we get older we become more open to ideas and approaches to songs. We have constantly explored new territory with our records. Not one of our CDs sound the same as the last and that will never change. Our sound has constantly become deeper, more intense, and more emotional. We lay more of personalities into the records, the better we know ourselves the more of ourselves we can contribute to our music. Our goal is to reach out to the listener in different ways each time, I think that we have done that so far.

There are already some comparisons between THE END and MASTODON. Do you agree that your work in “Elementary” is in the same state of mind, so to say, as the latest offerings from MASTODON? I guess in some ways, we both have the “I don’t give a shit” approach. They really dove into some new ideas on their latest release; it took some balls to do that. I think we encountered something quite similar to that as well. As far as our music goes, I wouldn’t really say we sound all that similar; we both have some pretty prog-like sounding stuff, so I can see where some comparisons come from. In my review of the album, I described your music as the perfect combination of the best features of NEUROSIS, MASTODON and MOTORHEAD. Do you agree with that? Those are some pretty powerful acts; if we can even come close to presenting that kind of power we would be happy. I think that we do hold on to some of the

same characteristics that those acts do, but I think we still have a long way to go before we can put ourselves on the same list as those bands. You get incredible support from Relapse Records for this release. I am sure that THE END will be the next really big band in their catalogue. Are you ready for the glory? We are going to work as hard as we possibly can to push our band to new heights, whether we reach new heights or not, who knows. I can only hope that we get to where we want to go. Relapse has been incredibly supportive of us, so hopefully that support and our hard work will pay off in the future. There are a lot of Progressive rock influences in “Elementary”. What is your opinion of bands like JETHRO TULL and QUEENSRYCHE? To be honest, I’m really not all that familiar with those two acts, but we are very inspired by 60’s and 70’s progressive rock acts, such as YES, KING CRIMSON, GENESIS, the list goes on and on. It’s amazing that bands which created huge concept records and had 20-min-long songs were huge successes. Today music won’t even get on TV unless it’s less than 4 min: how times have changed. Do you agree that the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal is already on the downfall? I think that there are too much bands in the States that sound exactly the same and the market is overpopulated.

I don’t think it’s really on the downfall, I think that it’s very much on the rise. Bands like MASTODON and LAMB OF GOD are getting the chance to play on HUGE American late night talk shows, which have hundreds of thousands of viewers daily. It’s quite a huge step for American TV programming. I do agree that there are too many bands that do the same things over and over again but I’m not too bothered by it. It just gives our band more of and opportunity to stand out among the thousands of clones. Hahah. I personally count on bands like MASTODON, THE END and NEVERMORE to revive the American extreme Metal scene. However, it is important to make a tour with the “old guns” like JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH or IRON MAIDEN. Which of these bands do you dream of touring with? Well we aren’t actually American we are Canadian, which is in some ways the same but very much different in others. I think it’s great that bands like IRON

MAIDEN and SLAYER are taking out new-aged Metal acts; it’s giving new Metal a chance to really get out in front of a lot of people. I would love to tour with BLACK SABBATH, they created dark heavy music, and it would be incredible to share the stage with such a historic band. But hell, I’d play with any three of them. How do your live shows look like? Are there any special effects or it is just a back-to-basics, oldschool show? We do what we can to keep the audience intrigued, much of it depends on venue size and if we are the headlining band or not. If we don’t have the time do set up all of our stuff it’s very tough to present a full show. Whether we have effects or not we are quite an entertaining act. What is your favourite meal? I know that you Canadians like your steak almost bloody and raw. In Bulgaria, we always grill it well before serving it.

I prefer my steak grilled as well. Canada is a very culturally diverse country, the result is food from all over the world: India, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, you name it we’ve got it. I enjoy dishes from all over, but Japanese cuisine has always worked nicely with my belly. What is your daily work? What type of clothes do you usually wear? Believe me or not, but I go to work with a suit every day! In this respect, how important is image in metal? My daily work is being in a band, working on music, doing interviews, touring, the things that bands do on a day-to-day basis. But before we started doing the band full time I worked in a warehouse, I was a warehouse manager at a home renovation store. I wore raggy clothing, because I would do a lot of heavy lifting. Image all depends on what you are going for. For a band such as MASTODON image is really not much of a factor. They are a Metal band; they get up on stage and play Metal, no tricks, and no gimmicks, just Metal. For a band like ourselves, we rely a lot on the visual aspect of our band. Videos, photos, live show is all a part of the vibe that we are trying to create, we will use any means possible to make what we do different from other people. Are you a sports fan? What is your favourite sport and team? I love playing hockey, but I don’t really follow it all that much. If I had to pick a team I would pick the Boston Bruins because I have a friend that plays for the team.

Those of you who are into the deep US Underground scene should know the name Peter Hasselbrack. For the last decade this guy has left his traces with different activities. First it was Bloodsoaked Promotion, the famous Internet portal promoting many new and less known Death/Grind bands and labels. Later Peter started Bloodsoaked Records which released some albums of young extreme artists. But it seems that all this has not been enough so Peter decided even to start a band with the same name – BLOODSOAKED. The purpose of this interview is to find out something about this project. Don’t forget also to hear the BLOODSOAKED track on the CD Sampler!

Chavdar Tzachkov

BLOODSOAKED is 100% Pure Death Metal, nothing more, nothing less! Hello Peter. In the middle of the 90’s you started with Bloodsoaked Promotions (Chapter I), later you created Bloodsoaked Records (Chapter II) and now you have a band with the same name (Chapter III). What would Chapter IV be? I guess Chapter IV would be to have a full band, play shows and do some touring as well. Why is BLOODSOAKED a one-man band? This puts a lot of limitations! The one man band started as I could not find any other Death Metal musicians in my area. I jammed with Greg Maupin (ARCHAIC WINTER) for a while, things did not work out so I decided to start BLOODSOAKED as a one man band. I saw PUTRID PILE doing well as a one man band and figured I could do the same. You just released the debut CD “Brutally Butchered”, right? How is it going? It seems the fans like it, having in mind the comments on your myspace site. The CD is doing very well. A lot of fans are buying the CD, shirts and the reviews have been great. I was posting songs online about 9 months before I released the CD so people knew what to expect...Pure Death Metal!!! Why did you close down both Bloodsoaked Promotions / Records? Lack of time, lack of interest or you simply wanted to concentrate on the band? A little of both (time and interest). I have been involved in the Underground Metal scene since about 1987 in one form or another and just needed to take a break from putting all my effort into it. BLOODSOAKED (the band) came after a while away from the scene and was a good way to come back. Where did you record the 9 tracks included in “Brutally Butchered” and have you used the help of some other Metal freaks? I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire CD myself. I actually recorded the entire CD in my home studio. I���������������������� ����������������������� t is amazing what you can do with technology these days. The CD artwork is done by Tony Koehl. Tell us more about this guy and where could interested bands find him for their covers? Tony has done work for INTERNAL SUFFERING, GORATORY, BEYOND FATAL, SUFFEREIGN, CONTORTED and many more. Tony has worked with tons of great Death Metal bands and is probably one of the best artists in the scene today. Bands can contact Tony at his website: I personally expected even more brutal Death Metal from “Brutally Butchered”. Something like DEVOURMENT and GORGASM. But maybe this is just the

beginning?! I am a������������������� n������������������ o���������������� ����������������� ld-������������� s������������ chool Death Metal fan of bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION, PESTILENCE, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, and DEATH so the BLOODSOAKED sound has more of a������ n����� o��� ���� lds����������������������� chool feel with modern influences. I think fans of DEVOURMENT, DYING FETUS, DEEDS OF FLESH and other brutal Death Metal bands will still love the Death Metal on “Brutally Butchered”. In your opinion what are the strong and weak points in “Brutally Butchered”? Who would like it and who won’t? To be honest I don’t think there are any week points on “Brutally Butchered”. I think all fans of Death Metal will like the music from BLOODSOAKED. BLOODSOAKED is 100% Pure Death Metal, nothing more, nothing less! How many CDs and vinyls do you have in your collection? Which are the highly esteemed ones? I own about 500 CDs and most are death metal. I have a few Black Metal CDs but I just love Death Metal. My favorite CD is “Consuming Impulse” from PESTILENCE, that is the best Death Metal album ever made!!! I will cherish that CD till the day I die!!! You have supported so many bands and labels over the years. Now you need their support to distribute the new CD. There should already be some who help you out to spread the record!? I am looking for every band, label, distributor, store, promotion agency and anyone else to get in touch to help spread the music of BLOODSOAKED. Everyone looking for trades, interview, reviews and more���������������� - get ������������� in touch now! What kind of Metal did you listen to in the end of 80s and what kind of music do you listen to nowadays? Is the US scene too commercial now? Early on I listened to MEGADETH, METALLICA, SLAYER, DEATH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and others as well. It slowly progressed into Death Metal in the late 1980’s and I still love and listen to Death Metal all the time. I do not think Death Metal is too commercial anywhere. I say the more Metal bands������� - the ���� better, the good ones will make their way to the top. You have signed a deal with Comatose Music for the next album, right? I guess they will help you make a better production?!

I signed with Comatose Music to release “Brutally Butchered” and by the time everyone is reading this “Brutally Butchered” will be released on Comatose Music. Comatose Music is really making the music of BLOODSOAKED available to the world so all Death Metal fans can rejoice in the Pure Death Metal that is BLOODSOAKED. If I do another CD and Comatose Music wants to release it I am sure we can work something out and maybe get an insane production! My advice to you is to find more musicians and to make BLOODSOAKED a real band. Otherwise your satisfaction wouldn’t be full. What are your intentions? At this point I am going to put all my focus on getting the BLOODSOAKED name well known in the underground, promote “Brutally Butchered” as much as possible and see what happens next. I would love to have a full band to play live shows with BLOODSOAKED but finding good dedicated band members is the hard part. How is your daily life? What do you work? Do you have the possibility to see good bands in your area often? What is the scene like over there? I am in a good place in my life, I work, hang with my girlfriend (hey Tonya), play video games, watch movie���������������������������� s��������������������������� and sleep. I have a great life! I do Customer Service as�������������� ���������������� my full time job (what������������������������������������ ’s���������������������������������� up Rocco, Matt, Enfinger) and do BLOODSOAKED part����������������������� -���������������������� time. Yeah, there are good Death Metal shows in North Carolina���� ,���I do not get to see them all but I try. The Death Metal scene in the USA and North Carolina is great in general. North Carolina alone has great bands��������������������������������� :�������������������������������� ARCHAIC WINTER, LUST OF DECAY, ENSURRECTION, ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY, Apotheosys and many more. Are you satisfied by the US government policy? If they keep the course I predict a new war next year! I have never followed politics and don’t have much interest. Last words… Thanks a������������������������������������ lot Brutallica for the opportunity ����������������������������������� to be interviewed in your great magazine. Everyone get in touch and help support BLOODSOAKED. If you like the song “Self Mutilation” on the comp CD in this issue, check out our website for much more information!!!

Ireland’s hardest working unsigned Metal act

I was really shocked to hear that this Irish band is still unsigned. I got their CD about 3 months ago and initially I thought they were Americans, the sound was very polished and modern, something typical for the US bands. “The Pain Remits” is a strong release, very powerful mix of Death/Thrash and angry hardcore. There are tons of bands with poor releases but with labels behind them, while SLAVE ZERO have a very strong release and still…no label to sign with them?! What a strange thing life is! The good thing is that these Irishmen truly believe in their music and they are not afraid to invest in it. My support to them is this interview – be sure to check it out, these guys deserve your attention. Also check out their track “I Fear for You” on the CD sampler. Chavdar Tzachkov Metal band from Dublin, Ireland – this is all that I know about SLAVE ZERO. Too insufficient I think. So, who are SLAVE ZERO and what is their fight? SLAVE ZERO are: Andy Coade - bass/ guttural vocals; Graeme V. Flynn - lead vocals; Bob Ryan – drums; John Roche – guitars; Eddie O’Malley – guitars /backing vocals. We are hardcore/Death Metal band from Ireland that have been together since 2001. We are united through our passion for extreme, heavy music. Our fight like many of our predecessors is to work as hard as we can in order to develop SLAVE ZERO and become an internationally recognized band. We strive to take what we do to higher levels both in terms of musical creativity and professionalism. Who has helped you to finance the recording and releasing of your CD “The Pain Remits”? You should believe a lot in your music and potential to spend so much money. Many bands wait for someone else to pay for it. We financed everything ourselves through bank loans and money out of our own pockets. The five of us are extremely dedicated to SLAVE ZERO and genuinely believe in the music that we write together. We therefore had no issues in financing everything ourselves. There were many advantages to this financing option such as the fact that we had total control over decision making, it also meant that we had to constantly push to play gigs and sell merchandise in order to make repayments. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it kept us on our toes and we collectively made decisions that were in the best interests of the band from a financial and professional perspective. At the same time, we are actively seeking label backing for our future endeavors. What is the response so far about the CD? The response to the CD has been exceptional. We have gotten some very good feedback from some very distinguished and recognized sources. We were short listed for the BWBK demo/indie record

of the year and we have gotten exposure from media all over the world. The reviews and messages on our website and myspace have been very empowering and we sincerely thank everyone who has made the effort to contact us and review our CD. You have three releases and I guess all are self-released by the band, right? Didn’t you get some label interest until now? The last few years have thought us a lot as both individuals and as a band. We have worked hard to get where we are at today. Some labels have expressed interest along the way but it didn’t materialize due to factors such as timing or due to personal circumstances. What are the similarities and differences between “The Pain Remits” and “The Defiant Stand”? There aren’t many similarities between “The Pain Remits” and “The Defiant Stand”. There has been huge development in the 4 year stretch between these records which is mainly down to the exclusion of our old singer/guitarist and bass player and the introduction of Andy, Graeme and John. “The Defiant Stand” is rooted in 80’s/early 90’s thrash whereas “The Pain Remits” is more oriented towards 90’s and modern day Death Metal fused with Hardcore and Grindcore elements. Our song writing has developed a lot on “The Pain Remits” and its boasts heavier and groovier songs, which are executed with more precision and purpose. “The Pain Remits” has only 5 tracks. Could you describe with a few words each of them? Which was the hardest to record? Track 1 - “The Pain Remits”. We decided to put this as the open track as a statement of intent. It launches straight into extreme blast beats, which merge with groovy riffing. These interchange throughout the song with pounding break-downs and hardcore/ grindcore vocals and thumping bass. The title track also encapsulates some of the main themes of the CD, which explore the paradoxical state of the

human mind from lamenting in confusion and grief to the contrast of self-realization and self-belief. Track 2 – “I Fear for you”. This is a more straightforward song, which displays a mix of pounding and harmonized riffs. It lashes out at the mainstream and its fickle and disloyal followers. Track 3 – “Soul of Ruin”. This song displays more off beat time signatures that are laden with groove and pounding riffs, bass effects and some intricate guitar leads. The theme of the song keeps in line with “The Pain Remits”. Track 4 – “Relief”. This track showcases a lot of groove and power on the drums bass and guitars. Andy adds some heavy guttural vocals, and there is a few intercha-nging guitar solos. Track 5 – “Faceless”. This is the longest track on the CD and its showcases a multitude of musical influences. It includes a very atmospheric and melodic middle passage that shows a different side to SLAVE ZERO musical influences. This was probably the most time consuming and perhaps difficult to record given the complexity of the song and the effects/ keyboards used. I guess you have spent a lot of money for equipment. Tell me about the equipment of each of the members of SLAVE ZERO and also what their benefits are. You know what I’m asking about: drum kit; guitars, amps, effects, etc. John uses a 350 watt venous head and a Marshall 4x12 1960A cab. He plays a Charvel guitar. We both use Digitech Metal Master Distortion pedals, Boss noise suppressor pedals,

Boss chromatic tuner pedals and John uses an effects rack. I play through a Marshall JCM 900 head and a Marshall 1960Acab. I play a Jackson Soloist guitar. Andy plays a Fender Jazz bass through a 1000 W Warwick head and a Warwick 6 x 10 cab. He uses Boss pedals including bass distortion, flanger, and chromatic tuner. Bob plays a Pearl maple series 6 piece kit with Sabian cymbals including 2 crashes, 3 chinas, ride, hi-hats. He uses DW bass pedals and a pearl snare. We tune our guitar to B and you need to adjust you guitar settings accordingly. The Soloist and Charvel accommodate and adjust to these changes very well. We believe that it is very important to have good equipment and the consequential benefits are numerous as generally speaking, better equipment leads to a better sound, which leads to a better group performance. How good is your new record distributed? For example, if a fan from Ohio, USA wants to get it, where can he find it? We are distributed by a number distro’s throughout Europe, and the US. You can also purchase our merchandise via our website. People in Ohio, you can listen to 2 songs from “The Pain Remits” on our myspace page and you can purchase the new CD via paypal on our website: www. You have played quite a lot live in Ireland but did you have the possibility to play outside your country? What kind of fans come to see your gigs? We haven’t played outside of Ireland but we are working hard to change that in 2007. We hope to play as many countries as possible in Europe in 2007 and any Death Metal or hardcore promoters interested in helping us out please don’t hesitate to contact us. We get all sorts of fans at our shows but there isn’t that much segregation amongst crowd followings as there is in other countries due to the fact Ireland is such a small country. Would it be easier to become a wellknown band if you lived in London, UK? Perhaps, I guess it all depends on how hard you work to develop your music and your bands name out there regardless of location. What are the differences between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland? I’m sure many people don’t know. I presume that you are talking about the difference between scenes? There is a very healthy scene in both the North and South with both regions producing some quality bands. There isn’t that much music or scene difference at all. We have played up north on many occasions and many northern bands play a lot down here. In most cases when international acts come to Ireland, they more often than not play both north and south. Which are the bands that you consider have the greatest impact on your music? Do you still remember the first CD that you bought….the first live…? Our main influences would range from Death Metal to Hardcore to Sludge to Black Metal to Grindcore. We have a huge range of influences. Some of our main influences include CARCASS, DEATH, CROWBAR, NAPALM DEATH, SEPULTURA,

DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION to name a few… The first CD that I bought was GUNS N’ ROSES “Appetite for Destruction” which is still one of my favourites today. The first professional band that I saw live was KORN in 1996 when I was 15. Do you agree with me that for the kids it is good to play in a band because this contributes to the aspiration for creativeness and discipline? Yes, I agree that kids can learn an immense about from playing in a band. It can help them to develop their people skills and give them a platform to work as a team in order to achieve their shared goals. It also can help to develop their creative expression both musically and artistically. Every kind of music expresses feelings and emotions. What kind of feelings does the music of SLAVE ZERO express? The music and lyrics that we write are written from a personal narrative and usually express both positive and negative sentiments, which symbolize and represent the complexities of human nature. On one side our music and lyrics represent feelings of anger, regret, misery, fear and conceit; conversely there are more prominent feelings of self belief, self realization and invigoration that intertwine throughout our music and lyrics alluding to the uncertainty of what lies ahead and challenging people to consciously challenge what they perceive to be important in their lives such as music, work and the people around them. The cover artwork of “The Pain Remits” is very intriguing. Could you explain what the hidden idea is? The artwork on ‘The Pain Remits’ took three months to complete as we were constantly revising and improving upon imagery that represented and symbolized the themes of the CD. We worked closely with Paul Mc Carroll from Unhinged Art to come up with the final concept of a faceless person that is controlled by two puppets. These two puppets represent the two sides of the human mind, which can often make decisions that go against the heart. This is shown by one of the puppets dragging on an artery with a hook. Each of the puppets has a sewn on face, which further reinforces the front that people contrive on the surface in everyday life yet this often contradicts the morals and beliefs on which they have built their lives. We chose shades of red and black to allude to the dark side of human nature that can poison and contort even the strongest people. On the other hand, the blood red is also suggestive of rebirth. How important are the lyrics for the band SLAVE ZERO. The vocals parts of Graeme V. Flynn are very emotional. The lyrics are an essential part of SLAVE ZERO. We write from a personal approach often citing past life experiences which we have gone through being forced to take the positives from in order to move on with our lives. We therefore feel that people will be able to relate to these situations as life can be extremely dark and depressing in time of tragedy or personal grief and the human mind, the people around you your surroundings are the key to preventing such depressing spirals. Can you say that the Irish fans are truly supportive to domestic bands? We have printed 4 issues of the Ireland’s only Metal magazine - Metalworks, but it seems it is not easy for this magazine to survive. There is a very healthy Metal scene currently in Ireland. We have developed a very loyal following throughout Ireland and the fact that many international Death Metal acts are constantly returning year after year to play here further reinforces that. When we toured to promote “The Pain Remits” during the summer we found that people were very supportive. As to whether it is easy for Metal magazine to survive is another thing. There is a lot of competition in that industry from

magazines such as Zero Tolerance, Metal Hammer and Terrorizer to name but a few. I also believe that there should have been more consistency with the release and distribution of Metalworks, It needs to have a large team of writers and editors in order to release up-to-date information and news about bands and tours etc and I feel this is where Metalworks could improve. Regardless, I think that Metalworks is a quality magazine with some very informative and interesting articles. From what I know Ireland has the highest retail CD prices in Europe. Is it true? For example how much did you pay for the latest SLAYER record? I guess the prices of the vinyl are double?! CDs in the mainstream outlets are ridiculously overpriced. The CD prices are probably some of the most expensive in Europe but there is always EBay and the internet which is the best way of getting around this. Also there is such a vast amount of international acts playing in Ireland over the past 2 years, which enables people to buy merchandise directly. The new SLAYER album retailed at €20, which is about average on these shores. Vinyl is

approximately the same price. What is next for SLAVE ZERO? The new record rules but this means more responsibility because the expectations for the next one will be even higher? We are currently writing for a new record and there is a definite progression in what we are doing. We have aspirations to release a new record towards the end of 2007/early 2008 but we have more immediate intentions of touring internationally. The next record will definitely boast more technicality, grove and aggression. We are very excited with what has been written to date. We fully intend on raising the bar for the next record. Keep and eye on our website and myspace for updates. If you want to say hello or thank you to some true supporters of SLAVE ZERO, here is the place… Thanks to everyone who has supported and stuck by us throughout the years. Thanks to all the distros, magazines, webzines and bands that have helped to promote and have encouraged SLAVE ZERO. To all the people in Bulgaria that are into Death Metal/Hardcore check out our website to hear and purchase our music. We hope to see you all soon. Finally thanks a lot for the interview.

Erik: At shows, we give all we’ve got, thrashing and banging with rage. People seem to respond. Dan: There are bands who are all studio and sound like shit live and that’s right, MALAS CAN FUCKIN’ DELIVER!!! What about a US tour with some big names? Is that possible? Alex: Bring it on. US, Europe, South America, Asia. It would be like my job except I’d be playing. That would be fucking cool. Erik: There has been talk in the past about touring and getting out of Chicago. Maybe some day. There will be a big fest in your area - Central Illinois Metal Fest on July 21st. I think MALAS truly deserves to be on that fest! Are you invited to play there? Alex: We would love to be part of something like that. I completely agree with you. Maybe next year, maybe not. It’s not up to us but up to the promoters. They don’t know anything about music; all they support is $$$. Erik: It would be cool to get on a fest like that. We’re out of the loop. I have also interviewed another band from your area, the mighty IMPETIGO. What other good bands do you have in Chicago? Alex: Shit loads. From Punk to Metal and in between. There is some heavy shit going on. LORD BLASPHEMER, SEVERED, CYANIDE, DEVASTATION, DEN OF VIPERS, GORGASM, MORAL DECAY, LOS CRUDOS, IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER, I ATTACK, you name it.. Another cult band from the Chicago area! It was a love from first listen - damn Erik: UNSOLEMN, THE EVERSCATHED, CARDIAC ARREST, their CD made me go really ape, I’ve played it maybe more than 50 times and I WHORRID, ENVY THE DEAD, MORDRID, DEGRADATION, would do it again and again without any sign of boredom. Just try out the track DEAD FOR DAYS, THE MUZZLER, SALT OF THE EARTH, “Legions of Legions” featured in the CD Sampler and you should be convinced BORBORYGMUS, RELLIK, VENEFICUM, MIDGET PARADE, in the indisputable merits of this cool band. I hope this interview will help you TROUBLE, LINCOLN LOVE LOG, COULDRON, JOHNNY to find out more about the band’s music and thoughts. VOMIT, TERROR THRONE, USURPER, WORMS INSIDE, Chavdar Tzachkov DESTINED APOSTLE, BLUTIGE NACHT, MORNINGSTAR, DISINTER, etc, etc, etc. Did you vote on the last elections for the congress Dan: Alex and I have been jamming since like 89’ and of the US? What is your opinion of your government have always set out to make total in-your-face MALAS Can Fuckin’ Deliver!!! we policy inside/outside the state? music, so make of it what you will, the music speaks for Alex: I voted because it’s my right to vote. Things need itself. Hello, MALAS. Your CD “Conquest” was a real pleasure Before “Conquest” you have released a mini CD, a new direction. for me. It is always good to hear an unknown band right? Is there a chance for me to find it somewhere? Erik: I voted. There needed to be more checks and balances. The priorities in this country are messed up with such a crushing release. But who the hell are Alex: It’s not available anymore, but the old demo on so many levels. MALAS? version of “Salvation and “Hussein” are on our main What is the biggest problem of America today: Alex: Thanks man for taking the time to listen to our website in our media page. music. We’ve been all into this style of Metal music now Give us some info about Maldito Records. I’ve never terrorism, criminality, drugs, obesity, health-care for fifteen years. We have a good chemistry together heard of them. Of course I know very well Fernando or…?! and mainly love for what we play. Our main website, and his Sempiternal Productions. By the way, 3 labels Alex: It’s really a shame how wasteful yet greedy the US and our myspace page, www.myspace. stand behind your “Conquest” release, which is government is. It shits on its own citizens and if you’re not citizens they shit on you even more. It could be so com/malas have the history of our brotherhood with something untypical. What is the role of each label? much better if this blind society would get their head links to our other projects. Alex: I am a live sound engineer by trade and I’ve had out of their ass and take care of its people no matter You are in the Underground circles for more than an Underground studio, Maldito Studio’s/Records, for what. It just proves that this country is run for money 15 years. Have you achieved something with your about 15 years. I have recorded/ produced/ mixed not for the people. previous bands: vinyls, CDs, tours…armed assaults? bands of many styles and genres and have mastered Erik: Apathy and the lack of open mindedness. Alex: I’ve been in and out of bands just subbing for CDs for various projects. When I’ve come to think of it, Do Americans really care about what is going on in bass or guitar throughout the years, but my main thing I did quite a bit. Fernando of Sempiternal Productions Iraq? A lot of people were killed there but it is so far was playing Metal with MALDICION, that released a and Victor of Utterly Somber Creations are good away from you. Do you see it as your problem? demo in 1992, and MALAS. Fuck loads of armed assaults friends of mine for a long time. I’ve mastered several Alex: It is an atrocity. Bush should also be though! So watch out. of their releases. Fernando tried like Hussein and put to death for Erik: I started playing the bass and doing the band and Victor supported MALAS “����� It’s really ������� a �������� shame how ���� American and Iraqi lives. thing during 1987. I’ve been in all kinds of bands even before we released wasteful yet greedy Erik: From the start I thought that invading and have done quite a few recordings and shows “Conquest”. They would go was a shifty diversion from the whole over the years. Apart from MALAS, I also play in LORD ape shit at our live shows. the US government is. Iraq Bin Laden/Afghanistan situation. I never BLASPHEMER, which is a band I’ve had going off and on When MALAS got to the It shits on its own liked Bush. since 1988. We have a couple of releases on Metal War point of releasing “Conquest”, For most Europeans Bush’s administration Productions as well as some self-released material. In Fernando and Victor heard citizens and if you’re is one of the weakest in the whole US 2003, I filled in on bass and vocals for DIABOLIC at the the mixed tracks and were not citizens they shit history. It is 1000 times better to have sex New Jersey Metal and Hardcore Festival. In 2006, I filled interested in releasing this CD scandals, like it was when Clinton was a in on bass for VENEFICUM on their tour. with Maldito Studio’s/Records. on you even more�” president, than wars and hostile policy! Dan: I also jammed in MALDICION, then in 1995 I That’s just how it worked out. joined up with SEVERED released a demo titled “Dearly Why in your opinion is there such a significant Alex: Make love not war man. Departed” as a matter of fact we got back together last movement in Chicago’s Underground Metal scene? Erik: I agree. Dan: Look man, everybody has their own shit to deal year and decided to record some 30 songs for “You At least this is my impression. with. Everyone knows what they have to do. Stop Axed For It”, so we’re going to deliver with a swing of Alex: There are a lot of new/ old Metal bands popping beating around the bush and no, I am not defending the axe. I also have I ATTACK, a hardcore/punk band. up in Chicago. The fan base can be large but I think the that fuck! We have a self titled album that was released in 2004 promotional venues aren’t Metal fans, they are dollar American football vs. European football?! Why do on Wrench In The Gears Records and a 7” release titled fans! these two absolutely different sports carry one and “American Dream” on Criminal I.Q Records To this day Erik: Because Metal music rules and it will never die. the same name? I know you call European football we are still going strong doing shows and working on Fuckers are learning it the hard way. soccer but it is not fair to call it this way because it our new CD release. I also helped out with NO SLOGAN, Dan: Look, the Metal scene in Chicago has its ups and has been created even before the creation of the another punk band out of Chicago and we released a downs, but only the true followers make it what it is USA?! 7” EP on South Core Records. As you can see I’m a little today. here and there but MALAS still being my main focus. What is your favorite music/metal store in Chicago? Alex: I am not a sports fan so I don’t care, but if the Maldito Studios made all of these recordings possible Where do you buy music from and what kind of music Europeans had the name first I think you should duke it out with the Americans. thanks to Alex. do you get there? Do you often buy magazines? Erik: I don’t really give a shit about pro sports either. ”Conquest” is a very catchy mix of 90s Death Metal Alex: Nocturnal Dominion, Metal Haven, Reckless Call ‘em what you want. and 80s Thrash Metal. How did you achieve it and Records, Threshold Records and all the cool and Dan: It’s called football because you can kick the shit whose was the main idea to interlace both styles? dedicated Metal CD traders at the shows. Alex: Those styles are a definite influence to our I feel that your live performances should be a real out of it and football. GO BEARS!! style because that is what I personally think we have assault. You are experienced Underground musicians Do you have plans for the next record? Give us some developed, which is MALAS. Erik, Dan, and I are MALAS. and you should know how to catch the audience. But details if there are any plans! Alex: “King of Thieves” is the title of the new MALAS Erik: When we got together, we didn’t set out to do you have chance to play often in your area? record to be released in fall 2007. We are at the prerecreate any era or style. We wanted to create powerful, Alex: Did I mention - we are MALAS. We are going to production stages. catchy, and straight up pulverizing assaults. thrash your face off.



To be honest with you������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ,����������������������������������������������������������������������������� two months ago I didn’t even know that this Dutch Black Metal band existed. I was contacted by the band leader Jan Kruitwagen�������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ and was very impressed from his supportive approach towards Brutallica Magazine. He offered me to help us to spread the magazine in the Netherlands and he didn’t want anything in return - something that I see very rarely nowadays. Some weeks later I got SAMMATH’s “���������������������������������������������������������� Dodengang������������������������������������������������� ” CD from Folter Records and I offered Jan to do an interview with him and talk about his band and views. He agreed, so here is the result of our conversation. This guy won me with his Underground attitude and high intellect and I’m sure this is also reflected in his music and lyrics. So let’s see who Jan Kruitwagen and his project SAMMATH are! Chavdar Tzachkov

that was wrong, but with the recording of the new album I found out that it helps to keep you focused, and that more minds, thoughts, generate more productivity. The thoughts of professional sound engineers do help getting your CD to sound good and balanced. This of course can only be achieved if you have the label supporting you. What is the topic in the track “Stalingrad”? It seems that the war theme is predominant in your lyrics?! You are not the first to ask me this, in all the latest interviews people ask me about this track, especially about the lyrics. It’s nothing political; my political views will never find their way into music. Metal and politics Harsh, realistic, terrorizing Black Metal don’t mix. War is, as you stated, a big part of the lyrical content. “Stalingrad” is written neutral, describing the For every true Black Metal band philosophy should sounding rough and sounding like complete shit is a battle for this city in WWII from a Russian as well as be first before music. I’m sure SAMMATH is such a different matter. Some recordings are so crappy you from a German perspective. I used to teach history, band so, what is your philosophy? can’t even hear what the hell’s going on, is that true? so through my former work and reading diaries of My interpretation and view on Black Metal is this: I think it’s just bad quality. If you are in a band, there people you can get good inspiration for lyrics. There harsh, realistic, terrorizing Black Metal, not the crossmust be some room to improve on recording methods, is an old man in my village in Germany who fought in burning, dreamy, forest type. That should be left to the otherwise things go nowhere. However, I sometimes and survived Stalingrad and his tales are chilling to say bands that do this already, and stand behind their lyrics make the mistake to assume that Metal is Metal, there the least. That must have been one of the most deadly and image. Enough copies of DARKTHRONE already. is still quit a big gap between Underground Black places the world has ever seen. There have been many I don’t create this music for personal ego, or getting Metal and mainstream Metal. The absolute gems of battles, but the biting winter, lack of food and sheer recognition for myself or because my music should releases often sound rough, but you destruction must have been hell, very stand in the spotlight - my name is of no importance. can hear all instruments. fitting for a SAMMATH lyric. “My music is a Many people have different thoughts on what true Who are SAMMATH on the music field You have worked for the cult reflection of what I Black Metal is. Furthermore I think it’s important to and what have you achieved so far? Underground magazines Violent see and enjoy most Moshground and Hell Razor. I guess wander your own path, not to follow trends or lyrical We are an extreme Black Metal band expectations. I write lyrics I stand for. Lyrics deal with with a recognizable sound. Not that both are dead now!? What do you think in life, creating warfare, hatred, destruction, death, battles of world it’s totally original, not at all, but I about the printed magazines, do you aggression and wars, arrogance, and disgust for religion. I don’t look think it’s worthy of existence and think we will survive? What about “the watching the chaos war of formats”? CD vs. vinyl…internet at myself being a Black Metal evil type. My music is a growing with every release. Some reflection of what I see and enjoy most in life, creating of the tracks are well known in the vs. printed zines? unfold” aggression and watching the chaos unfold. I see Black Metal Underground. I’m proud Hell Razor is dead but Violent extreme Metal as a form of music that gets adrenaline to be on a respectable label and be at Moshground is still going strong. Chief going, and gives one energy, arrogance and power. it for 12 years. You can get SAMMATH CDs in lots of Mr. Angelraper knows everything there is about the Do you feel yourself like a warrior? How can a different countries. I got orders last week from Cuba to scene. Printed zines are better, of course, I really don’t warrior find the right cause? And if he found it Indonesia. I get lots of feedback from people, since ‘93. enjoy sitting behind my bloody computer for a good should he follow it blindly? The reviews of the new CD are, with some exceptions, read. The good magazines will survive. The problem is The older one gets the less I think about things like very good. But the highest point has yet to be reached. that internet is so easily accessible – it’s the same with that. I remember when I first got into Metal; I could You have lived in Australia and now in Europe. Do the huge amount of bands, but the writing quality of never have imagined when I was 14 that later I would you think Europeans are colder? Why do most of printed zines is mostly better, with lots of exceptions. be using keys in combination with Metal - that was the people think Europe is the capital of Metal? That’s probably just because the printed zines are simply not done. But without innovation the genre will Definitely, Europeans are very different, not that much usually quite old mags, going for some years, building stagnate and die slowly. To be quite honest, the last colder but in my view very strict on ways to interact. up a certain style, in both writing and interview years lots of bands can’t even distinguish themselves In Australia things were wilder, and people don’t really questions. I prefer vinyl to CDs, but usually never in any way, feeling themselves trapped in true care too much what someone does, or what they bother to put on old records, just out of pure laziness. Underground Black Metal. It’s a difficult balance: being think of you. With this in mind I still think that Europe When I do, HELLHAMMER’s “Apocalyptic Raids” always true means you put borders before yourself; this can is damn good for living. For Metal, Europe is brilliant, seems to sound better on vinyl. But I suppose I sound also cause your music to be of no importance. Setting the best place on earth by far. Growing up in Sydney in like an old fart now. limitations is necessary though, I mean Christian the 80’s we were lucky to get a decent band every five Why is SAMMATH still a two-piece band? You only Black Metal or house beats, or those emo-screaming, of six months at the local pub. Over here I can go to a use a drummer for the recording, right? How do pathetic, everyone-hates-me, kids in Metal should concert within one hour drive whenever I want, every SAMMATH play live then? be banned if you ask me. I wasted a lot of time some three days there is a band performing somewhere who SAMMATH is a band since 2002. I started in 94 by years back discussing with these idiots online. Through is worth seeing. This somewhat does take the punch myself, the reason for this was that I couldn’t find internet the scene is not what it used to be, but things out of it sometimes; you get a hangover from the anyone in my area I could get along with, or shared my change, what can you do. previous show and the next one’s up. Where I’m from ideas of Black Metal. Just before the first CD “Strijd” was Do you believe that Black Metal must be rough and we would talk about an upcoming show for months. released I got in contact with someone, but it didn’t unpolished to be true? Where did you record the two full lengths of last, he was all talk and no action. I did use a second Absolutely! With the last release “Dodengang” I am still SAMMATH? vocalist on my second album though; he is now also surprised at the reactions of some people from larger The first two CDs I recorded at home in my own studio. a part of SAMMATH. I got in contact with madman mags, calling it audio terror, but not in the positive It’s a small studio with only the basics. For mix and drummer Koos Bos when I was studying back in 97. way. The rough nature of Black Metal is what makes mastering I always went to the larger professional We quickly formed a new band, totally new and it it so damn good. Harsh vocals, high pitches guitars studios. I didn’t have much of a budget, or the cash had nothing to do with SAMMATH. But the vocalist and relentless pounding drums are simply necessary to finance it myself. I thought that I didn’t need some and bass player were absolute idiots, so we kicked to create that dark energy called Black Metal. But producer breathing down my neck telling me this or them out. I’m glad I met Ruud, bass, at the local Metal


store and got in touch with Cor again. They are both active in another band, SHADOWLORD, but they were pretty quickly involved in the live shows of SAMMATH. With those three crazy bastards we performed at Under the Black Sun in Berlin in 2002 after rehearsing eight times. They understand that the music is mine, I even recorded the latest CD with only the drummer, but they respect that. SAMMATH will always be me creating the music, but without their dedication of playing live it would of course be impossible. We have a new guitarist as of January - Hanna van de Berg - a girl from the Western part of Holland, 19 years old but very dedicated. So now we are a complete band, ready to kick some ass on stage from now on. What is your point of view about the war in Iraq and the so-called “war against terrorism”? I don’t think we know half of what’s going on. The world’s a funny, son of a bitch of a place. Bush and his neo conservatives believe god is sending them to kill the Muslims, the Muslims are the same. But we seem to have better weapons. I don’t think the United States should be in Iraq anymore, whatever they are doing, its not working that well. People don’t seem to be cheering about it. I don’t recall seeing people in Baghdad on TV throwing a party and sitting around smoking, except as corpses. What can make you really angry? Religious idiots and idiots in general. High beer prices as well. According to a science theory, man’s destructive character and behavior have been programmed in the Y chromosome which has endured some mutations over the ages. Maybe this is the “hidden code” of the programmed self-destruction of humanity?! Wouldn’t that suck? Self destruction won’t happen though I think. We always survive, unless we get some kind of natural disaster. Humans are weak in body, but smart. There will always be some human left

somewhere on this planet, in a hole in the ground self employed and earn more then enough. I want somewhere. If we do have the mutated Y chromosome to keep it that brutal, but sound wise I am satisfied it at least causes some excitement. It would explain that it’s getting better. I wouldn’t mind selling more why we have to kill each other in masses every sixty CDs but that’s more from an artistic point of view. The years or so. essence of this music is not sounding commercial and What is your position in Folter Records? You work over the top regarding sound and lyrics. Commercial for them, right? Black Metal bands give me the creeps; you can hear I just help sending out promo packages. That’s all something is just not right. CRADLE OF FILTH and I really do. I only started work at Folter a couple DIMMU BORGIR get a lot of crap from the scene, but of months ago. Joerg from Folter certainly knows sell lots of CDs. I think there’s a lot of jealousy involved what he’s doing; he doesn’t need there - if you don’t like it, don’t buy any help with this. He has a keen “I don’t create this music it. In some ways they have ruined sense for picking out bands. This the scene, but also many newcomers for personal ego, or sounds very irritating coming from hearing their stuff may enter the getting recognition for Underground. You need to start from me, because I’m also on Folter, but bands as SKYFORGER, THE STONE and myself or because my somewhere. SALACIOUS GODS are bands I was do you see the future of Black music should stand in How listening to before Folter signed them. Metal? How can the fans determine the spotlight - my name who is real and who is just a trendy So I just help out with promoting all the bands, getting interviews, reviews. follower? is of no importance” Which are the 5 best albums for I think it all has to do with a couple of 2006 according to Jan Kruitwagen? things: first of all, those who are still Which are the most successful releases of Folter active after ten years or more, like myself, are not in during last year? it for the money, trends, but it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s SUFFOCATION “Suffocation”, BELPHEGOR hard to see which bands are trendy followers, I mean, “Pestapokalypse VI”, PORTAL “Lurker at the threshold” even the long running bands get influenced by what demo, FUNERAL PROCESSION s/t, and many more. they hear and pick up over the years. Second, no one There are lots of good Underground Black Metal can be something they are not for too long. Internet is releases and upcoming ones in the Netherlands: a new in some ways ruining the Underground. People start band - CONTROL HUMAN DELETE and older bands a band on Monday, have a homepage by Friday, make such as FENRIS, FLUISTERWOUD and SAURON will be their first demo three weeks later and have the most releasing new CDs. From the Folter Records releases I professional sounding uninspiring crap on CD a month think THE STONE and SKYFORGER would be good. later. There is too much crap, and the good bands are What do you prefer: to remain true to the swallowed up simply by the mass of releases. But there Underground Black Metal scene or to make are good new bands in many countries. It’s a matter of SAMMATH much more famous and selling band? dedication if you ask me. I want to keep it Underground; money and Black Wish something to Brutallica Magazine and our Metal don’t mix. I don’t need to make money out of supporters. this band, and never had the intension to do this. I’m Metal or death!!!! Keep the scene alive!!!


Well, this should be the most Underground band featured in this issue. It is because these New Zealand dudes have only one demo/MCD released, featuring only 3 wild tracks. But this doesn’t mean they are some pimpled teens. NECROTERNAL consist of some quite experienced musicians who have been active in other formations and if you hear their track “������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������� Quench M����������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������ y Thirst��������������������������������������������������� ” featured in this issue’s CD Sampler you will see what I’m talking about. No doubt a damn extreme band with a great mixture of different kinds of Metal. But let’s see what the hell this band is all about!

Chavdar Tzachkov

New Zealand isn’t a common place for Metal but your band is a proof that there are some fierce bands there. But let’s hear it from the source, how is the scene of your country? First of all Hails Chavdar and congrats on the brutal mag. The scene here is slowly getting bigger, new bands are popping up all over the place. It’s never been huge here; most of the current crop of extreme bands all know each other. The scene is small admittedly but it’s very diverse, fans of raw Black Metal in Europe who would like to check out an extreme New Zealand version of it would like SKULDOM from Auckland and if brutal death is your thing, check out a band called ULCERATE. Our most successful band would undoubtedly be DAWN OF AZAZEL�������������������������������� -������������������������������ they are touring Europe with IMMOLATION at the moment. When and how was NECROTERNAL created? We were all in different bands at one point or another, three of us from one band got together, two dudes from a different band and it just clicked. It was 2004 but most of us knew each other beforehand. We got our bass player from out of town because the town we live in (Taupo) basically didn’t have anyone that could play Metal. Metal just isn’t that big in this country, we don’t have the population to support it. What is the musical and lyrical direction of the band? What emotions do your music and lyrics possess? Lyrically all the songs are different from each other but they are linked by a dominant theme of violence as an extension of politics by other means. I suppose you could say it’s war Metal but again all the songs are different. The music I would have to say is an old-school Black/Death hybrid. Creating something that keeps you hooked from end to end is the key������������������������������������������������ -���������������������������������������������� the songs are not just a collection of riffs thrown together. Each section is related to the last in some musical form or another, just as the lyrics are, so the song starts and evolves to its conclusion. The only rule of thumb we have is that the music must be violent sounding which makes it fun to play. I thought New Zealand is one of the quietest places on this planet but you guys destroyed my impression with your MCD “Demolition of the Dead”. A very good and promising record! What is its story? If you saw where that was recorded you would laugh your head off. It was done in a crusty old tin shed, with old rugs nailed to the walls to stop the place from shaking itself to bits. We got a mate who had some good mics and a recording machine to come around and we basically had to nail the songs in one take. You can hear rain hitting the roof if you listen to it carefully. He then took it to his recording studio and cleaned it all up noise wise and mastered it. I think it cost $300 bucks. Solos were punched in on the spot. It wasn’t meant to be released but to be used as a demo for a club owner who might give us a gig. I’m really impressed by the great support that Rich from Warlock Records gives you. This guy truly believes in you guys, he is convinced that you’ll have a great future.

Yes he really has done a lot for us! We are grateful to him for everything he does to help. Our first gig was for him for his birthday and to say thanks. He’s also the only dude in the country that can get Brutallica for us, to keep track of the new bands coming out of Europe. He heard our demo and gave it out to a lot of people in the know, which helped us get radio play and gigs. The beginning of the track “Quench My Thirst” reminds me of CANNIBAL CORPSE’s “Hammer Smashed Face”. To what degree have you been influenced by the early 90s Floridian Death Metal? Remember the feeling you got when you first heard Death Metal? For most of us here it was DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE & SUFFOCATION. The songs on the demo reflect that, and they were written a long time ago. To be fair, most of the stuff we write these days is more in line with the song “Demolition of the Dead” and we have evolved a lot. But for us, that old school Florida vibe is still a key element. Since Australia is the closest place to you, maybe the Australian Metal scene had influenced you mostly?! Now in the epoch of the Internet you can listen to a lot of music from different parts of the world. Where do you see your main influences? There is a definite Australian/New Zealand style of Metal. You can hear it best in bands like BACKYARD BURIAL from NZ and DAMAGED from Australia. But we don’t really take our cues from the Aussie sound as much as we do the earlier US sound or the European bands such as GOD DETHRONED. It’s just the way the songs turn out in the end that matters to us. Do you have more written material except the 3 songs included in “Demolition of the Dead”? If yes, are there plans for a debut full length? We have a lot of songs, we could easily fill an album but the price of doing so is astronomical in this country, because there is no real infrastructure for Metal here. It is cheaper to go overseas to record an album, including airfares, than it is to do the same thing here. The government is continually handing out money to so called artists it deems “safe”. The only way to do it from our perspective is to get signed to an overseas label, and record over seas. It can be done here, but we don’t see it as an option production-wise. What is the response from the labels so far? Are there any interested ones? We will do some more recording locally and send it off to some labels to gauge a reaction to our new stuff. We haven’t really thought about how to approach this yet, our new material is faster and more intense than on the demolition of the dead demo so I don’t know if a prospective label could judge us on this release alone. But yeah, being signed would give us the kick in the ass we need. Looking at your pictures I guess you guys are not teens. How old are the members of NECROTERNAL and for how long have you been playing this kind of music? Our youngest member is 25 and our oldest member is 33 so we look at the advantage of collective experience. Also it’s an advantage when it comes to

The New Zealand old-school Black/Death hybrid 14

getting your point across to less than helpful sound techs. As you mature people seem to take your opinion more seriously Ha Ha! What is life like in New Zealand? Is it easy to have a Metal band over there? What about the society, the standard, the policy? Well, put it this way…. We’ve been kicked out of every rehearsal space possible by fucking Christians. It’s like every time we find a new place to practice they track us down and petition to have us thrown out. It usually comes in the form of lame noise control complaints, but we know who is behind it. The decibel levels are always well within the industrial limit but it’s just the type of music that they don’t like. If we were playing cheesy reggae shit at twice the volume those hypocrites wouldn’t have a problem with it. What is your equipment? What do you use in your rehearsal room? We were using some fairly shitty equipment for a while but it all got stolen, so we got a loan from a mate of ours and went and got some decent gear. As far as drums go, it’s got to be pearl. Their kits just sound really even no matter how you abuse them. We have an older Marshall amp and a peavey 5150 for our guitar backline and we use B.C. Rich and old 70’s Ibanez guitars. Our bass player has a Spector 5 string. How often do you have the chance to see foreign Metal bands in New Zealand? Nobody ever used to come here, but now we have a good promoter by the name of Gareth Craze who is bringing over some of the biggest extreme metal bands on the world circuit like NILE, DECAPITATED, DEICIDE etc, who would never have come here otherwise. What are the most popular brands of beer in New Zealand? Do you guys have some local drink typical only for your area? Did you finally buy a refrigerator for you rehearsal room? As far as we are concerned, it’s got to be STEINLAGER. It’s the most popular in our town and we can’t touch anything else after a slug on that sweet green bottle. If you drink a bottle and then switch to another beer, it will taste like shit in comparison. Different districts punish themselves

by drinking other N.Z. beers that are just a mixture of sheep piss and ass discharge. And we scored a mean Australian beer fridge too! If there is one thing Australians do well it’s making decent fridges for us kiwis to keep our beer ice cold. Let’s talk about the time before the creation of NECROTERNAL. Are any of the bands that you have played in still alive? Unfortunately no, most things we touch seem to get destroyed! We all had to put in the years of playing shitty covers and playing music that we didn’t really like, sometimes just to get a wee bit of money or some beers. Growing up in New Zealand there was not always the option of saying “let’s go form a Metal band” because there was never a huge amount of people that shared your taste in music to pick from. What is better: Satanism or Atheism? STEINLAGER! How do you see the current situation on Earth and do you see a salvation for humanity? Things do not seem optimistic! Indeed. I think you only have to watch the news or look on the internet these days to see that the human race as a species have proven an unnatural influence on the planet. As individuals we are capable of being smart, but as a bunch we are pretty much fucked. As long as there is a self appointed group of parasites trying to tell the rest of us what to do, and as long as the mentally weak mainstream accept the status quo then there is no reason to be optimistic. I’d like to have a T-shirt of NECROTERNAL.

Where can I buy any? We did have some that we made but they’ve all gone. The idea was that people would order a shirt at a gig; it has a logo on the front and an obscenity of their choice on the back! Custom shirts, in a way. If you want one just e-mail us and tell us what you want written on the back! We need to whip up a new batch though. How good do you perform your music live? Is there a big difference between your studio sounding and the way you sound at your gigs? First and foremost I think we are a better live band than a studio band. When we play live the energy from the crowd pushes the aggression through the roof and everything sounds twice as punchy. We try to avoid writing music that will rely on studio editing to sound tight. All the stop/starts on our demo are 100% live, no “taking out the mistakes” or anything. I want to have your debut full length in my hands soon. Can you promise me that this will happen in 2007? Man, I wish we could! It is just too expensive here, but our goal is to get it done one way or another so we’ll keep you posted!


why it doesn’t have a name? Or maybe its name is simply “Cirith Gorgor”? We recorded the album in the Toneshed Recording Studio, here in Holland. This studio is owned by Erwin Hermsen�������������� (he plays in MANGLED)������������������������������� , who is the guy that was also responsible for the recordings of our first demo and first album. Back then he still had a “��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������� mobile studio�������������������������������� ”,������������������������������� not at all professional, but he has invested a great deal and built a new studio. Of course, during the years he gained a lot of experience by recording a diverse arsenal of band������������������������������ s����������������������������� and this has worked greatly in our advantage, as can be heard I reckon!� To be honest, we couldn’t decide on a title. We had some ideas, but there was always someone in the band that didn’t agree with it… Therefore decided to leave it untitled, or rather, self-titled. Compared to your previous records can you say that this is the most furious, extreme

S����� ales figures �������� are �������� not the ���� thing ������ that ����� motivates ���������� us� ���! The Dutch CIRITH GORGOR is already considered a veteran Underground Black Metal band having almost 14 years of experience. T������������� �������������� hey ��������� e�������� ven had two albums released by Osmose Productions and I guess you should be familiar with their music if you are a true Black Metal freak. The reason to contact the band is their latest self-titled album just released by Ketzer Records. The bass player Lord Mystic answered my questions. Chavdar Tzachkov The new album blew me away with its furious speed and aggression. I had troubles with my neighbours because I amplified my 1000-Watt Onkyo system at about a half of its full capacity. Maybe they have thought this was the beginning of the Armageddon, ha, ha… Nice to hear so! You played it as it is intended to. Screw the neighbours! CIRITH GORGOR exist������������������������ s����������������������� for ���������������������� 14 ������������������ years already, that is quite a long period for a Black Metal band. How did you manage to keep the band for so many years? That is indeed correct, although it does not feel like such a long period at all. We started back in 1993 because we were all into extreme forms of M���������������������������������� ����������������������������������� etal and wanted to create our own as well. And that is exactly what we have been doing over the years. It has never bored me so far, and it is always a great experience to play live or to record a new album. Moreover, weekly rehearsals are generally a welcome change after a week of work/study. Many bands write in their biographies that some of their members left due to “lack of motivation”. What can motivate a young man to play in a band like CIRITH GORGOR? It is obvious it couldn’t be for money or glory; it should only be for the love of music, right? Correct, if I wanted to become rich with music, B�������������������������������������������� lack M�������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� etal would have been the last form of music to accomplish that. It is indeed because we like to play the kind of music we all prefer most, which is fast and aggressive B������������ ������������� lack M������ ������� etal. My motivation is still very high. But we indeed also had ex-members whose motivation was lacking at a certain point in time. To avoid stagnation, the best thing to do is to ���������� remove ������� such a person from the band.


Excuse my ignorance but what does CIRITH GORGOR mean and how did you get this name? It definitely sounds good and catchy! It is taken from Lord of the Rings and for us it is symbolic for the path that leads to the valley of Death. Obviously, we chose this name long before there was the film trilogy and the media hype around it, but back then we were looking for a suitable name for the band and because most of us had read that book, with its many forms of symbolism about good vs. evil, the name CIRITH GORGOR appealed to us instantly. I remember your band well from the time when you were signed to Osmose Productions. Many bands left them in the last few years and I still wonder what the reason for this is. I cannot speak for other bands, but the main problem we had was bad communication between band and label. However, it was the choice of Osmose to end the cooperation with us. The official reason for this were disappointing sales figures. Luckily, sales figures are not the thing that motivates us; we are driven by the passion for the music. When you sell a lot, that is of course no problem, but when you only reach a handful of people that appreciate what you are doing, it is just as fine by me! What could be pernicious to a Black Metal band like CIRITH GORGOR? I am not exactly sure what you mean here, but I guess that you mean to ask what could endanger the existence of CIRITH GORGOR… At the moment, nothing������������������������ !����������������������� As long as there is a motivation to create filthy blasphemous B����� ������ lack M����������������������������������������� etal, there is nothing that can stop us. Where did you record the new album and

and mature album to date? Absolutely! It is definitely better than everything we have done before in all respects. The production is better, and the compositions, and song structures have also been much improved! You are now signed to Ketzer Records and I can only congratulate you on this choice because Alex is a true supporter of the Underground scene. What is the difference to be on Osmose and now on Ketzer Records? As I said, the communication was not all to�� o� good with Osmose. With Ketzer this is much better. I think Alex is indeed much more a fan and supporter of the U����������������� ������������������ nderground B����� ������ lack M������������������������������������������� etal scene than a guy that wants to make a lot of money with releasing music. Back in the beginning of the band which artists were the most influential for you? As a bassist, IRON ������������������������� MAIDEN�������������� was of great influence to me…but that was the band that was my very first acquaintance with M������ ������� etal. As my interest got more ������������������������ extreme, ������������������� the bands I listened also became more ��������������������� extreme. ���������������� By the time we started the band, I mainly listened to EMPEROR������������������������� , DARKTHRONE������������� ����������������������� and MAYHEM�� ��������. What are the differences and similarities between CIRITH GORGOR and…DARK FUNERAL? I wonder why we are always compared to DARK FUNERAL… (although I do think that is a great band). The only thing, to me, that we have in common with DF, is that we play fast B������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� lack M������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� etal. Other than that, we are really quite different. For one thing, the riffs used by DF are nothing alike ours. We put some more melody into them and not merely use power chord slides… And we have some occasional guitar solos that I haven’t heard in DF’s music I believe…. My favourite track from the new album is the third one “Demonic Incarnation” - a 6min-long composition full of various tempo changes and some catchy melodic guitars. Tell me something more about this song! Well, it is ����������������������������������������� one �������������������������������������� of my favourites as well that was previously also released on the split EP���� ������ we released with MOR ������������������������ DAGOR��������������� from Germany,

although the sound quality on the new album is far superior than on the EP������� ��������� ! That song is good example of the musical progress we made throughout the years and is a culmination of all typical CG elements blended into one track. Those who get this issue of Brutallica can hear the 5th track “Master of Dark Sorcery”. Who is this master and what is his fight? Although I think it is quite a good track it is my least favourite of the album! It is one of the most brutal though. Nimroth, who is no longer in the band, wrote the lyrics. The topics of the lyrics are open for the listeners to interpret. I never go into detail so read and interpret them yourselves! The last track is the most intriguing one. Its name is written in German and also in Russian. It is a song about World War II, right? That’s right, it is about the battle of Stalingrad. Guitarist Marchosias is a WWII freak and knows almost every detail there is know about this war. His fascination for this historic event is perfectly captured in this lyric with an accurate description of the events that took place. Is there in the new album a song that describes the end of humanity in your way? I’m sure your views are quite apocalyptical. The role and existence of organised religions is a recurring topic in our lyrics and these plagues may very well contribute to the downfall of mankind. Read for instance the

lyrics “Total Annihilation” or “Ritual”. Where did you play live so far and are there serious plans for a tour or festival appearances during 2007? So far we played in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. There are no concrete plans yet for a tour. We’ll see what will happen in the near future. Do you think some day there will be no CDs, vinyl, tapes, magazines and everything will be just on electronic format? Total annihilation would be better than this shit,

if you ask me!? I hope not. Although the coming of Internet has brought many advantages, there are many more disadvantages. The U����������������� ������������������ nderground scene as I know it from when we just started has changed completely. The people now only know the bands from the mp3s they often illegally download. Luckily there is��������������� ����������������� still a great number of people that think about it the same way I do and still support the bands by buying real CD�� ���� s. Do you consider DIMMU BORGIR a “commercial” band? Compared to the major pop artists their sales are symbolic. They appeal to a big audience and sell many CD��������������������������������������������� s, at least a great deal more than we do. Of course when you would compare their sales figures with a random hip-hop idiot, they cannot be said to be that commercial. Metal just isn’t. What is your favourite band among the Ketzer Records outfits? DAEMONLORD������������������������������ ’s “Of W��������������������� ���������������������� ar and H������������� �������������� ate” and LUX ���� FERRE�������������������������������������� ’s “Antichristian War Propaganda” and PEST����������������������������������������� ’s “Vado Mori” are my favourites. I have heard that TROLLECH ����������������������������������� is �������������������������� also a good band but I haven’t heard their music yet. With such a strong release I think 2007 will be a very successful year for CIRITH GORGOR. Probably it will also be a very busy year for the band? Yeah, hopefully we can do many shows to promote the new album. Thanks for the interview… check for news and gig announcements!


Probably for most of you POTENTIAM would be an unknown name. But in 2007 this Icelandic band celebrates 10 years of existence! 3 albums and just 10-15 live appearances are not that much but for a band coming from Iceland this sounds quite acceptable, having in mind that the population over there is just 300 000 people. Their latest album “Years In the Shadows” really enjoyed me so I decided to present POTENTIAM to all our readers. The fans of melodic Gothic/Dark/Black do not ignore this interview! Also you can hear their track “8 �������������������������������������� For Holy Rebels” in the CD Sampler. Chavdar Tzachkov

POTENTIAM is all about experiments You guys play an interesting melancholic Metal quite untypical for a Schwarzdorn band, having in mind their furious Black Metal releases. How did you get in touch with them? Through Peri Management in Italy which was the “middle man” to begin with. The band deals directly with the label today. Yes, I know we are different from other Schwarzdorn bands but I am glad they showed interest. What is the story of POTENTIAM? Your peaks and falls over the years? POTENTIAM was formed in 1997 by me and Forn and was a duo until 2000 apart from the session appearance of Guðmundur Óli Pálmason on our 1999 “Bálsýn” debut. I think our peak was the “Orka I Myrkri” period, year of 2001 when we were playing most of our gigs and getting good recognition in Iceland. Our low point will have to be between late 2003 and early 2005 when the band was totally inactive. Your first album “Balsyn” has been released by Avantgarde Music in 1999. Were you satisfied by the promotion and the support and what are your impressions about this Italian label? Avantgarde did not treat us with the respect we demanded and I guess in the past I’ve said everything I have to say about that label. Avantgarde also released “Orka I Myrkri” in 2004 which was almost 3 years after the album was finished. They denied us of more studio funds to make a better mix and released the album unmastered and without


any promotion. How do you describe your music and what are your main influences, both musically and lyrically? We have been influenced by old ANATHEMA, MAYHEM, MY DYING BRIDE, VED BUENS ENDE and DARKTHRONE to name a few. The same goes for the lyrics. But what creates the ultimate POTENTIAM element is our culture and surroundings. Many of our lyrics are based on things we have dealt with in our own personal life. Are you into musical experiments? I think your music could be performed very well unplugged. For example GREEN CARNATION did such an album with acoustic versions. It’s great you noticed that because most of the POTENTIAM songs are written unplugged on guitars. That’s just a method we tried out from the start and it seems to be working quite well for the band. POTENTIAM is all about experiments. The scene of Iceland isn’t famous but I’m sure you have some cool bands. The beautiful and mystic nature of Iceland should be a good inspiration for Metal bands, especially for dark & black? Well I have other black projects called CURSE and FORTID. Forn has a side project called PORNEA and Guðmundur Óli Pálmason plays also drums in ‘Sólstafir’ along with a yet unnamed project that I and he started

a few months ago. Iceland has a new really cool Black Metal band called SVARTIDAUOI. Then there is WITHERED, great BM but I’m not sure weather they will keep on going or split up. Finally we have MOMENTUM, which is an unsigned, undiscovered jewel. There are more good bands but most of those bands seem to split up after 2-year stops so I see no point in mentioning them now. Is it a disadvantage to life on an island? I’m sure it is hard for you to find suitable musicians, especially for Metal. When it comes to finding members for a Metal band, it is a huge disadvantage, yes. Metal is Underground here like elsewhere and the population is only 300.000. But on the opposite, we have very inspiring roots, culture and nature which are helping our creative flow relatively. I think being on an island also helps us stay away from trends within the Metal scene. Why did you decide to sign with the smaller Schwarzdorn Productions and not again with Avantgarde/Wounded Love? Because Schwarzdorn is a great label and supporter which we can trust. Avantgarde is none of the above. Nothing more to say about that. Schwarzdorn is growing with each new release; they have a better promotion and distribution now. Patrick spares no expenses to put more advertisements inside magazines. I guess you should be satisfied so far?! Yes, very satisfied! In fact, quite surprised. Schwarzdorn is much more than we ever expected. Why was POTENTIAM almost inactive between 2000 and 2005? Line up problems or lack of time to concentrate on the band? We had some personal problems which prevented us from full concentration on the band. I also started other projects with full force in this time period, which are still signed at other labels. But there were lineup problems mostly. POTENTIAM has had 5 drummers in our 9 and 1/2 years history.

“Most of the POTENTIAM songs are written unplugged on guitars. That’s just a method we tried out from the start and it seems to be working quite well for the band” How is life like in Iceland, what is the standard of the country, what are the most developed economical sectors and what is your political structure? Iceland has become one of the richest countries in the world which is truly amazing considering the total poverty here only 50 years ago. The economy is very good now and I would think we profit mostly from fishing and the traveling industry. We have clean air, fresh cold water (you don’t need to buy clean water in bottles here) and hot water in the ground. We are one of the leading nations in the computer evolution. We have a president but he is really just the nation’s political image to the outside world. Our prime minister has much higher authority. Iceland is a land of democracy and peace. Last but not least, Iceland is known for very beautiful women. Despite of all those qualities, we still have the same human scum here as elsewhere in the world. We also have a very high suicide rate. The reasons are believed to be long winters with lack of sunlight. Do you have a national Metal/Rock magazine and if yes have you been interviewed by them? There is a Metal webzine called Buffalo Virgin which interviewed me a few months ago but I’m not sure of its status today. There was also a music magazine here few years ago which interviewed me a couple of times but did not make it due to some financial problems. How important is melody for the music of

POTENTIAM? Very important! Our music has always been melodic and despite of all our changes and experiments, I don’t think that will ever change. Maybe our second album “Orka I Myrkri” is a side step from this rule but still has some melodic songs. The 8 tracks included in the new CD “Years in the Shadows” are from different recording sessions. Could you tell us when and where did you record each track? The first 4 songs are rehearsal recordings which took place in 2003. As soon as we had finished rehearsing a new song we recorded it with a small digital hardware. We recorded the last 4 songs in a studio in Reykjavik 2005. Those songs were recorded all at once. I haven’t listened to your previous records but from the reviews that I found it seems they have been more Black Metal oriented, right? Yes, well our debut “Bálsýn” has many similarities to the “Elysium” era but more diversity simply because it has more songs. The second album “Orka I Myrkri” got labeled as Black/Thrash Metal album. We have given POTENTIAM quite a large space of musical freedom over the years. That’s just how we like it. How is “Years in the Shadows” written in your native language? Can we say that this album somehow represents the story of the band – “years in the underground shadows”?

Years in the shadows directly translated would be “Ár I Skuggunum” but it doesn’t sound good enough because “Ár” can also mean just “year”, as in only 1 year. And yes, the title does have a lot to say about the difficulties that POTENTIAM has gone through in the past. What is your opinion about idolatry? Being idolized is something that every human would enjoy at least to a certain point. But it can bring out the worst in people and destroy their character. I think those who worship other humans must be lacking selfconfidence or ego. If you worship someone or something, it means you are looking at yourself as some kind of a lower lifeform. To whom would you recommend your new CD? People with what musical tastes would like the album? I really couldn’t tell. The band listens to all kinds of music, mostly Metal though. The album is of course mostly promoted within the Metal scene so there will be much less “non Metal people” that hear this. I’ve read from reviews that this music could suit the taste of people into Black Metal, Dark Metal, Gothic Metal and just music in general. With all these line-up problems I guess you haven’t played live that much?! POTENTIAM has played live around 10-15 times through the 9 and ½ years and I guess that’s not a high number. All of our shows have taken place in Iceland. What would you like to achieve with POTENTIAM? My current goal for POTENTIAM would be a killer 4th album release and a small tour abroad. We do have bigger dreams than that, but we will take one slow step at a time.


what it means to me. We have always strived to be one of the most hateful bands in existence. Why is the whole energy and hate of EVIL INCARNATE concentrated against Christianity only and not against religion as a whole? Jesus Christ is not the only “face” of the whole religious madness that we see nowadays? You make a good point and to answer this question let me say that on the next CD no White Light goody religion will be safe against our lyrical wrath. Of course, as always, Jerusalem must fall and yes, this does also include Fuckin’ Islam... What are your anti-religious views? If you attack someone else you have to put your arguments on the table first. What do you think are the biggest lies of Christianity? Well first we can start with the Old Testament of the Holy Shit Bible. It is ridiculous to assume any of this is really true and anything other than Israelite Propaganda they had used to their advantage thousands of years ago and a lot of stupid people over many years have actually thought it to be true. We have been told time and time again that God actually dispenses favors, that he discriminates and that he made a special covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their seed. We are told that their offspring and future generations were blessed, especially blessed by God. No matter how many crimes they committed, they have a special sacred niche in the eyes of God we are told. This even seems to hold true today if you view Global Politics and Mid Eastern affairs. Of course the Muslims believe basically the same sort of things, it is just that they are “Gods” or in this case “Allah’s chosen people”. It is this entire “chosen people” hoax and one of their biggest lies from which the people who wrote it have derived a fantastic advantage for themselves. Why would any God, who had an ounce of sense, and even a mere smattering of justice, want to lavish special sweetheart arrangements with such a band of murdering, racist, warmongering, profiteering cutthroats is just way too much

The band EVIL INCARNATE was formed to strike the earth with hate for Jesus Christ, his father, and the holy spirit. Going beyond blasphemy for deliverance from salvation, and purposely going against what is considered typical for Death Metal acts! EVIL INCARNATE have consistently created a buzz throughout the entire Metal world. Everything that you thought you had known about the future of extreme music was just the beginning! Here the band leader Michael Eisenhauer shall elucidate the true nature of the band!

Chavdar Tzachkov

EVIL INCARNATE is the enemy of god and man! Mike, what is the latest news around EVIL INCARNATE? We just played an awesome show with German horde ABSURD here in the States and are looking forward to Hells Headbangers releasing the vinyl version of “Waiting for his Return” CD. I am also searching for a European license of this CD along with as always creating more songs. What does EVIL INCARNATE mean to you? The definition of EVIL INCARNATE is the enemy of god and man and this is exactly


for any real intelligent person to actually swallow. The New Testament of the Holy Shit Bible is also nothing more than a tool to confuse, divide and destroy people. Remember that when this was written it was designed by the race of people who wrote it to unite them during a time of great war and struggle giving them a binding creed. Its objective was to give the race a united solidarity such as none has ever achieved

before or after, and to give them purpose, direction, and a program to conquer and plunder the rest of the world and they have without a doubt capitalized upon this discovery to the ultimate throughout their long and tortuous history. The trouble with most people who profess to be Christians is that they have never taken the trouble to really read the New Testament to which they claim to be so dedicated. Those who have read smatterings of it have not put the pieces together and really understood what it is all about. I can tell you from personal experience my own mother is one of these people. If you ask her - what about all the other religions all around the world and all the other Gods before the Bible was ever even created or thought about? They never existed and are false? Then what makes you believe yours is any different? If God created man then who created God? How do you explain alien sightings recorded since the beginnings of intelligent humankind long before we even had invented the wheel, is this god in his ship? I am usually of course now making her angry and she snaps aggressively back with a common Christian way of thinking, we are not supposed to question God or the Bible. This is all I need to prove my point. Of course, once I was hit in the head with her bible, but I have gone on long enough about this subject. If anyone agrees with what I said here, a good book for atheist and heathen people is Natures Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen. Is it necessary for you to be a Satanist or a blasphemer? Isn’t Satanism just another religion which recognizes the existence of Jesus Christ? Most people are sick of all these religious contradictions?! Yeah I am sick of contradictions myself. This band was created to be a thorn in the side of Christianity in the beginning and also in my early years it is true that I was a serious and dedicated Satanist but things evolve and change over time. I am a Christ Hater to the core and that comes from my youth and that is one thing that will never change. Besides, Satanic Death Metal bands have always been among my very favorite kind. Let’s talk about the music of EVIL INCARNATE. Have you changed the musical direction over the years? What was the path of EVIL INCARNATE so far? We remain true to our roots and this would never change. If I wanted to do something different I wouldn’t change the style of our band. I would just do something on the side. Before the creation of EVIL INCARNATE all of you were members of other bands. Can you say which bands you came from and what is their fate? I came from American Death/ Thrash legend NUM SKULL who put together the classic record “Ritually Abused” in 1988 and I recorded “When Suffering Comes” CD with the band after I was a part of them for 3 1/2 years. That band has been laid to rest a long time ago. My drummer Andy Vehnekamp toured with JUNGLE ROT and had been in MORBID CORPSES. My drummer Garret

Scanlan had been in CORPSE VOMIT and is now touring with our friends in LIVIDITY. These are the only notable bands anyone has been or is now a part of. Your debut record “Blood of the Saints” has sold more than 5000 copies. Did you expect this success? This is a very good number for a debut of an unsigned Underground band! Well you must know then that this took a lot of years and several formats and different license deals to accomplish of course. I also did so much damn snail mail back then promoting and we did so many damn shows it was crazy but a lot of fun memories. The good old days of an over-filled mail box with envelopes/packages from all over the world and everyone’s ads lying all over my desk in huge piles always stuffing and mailing envelopes. It was great! The kids now will not really experience that, maybe just on a very small scale. We expect the vinyl of this CD out sometime in 2007. Maybe the main reason for your success is the fact that you are an extensively touring band and the fans know you from your live shows?! How important is the direct contact with the fans for EVIL INCARNATE? Live shows are very important, it also is important to talk to your fans and the past year we have not done more than 1 show

so that sucks. In the past we had been very active live but my drummers are scattered in distant places so it has been difficult. We expect to get together soon to finish writing the next CD and then get together soon after that again to record. When that is done we plan to get out and tour, this is our plan. It is Andy back on drums and I switched to guitar and vox with fill-in bass player as needed till we get a stable one. Was the next album “Blackest Hymns of God’s Disgrace” even more successful? I mean not only as sales but also as more positive response from both the audience and the magazines? Yes this record did very well for us. Of course a few reviews said we are too old school sometimes and if this CD came out in 1989/1992 we would have been “Gods”, but in my opinion this is ok because that is the way I want to write riffs and we all wanted to play. 2 of my fave records are ENTOMBED “Left Hand Path” & SLAYER “Reign In Blood” ... “Blackest Hymns...” wasn’t released by just one label. Why did you decide to license it to several labels? Did it work well? The plan was again as the 1st release to get as much out of it as possible and it worked fairly well I think. It is hard otherwise on 1 small little label. They cannot do what needs to be done with distro/promotion and I can only do so much also.

Over the years you did a lot of covers of some of your mentors. In your opinion which are the best covers that you have done so far? The best is SLAYER “Piece By Piece” hands down. “Waiting for His Return” was released 4 years after “Blackest Hymns”. Quite a long period, I think. What was the reason for this delay? Drummer after fuckin’ drummer man. See, when you have a really great drummer, and this is something people start to remember as one of the better things about a band, it is then very hard to fill these shoes. In USA we do not have as many good players as in Europe and I do not want to settle for anything less. Have you had a lot of line up changes? It is hard to see an Underground band with a constant line up. What are the main problems for the line up changes: apathy, lack of interest, unreliable people? We have had typical problems like drug addiction, drinking too much like a lot of bands but sometimes it’s hard to find good enough musicians. Almost all of the good ones already have bands and no time so that’s hard to overcome. I personally don’t do drugs anymore but I can still get drunk ass hell and show up for a great practice or play live without fucking up so I don’t understand how some assholes can’t get their shit together. My last guitarist Rob for example was kicked out for missing practice after practice to do drugs and get drunk instead. I feel like you can still play high or drunk and have all night and time between shows or practice to do that so what the fuck! How could you describe both musically and lyrically your latest creation “Waiting for His Return”? The CD was different only in the different drumming style of Garret compared to Andy. Both are some of the best drummers in American Metal today but 2 different styles so I had to adapt to that a little without losing our feeling. I also felt a lot more comfortable vocally like I finally found the way I wanted to do my growls. Recently I have been doing BM style highs as well so the more years you keep playing the better you become, it’s just how it is. Do you share the views of Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan? When I moved away from more true Satanism I guess the LaVey stuff was a transition period. Soon after that I was interested in more atheist things such as CREATIVITY but I do not completely corner myself into just one way of thinking or belief and that’s where I eventually became a HEATHEN. That is what I am now, HEATHEN. SUPPORT THE PAGAN FRONT! The people who get this issue of Brutallica will hear your track “Into Hands of Sinners” on the CD Sampler. Why did you put this song and what is its topic? I felt that this is one of the more brutal tracks from that record and want to pay my respects to your readers and great publication. The song is basically talking about the idea of if Christ actually did exist, but we know he did not, it must have been great watching his own “chosen people” fucking him over


like treacherous dogs and then seeing the bastard die on that cross. He was betrayed and his murder was of course a sin so they are sinners. I guess you already have some new tracks written. When can we expect the next EVIL INCARNATE release? Don’t tell me that it will take 4 years again! HAHAHA man I fuckin tell you bro I damn well hope it does not take another 4 fuckin years. I think I would have a fuckin heart attack and finally see for myself what waits on the other side! Let me say it is 1/2 way


finished and we are looking now for a new label to release this. I will record a demo soon to shop around and probably put a track on your next CD sampler when it is finished. What are the positive and negative things in America? Phew, man that’s a hard question dude and I will try to keep it short. The only positive thing that comes to mind is we have somewhat freedom of speech but for how much longer – I don’t know. I mean things are good living here but there is way too much bullshit. The laws are getting crazy! Soon it

will even be against the law to say the word FAGGOT. I wrote a new song called “KILLER OF FAGGOTS” special for this and it pisses me off. I do not want these faggots around my children teaching them it is ok to lick another mans hairy ass and love it, fucking sick bastards, they creep me out man, kill them fuckers! And this problem with Terrorist Muslim bombers and fuckin smugglers committing crimes here from Mexico is a huge problem. The gangster rap all over the TV is is a real joke and funny as hell to see these retarded rich kids trying to be a gangster rapper and acting all tough or hard as they say are drinking gin and juice and walking around like they grew up in the rough projects fighting to survive each and every day. Unfortunately these kids seem to have no idea about racial heritage or even a single care about their ancestors. Actually I have a shirt design that comes to mind when I think of society in general terms and these crime-ridden festering neighborhoods - the shirt is called “JUST DROP THE BOMB NOW”! What are your darkest predictions for humanity?! GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR AND/OR DEATH FROM PESTILENCE AND DISEASE OR FAMINE. BRUTALITY AND WAR IS THE WAY OF HUMANITY AND IT WILL BE OUR DEMISE. New EVIL INCARNATE merchandise coming soon


Back in action after 15 years of silence, UK Thrash Metal legends ONSLAUGHT have just recorded the album of their lives. Brutal, infectious and brimming with energy, “Killing Peace” is set to blow every other Thrash album of the last two decades out of the water, as original members Nige Rockett (guitars) and Steve Grice (drums) return, ably assisted by vocalist Sy Keeler (who sang on the first two ONSLAUGHT albums, “Power From Hell” and “The Force”), bassist Jim Hinder and guitarist Alan Jordan. Understandably excited by the latest incarnation of his band, Nige Rockett is eager to share his rekindled enthusiasm – not to mention some incredible new songs – with a new generation of metalheads…here’s the full story of the rebirth of ONSLAUGHT! S t o ya n Ts o n e v

We want to appeal to a whole new generation of metalheads who weren’t around when we were around the first time

How did the ONSLAUGHT reunion happen? Well, we just realised that it’s our 25th anniversary this year. Me and Steve have always been in touch. We stayed friends and lived in roughly the same area so we used to meet up every weekend, basically, and have a beer or what have you. We met up one day and Steve pulled out this royalty statement. I don’t remember what it was for, but it was for five pence! We hadn’t talked about the band for years. It was dead and buried as far as we were concerned. But we got chatting about things and I know he was still in touch with Jim. We talked for the next couple of weeks and then he asked me if I fancied getting the band back together and I said “Well, not really, no!” So then he said that he’d already spoken to the rest of the guys and they were all pretty keen to do it, so why not have a meeting with everybody and see what they say? I figured there was no harm in it, but in my mind I wasn’t really up for it, but then we sat down and chatted about it and it started to sound like a good idea, so we decided to try and have a rehearsal.


What was the first rehearsal like? Were you all a bit rusty? It was fucking awful! Terrible! It was quite embarrassing actually, because we went to this rehearsal place in Bristol and it’s run by these guys that are all really into their Metal and stuff, and they obviously knew who we were when we turned up, and the next thing that happens is this god-awful noise comes out. I don’t know what they must have thought! I couldn’t really play any of the old songs. Some of that stuff’s pretty hard to play and I just couldn’t physically play it. It was so far out there. I couldn’t remember the arrangements or the riffs. It’s stuff that you just let go out of your head. I hadn’t played properly for about nine years. It was pretty much the same for Steve and even longer for Jim. Sy had been in various bands in between, but nothing serious. So it was all pretty bad. I began to think that we wouldn’t be able to do it, but we rehearsed for a couple of weeks and it slowly started coming together. In the end we were back where we were when we stopped before.

The new album gives the impression that you’re all much better musicians now… Yeah. Once I got back to playing it was like I’d forgotten all the old bad habits. It seems like I can play the old songs much better and the new ones came really easily. It’s very strange! Does this new era for the band feel like unfinished business? Well, it ended pretty badly first time round. One person said they’d had enough, then someone else said it, and it went on like that and just fizzled out. But once we were sat around talking about what we wanted to do, it struck me that I was pretty pissed off with the last album and yeah, it felt like unfinished business. The first two albums were very rough and ready. We were young and just learning our instruments. “The Force” was an improvement on the first one, but it was still pretty rough, so this time I wanted to make sure we made the album we always wanted to make. Do you think you ever received the credit you deserved first time round? Well, no. The American bands took all the glory and we were just on the outskirts of all that. It was a little bit annoying sometimes, watching other bands take the credit. Obviously a lot of those bands were pioneers of the genre, but we contributed a lot too. This is clearly the best album you’ve made and it’s easily as good as anything that SLAYER or METALLICA have done for many years… We’ve had some absolutely amazing comments about this album. It’s been unbelievable. We knew what we were going to get from working with Andy Sneap. That’s why we went to him. We wanted a big, fat, nasty sounding album and that’s what we got. He’s done an amazing job, and he got an incredible performance out of Sy. Was it essential that Sy was back in the band for the reunion? Absolutely. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. We felt the only credible way to go back and do this again was to have Sy in the band. That was obvious from the feedback we generally get back

from people. It’s the only way it could’ve worked. I couldn’t believe how much his voice had improved when we got back together. He’s got such a big voice now, and he’s getting better all the time. Does the new album feel like a continuation of what you were doing before or the start of something new? Obviously we wanted to make something new sounding while trying to continue from where we were when we made “The Force”. Of course, it’s 20 years on from “The Force” so we needed to make something that would stand up on its own in 2007. We want to appeal to a whole new generation of metalheads who weren’t around when we were around the first time. That was really important from the start.” Have you always kept in touch with what’s going on in the metal scene? When I stopped playing Metal I kind of stopped listening to it as well. I’d been doing it for 13, 14 years non-stop, and I just cut myself off from it totally, whereas Sy never stopped. He knows everything about every band in the world of Metal. He knows it all. He just carried on listening to all the old school stuff and he’s into the new stuff too. I haven’t had much time to listen to new music, to be honest. Who would say is flying the flag for the kind of Metal you enjoy yourself? I don’t know really! I like some of the CHIMAIRA stuff. I like 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. I haven’t heard great amounts of stuff that I thought was new and happening, but then I don’t go out of my way to hear new stuff. Like Steve, I still listen to a lot of the old stuff, and I still listen to bands like DESTRUCTION and KREATOR and CELTIC FROST. I still listen to them, and what they’re doing nowadays. We did

a few shows with EXODUS last year and they’re sounding amazing these days. Their last album is my favourite EXODUS album. It sounds modern but it’s still got the feel of the old stuff. That’s great. That’s what I like. When you were writing the new songs, where did the inspiration come from? It took a long time to find where we wanted to be, to get in the right mindset. What we started doing was digging any old and unused material from tapes and demos that we hadn’t released and seeing if we could find anything usable. We probably wrote three or four songs based on that stuff to start with, but it wasn’t really happening. Then Jim got more involved in the writing and pushed me in the right direction. In the end we kept part of one of those songs. Once we found our direction it all came easily. It took a few months to get there, though.” It’s definitely an album full of monster riffs… I hear a lot of albums that don’t have a lot of catchy riffs on them. That’s something that’s lacking especially from the newer bands. Catchy riffs were a big thing in the original Thrash scene, so we’ve tried to incorporate that again. Are you enjoying the band more this time than first time round? Someone asked me that recently, and it’s funny you asked me because I realised that I’m enjoying it much more this time than I did last time. It’s a lot better. Things are a lot easier. There’s a lot less stress. There’s no pressure on us now and it’s a real good laugh. It’s great to be out gigging and meeting people again. The scene’s really good at the moment and it’s much easier to get people to hear what you’re doing. The internet’s an unbelievable tool. It’s made life so much easier. I wish it had been

around 20 years ago! How did you end up with Candlelight Records? We spoke to a few labels, actually. Our old manager Pete, he’s always been on at me about getting the band together again, and Steve at Candlelight and Plastic Head has always expressed interest in doing something with us again. I knew that Plastic Head had re-released the first two albums. So we had a meeting with them, talked about the stuff they’d released before, and they seemed like such honest guys and we felt at home there straight away. We only have to drive an hour up the road to go and chat with them. We wanted someone we could trust this time, so we chose them. It’s been great so far. We had the German office on the phone the other day saying they were blown away with the album and that they can’t wait to work with us, and we’ve never had that before. It’s a good sign.” Reactions to the album have been ecstatic so far…how does that make you feel? It’s been a bit of a mind fuck so far! I listen to the album every day myself, as a fan. When we made the previous albums I was always in the studio for every minute of every day, and I didn’t have the time to do that this time. We knew Andy could be left alone with it, and the results came out the way we expected. I’ve just listened to it on a fans level and I love it. I’m so pleased with the whole thing. What do you want to achieve with this album? I’d love to go back and do this full time again. That would be nice. I don’t know if that’s possible. We’ve already started working on a couple of tracks for the next album, so we want to keep the momentum going and make sure we follow up this album with another one quickly. And we’ve been to places this time that we never went to before. That’s all part of the excitement for us.


“���������� Violence, death, ������� and ������������ popular deception have often become an integral part of protecting societies that are based on freedom”

With their sixth full length, DYING FETUS strike again with ferocious brutality, this time combined with refined musicianship and solid production. The band is already an institution of the US death metal scene and “War of Attrition” capitalizes on the reputation of DYING FETUS as one of the most professional extreme bands and a top priority for their label Relapse Records. Brutallica Magazine grasped the opportunity to investigate what guitarist Mike Kimball has to say about it all! Stoyan Tsonev Your new album “War Of Attrition” showcases a more refined touch on your trademark brutal death metal style. The album sounds more solid. Is this a sign of musical growth or it is something that you have intended to do? Mike Kimball: I would hope it is both! We certainly intended this album to have a higher level of production, and yet we also wanted it to sound more aggressive. We tested a lot of different guitar tones but in the end we went with the classic DYING FETUS sound that comes from the old Ampeg heads, along with my new Marshall cabinets. We also worked a lot on drum tone, as well as vocal strength. And of course we wanted the parts to be as tight as possible, to get that solid feeling. The recording equipment had also improved greatly since the last album, so that gave us more time to focus on the sound as a whole. What is the feeling to constantly have line-up changes in the band? Does this contribute to the new-ideas flow and band originality or it is a negative process? MK: Again, I could certainly say both because it is always better to maintain a consistent line-up, and we did not enjoy going without a drummer for over a year; but new members will naturally have new ideas to contribute. It’s the old story - as long as a member is doing a good job, you tend to put up with any problems for as long as you can, but if the band starts to suffer, at some point you are forced to make a choice. Ultimately we want the band to continue, so at times we have unfortunately had to part with certain members to do so. Is there some concrete political message in the background of “War Of Attrition”, its cover artwork and lyrics? MK: I wanted the artwork to be ambivalent, which I think we can see in some of the imagery contradictions on the cover. I


certainly like to express the idea that violence, death, and popular deception have often become an integral part of protecting societies that are based on freedom. Of course the morality and legitimacy of certain wars will always be a subject of debate, but I try to avoid expressing any kind of political agenda that is too specific or dated. I’d rather just paint a dark picture and tell some stories and let people think and feel for themselves. Is Death Metal on the rise again in the States? In Europe it is positively so. MK: It certainly seems that way in the US as well! And it shows people’s remarkably good taste in music, I think. I consider Death Metal to be a very special and challenging style of music to play, and it’s certainly not the easiest music to understand as a casual listener. But it is very rewarding and exciting. What is your best-selling release, if it is not a secret of course? MK: I would think it would be one of the last two, “Stop at Nothing” or “Destroy the Opposition”. Both of these have done very well for us. Did you have any problem with censorship because of the band name? MK: As far as I know, no censorship purely due to the name, apart from certain store chains who are uptight and refuse to carry a lot of other bands besides just us. This is your sixth full-length release – right? How do you see the development of the band musically since “Infatuation With Malevolence”? MK: I believe sixth is correct. And as a musician, I can certainly say playing the newer songs is much more demanding than the earlier material. Even the groove riffs are a bit more complex with slightly trickier timing. So essentially I see more of a Death Metal influence with more difficult riffs in some

sections. We still like a balance of speed and grind, but the balance has had a natural shift as we have gotten better as musicians. Do you perform live on a regular basis? Are there enough opportunities for live shows in the USA? It is strange that even popular bands like WASP play in small venues in the States these days. MK: We like to play live as often as possible, although we try to choose the right frequency of visiting the same places so people are always excited to see us. I do find it odd that we often play the same venues here as popular bands I grew up listening to, however I have always noticed that bands tend to enjoy a more sustained and consistent level of popularity overseas compared to in the states. I think music trends here tend to be more fickle, so bands that played arenas or large theaters will later find themselves playing nightclubs. Regardless, I think one should always feel fortunate if one is able to keep doing what one loves for a living, so in a way the changing size of venues can be misleading from the real point. We are fortunate to have been on some very strong tour packages lately, and played some of the largest US audiences we have ever had. What are the three Death Metal albums you would recommend to a fan who just starts listening to extreme music? MK: Assuming they are already familiar with “Reign In Blood” by SLAYER, I would say check out “Pierced from Within” by SUFFOCATION, “Covenant” by MORBID ANGEL, and “Bloodthirst” by CANNIBAL CORPSE. And of course “War of Attrition” by DYING FETUS! What is the most important aim that you want to achieve with DYING FETUS? MK: The main thing is always to stay true to the style and keep giving our fans music that they will enjoy. Personally I want to continue improving as a musician, and I hope to contribute more to the songwriting on future albums. But a lot of things that are most important to me have already happened - just being in the band has fulfilled my desires to make music and tour the world playing shows and in some small way touching people’s lives. Thank you all for the love and support!


More than 10 years ago, when I started Brutallica Magazine, DERANGED was one of the first bands which I interviewed. There was no internet; the phone calls were damn expensive for a poor student like me so I did it in the good old way: I simply put my handwritten questions in a letter and some weeks later I got the answers of Rikard Wermen. Now the times are different, the communications are different, even our postman is not the same guy. But DERANGED remained the same furious and extreme outfit, they remained true to their numerous fans, true to their trademark sound and true to the Underground scene. But let’s see what the situation now, 10 years later…is. Chavdar Tzachkov

Without a doubt now we have the best DERANGED line up ever! Hails Rikard. Man, 10 years have passed since the first interview that I did with you. How can you describe these 10 years, were they good for you and for DERANGED? It’s been 10 years? Oh… man, to start with, being in a band like DERANGED is rather weird… On one hand you’ll get people telling you that “you can demand this and that coz you’re in fucking DERANGED, the next big thing after the internet” you know. And on the other hand you’ll get people telling you “who the fuck do you think you are? You are not even worth the shit under my boot. You are nothing” so… But, yeah… It’s been a couple of good years you know. A lot of changes in the line up, but they have always been to the better anyway… What’s going on with DERANGED now? I heard you had some line-up changes!? Yeah… Not the first time… Basically we gave Calle Fäldt the boot like a good year ago and have since been jamming with Martin Schönherr on vocals and Thomas Ahlgren on bass. As mentioned earlier, we’ve had LOTS of changes in the line up, but they have always been to the better. This is no exception. Without a doubt this is the best DERANGED line up ever. On the Listenable Records web site I read a very funny DERANGED line up: Rickard Wermen – Drums; Johan Axelsson – guitars; some guy – vocals. Logically it means that you have problems


with the vocalists?! Really? I haven’t seen it… I’ll check it out. “Some guy-vocals”? And that’s on our label’s site? Ha, ha, ha… If you have plans to tour in 2007 you will definitely need more musicians, at least a guitarist and a bass player. Do you already have an idea of who you will invite in DERANGED for the upcoming live shows/tours? As mentioned, we have a complete line up so… Man, you’re a killer drummer, so let’s speak about drums, your favorite drum kit, you favorite drummer, the best drummer in Death Metal, the best drummer whom you have played with on tours?! Pour your soul here… I have never seen myself as a “great drummer” nor “great musician”. I know what I can do and… It’s not what you play; it’s how you play it. I use a rather small kit, for being a “death metal drummer” that is. 3 toms, 2 bass drums, snare… 1 hi-hat, 2 china, 1 crash and 1 ride. That’s it. Instead of adding shit to my set up, I’ll remove. I have two complete drum kits. One Pearl Master Custom and one good ol’ Sonor kit from the early 80´s. I usually play the Sonor kit. The shells are thick as hell and deep but it sounds so good damn Metal you’ll freak. Ha, ha, ha… My all time fave drummer is Ian Paice and what he did during the 70´s.

When it comes to Death Metal it just got to be Brandon Thomas, the drummer from DIM MAK. He’s without a doubt the best Death Metal drummer ever. I also like the guy from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. You know I will put DERANGED on the front cover page of this issue of Brutallica and there is quite a big number of people asking me who they are? Maybe you need a better promotion, I think?

Yes. Ha ha ha… Who wrote the music and the lyrics for the tracks included in “Obscenities In B-Flat”? It’s been pretty much the same since day one. Johan and I are doing the music down the rehearsal room and I’ll later on take care of the lyrics and the vocal patterns. It usually works this way whenever we’re working on new material. We’ll do the actual music down the rehearsal room and after that do a rough demo recording so I’ll have something to work with when doing the lyrics and vocal patterns. What do you prefer mostly: hard-baked chicken + cold dark beer or fat pork-chop with a good bottle of red wine? Give me the receipt of some typical Swedish dish! Ehm… I’m a junk food addict. I like burgers, pizza, fries… A typical Swedish dish? Kebab pizza with béarnaise sauce. According to a lot of people Sweden is one of

“The big mass isn’t ready to handle Death Metal ‘coz whatever you say, it’s the most extreme type of music there is ... both musically and lyrically. Nothing else comes close to it” the most musically developed countries, having in mind you are about 10 million people, but you have tons of legends in music, not only in Metal. Maybe it is genetically programmed in you? I don’t have a clue man. I tend to hear whenever we’re abroad that Sweden is known for its many musicians. I mean, in Sweden it’s not a big deal to be in a band. There are people who are ready to pay 1 billion dollars to ABBA for their reunion. I’d be proud to be a Swedish citizen with information like this one. Is it good to live in Sweden nowadays? I have never lived anywhere else so who knows? It probably is, or was… With the total change of the government it’ll be a nightmare for “common people” like me though… So many years of playing in DERANGED. Do you sometimes feel tired, oversaturated, bored? How do you manage to remain motivated to still play this brutal kind of music? What are your sources of energy? If I only knew! Ha, ha, ha… Man, I’ve been in bands since I was like 12 or 13 years old. It’s pretty much just something one does nowadays. To be honest, this is something I take for granted, it’ll say, to be in a band and do whatever is involved in being in a band you know… If I hadn’t been in the band I would have probably just been watching even more movies than I’m doing now anyway so… I love Death Metal you know, obviously… But it would have been cool to have another band on the side, so to say, that wouldn’t be Death Metal. I don’t know… How do you feel after a live show/rehearsal? What does playing drums give to you? How do you get it: as work or as a hobby? It’s always been a hobby. Sure, I’m probably the first

to say that I’m not saying no to an extra buck or two through the music. Still… We’re doing Death Metal and honestly, Death Metal was meant to stay obscure and Underground. The big mass isn’t ready to handle this genre coz whatever you say, it’s the most extreme type of music there is…both musically and lyrically. Nothing else comes close but… At the end of the day, that’s what we all fucking love about it, right? Where did you record “Obscenities In B-Flat” and where do you plan to record your next album? We recorded the “Obscenities…” CD at Berno’s. The same place we have used since ´94. Personally I would say that Berno’s is the best place for this kind of Metal in Sweden and it takes me like a good half an hour with car going there so we have never seen any point in recording anywhere else. And yes, we’ll record the upcoming CD there as well. I don’t know exactly when we’ll start to record, sometime during this year anyway. It’ll be titled “The Red Light Murder Case” and we are as we speak working on new material. A couple of titles that will hopefully end on the new disc are; “Watch me when I kill”,“Death walks on high heels”,“Strip nude for your killer”,“Too young too die”, “The killer wore black gloves”,“So sweet so dead”,“The red light murderess”,“Body puzzle”,“Formula for a murder” and “Gently before she dies”. In an interview 7-8 years ago, Dave Rotten from Repulse Records (now Xtreem Music) said that you behaved like rockstars. In other words he had in mind that you wanted a lot of money. Is it true? Yeah, he did? Ha, ha, ha… Man, that was years ago but if he actually meant getting enough paid to be able to produce a decent sounding CD, so be it, we’re rockstars. Ha, ha, ha… Man, that’s rather good business and / or label manager matter going official with such matters, eh? Ha, ha, ha… What is the secret of success of the Swedish Regain Records? They were a small label 5-6 years ago but now they have one of the best bands?!

Probably just hard work and / or dedication? You have another band - KILLAMAN. What is the status of this band and what have you released so far? The readers will want to know what the musical differences between DERANGED and KILLAMAN are. KILLAMAN is what one would say “on ice” for the moment. We’re right now concentrating on DERANGED. I would say that KILLAMAN has a more straightforward, almost hardcore alike attitude at least compared to DERANGED. We have only released one disc so far. I guess this interview will be read from thousands of fans. Would you like to recommend them some young bands that have impressed you lately? There’s a bunch of “new” Swedish bands you should check out: HAVOK, BODYCORE, ARSONIST and SPLATTERED MERMAIDS. All are brutal and extreme bands. Do you agree with me that one of the most important virtues for every musician is ... patience? I wouldn’t say patience… I would say being self critical and to have in mind that it’s not what you play, it’s how you play it. Your view about the neverending problems in the Middle East and the US policy in this region? You never see some wealthy American oil guy’s son going to war, do you? Your latest records have more Thrash elements in them, something that I like very much. Can you say you are and always will remain “old school”? We’re not the type of band that will have like “band meetings” where we discuss in what musical direction we’ll take the band. We just play and if it sounds cool, we’ll keep it. Simple as that. DERANGED will always be about Death Metal though and if that is being “old school” we’ll remain old school. What can we expect from DERANGED this year? We’ll start to record that new CD of ours and besides that…hopefully a couple of tours. What is your darkest prognosis about the future of humanity? Humanity itself.


IMPETIGO was always meant to be a true U��������������� nderground band

No, no, the mighty IMPETIGO are����������� not ���������� back, at ��� least �������������������� not for a new record. �������� For ���� those who don’t know, in 2007, Chicago’s Gore Metal godfathers celebrate 20 years since their first appearance. They decided to gather for one only live appearance to mark the anniversary. This appearance is scheduled for the Central Illinois Metal Fest on July 21st. I really envy all maniacs who will have the opportunity to see them live. After so many years, most of which veiled in mysterious absence, I finally managed to track down one of IMPETIGO’s founders – Mark Sawickis and to my surprise he was very kind to answer my questions. So, all gore/grind maniacs can enjoy this interview with one of the biggest Underground cult legends! Chavdar Tzachkov Hey Mark, how do you feel now in 2007? Can you tell us what the current status of IMPETIGO is?! Hello, thanks for the interview, well I feel quite fine, getting old but still alive! Same old life shit is always a problem, money, job etc but other than that it’s okay here. I’ll be happy when the winter is over though! Current status of IMPETIGO is that we have decided to reform for a one-time-only show on July 21st of 2007 at the Central ���������������������������������� Illinois Metal Fest������ here in the “heart of Illinois”. It will be the original line-up (Mark, Stevo, Dan and Scott). We’re doing it only because 2007 is the twenty year anniversary from our first live show in 1987 and the show is here near our home area. So for better or worse we decided to do one show. It’s our first live show in 14 years. We’re trying to relearn those songs now, none of us have played them in so long. But it will hopefully be a cool and fun experience to take the stage once more, but a little nervous too! It’s been a long time. Let’s bring you back to 1987. What do you remember from the first days of IMPETIGO? How did you form the band, what was the initial musical direction and who was the “godfather” of IMPETIGO? Well at that time Stevo and I were good friends, trading tapes and both doing fanzines. I was doing� Uniforce���������������������������������������� and he was doing his Splatter ������������������ Zine����� . He already had a band going called SGT. ROCK and they were playing some shows and had a demo out called “My Friend Lost His Face”. SGT. ROCK had a live show set up for July of 1987 and then for some


reason they broke-up a month or two before that. Stevo knew I played guitar so instead of just trying to carry on with SGT. ROCK he asked if I wanted to start a new band with him and play the show that SGT. ROCK had set up. I never really had any plans to play in a band but I agreed and then we formed the band SLOW DEATH. That as the original name, after the ACCUSED song as we were big fans of them. We didn’t have any idea where to get a drummer but we knew Dan from drumming for local hardcore legends NAKED HIPPY. So we asked him if he’d play with us for awhile until we found a permanent drummer. So we had a few practices and went off to the first show where we were billed as SLOW DEATH. Before the show started we were all sitting outside (we were only a 3 piece band then as that was before we added Scott) and started discussing that we needed a new name as SLOW DEATH was a little too common. We were running over band names and Stevo mentioned IMPETIGO. We had no idea what it meant and after he described it as a nasty skin disease with graphic details of it’s affects we decided to change the name to IMPETIGO, so right before we played we announced that we were IMPETIGO. The early sound of IMPETIGO was more fast metallic hardcore. We were really influenced in those days by bands like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, THE ACCUSED, D.R.I., EXCEL,

VOIVOD, KREATOR, SODOM, AGNOSTIC FRONT, HELLWITCH, NATAS, CELTIC FROST, THE MISFITS, WEHRMACHT, VENOM, C.O.C., HIRAX, NASTY SAVAGE, DISCHARGE, MASTER, REPULSION, DEATH, AUTOPSY and bands like that! That was before grindcore bands like NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS appeared so we didn’t have that influence yet. We got much heavier later. I’d have to say Stevo is the “godfather” of IMPETIGO, it was his idea to form the band and he wrote most of the material and lyrics as well as did most of the artwork and other things. He was the creative driving force for IMPETIGO while I was the guy who handled most of the mail and business of the band and promotion since I came from a big tape trading and fanzine background. But Stevo is the man!! Needless to say we never even really looked for a new drummer and Dan stayed in IMPETIGO! His style was a big part that made IMPETIGO sound more original. Tell me about your first record. I guess it was some noisy demo with a totally “basement” sound?! What was the feeling to have your first record in your hands? Well actually our first official release was our 1987 live demo entitled “All We Need Is Cheez”. We didn’t have any money to do a proper studio demo and we played this live show on the college campus where I was a student and somehow they convinced the town council to sponsor it and we had this really killer sound equipment so we had a great sounding live tape of that show. We really wanted to get the band name out there so we decided to make that our first “official” release and demo! It was a great idea at the time and really spread our name around. It was only our second live show ever! We sold and sent out quite a few of those and it built our name a little bit. I���������������������������������������� t��������������������������������������� was a great feeling to hear your band playing back to you, something you created. Then to have other people from around the world getting into it was great too. For a live tape, it did have pretty good sound, probably better than we would have

got from a studio and for sure much better than putting out a rehearsal or something. IMPETIGO is a contagious skin infection that usually produces blisters or sores on the face and hands. Did you know that in the very beginning when you chose that name?! Or it simply sounded good for a band name? Yes we knew exactly what it was when we choose the name. Stevo’s graphic description of the symptoms made it sound very sick, so we went with that name. We liked that some people had no idea what it was or what it meant. We thought maybe it would make people more curious and they would check it out. Anyway it proved to be an original band name anyway. It’s been a good name for us. We’re still not sure exactly what is the 100% correct pronunciation of IMPETIGO. Many people say it differently and I’m not even sure what is the perfect way! I’m curious to know more about the legendary “Giallo” demo, where did you record it and the initial response to it. Was it later re-released on CD format? We recorded that in 1989 at a local 8�������������� -������������� track studio called KJ Productions! We had no idea what we were doing at the time and we thought it was a good idea to record the guitars directly into the board instead of using amps. That is why the guitars on that demo have such a fuzzy distortion sound! Ha ha! We didn’t know what we were doing and the studio owner/producer didn’t know how to handle our type of music, no one in our area was playing the type of music we were playing! It’s not a great recording but it’s not really terrible either. The initial response was pretty good as far as supporters and zines went, people seemed to like it a thought we had an original sound. As far as labels go no one would even respond to us! They must have hated it. Even at first Wild ��������������������������������������� Rags������������������������������ passed on us, but then later Richard C. contacted me and said he’d like to do a release with us which became the “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” album. He was the only label that would give us a chance so we were always loyal to Richard C. Yes, later the “Giallo” demo was released on CD by Half-Life����������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� R��������������������������������������� ecords��������������������������������� out of California. The���������� y��������� put the full “Giallo” demo on the CD as well as the complete session of our recording for the split EP with BLOOD called “Antefatto”. That was recorded at the same studio as the “Giallo” demo. That CD was released in 1999 or 2000 and later repressed around 2003 or so. It’s really cool packaging and very well done, sounds great. The “Giallo” demo was also released as a 10” picture disc from Morbid������������������������� ������������������������������� R����������������������� ecords����������������� out of Germany. That is long sold out now! “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” is my favorite IMPETIGO record to date. I know about the troubles that you had with the initial artwork, being considered as pornography. But I’m sure the people want to know the story, so tell it here… Well at first Richard C. at Wild ����������������������� Rags�������������� wanted us to have two different covers, one for the cassette

version and one for the LP version (he didn’t do CD’s way back then) as he was thinking if we made the tape and LP different then some people might buy both of them. He also wanted us to have a couple of songs which were only on the tape and some which were only on the LP, which we did. So Stevo drew 2 completely different covers, one of the tape and one for the LP. When we sent them to Richard C. he thought they were quite extreme and was kind of worried about them. They both featured cannibals eating people and dismembered bodies, it was the full male nudity which really caused the problem, you could see guys dicks and that freaked people out! He told us if we used those covers we wouldn’t get any distribution in stores and places like that. But we said that was okay and he took the cover to the printers. But then his printers refused to do it because of the gore and nudity. That was during the time of the P.M.R.C.(Parents Music Resource Center) and they were having hearings in Congress and trying to get records with warning stickers for their content and things like that. Threatening to arrest people as well. So they didn’t want to print that artwork. So finally Stevo drew a new more tame cover without much gore or nudity which we used for both the tape and LP. We didn’t have time to draw two new covers again. The cover that we finally used was pretty cool too. Those covers were never used for more than 10 years until they appeared on some picture discs from Morbid����������������� ����������������������� Records��������� ���������������� and now the original LP cover was used for the new “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” CD that was recently re-issued by Razorback����������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� Records��������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� . The original cassette cover is in there too. We also had a problem with the local town council over the artwork as well. Stevo made up some flyers to pass out at a gig saying the album was coming out soon as would be available at the one cool local record store. Well the flyer was the cassette cover artwork which was based of the scene for the great Italian cannibal film CANNIBAL FEROX, where a guy is tied to a stake and the cannibals have cut of his dick and are about to eat it. Well I guess some kid took this flyer home and his m������������ ������������� other found it and took it to the town council to file a complaint. The town lawyers sent a letter to the local record store saying if this record was sold to anyone under 18 that they could be fined or arrested for selling “pornography”!! Complete bullshit but the record store owner freaked out and made us take all our stuff out of there, needless to say that started our long time hatred of this gutless turd and of course our����������������������������������������������� record was never sold there when it came out! So we had some troubles with that artwork! But buy today’s standards our artwork is pretty common, today the artwork is much more sick and graphic but to me it doesn’t have the same feeling or appeal at the artwork of the past had! How big was Wild Rags Records in 1990? Do you know that there are a lot of legends for the owner Richard C. I even had some deals with him but he suddenly disappeared. Later on I heard that he is in jail.

Wild Rags��������������������������������������������� was never a really big label at all. It was a totally independent label and store run by only one man, Richard C. For our first album he did have some official distribution in the U.S. and even had a distribution deal with Semaphore in Europe. But by the time our second album came out he didn’t have any distribution anymore except for direct sales and trades. So our stuff was not very well distributed. But in a way maybe being on Wild Rags helped to build the kult name of IMPETIGO since our stuff was hard to find and we never toured or anything like that. We liked it because it was a truly independent label and we got along well with Richard C. Many bands had troubles with him and said he was a rip-off but for us we didn’t have any problems. I think it’s because we never asked for royalties or money from him, we always asked that he just send us copies of our tapes or LP’s or CD’s or shirts instead of paying us any money. Then we just sold or traded them ourselves! That worked out great for us as we were always big into promoting our own band, never relying just on the label to do that! So we had a good relationship with Richard C. and he was the only label to give us a chance!! I’ve heard various stories about what happened to him. They say he got in trouble with the U.S. government over taxes and his store was closed and everything sold to pay taxes. Some people say he went to jail for this and some people say he didn’t. I really don’t know what is true as it’s been so long since I ever heard from him. But for us we always got along okay with Richard C., he wasn’t perfect but our styles worked well together. This could be funny for you. I heard that Richard C has made sugar sculptures of his…penis and he has sent them to some girls, one of them from our country Bulgaria. How did you get in touch with this “freak”, ha, ha… Ha, ha! That is funny, I never heard such story! Maybe soon we’ll see on eBay the sugar sculpture of Richard C. from Wild ������������������������������� Rags���������������������� penis! Ha ha! I know Richard C. definitely did like the ladies though, but I don’t know if that is true or not! Maybe it’s and U������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������� nderground legend! I knew Richard C. long before IMPETIGO was formed. I used to sell/trade my ������������������������������������������������ Uniforce���������������������������������������� zine with him for his store. I used to get promo copies and review a lot of the Wild Rags stuff in my zine! We met him in person several times and he’s always cool to us! Hey, he had to be freak to work with freaks like us!! How many times has “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” been re-released so far? Quite a few but this new Razorback����������������� �������������������������� Records��������� ���������������� edition is the “ultimate” and final time this will be released. They did such an amazing job and it can’t be done any better than this so it’s the final release for “Ultimo…” and we’ll try to keep it in print as long as people want it. Originally it came out on tape and LP from Wild Rags Records��������������������������� , then they licensed it to Semaphore in Europe who did it on CD and LP. That was the original releases back in 1990. Later Morbid� ������� Records��������������������������������������������� released it on CD and picture LP. They also licensed it on cassette to Mad ����������������������� Lion in �������������� Poland and


on CD to Moral ��������������������� Insanity������� which I think was in Belarus, this was for the Russian market. They were also going to license it to Pavement �������������������������� in ����������������� the U.S., but we told them to wait for the new cover but Pavement ��������������� never ������ did. We consider that version a bootleg as it sucks!! Shitty looking version of the cover with all the color too dark and running, so many mistakes in the lyrics, etc! That was a big ripoff! Now we have the new and best version from Razorback�� �����������, this version also has “Faceless” as a bonus and two live tracks. It has a 16 page full color booklet with extensive liner notes from Stevo, tons of artwork and photos and fully remastered. Coming later this year is a new gatefold LP version from Hell’s Headbangers��������������������������������� with “Faceless” as a 12” bonus. This is the last ones, we promise!! Oh, by the way, Morbid���������������������������������������������� Records�������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� made a mistake too, the first issued “Ultimo…” with the Wild Rags cover artwork but we had told them to wait because we were doing a new cover. So their first pressing was with the old cover artwork and then after that they did it with the proper photos and artwork. “Horror of the Zombies” has been recorded in a better studio, right? But I still consider it a little bit strange and softer than “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale”. But it is also a great record. How do you and the other guys consider it? Yes, we did that in a 24 track studio while we did “Ultimo…” in a 16 track studio. Also we had a producer who know more about what he was doing in that studio where we did “Horror of the Zombies”. I’d say “Horror…” is more dark, slower and more of a D������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������� eath M������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� etal album where “Ultimo…” has maybe more grind tracks and the songs are really sort of all over the place. “Ultimo…” was basically all the songs we knew from the start of the band up until where we recorded so it was many old songs and some new songs mixed. While “Horror…” is a much more even and cohesive record. We much prefer “Horror…” over “Ultimo…” since for us “Horror…” is pure homage music to the horror/gore film genre we loved and really represented what we thought IMPETIGO should sound like. Production wise both albums are too weak in the guitar department. They are not mixed loud enough so you get a much louder mix of vocals and drums. We did the recordings on both albums “live” in the studio as a band, not separate by instruments. I much prefer this type of recording and sound then the sterile boring sounds you have today. I think U����������� ������������ nderground music today has lost it’s feeling and power as bands spend too much on productions using fancy studio and producers with all these triggers and click tracks and multi-layers of everything. It’s lost its heart. Metal was meant to be dirty and raw and from the street, not to be like some sort of Michael Jackson professional product. So while we definitely needed louder guitars in the mix, for the time period of those recordings, they came out okay. We don’t have the original master tapes so we can’t remix them, plus I don’t want to remix them as I know the diehard “lesions” of IMPETIGO would be really angry if we messed with them! But for us, while I love “Ultimo…” and it has some classic tracks on there, “Horror…” was much more what IMPETIGO was about! Why did you decide to stop the band in 1993? You were on the top of the horror/gore genre. Was it because you didn’t like the idea to go more inside the music business? We split up around the Fall of 1993 a few months after we did our final live show at the Milwaukee Metalfest in July. Actually that was the last time we played together as a band, after that we never practiced until we decided to split up as we had lost our practice spot. Originally the plan was to become a studio only band and just not do any live shows. We thought it would make things easier time wise if we didn’t have to keep practicing a “live” set and could always work on new songs. But


“��� My parents �������� have ���������������� never seen anything ��������� about IMPETIGO and they would never be able to handle such a thing�” then as time went on we just decided to stop the band. There were several reasons that the band split up, with a big one being that the band had grown too big for us to handle almost and it was burning us out, especially Stevo and myself. IMPETIGO was always meant (in our minds) to be a true U����������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������ nderground band and be a big part of the whole U���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� nderground scene. Meaning that I always answered every piece of mail I ever recieved, I did every interview I ever got and I always until the end sent out free tapes to every zine, radio show, etc. And I also always sent free tapes to all the people in South America and Eastern Europe as at that time especially it was impossible for them to buy the stuff and they had taken the time to write so I thought they deserved something. So as you can imagine all this took lots of my time everyday as towards the end of the band I was getting about 60-80 letters a week! On top of all this everyone in the band worked a full time job and some of us were married. So the time constraints really got to be a burden, but at the same time we didn’t want to do the band any other way than how we had done it from the start. So instead we decided it was best to stop the band and end on a very positive note. It was a tough decision but at the same time it really took a burden off us. Another reason also was at that time the U���������������������������������������������������� nderground had really started to split up and there was a lot of competition instead of cooperation and also there was all this who is “true” and who is not. We hated that shit and we thought it was pretty sad how the scene had become full of so much arguing and fighting so that was another factor that made our decision easier. Sometimes over the years I wished we would have released on�������������� e������������� more album, but acutally we picked a pretty good point to call it quits. I read that you consider Germany and Czech Republic the most supportive countries for IMPETIGO. I thought you were more famous in the States. Maybe the censorship in the USA was quite strong and this was a big obstacle for IMPETIGO?! I’d say that is true, we get very great support from those two countries, although I’d say since 19992000 that our support has really been growing and growing in the U.S. and we have a big following here with many new young supporters which is kind of strange. I think our name grew so big in Germany and Czech for one big reason, because Eisen and BLOOD released that split 7” EP with us and BLOOD. I think maybe he did like 2000 copies of that and it was very well distributed and received by the U�������������������������������������������������� nderground scene! I think that had a huge impact at spreading our name there, so were are eternally grateful to Eisen and BLOOD for that. We’ve always had good support from Europe, lots of support from Russia and now I get lots from Italy and Spain as well! I’d say in Europe the least support area for us is Norway and Sweden and maybe Finland although I know some diehard lesions there! Also we’ve had tons of support from South America and Mexico as well. I don’t really think it had much to do with censorship here in the U.S., I just think back then our sound was not what people were used too, so they didn’t know what we were trying to do. Europe as always been a M������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� etal capital of the world so I think it was natural we were bigger there first, but I think now maybe the U.S. has caught up somewhat. Speaking about USA, what is you opinion about the current government policy inside and outside the country? How to take the war in Iraq – a war against terrorism or just Bush’s game of “blood for oil”? Well, I’m not really in favor of this “war” at all or most

of the U.S. policies, I think Bush is a complete idiot and has really damaged the country and it’s going to take many years to recover from his policies. I think the war on terrorism was much more important than the war in Iraq. To me that has nothing much to do with oil but more about personal revenge since after the first gulf war Iraq had wanted to assassinate the father of George W. Bush, so for me it’s about revenge. Now many innocent people have died for nothing really, Iraq is much more worse off now than it was under Saddam. I think a country like that needed some one so bad to control it as they have thousands of years of religious hatred against one another there and it’s not possible for them to ever get along. We should have stayed out and let them kill themselves only. I’m hoping when the term of Bush comes to an end in 2 years we can get someone better. Things were much better under Bill Clinton. I pay attention to politics but I try not to let it get me down. Countries and governments always suck, but metal never bends!! What about the side projects of Stevo. Are they still alive and are there some records issued?! Does he still paint cover artworks for Metal bands? Well the other side project of Stevo was his doom band CHURCH OF MISERY (later they changed names to INSOMNIA). But that band broke-up just a few years after IMPETIGO broke up. They had released one demo and one live tape, it was pure straight ahead D������������������������������� �������������������������������� oom M�������������������������� ��������������������������� etal. Under the CHURCH OF MISERY name they have a full album they recorded but never released. A������������������������������� n������������������������������ European label paid for part of it but when the recording was done the guy and the label were gone. It’s never been released but now a few labels are interested to put it out so Stevo is kind of working on that. If you don’t know Stevo has announced a new project/band called CONVULSIONS, they will be on Razorback���������� ������������������� Records�� ���������. It features Stevo on guitar/vocals, Greg Mattingly from FORSAKEN & SON OF DOG on bass and Maniac Neil from FRIGHTMARE/BLOODFREAK on drums. I don’t think they’ve recorded anything yet but were planning to do a demo then an album. I don’t know what the sound will be but it will be old school all the way. No, Stevo no longer does any artwork, he just doesn’t have the time anymore. He did do one cover for LINCOLN LOVE LOG a few years back but that was his only drawing in the last 14 years. Do you still think that IMPETIGO will never return to make a new record? It would be a great return!!! While we have discussed it several times we don’t have any plans set yet. If we ever did a new recording it would most likely be a mini-CD or split CD but not a full album. Stevo lives quite far from the rest of us now so that makes us wonder if it will work. So I can’t tell you if we’ll ever record again or not, at this time we don’t have plans for that. I know a lot of people would like to see it happen though. Mark, what were you occupied with during all these years after the split of IMPETIGO? Are you still connected to the music business to some degree? Well, for a few years I was just a simple music fan and did some traveling to places like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. In the late 1990’s I undertook the project of re-releasing the IMPETIGO stuff on CD with various labels and bringing out some new Tshirts with a few companies. So I guess you could say I was involved a little with the music “business”, but I hate the “business” side of this. We try to only work with friends and keep the deals simple and as much D.I.Y. style as we can because the bottom line is that I’m a������������������������������������������� n������������������������������������������ U���������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� nderground music fan. I was long before IMPETIGO and I will be long after IMPETIGO. I’m happy and proud to be just a fan. I think that is what is missing these days in the scene, not enough just fans. With computers now everyone has a one man band or webzine or CD-R label or something. There

“Metal was meant to be dirty and raw and from the street, not to be like some sort of Michael Jackson professional product” are no simple fans left. So if I’m just a simple fan that is cool with me. I’ll be a M��������������������������� ���������������������������� etal head for life! It’s a lifestyle for me. Also when I was living in Singapore twice I played on stage with my friends DEMISOR when they played their cover version of “My Lai”. Once was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and once in Manila, Philippines. Also wh������������������� en����������������� I was living in Singapore I played a guitar solo on the WTN cover version of “I Work For the Streetcleaner” which was on their album that Razorback���������� ������������������� released. Do you have kids? If yes, what kind of music they are into? How did your parents react when you showed them the cover of “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale”? I have a step daughter which is the daughter of my second wife but she’s 10 already and my wife is from the Philippines so my step daughter is over there and not hear. My step daughter really isn’t much into music, but I suppose just the pop songs and local Filipino songs. They all like love songs! My parents have never seen anything about IMPETIGO and they would never be able to handle such a thing, they are old. Well my father died more than 10 years ago and maybe if my Mother saw anything to do with IMPETIGO she’d die too! She’s very conservative and religious! Ha ha! They only know I had a band but nothing more about it. It’s not something they’d be proud of so I fight the M���������������������������� ����������������������������� etal fight without support! Ha ha! What is your opinion about the music scene of America today? Do you still buy records? Why in your opinion one of the biggest record store chains Tower Records went bankrupt? The whole music scene in the world sucks in general, especially the M��������������������������������� ���������������������������������� etal scene. Way too many labels, way to��������������������������������������������� o�������������������������������������������� slick and professional, way too many bands that all sound the same. It’s not exciting like it used to be many years ago, but it is what it is and luckily there are enough bands out there carrying the flag of true M������������������������������������� �������������������������������������� etal high! So hats off to bands like CIANIDE, NUNSLAUGHTER, ABSCESS, WITCHTRAP, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS, BLOOD FREAK, DECEASED and tons more bands like that! Of course I still buy tons of CD’s and shirts and go to shows when I can, I buy way too many and spend way too much money on them! Mostly though I buy all the old stuff as I listen mostly to old stuff except for some of the cool bands still going today or putting out stuff in the old ways! I do buy LP’s/EP’s sometimes too, still a big collector, it’s an addiction, I can’t stop nor do I want to stop! Don’t know too much about Tower Records as I never went there much. It’s just the changing landscape of the music business. Now everyone has mp3’s and Ipods so they don’t buy CD’s, the only buy downloads or get them for free off the internet.

Maybe soon even CD’s will be history and the only way to buy music will be downloading. I suppose that is where the music industry wants it to go and the stupid public is going along with it. So the labels can make more and more money. If they have no cost to manufacture anything do you think the price will be cheaper?? No way! Just more money for them. Hopefully real M���������������� ����������������� etal will fight this trend and continue to press CD’s and vinyl like always! Tower Records really has very little to do with true M����� ������ etal! Back in the 90’s there was no Internet but there was intensive tape trading. Now in portals such as you can hear even 100 bands per day. Doesn’t all of this lead to over-saturation and lack of interest?! You bet it does, 110% my friend. It’s not like in the 80’s when you eagerly waited at the record store for a new M����������������������������������� ������������������������������������ etal release and maybe 10–20 bands had a new release per month, you could almost buy them all. Now, maybe 200 bands or more have new releases every month, most all sounding similar. But for a true M������������������������������������ ������������������������������������� etal head we can just ignore it and search harder and harder for any good releases or classic re-issues. The golden age of the scene is long gone, but there are still some great and classic acts going to day so it’s enough to ignore most of it and pay attention to the good stuff. Anyway, since everyone has their own taste, I suppose there is enough bands for everyone and every style. It is sometimes depressing but things are the way they are and we have to make the best of it. I feel many music listeners today are so overwhelmed now they just “collect” music but don’t really listen to it. They have to get so much they just download and file it away but don’t pay any attention to it. Metalheads by nature are collectors and the labels have taken advantage of that to some extent by trying to put out more and more so they have created collectors but not fans or listeners to some extent. But still there are lots of cool people and bands around so you just have to take the good with the bad and get on with life! My style and tastes have changed very little in over 20 years so I am pretty much not connected to the commercialized M�������������� ��������������� etal scene of today. This year you make 20 years since the formation of the band. Will there be something special, maybe new re-releases of IMPETIGO’s sold-out vinyls? Well the big special for our 20 year anniversary is the live show! That is the

main thing we can give, but of course we just had Razorback����������������� Records��������� ���������������� release “Ultimo…” and soon “Horror….” Is coming out as well. Then shortly after that we will have the gatefold vinyl versions come out of both albums through Hell’s ������� Headbangers���������������� and we’ll have some more shirts coming out and then next year we hope to do a DVD release, but it’s more along the lines of the AUTOPSY DVD that is out, very rough quality as we don’t have professional from those old days. So you can see it’s a busy year for IMPETIGO in 2007. I hope things will go well. Are there any forgotten IMPETIGO songs that have never been released? Some hidden tracks that the fans don’t even know of? There is really only one song and that was written just before we broke-up, it was called “Planet of the Vampires” but we never recorded it, even in rehearsal there is no recording. I can’t even remember how it went, so it’s sort of a lost song, but there is no chance to release that. Pretty much everything else has been released already. People always ask about that but we have nothing more to offer, it’s all out there. Have you heard any rumors about IMPETIGO over the years? I for example heard that you lived some years in Japan. Maybe it is not a rumor? Well I lived from 2001-2003 in Singapore. My exwife was assigned to work there so I spent 3 years in Singapore. I’ve traveled to Japan 12 times but never lived there. These last few years I lived on and off with my current wife in the Philippines for about 18 months. She is from the Philippines. I’m settled back in the U.S. now. I didn’t hear too many rumors about IMPETIGO. Just sometimes people said we were playing this festival or that festival in Europe over the years but it was never true. We have never agreed to play any shows until this one in July here in the U.S.. I’ve never heard anything strange like we died or went to jail or anything like that. Well, we are at the end of this interview. Your wishes to all IMPETIGO and gore M���������� ����������� etal fans? Very big thanks to you for the interview and giving us some space in your mighty zine, keep up the good work! A big bile spewing thanks to all the “Lesions” of IMPETIGO all around the world that never let the band die and kept our music alive for all of these years, we really owe it to you! You guys rule! Check out the Razorback������������������� ���������������������������� re-issues of both albums, Stevo has some great liner notes in there full of history! Also check out the killer gatefold vinyl editions coming out later from Hell’s �������������������� Headbangers��! But most of all please come and check out our show on July 21st 2007 at the Central ����������������������� Illinois Metal Fest��������������������������������������� ! It’s a once in a life time chance!! Metallic regards and die hard!!!



This Italian band really misled me. When I heard their MCD “Blood Feast” for the first time I thought they are another crushing US Death Metal machine with massive and powerful production. I even didn’t suspect they could be Italians. I was really surprised to know that because this kind of Metal is not so popular among Italian bands. But nationality is not important in Brutallica Magazine; it is the music that matters. And believe me this is pure fucking mega brutal US Death Metal performed surprisingly well for a debut release. If you are a fan of this style do not ignore this page, otherwise NECROTORTURE can find you to smash your nuts! Chavdar Tzachkov

Alex, with such a band name you will hardly be invited to play on the San Remo festival. Ha, ha… Let’s start with a joke this conversation. Well, we aren’t keen of playing in San Remo, but they could let a brutal band play at the festival...I think the share would grow more and more...ah ah I’m imagining some heavy-metals coming up the stage and breaking up everything! How old are the members of NECROTORTURE and for how long have you been playing this torturous kind of brutal Death Metal? NECROTORTURE members have the age of about 24-25... We’re very young and we have been torturing our ears with this musical genre for about ten years. Moreover, the band has existed since 2000 so we have about 7 years of activity. Of course we have had line-up changes and so our band has had a long “love story” made of

money. In the South of Italy we have a different kind of life, we don’t have work and many people can’t spend money on CDs, magazines and other…but for sure we are more of a fucking bastard than Northern people. You have changed the drummers in NECROTORTURE 3 times, right? Still, it is hard to find a suitable drummer for this kind of Metal?! It is not enough to be a technical drummer; one should be like a monster, ha, ha… Yes…It’s still hard to find a drummer like Antonio, in fact VITAL REMAINS chose him for the touring session! In the south of Italy it’s more difficult to find drummers like Antonio… When we met Antonio our problems finished…now we have a great mini CD and we are working on new songs. How did you get in touch with Brutal Bands?

going and coming drummers!!! When I heard the MCD “Blood Feast” for the first time, I thought you are Americans but I was a little surprised when I understood that you are Italians. It is because this kind of music is not so popular among Italian bands. But maybe the times are different now? Yes, many people at first listening thought we were Americans; they were surprised from the professionalism of our CD production and the great power in our songs execution...well, we are Italians and from the south of Italy moreover - a territory which is often underestimated! Actually this genre isn’t very popular in Italy but lots of bands are getting successful and it often happens that American labels offer us a contract. How is the Underground scene of South Italy? I told you

If it is not a secret, what is your contract with them? When our promo was finished I sent many emails to labels for a contract. After two weeks lots of them contacted us but the only one that convinced us was Brutal Bands…very simple…he offers us a release of 1000 copies and 500 promotional copies for promotion and worldwide distribution. Antonio Donadeo - the drummer of the mighty UNDERTAKERS - has taken part in the recording of the 6 tracks included in “Blood Feast”. I think his experience is very important for NECROTORTURE, right? But I guess he will continue his work with UNDERTAKERS since I heard they will release a new album soon?!

I’m very surprised by the great sound that 16th Cellar Studios have given “Blood Feast”. Give me some info about this studio, where is it located and what kind of bands have recorded there? Maybe this is the “Italian” Morrisound? 16th Cellar Studios is one of the most important studios in Italy, it is located in Rome and lots of bands like HOUR OF PENANCE, CORPSE FUCKING ART and others recorded with Stefano Morabito, the owner of this great studio! Alex you were also in HOUR OF PENANCE, right? Why did you leave this band? I’m very busy with my promotional agency called Necrotorture Agency and Nekromantik Records and the distance between HOUR OF PENANCE

that my nephew lives in Torino (North of Italy) and your reaction was “Torino is different!” What do you mean? In the South of Italy we have many fucking brutal bands like NATRON, STENCH OF DISMEMBERMENT, SPLATTERED CAVITIES, TRAITOR and more…we don’t have a serious scene but many bands start to play with good capacity and we are very satisfied that our music appeals to all people around the world. Torino is fact I told you the situation about

Yes, It’s very important to have a drummer like Antonio…we can play with a striking speed and this way you learn the real technique to play brutal Death Metal. Even more - it’s really possible to do what you want when you have such a drummer who plays so fast who and everything you propose. I think that UNDERTAKERS have written new songs but I don’t know exactly what they want to do... They are a historic group; they are going to show us great things!!!

and me puts many problems…It’s fucking expensive to go to Rome and it’s very difficult to have a band in a city very far from me! Moreover I’m also occupied with the SPLATTERED CAVITIES that are going to come out with new material. Can you say that NECROTORTURE is your top priority band? What other projects are you involved in? Of course NECROTORTURE is my priority but the distance and the fact that Antonio is often abroad increases the breaks! Now I plan working


with the NECROTORTURE bass player for the group SPLATTERED CAVITIES and every time we are trying to work on a project with him, we’d like to create a new band playing genres such as hard core/metal core where my voice will be more different than usual in NECROTORTURE. Domenico likes genres as Punk, HC… he has very good capacities…so let’s make good use of them! You’ll hear the news shortly! What kind of music does your girlfriend/wife listen to? What would be the reaction if your parents see the cover artwork of “Blood Feast”? My girl always says that ours isn’t music! But anyway she always comes to my concerts, she stays on the corner destroying her ears listening to brutal Death and then after the concert she puts Pausini CD in the car to calm her headache! The positive thing is that she is a nurse so she provides white coats, masks… maybe one day she will bring us a cadaver…ah ah ah...My

mother knows I’m mad so if she had seen the cover of “Blood Feast” she wouldn’t have been surprised! Except the MCD released by Brutal Bands what other merchandise do you have to offer to the fans? We have created winter and summer caps with our logo embroidered professionally and embroidered patches 10x10. Many of them were sold quickly… I hope to see around people with our logo on their heads…ah ah ah. What do you want to achieve as a band? Nothing special. We are working for the first full length, so we certainly hope for a new record contract and why not? We hope to have dates as supporters of important names as it happened in the occasion of the Mountains of Death VI Fest. Do you have plans for a tour this year and are you booked for some fest? Do you have good Death Metal festivals in Italy? Now we are in “stand by” because of Antonio and his tours with VITAL REMAINS around the States. We all study and work so it’s not simple to leave for a tour and in Italy there is nothing interesting in this period. Grind Your Mother was a great festival but we don’t know if it’s going to happen this year!

“My girlfriend always says that ours isn’t music! But anyway she always comes to my concerts, she stays on the corner destroying her ears listening to brutal Death Metal”

There are little festivals…but nothing as brutal as in Germany. We only have Gods of Metal which gathers great names but of course not Underground bands! Are you a misanthrope? Is hate your driving force to perform such brutal voKILLs? I hate misanthropes! I’m a sociable boy, happy and friendly…why should I be one? My voKILLs exist to make more extreme what is already extreme… I wanted to exaggerate and I had fun with it...the guys laughed heartily in the recording studio! There is a part of hate, too, towards people that in the life make their best to hinder and not help other people… If my voKILLs could have an effect over them I would push myself to do more and more... What kind of year was 2006 for NECROTORTURE? Do you like to make plans or you prefer to act impulsively? Nothing special… I prefer to let destiny work! We are happy with this state! What are the benefits and negatives to live in Italy? You guys are really emotional people but sometimes the emotions can mislead you. In Italy there are positive and negative aspects…an example? We have wonderful women with fabulous asses and they are real sex-machines....Negative? We have a shitty government, we pay many taxes and we never have money to live! Can emotions change a person? Sincerely I’m a quiet person…if someone bothers me I break his skull... ha-ha! OK, let’s stop here. The final lines are yours! Thanks a lot for the interview, please continue to support NECROTORTURE and be patient… we are coming back always more furious than before!!!


With two full-length albums behind their back and numerous live shows DARK DISCIPLE from the US is always ready to smash your balls with their mega doze of technical yet brutal Death Metal. I was a little surprised to hear that they have signed a deal with a Polish label but when I learnt that this was Mad Lion Records – one of the oldest labels not only in Poland but in whole Eastern Europe – I was sure this contract is for the good. The first album under the new label is already on the market so I got in touch with the man behind the drum kit – Maddog, to get some news around the band! Chavdar Tzachkov


When was the beginning of DARK DISCIPLE and who created the band? DARK DISCIPLE formed back in March of 1999 in some shit-hole bar in Baltimore Maryland USA by the founding member and vocalist Bones. Bones basically got together some band members like me that he saw playing in other bands to meet together in this bar and help him form DARK DISCIPLE. We listened to his vision and said lets do it. DARK DISCIPLE was born that night. In your web site I read the slogan “America’s most hated band”. Come on guys we do not hate you, don’t worry, ha, ha. But maybe you have a lot of enemies?! Is it serious or you simply want to be a hated band? Jealousy and hatred will always be amongst us no matter what we do. It seems that a lot of selective groups out there hate us and try to stop us, when will they learn that we are the Trend Killers and the new Blood Spillers. And frankly yes we want to be hated, to piss people off who fall prey to stupid religious ways and dictatorship. What did you release so far and what is still available? Do you guys have any merchandise available? We put our two demos, “When the Wicked Inherit the Earth” and “Beneath the Inverted Cross”, very dark and Satanic in nature. Our debut album “Unholy Hate Gore” 2004 touches on Anti-Religion, Crack infested Aids Whores, Zombies and Necrophilia. Our follow up to that album was “Kill Everything Worship Nothing” in 2006, which touch on pure hatred towards fucking every idiot and asshole out there. The lyrics are very simple, they spew death, violence, rape, murder as if it was as easy as putting on your underwear. As far as merchandise goes, both albums are being sold through many labels and distros worldwide, but first try going through Mad Lion Records. For the early demos contact the band directly and give me a good reasons why you want them and I’ll burn you a few. Is DARK DISCIPLE a real live band? Tell us where have you played and how do the fans react to your brutal Death Metal? Fucking right we are a live band. When we play live we play like it’s the end of the world brother, we play so that when we’re done everyone in the house is done with us. No act is going to want to go on after us, we make sure of that. We’ve played over a 100 shows to date. Many festivals in the USA, played over in Germany with some poser band named MONSTROSITY… How do the fans react, well that’s simple - they go fucking nuts over us. When we’re done playing it’s a sea of red DARK DISCIPLE shirts afterwards. You think you’re in a gangs turf or something from all the shirts around you. It’s crazy but pretty cool. Your first album “Unholy Hate Gore” has been released by Morbid Records. Weren’t you satisfied by them? You are on another label now?! That pretty much sums up that story up with Morbid Records.

Let’s just say the contract was not being kept up, and we were not the ones breaking it. Get the picture. So we said bye bye. And then came after us was all the labels who wanted us to sign a slave contract with them, over a dozen labels, and I was like fuck that shit. I’ll be no one’s slave, mother fuckers. Metal Blade USA was interested in us but jerked me around for months so I got pissed at them and told them to take the shit or get the fuck off the toilet. I guess they didn’t like that too much…oh well… Then came Mad Lion Records, who said he loved our music and our style and said this is what our label can do to make DARK DISCIPLE successful. I was like WOW, so I said “where do I sign”, and they’ve been doing a good job ever since that day of the partner ship. I guess your first inspiration were the early records of CANNIBAL CORPSE?! What does this band mean for the world Death Metal scene? CANNIBAL CORPSE is to Death Metal what Michael Jordan is to basketball. I mean they are awesome. The first four albums by CC are Death Metal history. They sold over a million records. They had a lot of influence in us. Bands like that made Metal what it is today, dig it… Chris Barnes or “Corpsegrinder”? What? Are you joking - FUCKING Chris Barnes all the way. Like I said, the first four albums of CANNIBAL CORPSE are Metal history. His voice was sick; “Hammer Smashed Face” is one of the greatest Death Metal songs ever written. Can good equipment hide the lack of talent in a musician? No I don’t think so, if you’re good, you’re good, playing through shitty gear or not. When you suck, you suck, even if you play through good gear. What covers up musicians that suck is good production work. The guy who produces the albums and does the edits and fixes mistakes makes a sucky band sound good, not the gear. A lot of bands sound good on a CD disc, but live, they suck big time. In our case, there is no difference between our sound live or in the studio. We’re just a lot more pumped in front of a screaming crowd. America is a damn conservative and religious country. Religions are the biggest evil of this planet nowadays; most of the problems are related to them. What is your view about religious confrontations? Fuck them all, as matter of fact you said it for me - fuck all religions. There are no Gods, only assholes trying to act like ones. There is no Devil, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, or whatever else those mindless sheep believe in. Look, if we all just put that faith bullshit aside, this planet would be a better and safer place for everyone. We all know what is right and what is wrong, just fucking do it. Treat thy neighbor the way you would want your neighbor to treat you. You don’t need to look to the sky or into darkness and ask for forgiveness or guidance. I mean people are killing each other every day over Religion, killing in the name of a GOD that no one can see and will never see. Does that make sense? Only if you’re insane. I think leaders use religion as a way to put fear into people to listen to them and make them do stupid and horrific things. Man you hit a touchy subject with me. So I’m done on this topic. Just buy the album and a lesson shall be learned for all. On the good old dollar there is a text “In God We Trust”. What would you put on the banknotes if you have the power? “WORSHIP NOTHING” How is the scene of Baltimore? Is there a palpable Death

Metal / Grindcore movement? It’s just like every other city out there, it has its clicks, its genres inside of Metal and it’s stuck up asshole bands who think they are better than anyone else. You probably know the Baltimore bands I’m talking about…We don’t fit into any clicks, we are who we are, and we claim to be the worlds most dangerous group. Give us a short description of the tracks included in your new album. Short description, alright, ready here we go: death, murder, rape, incest, more rape, more murdering, violence, more rape, more death and in the end more people dying. If there is a title to be won for clear-cut, right-to-the-point, violent lyrics with brutal music, we would win it hands down. “Kill Everything Worship Nothing” is brutal-ass music with lyrics to die from. How did you record the guitars in “Kill Everything, Worship Nothing”? I mean the effects that you have used. No big effects, just BC Rich Guitars through Marshall stacks. I mean I think Rez might have one pedal, but for the most part just straight ahead guitar work. We are tuned to a drop A, so that gives us a mixed sound. Some would say a European flavor. The artwork of the new CD is fucking brutal. Whose perverse brain made it and have you had any problems with this artwork so far? Well it was my perverse brain to come up with the idea but it was Metal Mike the artist who made it come to life. He did the cover work to “Unholy Hate Gore” and MORTICIAN’s “Reanimated” album. He’s really good…So far no one has banned the cover like the first cover of “Unholy Hate Gore”. That got censored and out first label got scared and told us to come up with the new cover you see for Unholy. Fuck Censorship. A US Death Metal band signed to a Polish label. Normally it is the opposite. Are you satisfied by the work of Mad Lion Records? I see they spend a lot of money to promote your new album. Yeah I guess we like doing things different, I think USA labels are overrated. I mean we had several labels interested in us after we left our first label but like I said they wanted us to sign our life’s away, sorry but no Death Metal label is worth that. I mean Mad Lion was shocked that a band like us wasn’t signed.

He said he couldn’t understand that. So he said “what can I do to make you guys sign with me”. Mad Lion Records has been doing a great job for us; more than most labels would do for their bands. With Mad Lion Records we are a band/partnership to them not just a number on their roster like some other labels. That’s a big plus on our side if you know what I mean. How much do you pay for your rehearsal place? Can you make an estimation how much you have invested in DARK DISCIPLE so far? Dude I lost count on that shit a long time ago. If you enjoy doing something you don’t count dollars…You just do whatever it takes to make things work out for you. Your music is very brutal but also very technical. How many years does it take to reach this level? What is your advice for the kids who now make their first steps in extreme music? Don’t worry about what others might say. Just enjoy playing the music, don’t try to be the fastest or the most technical. Just do what you feel is inside you. As far as our playing time, most of us have been playing for several years but we only practice as a band twice a week at best. I myself only play the drums when I’m with the band, basically when we practice or play at a show, other then those two choices I don’t play my drums. Whose was the idea to cover the legendary CANNIBAL CORPSE track “A Skull Full of Maggots”? When it was originally released in 1990 I was 19. What age were the members of DARK DISCIPLE back then?! Well, we all wanted to pay tribute to Cannibal, but we wanted to do a song that no one really covers and one that was raw and back in their beginning when they hit the scene. So we thought of “Eaten Back to Life” and we all agreed that “Skull Full of Maggots” was the song to cover. I think we did a pretty damn good job at it… As far as my age, back in 1990 I was 24 years old. Yeah that’s right maggots, I’m 41 now and still kicking ass. The other members were a year or two younger than you which puts them in their mid-to-late teens. What are the latest 5 records that you bought? Was there any stuff that disappointed you? I really haven’t bought too many new albums, I’m not too much into Nu Metal, I’m an old schooler. I still like to listen to my top five albums: SLAYER “Reign in Blood”, CANNIBAL CORPSE “Tomb of the Mutilated”, DEICIDE “Once Upon a Cross”,

America’s most hated band MORTICIAN “House by the Cemetery”, and DEATH “Scream Bloody Gore”. What is next for DARK DISCIPLE? That’s simple world domination and to “Annihilate the Living”. Don’t forget to stop by the band’s website: http://www. and stop by Mad Lion Records’ site and thank them for signing us:




“Vana Vigala Loits” CD IBEX MOON BLOODY SIGN come from France and even though they exist as a band since 1995, their debut album “Vana Vigala Loits” is released now via Ibex Moon Records - the label of INCANTATION’s frontman John McEntee. This CD contains 8 tracks of Oldschool Death Metal mixed with Black Metal passages. The drumming and the guitar riffs are on a high instrumental level (drummer is Ilbar Marti Uibo who’s bashing the skins in DEPRAVED), the vocalist Hagend shows a broad range of Death growls and blackish screams. Track number 5 is a smashing cover version of PESTILENCE’s classic “Parricide”. An interesting fact is that “Vana Vigala Loits” is recorded in Estonia, mixed in France and the sound is on a very good level. This CD is a very good debut so hopefully BLOODY SIGN will release their second album soon. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Mincer” CD DISPLEASED The Belgian boys������������������������ ’����������������������� band of grindcore are back with a new album, that will surely be something great ��������������������������������� for ��������������������������� the fans of this band. Their first full length in nearly 5 years! They are rather generous in releasing 7” EPs, splits EPs, tapes worldwide, but when it comes to their full length albums, everything is being carefully measured and thus delayed for years. It comes after a quiet year, but be sure, this will blow your ears off, as soon as it starts. Twenty one tracks, full of the same inspiration and energy, that used to inspire me to like this band, eversince the first demo tapes I heard back in the 80s... Grindcore, done with a lot of soul and care about the surrounding world. Ivailo Tonchev.....................................................10


“Harvesting The Cunt Nectar” CD SELFMADEGOD 31 songs in less than 20 minutes, coverartwork filled with mutilated female bodies, song titles such as “Desperately Craving Anal Attention”...we’re talking about Gore/Grind here. The XXX Maniaks are Matt Moore from RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER on guitars and programming and Jason Sidote, responsible for the deranged voices. The main ingredients in this “cunt nectar” are drum- computer-driven blasting tempo, riffs creating a solid wall of noise and distorted screams and growls. Add to this the hilarious intros dealing with sweet topics such as coprophilia, sex with dead bodies, etc. and you will get the picture. Special guests on this gore feast are Carl Shultz from AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, Rich Hoak from the mighty BRUTAL TRUTH and other grindcore activists. Actually this CD is a rerelease on Selfmadegod Records (originally “Harvesting The Cunt Nectar” was released via Red Candle Records in 2004) and has one bonus track. In case you consider yourself a brutal Death/Grind psycho - this is just for you! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom” CD RELAPSE Actually it is not a new album, but more a compilation of two previously released albums, packaged on 1 CD with some extras. Both were produced by the famous Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, SLEEP, MELVINS, MR.BUNGLE, SICK OF IT ALL), so you can hear/appreciate his work entirely. Strangely enough, they used to be THE quintessential grindcore band, it is strange to hear their interests in more mature/accomplished

musical structures. Combining into one the most muscular attributes of grind core, Death Metal, hardcore and post rock experiments, these two albums set out for more than just 30 tracks and 68 minutes of noisily tuned guitars and vocal screams. You can sense the fear, the horror of the modern day society, the real brutal truth... Extensive liner notes from the band, some live footage, loads of additional packaging and it is entirely remastered by Scott Hull( NILE)... I guess it’s an offer that counts in my books as “unbeatable”. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................8,0


“In Dark Apparition” INVICTUS VULPECULA (fox in Latin) is a project of Chuck Keller, better known as the guitar player of ORDER FROM CHAOS and ARES KINGDOM. “In Dark Apparition” offers 5 tracks of ambient effects combined with mix of Death and Black Metal. They sound dark and mystical; there are more ominous feelings than sheer aggression. VULPECULA have managed to create their personal unique sound that will be appreciated by the fans of Dark/Death Metal genre. If you are such one - give this CD a try! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


Split CD APATHIC VIEW It is an interesting tradition for AGATHOCLES to team with totally unknown bands and help them promote their music. It is the case with this release too. 12 live tracks by AGATHOCLES and 13 studio tracks by H.407. What I played first was of course the stuff by the unknown band, Grindcore/crust with a cover of the mighty Polish punk legend DEZERTER, of course the band itself comes from the same country. Rather good, yet generic stuff, the cover of one of my most ����� fav������������������������������������������ ourite������������������������������������ Polish punk classics beats it all, played it twice. AGATHOCLES tracks are wellrecorded live versions from 1997. If they are the catchy point for the listeners of this CD, be sure to pay attention to the Polish band too, they deserve it. A good split, I heard one interesting new Polish band and skipped a bit the last 12 songs. Sorry, I have heard these tracks at least 20 times in almost the same live versions, so I saved my time to play once again H.407. Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 6,0


“Fuck The World” CD REBEL BREED Recordings Finnish Stoner Rock/Metal band fronted by a Canadian pro-wrestler?!? Sounds interesting to me but at the end Music is all that counts so let’s hear what these Kings have to say. Despite its bitter title, “Fuck The World” has 10 decent Stoner Rock tracks, reminding me a lot of MONSTER MAGNET - good soundtrack for a party with lots of booze and headbanging. The frontman Starbuck has a memorable voice, suitable for that kind of Rock music, the other guys handle their instruments quite good too. The sound is good and the list of the guest appearances is impressive - you can hear Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH), Pasi Rantanen (THUNDERSTONE), Tanja Kemppainen (SOULGRIND), etc. “Fuck The World” isn’t something unique and revolutionary in the Rock scene but is far from bad either so... Decide for yourself! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“12 Years Of Mass Murders” CD PERISH IN LIGHT 12 years after the Norwegian combo was formed, this comes as their forth full-length album! Grim and violence soaked Metal, not unlike DARKTHRONE or IMMORTAL. It

is actually a compilation of old material, created between 1995-2003, but re-recorded again in 2005. A good view over the band’s activity in 10 years time. Actually, I liked the fast tracks more. Really intense and grinding Black Metal with very little use ���������������������������������������� of keys. ��������������������������������� The slow tracks were a bit too slow for my taste, a bit like BURZUM’s first demo, the one that is only instrumental and very primitive in sound. The choruses are rather weak and add no flavour. A good compilation of some good and some not that interesting tracks. Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 4,0


“Philosophy of Winter” CD CANDLELIGHT In full contrast with our warm “winter” outside, FOREST SILENCE’s debut “Philosophy of Winter” opens the gates to a world of deep cold and mystical atmosphere. This band is a project of Winter, keyboard player for the Hungarian Black Metal band SEAR BLISS. He is responsible for all the instruments and vocals. “Philosophy of Winter” offers 5 tracks of slow to mid-tempo Black Metal, dark riffs and hypnotic keyboards. FOREST SILENCE possess the spiteful feeling from the first records of BURZUM with the depression in the early works of KATATONIA. The production is on a very good level, the balance of all instruments is excellent which makes all of them audible which can’t be said about many Black Metal records. Winter is obviously a talented man and FOREST SILENCE’s debut is a very strong and qualitative album that should be heard by every Black Metal soul. Tsvetan Rachev..................................................8,5


STIGMATA HIGH-FIVE CD RELAPSE I have known this band since their earliest days, I even once distributed their demos or something, can’t remember exactly. It was 10 years ago. There is a lot of progress inside their unstoppable grind machine. Grind with Mosh parts, Death Metal with surf-like breaks (The Wrecking), you can get a fairly good diversity of sounds and noises in their first RELAPSE album. Good luck to these Canadians and check out this album! It will grow on me, I’m sure! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“Triumphant Hate & Bloody Swords” CD EVIL HORDE From the fathomless depths of Brazilian Underground emerges ENDLESS WAR with their debut album “Triumphant Hate & Bloody Swords”. The style is the so-called “War” Black Metal with misanthropic, antichristian lyrics. Think about the first efforts of MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL and to some extent IMMORTAL and you’ll know what to expect - insanely fast drumming (only one track “Beautiful Lands” is a slower one), peeling guitars and plenty of screams. Unfortunately the sound is weak and needs much density, the production could have been better. I guess ENDLESS WAR will appeal to the maniacs of extreme, raw Black Metal and hopefully their next efforts will be better in terms of production and variability. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................5,0


“The Contaminated Void” CD RELAPSE Conceived by Anders Jakobson (of the legendary NASUM), teamed with some burgeoning Metal players, this band is one of the soon������������������������������ -����������������������������� to��������������������������� -�������������������������� be������������������������ -����������������������� big names, coming from

Sweden (at least, I hope so…). 14 razor sharp attacks of finest Scandinavian Metal are surely able to blow your head. Crushing riffs, blazing speed and menacing vocals onslaughts are some of the typical features of this album. You can’t miss Dan Swano’s production. The cover was done by Orion Landau, that has worked with bands like KISS, MARILYN MANSON, SLAYER to name just a few. A good and solid production! Ivailo Tonchev...................................................... 8,0


“Thrash Till’ Death” CD INVICTUS I guess only the real Thrash freaks know this Australian legend who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1987, leaving only three demos behind their backs. This CD is a compilation of those demo recordings with the purpose to present the music of SLAUGHTER LORD to the new generation of metalheads. So here we have 9 tracks of vicious Thrash/ Black Metal similar to the first recordings of SODOM. The tempo is fast, almost grinding at times (just hear “Die By Power” or “Taste Of Blood” with their frantic speed), the riffs are aggressive in the typical Thrash tradition and the vocals are more in the Black Metal field. The sound isn’t good but let’s not forget that those are demo recordings after all. I appreciate Invictus Records’ decision to release this compilation stuff because bands like SLAUGHTER LORD have played a big role in the 80’s Underground and shouldn’t be forgotten. Only for True Thrashers! Tsvetan Rachev....................................................7,0


“Eat God” MCD GRINDHEAD Eleven mega-fast tracks for 13 minutes can make you really “eat god”, as the title of the CD implies. Two covers by NAPALM DEATH and VOID. Awesome speed and fury, without any modern breaks or Metal rhythms. The press-release sheet mentioned “JOY DIVISION and WIRE influences”.������������ ������������� I couldn’t trace any though. Just a sheer and violent attack on your senses, 11 power violence/ grind tracks to melt your brain cells. Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 8,0


“From Conflict To Conquest” Split CD TIME BEFORE TIME This split CD from Time Before Time Records unites the efforts of the bands, veterans in the Underground scene -GRAVEWURM from USA (formed in 1990) and SUICIDAL WINDS (formed in 1992). First are GRAVEWURM with five tracks of monotonous, raw Black Metal with Doom touches and a garage sound. Nothing new or innovating here, even the shrieks of the vocalist Funeral may be irritating to some people. The tempo’s getting higher with SUICIDAL WINDS - six pieces of galloping oldschool Black/Thrash attack with satanic lyrics, one being a cover version of the ancient Finnish Heavy Metal band OZ (“Turn The Cross Upside Down”). This split CD will be of interest for anyone who’s into the oldschool Thrash/Black Metal sound and is curoius to hear the last efforts of two real Underground bands. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Semper Tyranis” CD GRINDHEAD AETURNUS DOMINION delivers 9 tracks of Death/Thrash Metal, coming from Australia. The vocalist is trying to sing, which is great sometimes. The music is not really fast, but really raw and catchy. I like it. This is the album that placed them in the top 10 of the Music Oz Awards (Aussie hardcore/Metal bands of the year). A good band and a good album! Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 6,0


“Demolished” CD COLD DIMENSIONS What we have here is a French Brutal Death Metal band called IMPERIAL SODOMY who attack relentlessly with their second album “Demolished”. The first thing that makes impression is the outstanding drumming


of Roman Gouloun, at the present moment drummer for Dutchmen DISAVOWED grinding swaths and technical breaks played with remarkable precision (you can hear him bashing the skins for the last album of the French Death Metal legend AGRESSOR). The riffs are brutal and dense although at places the guitars’ sound sinks under that of the drums. The voice of Mordred is deep and powerful and suits excellent to the heavy music. IMPERIAL SODOMY is quite promising Death Metal band and their music should be appreciated by every fen of the genre. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Generation Of Defecation” CD BLACKSMITH Productions It is surely one of the more extreme bands to come from Russia these days������������� -����������� hammering speed and 3 covers (VADER, GOREFEST, SEPULTURA). The vocals ha���������������� ve�������������� been heavily influenced by MAX CAVALERA’s style of singing, the ����������������������������� m������������������������ usic reminds of mid 90s NAPALM DEATH. Intense stuff and you either hate it or love it. I am afraid I didn’t like it that much, sounded a bit monotonous to me. But you can have your chance, who knows… The 10th song kicks ass! Something very different and interesting! Made me change my mind about the final evaluation with 2 points above! Then I found out that it was a cover again! I will not change my points though… Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 5,0


“A Frozen World Unknown” CD NO COLOURS After their EP “A Journey To A Greater End...” from 2005, Swedish RIMFROST release via No Colours Records their debut “A Frozen World Unknown”. Producer of this CD is Jonas Kjellgren of SCAR SYMMETRY and he has done remarkable work concerning the sound of the five tracks presented here. As a whole RIMFROST’s music is extreme Black Metal enriched by Death and Thrash Metal parts. All five tracks are various and aggressive, the voice of the vocalist Hravn reminds of the dry shrieks of IMMORTAL’s Abbath. “A Frozen World Unknown” is a solid release in the Black Metal genre and I guess will delight the ears of any fan of the Scandinavian sound. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Runes Of Blood” CD BRUTALIZED This band from USA got their first album released on BRUTALIZED Records, hailing out of Colombia. The album is a masterpiece of sophisticated Death/Grind Metal, insanely technical and crisp in terms of studio recording. The cover of DEATH’s “Zombie Ritual” adds even more intensity and flavour! Soon to be much bigger! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................7,0


“Nothing Positive, Only Negative” CD RELAPSE That one is strange, just like any Relapse release we get. FACEDOWNINSHIT formed in 1999 out of a Punk band in Greensboro, NC that featured Ryan Wolfe on drums and Waylon Riffs on bass and vocals. The two met up with Jason Crumer and recorded a demo tape in 2000 under the name FACEDOWNINSHIT. Immediately after the band self-released this demo tape, FACEDOWNINSHIT teamed up with USA Is A Monster for two-months for their first-ever US tour. This is their second full length, as the previous one got international distribution via Crimethinc. The new album is very interesting, a mixture of NEUROSIS, BLACK SABBATH and DISCHARGE, all so twisted and sincere, that it ends in their own southern fried dirt Metal. Intense and slow, I bet you will love it! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................8,0


“Ravenous Conception” CD Unmatched Brutality


Named after SUFFOCATION’s track “Bloodchurn”, those five folks of Gulfport, Mississippi, US offer 9 pieces of Brutal Death Metal, the American way. And it can’t be any other since their label is Unmatched Brutality (whose owner is Mike from BRODEQUIN) and the cover artwork shows a man who’s eating his own heart! “Ravenous Conception” is BLOODCHURN’s debut CD and what you’ll find here are plenty of heavy riffs, grinding drumming and deep Death Metal throat. The weak point in my opinion is that those 9 tracks, besides being brutal and tight, are quite similar to one another. “Ravenous Consumption” just can’t stand out of the mass of all those brutal Death Metal bands of today. But in case you need another band in the vein of the masters DEEDS OF FLESH or BROKEN HOPE for your collection - BLOODCHURN aren’t a bad choice! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,0


“Grinding Dancers From Outa Space” CD NOISI Production German cyber grindrock, is there anything more exotic than this for this issue? Fast, chaotic, electronic at certain places, this album is destined to make you dance in the name of the space invaders that want to melt your mind. Good as a joke, interesting to be heard once� -���������������������������������������� visit their concerts and have more fun! Ivailo Tonchev......................................................3,0


“Back In the Grave” NO COLOURS I’m sure that most of our Bulgarian readers remember the band BLEEDING BLACK from the town of Vratza who were fronted by a dark girl named Pagane. They released two albums - “Too Black” in 2001 and “Personal Hell” in 2003 and then somehow disappeared. ORENDA is a band created by the three male members of BLEEDING BLACK: Agan (guitars), Vampiriac (bass/ vocals) and Pericles (drums). “Back In The Grave” strikes with six pieces of cold and raw Black Metal influenced by the cult DARKTHRONE sound. The riffs and the tempo are hypnotically monotonous and serve as an excellent background for the harsh voice of Vampiriac. There are sound effects used here and there to deepen the ominous atmosphere - just hear “The Shrine” and “Deep Grave”.“Back In The Grave” will appeal to anyone into raw and aggressive Black Metal - no wonder No Colours Records have decided to release it. Hopefully we’ll hear much more from them in the near future! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Final Detonation” CD Undercover Surprisingly, this appears to be WITCHBURNER’s fifth full-length album. I remember very well when we received the debut eponymous CD and the fact that we in Brutallica were all very impressed by it. It is good to see that Undercover Records have given a helping hand to this capable German thrash metal band and unleashed “Final Detonation” upon mankind. The album is 100% German thrash, very similar to the first two classic albums of KREATOR. What I like a lot is the enthusiasm, with which these guys perform their music. The sound is quite good, even though unpolished and raw. This is not a disadvantage, however. The songs flow effortlessly into each other and contribute to the pure enjoyment of every thrash metal fan. The cover artwork is also great and very old-style. The album includes a cover version of DESTRUCTOR’s classic track “Pounding Warriors”. So, as the fifth track of the album commands: THRASH TIL DEATH! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................8,0


“The Eternal Conflagration” CD DISPLEASED Australia seems to be the kingdom of the “war Metal” bands these days, looks like a very peaceful spot on the map, but it

seems there is a��������������������������� n�������������������������� evil monster underneath. ABOMINATOR was formed in 1994 and this is their fourth album, for a new label, after they left Osmose. If you knew their other albums, then you are up to the sound of the album���������������������������������������� -�������������������������������������� ferocious Black Metal. The technical coagulations and rhythmical grooves introduced to the genre by the likes of SUFFOCATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE make it even louder and faster. It is one of the best and most intense albums I have heard for this issue… Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................7,0


Split CD BROKEN NOISE Here we have two bands from distant Malaysia, part of the Eastern extreme Metal scene. ARGON are first with ten tracks of oldschool Grindcore in the vein of DISRUPT and PHOBIA - speedy songs with social lyrics. DAMOKIS are more on the humorous side of Grindcore with songs like “Popeye The Grinding Man” - absolute killer and one of my favourite ones! This release possesses something from the spirit of the good, old releases of Earache Records and deserves the interest of every Grindcore fan. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Pleasure Of Consumption” CD SELFMADEGOD Hailing from Bialystok, Poland������������� ,������������ INCARNATED is one of the most interesting bands in the Underground. In existence for nearly 15 years now, the band has released demo tapes left and right, with only one fulllength release previous to the upcoming Selfmadegod album. Their colleagues DEAD INFECTION, who������������������ ��������������������� teamed with them for a split in 1994 were ���������������������� much more�������� luck��� y��, gaining fame and fortune. The new album consists of 10 tracks, solid late����������� -���������� 80s/early�90s�������������������������������������� -������������������������������������� styled Death/Grind, a cup of tea for fans of GENERAL SURGERY, NECRONY, early ENTOMBED and NIHILIST. The brilliant, rawsounding recording, insane guitar riffs and ultra-fast drumming are certainly strong points of INCARNATED. Additionally the CD includes three unreleased bonus songs coming from promo material recorded back in 1997. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................8,0


“Naked On The Black Floor” CD CRUZ DEL SUR EVENT HORIZON is the next Italian band that plays in the Heavy Metal genre. It is undeniable that Italy has the most prolific melodic Metal scene – the number of bands from this country grows constantly! “Naked on the Black Floor” presents some dark Heavy Metal, in the vein of EVERGREY, but played with less class, less conviction and less imagination. Well, OK, maybe it is an original idea to name your band after the classic horror movie, but then you should back this decision with a well-thought concept and a solid record. I don’t think that EVENT HORIZON will strike the fans with originality and the band will gain much popularity outside its home town. Sorry, but the melodic Heavy Metal scene is just

way too crowded already to tolerate the existence of one more pointless album. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................4,0


“Weight Of The Wound” CD RELAPSE BIRDS OF PREY is a Metal supergroup of sorts that includes members of ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, BURNT BY THE SUN, HUMAN REMAINS and more. Thirty six minutes of Metal for metalheads, with no keys or no pretensions or anything trendy and absolutely no joke about this. It is unbelievably heavy old school Death Metal, not unlike the very first ENTOMBED or any of the other early Swedish Death acts. But there is more to it, some whiskey-ridden stoner moments, that make it a very unique band with a lot of future potential. Enjoy it, no joke about it! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................7,0

AGRESSOR “Deathreat” CD

SEASON OF MIST The legendary French Death Metal band celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of “Deathreat” – album number 9 in the official discography. Only vocalist and guitarist Alex Colin-Tocquaine has remained form the original incarnation of the band, but AGRESSOR is still one of the two major forces in the French Death Metal scene, along with LOUDBLAST. By the way, it should be mentioned that Alex plays guitars in the latest album of LOUDBLAST – “Planet Pandemonium”. The new AGRESSOR makes great impression on the listener with a very tight sound, brutal and speedy riffing and a powerhouse rhythm section! The songs are full of blastbeats, and at places remind me the aggression and vigor of VOMITORY. It’s a shame that this album did not receive enough attention by the Metal media. If you like your Death Metal technical, brutal, fast and full of riffs, then get the new AGRESSOR. It will be a worthy purchase, since Season of Mist is releasing the album with a bonus DVD! Stoyan Tsonev..................................................8,5


“Ball of Thunder” CD STEEL SHOCK Ohhhh, not another of those albums that have no idea of why they have been recorded. The debut CD of STORMY NIGHT is once again a worshipping of SAXON, HAMMERFALL and JUDAS PRIEST, but is so far away from the class of the aforementioned bands, that its just funny. What I don’t understand is why these people have put out this album? OK, they want to be like their Metal idols, but in my opinion it is a needless expense to produce an album like “Ball Of Thunder”. The cover is ridiculous and the album song titles are so clichéd!!! One of the band members on the photo even poses with a HAMMARFALL t-shirt, ha-ha! Well, I guess the guys are bearable if one is in a club and watches a live performance, but I don’t see the point in putting such an album

in your collection. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................2,0


“Without Zen” DISSIDENT What was originally a free promotional download, evolved into this exotic Death Metal masterpiece. The band comes from Australia and it appeared from�������������� ������������������ the ashes of ONI���������������������������������������� -�������������������������������������� Japanese orientated Death Metal act, led by Don Taylor. For less than 15 minutes they present 2 raw Death Metal tracks and 3 more ambient soundscapes, ferocious Metal, mixed with ethno-ambient, why not… It gives a very good atmosphere, and �������� I’m looking for their next one �������������������� already. ���������������� The CD has some additional info as multimedia files. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“First Daze Here Too” CD RELAPSE The name of PENTAGRAM was not really known to many people before Peaceville reissued some of their albums back in the early 90s. “First Daze Here Too” is a double disc set containing rare and unreleased studio recordings and live rehearsals from the early 70’s. A deluxe 28-page booklet includes lyrics, detailed historical liner notes by drummer Geof O’Keefe and never-before-seen photography! There are some rare tracks of releases, that were made in print of 200 only EPs, back in the 70s. The rest of the stuff has never seen the light of the day until now. Good and fuzzy 70s stoner, a band that made a legend of its existence, before getting too fussy about being known to a lot of people. It was my first time to experience their music and I am already a����������������������������������� fan of theirs! �������������������������� A great selection and a great band! Ivailo Tonchev....................................................10


“Identity” CD COPRO EVERYTHING FOR SOME is a British hardcore formation and “Identity” is their second release after the debut “A Thought Refused”. Now – to the point: I am SHOCKED by the awful vocals! This guy is just…disastrous! The music is not bad at all – alternative rock with a lot of hardcore influences, but the sounds coming from the mouth of this man, nicknamed “Chicken” are just too much for my nerve system. The info sheet states that the band has got some solid airplay after the release of the debut, and I predict even stronger success outside the border of their home UK, but please – change the vocalist! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................5,0


“De Volta Ao Front” CD COGUEMELO Back to the front, 20 years later. The grandfather����������������������������� s���������������������������� of Brazilian war Metal are back with a new album, stronger than ever. The world these days has given a lot of topics for������������������������� ���������������������������� inspiration to the band - religious conflicts, cultural clashes, the overall degeneration of the human race. The classic sound of “Campo de Exterminio” is mixed with some hardcore aggressiveness. This makes this CD one of the hottest releases to come from the hands of COGUEMELO these days… Old veterans can still do a good job, concerning music that comes from the heart! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................10


“The Journeys and the Experiences of Death” CD DARK ESSENCE Do you know this cult Norwegians? They started with their dark Metal art back in 1992 and now is the time to release their fifth full-length release. The style of HELHEIM is hard to describe – minimalist sound, riffs rooted in the Black Metal genre and really

depressing atmosphere. I would describe the music inside “The Journeys and the Experiences of Death” as the missing link between Doom and Black Metal. It should be mentioned that guest vocalists in “Oaken Dragons” are Marius Lynghjem from CORVINE and no other than Jiri “Big Boss” Valter of the legendary Czechs ROOT! There is a lot of stuff to attract your aural attention in this album, but only if you neglect the “cavernous” production. I don’t doubt the fact that Black Metal collectors will grab this CD immediately – you can check this band out too. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Drugs Of Faith” CD SELFMADEGOD Just 8 tracks and a great first album. DRUGS OF FATE originated in 2002, recorded stuff for 2 EPs that never came out, but resulted in a compilation spot and two more demos. Founded by an Enemy Soil original member, the ��������� band bashes through its hardcore rock fused with grindcore songs utilizing dissonant chords and opposition bass, frontal attack drums and lyrics covering the personal as well as the political landscape brought out by dynamic vocals. Mastered by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED) at Visceral Sound. The music on this CD is hard to be categorized, but be sure, it rips my stereo right now! One of my personal picks for this season! Ivailo Tonchev....................................................9,0


“Rape From Hell” COGUMELO “Rape From Hell” is the comeback album of cult Brazilian Death Metallers SEXTRASH after 14 years! Yes, so long has passed since the release of “Funeral Serenade”, but the inactivity of the band is excused by the tragic death of original vocalist Oswald Scheid. Now, with a new line-up, SEXTRASH strike back with a solid slab of fast Death Metal in the vein of old UNLEASHED and SARCOFAGO, but with more brutal vocals, sexual lyrics and typical South American production. “Rape From Hell” contains 12 tracks that will please every fan of extreme Metal with tight playing, good guitar solos and plenty of extremity. With one more qualitative album like this, SEXTRASH will soon enter the premier league of South American extreme bands. Look out KRISIUN! Stoyan Tsonev......................................................7,5


“Hatecult” CD BLACK HOLE Brazilian grindcore in the vein of early NAPALM DEATH and NASUM. The band is not made of newcomers but of people, who all had previous bands and united in 1999 to create a new dimension of extreme sonority and ����������������������� aggression. ������������������� It was mastered by Mieszko T. (R.I.P.) and it was actually his very last studio effort, before his tragic death. Insane speed and brutality in the Brazilian way! Very good production and artwork! Ivailo Tonchev...............................................8,0

all experienced musicians; all of them play in other German bands from different branches of Metal. “Combat Area” is produced by Andy Classen at his “Stage One Studios” so the sound is faultless. I’m not that much into German Death Metal but MY DARKEST HATE grabbed my attention and everyone into extreme music should give an ear to this CD. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Equilibrium” CD NEMESIS The debut album of ASSEMBLENT from Portugal presents on display what we already know well from the last two albums of legends MOONSPELL – melodic Death Metal with lots of Gothic influences. By the way, Fernando Ribeiro of MOONSPELL is a guest singer in the track “Silent Cries”. The band is obviously capable in what they do, the album is recorded professionally and the cover artwork is also great. The only critique I have is that we have heard this type of music many times before, done by legendary bands like PARADISE LOST, CREMATORY and, of course, MOONSPELL. However, “Equilibrium” sounds very well for a debut album and ASSEMBLENT need encouragement. Keep the good work guys! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Wounds Wide Open” CD SPINEFARM “Wounds Wide Open” is an emotional piece of art, the compositions bleed with bittersweet melancholy, a trademark TO/DIE/FOR had since the dawn of their existence. This is their 5th album actually, a heavier and more guitar-driven one. Good and melancholic Gothic Metal, with nice melodic songs, that are actually slipping one after another as if it is 1 track only. The cover of “I Just Want You” by OZZY OSBOURNE is also a good one, with much of the original atmosphere of the track kept, plus hundreds of megawatts of typical TO/DIE/FOR sound. If you are into such melancholic Metal, go for it! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“Lament For The Eternal Frost” CD COPRO Ha-ha!! Noooooooo. After I heard the new album of Australia’s STRIBORG, I was sure that nothing worse could happen to my ears for this issue, but no. ARTISIAN from London proved me wrong with this goddamn awful Black Metal album. “This album is dedicated to the true Black Metal and its cold harsh

minimalism” say the info sheet. Well, who the hell would invest in releasing such a shitty sounding stuff? Apparently - Copro Records. I am really puzzled here. ARTISIAN have tried to achieve the utter emanation of the socalled “basement sound” of early Norwegian Black Metal, but the difference here is that the English don’t show even 1% of the talent demonstrated in the demos of BURZUM, MAYHEM and EMPEROR. Why bother? Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................1,0


“Rise of a Dead Empire” CD Self-Released ASCENDANCY are from Boston, MA and “Rise of a Dead Empire” is their debut MCD. The nine tracks here show some good potential, decent instrumental skills but unfortunately the sound is too chaotic and all songs sound similar. ASCENDANCY deliver decent Death Metal with some Black Metal riffs here and there but in the end it’s really difficult to distinguish the songs from one another. There’s a lack of variety. Maybe their next release will be much better... Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................5,0


“Embittered Darkness/ Isle De Morts” CD DISPLEASED It’s a strange decision by Displeased Records to sign with an Australian Black Metal band, which sounds like BEHERIT in the start of their career. What’s the point? This CD here contains one new release, accompanied by their 1997 album “Isle De Morts”. This is Black Metal in its most primitive and ugly form and I guess this was exactly the aim of the only band member Sin Nanna. “Embittered Darkness” is more ambient and slow, while “Isle De Morts” showcases some fast drumming and buzzing guitars a la BURZUM circa “Filosofem”. However, STRIBORG is very far away from the originality and grimness created by master Varg Vikernes. For me, it is really boring to listen to the same unimaginative riff, repeated a hundred times during one and the same song. Pointless… Oh, by the way, Displeased have released the early demos of the band too, which is once again pointless, I regret to say… Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................1,0


“Silence Means Gold” CD EXTREME ZONE When I saw the name of OSSUARY I thought it was the American Grindcore band with the same name, who released an album in 1996


“Combat Area” CD MASSACRE MY DARKEST HATE are far from newbies on the German Death Metal scene the band exists since 1998 and “Combat Area” is their fourth full-length album. I haven’t heard their previous efforts but I’ll correct this mistake since what I heard in this CD really appealed to me. “Combat Area” contains 10 tracks of powerful oldschool Death Metal - you’ll hear heavy riffs in the vein of OBITUARY or BOLT THROWER, precise drumming and the fierce vocals of Claudio Enzler whose growls remind me of SINISTER’s original throat Mike. The guys behind MY DARKEST HATE are


and then disappeared. Actually I was wrong because this OSSUARY is from Uruguay and play decent Dark/Death Metal. Their music combines elements from the sound of DEICIDE and CANNIBAL CORPSE, the skills of the two guitar players Sebb and Marcelo are remarkable, the voice of David is a deep and fierce grunt. There’s a cover of POSSESSED’s track “Pentagram” played with a brutal Death Metal sound. It’s obvious that the guys in OSSUARY are good musicians, the band exists since 1992 but this is their first fulllength CD. Quite good album that will please every Death Metal fan. Tsvetan Rachev....................................................7,0


“The Devil’s Music (Songs of Death and Damnation)” CD INFERNUS One thing is for sure - the energy that bursts out of this album won’t leave indifferent any true headbanger. Denmark’s HORNED ALMIGHTY are formed in 2002 and “Devil’s Music” is their second CD after one EP, a split with SARGEIST and the debut CD “Black Metal Jesus” from 2004. So here we have 10 songs “of death and damnation” which in their core are aggressive Black Metal with Thrash and even Punk elements resembling the sound in the early works of IMPALED NAZARENE. The sound is raw and unpolished but this doesn’t affect the power of the music. The dry screams of Smerte (also vocalist in EXMORTEM) fit excellently to HORNED ALMIGHTY’s sonority. I guess the Horned One Himself would be pleased by this album! It’s evil, it’s dark, it’s Devil’s Music! Tsvetan Rachev.................................................8,5


“Tides of Opinion” COPRO Another debut, this time from the Irish Heavy Metal band SANDSTONE. From the very second I saw the logo, it was clear for me that this CD will be some Heavy Metal or hard rock. I was right. What surprised me in a very pleasant way, however, was the quality of the music. SANDSTONE can be proud from this album. Not because they have done something phenomenal or extremely original, but because they have composed, performed and recorded all of the tracks in a very professional way. It is always very irritating for me to hear a Metal album that is full of shitty songs, which have no direction or idea. This is not the case with “Tides of Opinion”. Here we have an album that showcases clever lyrics, skilled musicianship, a lot of melody and memorable choruses and just the right amount of straightforward, but extremely catchy guitar riffs. The style bears some similarities to early DREAM THEATER and IRON MAIDEN circa “Prayer for the Dying” and “Fear of the Dark”. Nevertheless, SANDSTONE try to expose their own style above all the influences and I think they have succeeded. A nice surprise! Stoyan Tsonev...................................................8,5


“Spirit Of Sorrow” CD MORIBUND FEAR OF ETERNITY is a one-man band, project of the Italian Andrea Tilenni and “Spirit of Sorrow” is his second full-length effort after “Towards The Castle” from 2005. In case you like the last works of BURZUM and the cold, melancholic atmosphere in the music of EMPYRIUM or PENITENT, I advise you to check this one too. “Spirit of Sorrow” has 8 compositions of emotional and sad music where the keyboard melodies are the main ingredient. There are guitars but their sound is in the background and the rhythm is very slow and doomy. Without the harsh voice of Andrea, his music sounds like a soundtrack to a movie - a depressive one for sure! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,5


At The Dawn Of Your Deterioration” CD MANITOU MUSIC


These French lads know how to do Metal. Based on US Death Metal basis to which ASHURA add elements from Thrash Metal, Scandinavian Death Metal as well as some Hardcore new school touch, that powers up the music of the combo. Think of MORBID ANGEL and DARK TRANQUILLITY, recorded at the Walnut Groove studio, home of DSK, WORMFOOD, CARNIVAL IN COAL… There is also a good cover of DEATH’s “Crystal Mountain”. Nice 65 minutes… Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“Warpig” CD RELAPSE To cut it short, it is a band that I knew, but hearing their entire CD blew me up. Recorded and released in the early 70s, with prices of vinyl going skyhigh and several bootlegs on CD, Relapse decided to give a new try to this legendary Canadian band. WARPIG’s formation came around the same way as so many other rural Ontario bands of the mid 60’s. Guitarist/singer Rick Donmoyer toiled the late 60’s in a number of groups, including THE TURBINES, THE KINGBEES (later THE WOT) and MASS DESTRUCTION. But by late ‘66 Donmore found himself looking for a new project, and hooked up with fellow MASS DESTRUCTION alumni Terry Brett on bass, Dana Snitch (keyboards / guitars) and drummer Terry Hook, all Woodstock natives. Endless practices in the Hook basement led to WARPIG a few months later. With a mix of influences rivalled by few in the area, the boys soon found themselves a steady force on the Toronto independent scene for the better part of the next two years. The album in question came out in 1971, released by Fonthill Records. It was full of raw power, with inspirational remnants from everything from the British Invasion to the surf sound, from CHET ATKINS to BLACK SABBATH. The term ‘early eclectic post psychedelic’ came to mind, when describing the sound. It is also heavy, read it HEAVY. It is now digitally re-mastered with a new layout by Orion Landau and extensive liner-notes. This CD reissue of WARPIG’s long-sought-after selftitled debut will surely satisfy the cravings of both long-time collectors and the new breed of retro-rockers alike! It satisfied me too! It is good when bands of this kind have their chance to get a new exposure of their music. Ivailo Tonchev.....................................................10


“Redeemer” CD SPINEFARM This is the debut album by a young Finnish band, which has made impression in 2005 by their capable internet promotion, which they handled by themselves. They even tried to self-release “Redeemer”, but this attempt was not financially successful and soon after that, Spinefarm got in touch with them. The album presents a typical Scandinavian style of melodic Heavy Metal. There are too many similarities to bands like TWILIGHTNING and SONATA ARCTICA and I think this is not original anymore. Yes, there is some stronger use of computerized effects here, but overall, I don’t find anything too catchy or memorable to make me want to put this CD in my player again. The production is excellent, but if MACHINAE SUPREMACY don’t make a huge step forward in terms of songwriting, they should not expect anything positive. “Redeemer” is nothing more than an average melodic Metal album. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................6,0


“The Trident” CD RELAPSE The lads from New York have succeeded in slowly crushing our brains to a black ooze of doom. This is their third album, first for RELAPSE, after 2 albums for Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above Records and several releases for smaller labels. Slow heaviness that collides with fast and furious angry sludge and

always maintaining the sense of low-end lead weighty sounds. I guess that every song has its sound, but though it is rather experimental, I played it twice and kept it for a third spinning. It can be compared to ELECTRIC WIZARD, SUNNO, OCEAN, ISIS, KHANATE, WARHORSE, WINTER, but they surely have a face of their own. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Somewhere Along The Highway” CD EARACHE CULT OF LUNA is a Swedish progressive doom/post-metal band. Hailing from Umeå in Sweden, home of such acts as REFUSED and MESHUGGAH, they formed from the remnants of an Umeå hardcore band called ECLIPSE in 1999. This brand new album for Earache is surely something to pay attention to. Very psychedelic, almost PINK FLOYD-ish at places, melancholic and moody. I loved the combination of the strong winter wind, that whistled outside and the cold tones of this album. The voice of the Earache guy, which reminded each minute about the promo-nature of this album, was not a big problem. My kind of thing! Will play it again and I will surely order this! Ivailo Tonchev....................................................9,0


“Psychopaticolorspectrum” CD KHAARANUS I heard the Czech grinding machine ALIENATION MENTAL for the first time with their debut “Ball Spouter” from 2002 and was quite impressed by their raging Grindcore attack. Now I have the opportunity to hear their third CD with the complex title “Psychopaticolorspectrum”. ALIENATION MENTAL have succeeded to combine the pure aggression of Death/ Grindcore with some unusual elements like riffs reminding of SLIPKNOT or COAL CHAMBER, and the voice improvisation in the second track (“Erase Head”) which makes me think of Jonathan Davis from KORN. This CD offers numerous tempo changes, crushing guitars/bass sound and various types of vocals. There are even some electronic samples here and there so there’s a lot to be heard in this album. ALIENATION MENTAL are the consecutive proof that the Czech scene doesn’t lack talented and readyto-experiment bands. If Czech Grind is your cup of blood - check this out! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Genocide” CD MORNINGSTAR Morningstar Records is the new label of Arnt Gronbech, known as the frontman of the Norwegians KEEP OF KALESSIN and the fourth album of BLOODTHORN “Genocide” is his first release. I haven’t heard the previous BLOODTHORN albums but the info in Internet says they have been atmospheric Black Metal band with keyboards and female vocals. Well, “Genocide” has nothing to do with any symphonic melodies for what we have here are 9 tracks of aggressive Death Metal storm filled with blasting beats (drummer is Jehmod from PERISHED), furious riffs and tons of aggression. BLOODTHORN’s style nowadays is a cross between the sound of ANGEL CORPSE and the fastest tracks of MARDUK. “Genocide” is produced by Knut Prytz (guitar player in NECROPHAGIA) and he has done a good work. I guess the old fans of BLOODTHORN won’t find anything for them here but everyone into extreme and fast music should hear this “Genocide”. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“The Uncanny Valley” CD LISTENABLE KOLDBORN come from Denmark and “The Uncanny Valley” is their second

album after “First Enslavement” from 2001. The music here is powerful Death/Thrash Metal played by experienced musicians (guitar player is Henrik Jacobsen from HATESPHERE). The tracks are a combination of blastbeats and mosh parts, there are elements from the early works of KONKHRA. The sound is faultless due to the good work of Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE, LENG T’CHE). KOLDBORN are far from “the fresh breeze the Death Metal scene has been looking for” as the info sheet says but their music isn’t a bad choice in case you want to hear Death Metal with a modern touch. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“11 Rounds” CD COPRO Well, this starts good! Great riff! And what can attract the attention of a true metalhead better than a good riff? DECIMATE step forward to defend the reputation of British hardcore scene with their debut album “11 Rounds”. Certainly, there are a lot of similarities to fellow countrymen STAMPIN GROUND, but that fact doesn’t belittle what these guys have achieved here. The songs possess a fat sound that punches you right between the eyes from the start, the vocals are well varied (in contrast to most of the hardcore acts) and the rhythm section is tight. What I found most impressive were the catchy melodies, incorporated skillfully in each of the tracks, without taking away from the overall wall of aggression. In fact, there is something from the charm of THE HAUNTED here – definitely! DECIMATE have a bright future ahead of them and if they keep the flame burning and the innovative, fresh ideas rushing in their heads, British hardcore will be a force to be reckoned with! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................8,0


“At Least We Will Die Together” CD OSMOSE The cover artwork of the CD was the first thing that really impressed me - a couple, kissing each other and everyone has put a gun into the other’s head. A very good combination with the title “At Least We Will Die Together” - author is Lasse Hoile who has worked on some of PORCUPINE TREE’s covers too. Otherwise ALLFADER are from Norway and this is their debut where you’ll hear a solid mix of Swedish Gothenburg-sounding Death Metal sound and the cold Black Metal of the Norwegian scene. The tracks vary from melodic, gloomy ones (“This Blackened Heart”) to aggressive attacks like “Hate is My Creed”. The guys in ALLFADER handle their instruments pretty well, the vocalist John Andersen shows a good range of vocals - grunts, screams and decent clean singing. The production is on a high level - producer is Jacob Hansen from Denmark. “At Least We Will Die Together” is a remarkable debut and I’m sure we will hear much more from ALLFADER in the future. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Infected Brain” CD Self-Released INFECTED BRAIN come from Germany and in their self-titled debut you can hear twelve grenades of solid Death Metal influenced by the early works of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY, DEICIDE, etc. The sound is on a very good level, the playing is tight and obviously we have some experienced musicians here. Hopefully the guys will find a proper label soon because their music deserves it. Death Metal freaks - check this one out! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,5


“Corpse Kingdom” CD COGUMELO The band was founded in 1999, influenced by names such as CARCASS and CANNIBAL

CORPSE. Since then, they have followed their style of absolute sonic brutality. It took them almost 4 years to release this first longplayer, but it was well-worth the wait for all the curious grinders worldwide. Ten tracks in less than 30 minutes - grind core in the Brazilian way. Check it out! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Sorrow Infinite and Darkness” CD DARK ESSENCE Well, sometimes, one could be misled by the cover artwork. Such is the case here with NIDINGR. I was sure that this is the next hyper low quality, deep Underground Black Metal release, but was pleasantly surprised by the professional sound these guys had! Yes, “Sorrow Infinite and Darkness” is their debut album, but the 10 featured songs strike with prominent class and brutality. Perhaps there is the parallel in sounding with DARK FUNERAL, but on the whole NIDINGR sound more brutal, in the Death Metal sense. The band features Teloch in its ranks, who is a member of ORCUSTUS and GORGOROTH’s live guitarist. In conclusion I could say that this is not in any way an unique album, but it is surely played with conviction and would please every fan of the black arts. Stoyan Tsonev......................................................8,0


“Inanimately Soundless” MCD THE SPEW Judging from the name of this Boston-based band, we’re not talking about ordinary Metal here. And so it is - TYAG attack with brutal mix of Death/Grind (DEVOURMENT, MALIGNANCY...) and twisted structures in the vein of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. The band has one full-length behind their backs - “Slowly Peeling the Flesh from the Inside Of a Folded Hand” from 2005 and this “Inanimately Soundless” is an 8-song EP following the debut. The tracks are played tight and straightforward, the skills of the guys are obvious, the vocals of Devon Wedge are deep and fierce. TYAG will please everyone who’s craving for some extreme yet non-standard music. Definitely a band to look for! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“The Harder, The Better: Vol. 11” CD TURKEY VULTURE Records It is a compilation of the guys that regularly charge the spam filters of everybody around with e-mail promotion of their projects. Not bad, some very good bands were hidden amongst the names of INHUMAN, NOBIS, NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS, NO CLASS CITIZEN, BAR WHORE, MARY’S CUNT, DAMN THE DAWN, A.F.S., DRAGHEAD, MALON MISCHIEF & VIGOBONN, THE URIE CIRCLE, TIMESCAPE ZERO, DEAD ENVY, RICTUS GRIN, SAVANNAH, WARFARE, SOLEM VOW, THE CRETINS, HEAD SLING, NOCTOPHYLE, U.S. POLICE STATE, FLEE THIS ROOM, HERETICS IN THE VATICAN, THE BLISSETTS, ANGRY MINDED and LOST SOUL. I just wonder about the total lack of info about n the bands on the CD cover. It really kills such compilations. Not very good, but not very bad either... Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................4,0


“Drowned In Questions” CD COPRO England is known for its Gothic Metal bands, but here is one of the good exceptions – the debut album by APPARITION. The interesting thing here is the two, yes TWO female vocalists, who are without a doubt quite attractive ladies. Their vocal capabilities, which are no less important, are good too, even if not as spectacular as of their colleagues from LACUNA COIL or THE GATHERING. I found the production a bit muddy and here is what needs to be significantly improved for the next release. The keyboards are nice and not obtrusive, the songs are memorable, but the guitars

and rhythm section are lost in the mix. Try to book a decent studio and boost the sound next time, OK? Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................6,5


“The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here” CD FERRET Recorded by Steve Albini (NIRVANA, NEUROSIS, THE PIXIES), this album compiles the dark and the metallic sides of the previous recordings into a screaming mess, shouted into your innocent face. What started ages ago as a Christian Metal band, turned 15 years later into a modern HC/Metal band, appreciated by acts like TRIVIUM, AS I LAY DYING, FALL OUT BOY and many others as influence. Intense and up-to-date, this band has something to say. Listen to it! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“God Has a Plan For Us All” CD LISTENABLE Quite an intriguing project here - ANGTORIA is the new band of Sarah Jane Ferridge known better in the Metal world as Sarah Jezebel Deva, the female voice of CRADLE OF FILTH, COVENANT, THERION, MORTIIS, etc. and the guitar player of ABYSSOS Chris Rehn. Guest musicians are Dave Pybus on bass (CRADLE OF FILTH), John Henrikson (MY OWN GRAVE) on drums and Tommy Rehn (MOAHNI MOAHNA) on guitars. The music is catchy and pleasant to listen to, I guess even people not into Metal may like this. Sarah’s voice is above all of course, together with the orchestral keyboards while the guitars and drums are more laid back. Some of the most impressive tracks are “Original Sin (The Devil’s Waiting In The Wing) where Sarah’s making a duet with the vocalist of MY DYING BRIDE Aaron Stainthorpe, the THERION-like “Deity of Disgust” with the firm voice of Martin Hagstrom (MOAHNI MOAHNA), the gentle “That’s What the Wise Lady Said”, the stunning cover of Kylie Minogue (yeah, the aussie pop-star) “Confide In Me”... Actually there’s no weak track here, they all possess a high quality. The dramatic and mature voice of Sarah gives a special feeling to every song. I’m sure about the success of this album since I don’t believe that music of such quality will remain unnoticed. Tsvetan Rachev.................................................9,0


“Hell & Heaven” MCD KHAEOTICA Productions With this new MCD, the Portuguese band GOD, introduces us to a change in their style and sound. Formerly known as a Gothic Metal band, now “Hell & Heaven” showcases 5 songs in the Viking Metal genre, with aggressive arrangements and epic atmosphere. The productions is not bad, the vocals are mostly harsh, with some more melodic exceptions. My personal opinion is that GOD need to implement more personality and originality in their songs, because their ideas sound a bit inconsistent and chaotic here. Probably for the next fulllength CD, their concept will be properly presented. Stoyan Tsonev......................................................6,0


“Pathogen” CD MAD LION I had the chance to see this Polish outfit back in 2006 in Bucharest where they played together with SINISTER and I was blown away by their power! PARRICIDE are one of the oldest and still active bands in Poland with demo tapes since 1992. “Pathogen” is their fourth full-length album and in case you are into brutal Death/Grind this one will surely make you move. The riffs are solid and brutal, the drumming is crazy and vocalist Jukasz Zalnoc grunts like a dying ogre. The production is on a good level,

only the sound of the snare drum could have been better. The fourteen bombs here (plus intro and outro) are destined to become favourites to the fans of extreme music. “Pathogen” ends with a cover of BENEDICTION’s “Subconscious Terror” played twice faster and heavier. Being one of the oldest and hard-working bands in Poland, PARRICIDE deserve respect for what they do. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Til the Last Breath” MCD COPRO SCARECROWN is the second band we received from Copro for this issue, which has a female vocalist. This is an interesting thing to see in the British Metal scene. The style here, in this debut MCD is very close to mid-period THE GATHERING and LACUNA COIL, but what I didn’t like is the “suffocated” sound and production. Perhaps the budget for recording was limited, but with this sound quality, I can only wonder about the real potential of the five songs. The vocals are good however and so is the overall impression of the compositions. The melodies are memorable and the song structure is well thought of. The cover artwork is also nice. Keep the good work and find a decent studio and producer for the next album! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Eventuality” CD EARACHE I was kind of surprised to hear this one was on Earache. Heavily influenced by bands like CYNIC, PESTILENCE or ATHEIST, they do their own kind of Progressive Metal, loaded with extra Thrash Metal to make it sound heavier. The second album for these Australian lads, very well played, still a bit clichéd. I heard the first one was rather different, so it is me probably, missing the connection. The CD has one of these hidden tracks, after 20 minutes of silence. Thrash on, boys! There is something in there… Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Invert Absolute” CD PRIME CUTS THE FUROR come from Perth, Australia and with their debut “Invert Absolute” they deliver nine tracks of furious Black Metal. The thing that makes THE FUROR stand out in the sea of similar bands is the fact that their drummer Disaster is also their vocalist - I guess their concerts should be an interesting experience. Otherwise the music is constructed of pretty standard Black Metal riffs and harsh screams with some epic singing at places. There’s nothing special about “Invert Absolute” but in case you’re curious what Australian Black Metal is, you can give an ear to THE FUROR. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................5,5


“Aporia” CD COPRO It may seem to some that the so-called new wave of American Heavy Metal /NWOAHM/ is on the downfall, but, as strange as it is, the style already has its devout followers in Europe. Such is the case with FOREVER NEVER, who come from Essex, in the good ol’ England. Well, the guys have decided to try their strengths in the style so-well developed by KILLSWITCH ENGAGED, LAMB OF GOD, GOD FORBID and TRIVIUM. I have nothing against that, but an album like “Aporia” is far away from the latest releases of the aforementioned, not to mention the otherworldly class of the latest offerings from MASTODON and THE END. However, this is only the debut album by FOREVER NEVER and it deserves my admiration, just because of the balls to try and compete on this well-populated stylistic market. The music is good, the vocals are varied and wellperformed and the production is excellent. Let’s hope that the second offering from these English lads will delve deeper into

more original and self-distinctive territory. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,5


“Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men” CD RELAPSE Named after a homosexual politician, HARVEY MILK came to make a trend in the very early 90s. At those times, they formed in Athens, Georgia. Heavily influenced by the 80s noise scene and bands like JESUS LIZARD and the stuff put out on SST, they soon attracted the attention of the fans and the media. This double CD has their “Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men” from 1995 and the second CD is a live performance from 1996. Beautiful and difficult to grasp, dark and heavy, for fans of MELVINS, SWANS, NEUROSIS… This kind of stuff…you either love it or hate it. I just review it. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Hexaeon” CD DARK ESSENCE Crushing! This word describes best the impact which the sixth album of AETERNUS will have on you if you dare to hear it. One of the most unique Norwegian bands is back with a great blend of dark riffs, furious drumming and the remarkable voice of frontman Ares. AETERNUS haven’t betrayed their roots but one can find in “Hexaeon” some new elements like the epic singing of Ares at places. The production is on a great level and it can’t be anything else since Pytten is the producer and Grieghallen is the place. “Hexaeon” is AETERNUS’ debut for Dark Essence and I’m sure it will have a great response from fans and critics worldwide. A stunning release! Tsvetan Rachev.................................................9,0


“Conquest” CD SEMPITERNAL MALAS from Chicago now unleash this hell of a debut album upon the unsuspecting audience. “Conquest” epitomizes what classic Thrash and Death metal are all about. If you miss the days when POSSESSED, SODOM, SARCOFAGO and CELTIC FROST created darkness in our souls, then you should check out MALAS. The sound is as it should be – raw, with a thundering wall of guitars and insane solos in every song. The cover layout and design is not so good, but who cares – music is what matters here! Speed, aggression, and true devotion from the musicians – it is all present here. The past is alive – MALAS is the living proof! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................8,0


“The Dead Still Dance” CASKET MUSIC It is one of the bands that impressed me. Quite unpredictably! Formed by ex-PSYCHOSQUAD in 2004, this is the first album of the band, which sounds unexpectedly fresh and interesting. A good fusion of Punk and Metal with exotic and dark influences; some tracks even reminded me of the NEW MODEL ARMY or some of the Seattle bands in the early 90s. Very tight production. Not all tracks make it to the tops, but it is an excellent first album! They played as support to a lot of bands including ANTHRAX, THE DAMNED, LIFT TO EXPERIENCE, MOTORHEAD, BACKYARD BABIES... Good luck to these lads! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“Opus Genitalia” CUDGEL “Anal Sex - The Smart Choice for Your Future” was the phrase in one of the introductions in “Opus Genitalia” that made me laugh for a whole week. The Portuguese HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL deliver without mercy their second “opus” after


“Sublime Massacre Corporeo” in 2002. The content of this CD is 18 brutal Death/Grind attacks with blasting drumming, simple and aggressive riffs and guttural voice telling stories of sodomy, necrophilia and brutal murders. All lyrics are in Portuguese but one doesn’t need to know the language in order to understand what those tracks deal with. The cover artwork has already been banned in Germany - we aren’t talking about happyhippie stuff here. All fans of REGURGITATE, GUT, GENERAL SURGERY - make sure to hear “Opus Genitalia”. The strange remixes at the end will make your ears bleed! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Threshold of Revelation” CD SEASON OF MIST American power Metallers TWELFTH GATE impressed my greatly with their debut “Summoning” that came out through Crash Music in 2003. Now with a new solid label behind their backs, TWELFTH GATE strikes again with “Threshold of Revelation”. When I say power metal, I mean the sound of the American school – NEVERMORE, SYMPHONY X, ICED EARTH. The second album of TWELFTH GATE continues in this direction, but the songs are more complicated, the guitars are much more down tuned and the overall sound picture is more brutal. This album is difficult to understand from the first listen and requires 5 or 6 spins to get under your skin. The instrumental abilities of the musicians are impeccable and each song is very dramatic and tense in its approach to the listener. If you like Progressive power Metal played with class and wit, check out TWELFTH GATE. I was right about these guys – their best albums are to follow. Stoyan Tsonev...................................................9,0


“Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery” CD CANDLELIGHT It appears that French Black Metal scene is alive and kicking with the second full length from ETERNAL MAJESTY. The style reminds me a lot of EMPEROR’s immortal classic “In The Nightside Eclipse” and I suppose that the aim of the band was exactly this – to reproduce even to a small extent the magical feeling of this Black Metal cornerstone. I should admit that “Wounds of Hatred and Slavery” is a capable record and has its moments. The “dungeon” atmosphere of the Norwegian bands from the early 90’s is well reproduced and the songs are convincing with their straight-to-the point aggressiveness. The album kept me intrigued until the last minute and this is a good sign for a Black Metal band. The pace varies from mid-tempo melodic passages to 100 mph blastbeats and total mayhem. Good! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,5


“Bloodline” CD PRIME CUTS Australia’s PATHOGEN are formed back in 1995 and after two demos (“Tyranny of Hatred” from 1996 and “Nightfall” from 1998) and numerous line-up problems, the band finally reaches the point of releasing their first CD - “Bloodline”. Their music is midtempo melodic Death Metal with acoustic moments and Doom passages. There are influences from the early works of OPETH, DARK TRANQUILITY and the first records of ANATHEMA. This is far from bad but at some point “Bloodline” becomes boring since there are 13 tracks, some of them really long. The production is on a good level, the guitars’ sound could have been more powerful though. Anyway, PATHOGEN’s debut doesn’t lack quality and those into more melodic stuff will probably love it! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Son Of Sulphur” CD EARACHE Call it grind, death, tech-core, metalcore or deathcore. I will call it CROWPATH. The Swedish act established its name as one


of the more extreme bands on Earache these days. The new album has everything inside of the above-mentioned extreme styles mixed in one - a typical CROWPATH trademark. Love it or leave it! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................7,0


“V – Silver Swan” CD DRAKKAR This was one of the most surprising releases to receive a promo of in Brutallica Magazine. QNTAL have NOTHING to do with Metal, all the less with BRUTAL Metal. So what’s the point in sending such a promo to a magazine like Brutallica? OK, I will try to give a picture of what to expect. The band was found in 1991 and this is their fifth album. The style is folklore music, with a lot of ambient melodies, female vocals (of course) and traditional instruments and percussions. The music in “V – Silver Swan” brings to mind bands such as ENYA and DEAD CAN DANCE, but has a lot more folk-ish feeling. If by chance you are looking for some ambient, calm music to play to your girlfriend and mislead her about the true music you like (ha-ha!), then give this a chance. Stoyan Tsonev...........................................................?


“Thousands Of Dead Gods” PACRAC THE RITA is a Canadian harsh noise project that started in 1996. THE RITA’s influences include Italian Giallo films, Great White and Bull sharks, the Gillman, lake/sea monsters, and the female posterior. This CD is a wild one-track journey into a wall of noise. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................1,0


“Elementary” CD RELAPSE The third album of Canadians THE END crushed me with its power. Can you imagine music that sound as energetic as MOTORHEAD, as mind-engaging as MASTODON and hypnotizing with the magic of NEUROSIS? “Elementary” is something like this but also a lot more, because this is an album of this rare breed, which makes you play it again and again, every time revealing new soundscapes and horizons before the listener. There are both alternative rock and psychedelic here, as well as very heavy and crushing guitars, bringing to mind associations with the new wave of American Heavy Metal. It will be hard for me to describe the feast of sound, which will attack you from the speakers once you play the new THE END, but I can bet from now, that “Elementary” is an album to be spoken about a long time from now. I forgot to mention that the vocals are not these irritating shouts, associated with the bands from the “new wave”, but on the contrary – really expressive. I strongly recommend you this album – this is music that will keep you “aware” for along time. It’s needless to say that the sound is killer. Meet your new favourite band – THE END is here! Stoyan Tsonev.........................................10


“Fatal Design” CD SPIKEFARM The fifth album of Finland’s ENTWINE doesn’t offer any surprises – once again on display are some good Gothic Metal songs. I noticed this band from their start with the qualitative music they make and “Fatal Design” is no exception. Good Gothic Metal is made of strong melodies, a singer who actually CAN sing, good production and the right amount of heaviness – all these elements are present here. I have just one small remark: if ENTWINE would like to rise above average status and compete with genre luminaries as CREMATORY and PARADISE LOST, they should pay more attention to

one crucial thing and it is – CATCHINESS! Yes, the melody lines are good and pleasant to hear, but in order to stick in your mind, a song should have that magical ingredient – call it catchiness or just the talent of the composer. Maybe they need more time. We will see. One thing is certain – ENTWINE have released another solid album. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Concealed” CD ADIPOCERE Canada did it again! After CRYPTOPSY, NEURAXIS, QUO VADIS and GORGUTS, it’s time for another technical and aggressive Death Metal miracle - AUGURY. Formed in 2001 by the classical guitarist Mathiue Marcotte and the bass master of QUO VADIS Dominic Laponte, AUGURY present to the world their first CD “Concealed”. Magnificent musicianship, unordinary song-structures and heavy sound are the main features in this album. AUGURY’s music includes elements of the psychopathic twists of CYNIC, the cosmic-atmosphere of EMPEROR, the symphonic sound of THERION (mainly because of the pleasant soprano of Arianne Fleury) and the fierce grinding of NILE. “Concealed” is quite a rich and complex piece of art and the instrumental skills of those guys are enviable. The lyrics deserve to be mentioned - sophisticated and philosophical as the music itself. Don’t waste your time on mediocre bands - go and get this album or you’ll miss one of the best extreme exports from Canada in recent years. Tsvetan Rachev.................................................9,0


“Seers Of Decay” CD FREAK ANIMAL

This is a good-looking release of more or less the complete noise-graphy of GRUNT. If you don’t know them, it is harsh powerelectronics from Finland. Interesting stuff for people that like it. It is like a wrestling championship of heavy-weight robots, falling apart after each strike. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................2,0


“Venganza” CD MORIBUND At first look on the line-up, the Mexican band HACAVITZ is notable for that it features vocalist/guitarist Antimo Buonnano (DEMONIZED, BLOODREAPING, ex-DISGORGE). “Venganza” is a debut album from the guys and the style described in the info is Death Metal. I must admit that they have done an amazing job with “Venganza” – some of the things we like most about MORBID ANGEL and IMMOLATION are present in the music of HACAVITZ as well, the album being a full-on whirlwind of demonic riffing, rhythm section that annihilates everything in its way and very, very solid songs. The general atmosphere of the album reminds me a lot of MORBID ANGEL’s “Altars Of Madness” or IMMOLATION’s “Here In After”. Brutality is skillfully combined with capable songwriting and jaw-dropping musicianship, to create a landmark Death Metal album such as “Venganza”. There is only one thing I didn’t like about this album – the vocals of Antimo are too low in the mix and are drowned by the wall of sound. I am sure this will be corrected in the next release. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................8,0


“Breathe With Hatred” CD BLACKSMITH Productions NEFORMAT is one of the youngest Russian bands that claim the right to enter the

international Metal circles with their first album. Released on the Blacksmith label, it has attracted a good amount of fans and supporters. Good and technical Death/ Thrash, the Kazakhstan way!!! There are obvious traces of bands like SEPULTURA, SLAYER and MEGADETH, but there is more to it, a strong personal touch, that the NEFORMAT guys add to their music. Support the cause! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................8,0


“Killing Peace” CD CANDLELIGHT It is really hard not to be skeptical with all these reunions these days. Now, the pride of the British Thrash scene – ONSLAUGHT – are together again and offer us a brand new album. I played the disc with some fear of being disappointed. I like this band so much that I wouldn’t have forgiven them something that is not up to the class of the old stuff. What can I say - “Killing Peace” simply ran me over like a German tank! Such a great Thrash, with so many memorable riffs, making you headband with mad stare, is not heard often. Only SLAYER, EXODUS and KREATOR succeed in doing something really qualitative in the Thrash scene during the last 6-7 years. The new ONSLAUGHT however, will surely shake the hegemony of those bands, because this album is a true riff-grinder! In sounding, “Killing Peace” reminds me a lot of the first two EXODUS albums – the same straightforwardness and fanatical spite in the composition and performance of the songs is present here too. All songs are great and it is impossible to distinguish one above the others. Form the KREATOR-like riff of “A Prayer For The Dead” to the SLAYER-y intro of “Twisted Jesus”, ONSLAUGHT bombard us with all that we like about Thrash in the first place. Albums like this remind me why I started listening Thrash Metal years ago. Just listen to the mind-blowing massacre of the closing track “Shock & Awe” and you will see what I am talking about. It will be really hard to hear a better Thrash album this year. CLASSIC! Stoyan Tsonev...................................................10


“Axiom” CD CANDLELIGHT I have always been a fan of Progressive Metal and my expectations for the debut albums of Norway’s ANSUR were very high. These high expectations proved to have been justified, because “Axiom” is one hell of an album, with so much MUSIC inside that it’s really difficult for the listener to grasp all ideas from just a few spins. The album could be compared to a mixture of CYNIC and NEUROSIS, with really ominous atmosphere and melodies that imply some impending dread. The musicianship is top class and so is the production, which is a bit surprising, having in mind the fact that the album was produced in ANSUR’s own studio! The vocals are murky, buried deep in the mix, but this was done with intention and contributes the general dark atmosphere. These guys will impress even more in the future, so watch out! Stoyan Tsonev..................................................9,0


“Blindfolded Eyes” CD MEDUSA Here we have one interesting Black Metal band from Germany - HATRED DIVINE. Interesting because the drummer is our Bulgarian compatriot Dimo Dimov a.k.a. Svarrog known also from other projects. “Blindfolded Eyes” is a decent melodic Black Metal album where the keyboards play the main role in the music. There are influences from EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, CATAMENIA and if you like the sound of those bands, you’ll most probably like HATRED DIVINE too. Their music isn’t something unique but is far from bad either. Tsvetan Rachev..................................................7.0  


“20 Years of Noise 1985 – 2005” CD SCARLET Scarlet Records was the reason for me to get acquainted with this legendary Italian Thrash band. Some years ago they sent us a promo of the re-issued classic “Into The Macabre” and I found out that Italy is not only the land of the countless melodic power Metal bands but also the country where this evil band was born 22 years ago. This is a compilation that contains two tracks from each of NECRODEATH’s 5 studio albums except the latest one ”100% Hell” as well as track from their demo “The Shining Pentagram” and a cover of “Black Sabbath”. What you can expect is evil, raw sounding Thrash Metal in the vein of early KREATOR and SODOM, but really aggressive and fast. This is a band that should be in your collection if you like the classic 80’s Thrash. It is interesting that a lot of Black Metal bands point NECRODEATH as an influence, which is an evidence of how important this band is. This compilation comes in a digipack with 12-page booklet. Enjoy! Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................8,0


“Awaked By Impurity Rites” CD DYING MUSIC / WEIRD TRUTH SANCTIFIER are true veterans in the Underground scene of Brazil they are formed in 1989 and after numerous demo releases and some split CDs, the band finally releases its debut full-length “Awaked By Impurity Rites”. Those five guys are mature musicians and play tight and straightforward Death Metal with occult lyrics. Their sound reminds IMMOLATION to some extent mainly because there’s a similarity between the voices of Daniel Guerra and Ross Dollan. The production is on a very good level comparing it to most South American bands. “Awaked By Impurity Rites” is an album above average and deserves the attention of every Dark/Death Metal fan. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Evolution Hour” CD CANDLELIGHT PAGANIZE is the next project workaholic drummer Trym (ZYKLON, EMPEROR, BLOOD TSUNAMI) is involved in. This time the style of the band is classic 80’s Heavy Metal in the vein of HELSTAR, VICIOUS RUMORS and maybe early QUEENSRYCHE. The debut CD “Evolution Hour” makes good impression with the excellent vocals by Geir Fredheim (who also sings for WINTERSTRAIN) and crisp, powerful production. The opening song “The Hour”, for example, is a perfect example of how progressive power Metal should sound. The remaining 9 songs in the CD are also very strong and somehow remind me of the 90’s project of James Rivera DESTINY’S END. All in all, the fans of qualitative and professionally performed Heavy Metal will not be disappointed by PAGANIZER, even though “Evolution Hour” does not showcase any exceptional originality. Let’s see what the second album will be. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Bubba Luciferi” CD LIFESTAGE After DEAD INFECTION and SQUASH BOWELS, the next Polish Grindcore assault carries the name of NEUROPATHIA. After two albums (“Graveyard Cowboys” and “Satan Is A Cunt”) it’s time for the third attack - “Bubba Luciferi”. NEUROPATHIA play groovy Grindcore in the vein of BLOOD DUSTER or ISACAARUM with some extreme Black Metal passages inspired by IMPALED NAZARENE. The sound is powerful and clean - very good work from the producers. NEUROPATHIA have also released a DVD in 2006 which will be quite enjoyable to watch, I guess. If Grindcore is your poison, check this band out satisfaction guaranteed. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“UNSU” CD LISTENABLE LYZANXIA put on display here some really crunchy Thrash riffs, varied song structures and impressive soloing. “UNSU” happens to be their third album and once again the producer is no other than Fredrik Nordstrom (IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED). The sound is perfect and the band performs like a welloiled machine, but there is one thing I didn’t like. The specific use of two different types of dueling vocals is not my cup of tea and places LYZANXIA closer to the Metalcore scene than to the classic Thrash one. However, some of you might like this. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................7,0


“Sick Sense” CD ARMAGEDDON MUSIC An Aussie band, recording their album in Canada and releasing it via German label - that’s the consecutive example of today’s globalization. TOURETTES SYNDROME are fronted by the enigmatic lady Michele Madden who shows a great variety of vocals - from decent, angry, almost Death Metal growls to clean and melancholic singing. The music is a qualitative crossover of different styles - ALICE IN CHAINS-like Alternative (“Novena”), groovy PANTERA-like tracks (“Longline”), moshing parts, Death Metal bursts (“Nola”), some Industrial passages... it’s variable and it works. TOURETTES SYNDROME have already played on Wacken Open Air in 2006 and they are establishing their name in Europe. Michelle Madden’s voice is remarkable and so is her stage presence judging by some pictures on their MySpace profile. This is a band with future and only time will tell how far they can reach. Look out for them! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Bifrost” CD NO COLOURS More Black Metal for my dark soul…ELITE come from Norway to present us their second album entitled for short “Bifrost”. Eight songs created in the vein of the style – a deadly hatred to Christianity! Just what we need! ELITE is quite a young band (formed in 2001) but even now you can feel their big potential – promising. Black Metal maniacs, check for this, there are good reasons for it! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“The EP years + live audio terror” CD POWER IT UP This is not a new studio album of the German Grind/Crust maniacs. As the title hinted this CD is a collection of the long sold out vinyl EP releases of the band + 20 tracks recorded live during the Giant Of Grind I Fest (2004). The featured tracks are from the following EPs: split EP with FUCK I’M DEAD released by No Escape records (2001), split with EXHUMED released by Deadly Art Records (2000), split with MAGRUDEGRIND released by Regurgitate Semen Records (2005), split with MECHANICAL SEPARATION released by Rescued From Life Records (2006). There is also one unreleased song - “Sewing Lampshades” which is exclusive for this release. The CD is a real jewel for all those fans who have missed the vinyl version, plus there is a decent live recording to feel the real mood of their shows. Diehard grindcore maniacs won’t avoid this release. Chavdar Tzachkov...............................................6,0


“The Workhorse Chronicles” DVD RELAPSE This DVD of MASTODON marks the years spent in Relapse Records and the rise of this genius band to what it is now – the leading force among the young bands that crated the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal. After four releases on Relapse, now MASTODON capitalize on what they have achieved together with that great label with “The Workhorse Chronicles” – a fantastic collection of three videos (“March of the Fire Ants”,“Iron Tusk” and “Blood and Thunder”), some live footage in small clubs but with great atmosphere of intimacy, showcasing just HOW GOOD these musicians are. There is also an extended biographical material and interview footage. To sum it up – this DVD is nothing less than obligatory for every Metal fan who wants to be upto-date with one of the best bands out there. I have said it many times – for me, MASTODON are destined to become the descendants to IRON MAIDEN. In one of the interviews, drummer Brann Dailor wore a MAIDEN t-shirt – isn’t that symbolic or what? Stoyan Tsonev.................................................10





“…As Everything Is A Tragedy” CD CANDLELIGHT Oh, no, I hate reviewing such bands. Noise hardcore is a style so far away from me that I always fear that a band would be really underestimated by my review. Such is the case with COMITY – this is hardcore with a lot of noise influences, complex song structures, frenetic vocals and claustrophobic atmosphere. You should be really very open-minded to the style to get into the music of these guys. It makes good impression that there are some progressive rock touches here and there that even bring to mind some classic KING CRIMSON, but overall this is a quite extreme and inaccessible music. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................6,5 “Blue Miasma” CD NO COLOURS KRIEG (from U.S.A.) is a Black Metal project which includes guest musicians from SATANIC WARMASTER, NYKTALGIA and NACHTMYSTIUM. The songs in this fifth full-length strike (and unfortunately the last because KRIEG doesn’t exist anymore…) conquer you with the gloomy feeling they bring. There is also melody but all is made in underground sounding. You should hear that! The hatred and the war will lead to annihilation… R.I.P.! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,0

“Misologie” CD MELANCHOLIA Records Another boring album where all the songs sound just like one. Who needs super extreme Black Metal with programmed drums sounding like a crazy typewriter?! I think no one. Whatever, I must tell some words about this “phenomenon” at the Swiss scene. UNHOLY MATRIMONY as well as MIRRORTHRONE, WEEPING BIRTH and DEAFENING LONELINESS are all one-man projects of Vladimir CoChet who creates and records music in his… bedroom. As I already said there’s intolerable artificiality breathing from “Misologie”. I hope things will be different with the third album if time permits. Stefan Stefanov....................................................4,5 “Sickening Bliss” CD RELAPSE Starting in the beginning of the 90s Sweden’s REGURGITATE have never stepped aside from their style - it is and it will be furious and fucking extreme grindcore or if you prefer call it gore/grind. “Sickening Bliss” is a serial proof that these Swedes won’t give up – the album is a monstrous journey into the most extreme corners of the metallic musical genres. 26 tracks of pure grindcore madness, full of ultra speed grinding attacks, a great


variety of mesmerizing vocal improvisations (screams & growls), low tuned guitars, nuclear bass assaults and impossible to catch drums. A good surprise for me was the horrible “(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum” where I even perceived a melody. This track reminds of the latest COCK AND BALL TORTURE album with its slow and freezing tempo but the vocals are one of the most extreme I’ve ever heard. It is so good because it brings much more diversity into REGURGITATE’s music. The artwork is also very good. It’s done by the famous Orion Landau. Chavdar Tzachkov...............................................8,0


“Sabbatical Siamese Christ Beheading” Split CD WITCHHAMMER This split will give you the chance to hear how these two satanic hordes from the East sound live. First come the guys from Thailand – SURRENDER OF DIVINITY. This blasphemous trio presents itself with six songs and one of them is a cover of CELTIC FROST (“Dethroned Emperor”). SABBAT is one of the oldest Japanese extreme bands. The band has formed back in 1983. A total cult in the motherland and not only there! They have eminent discography including twelve full-length albums and here we don’t count the demos, the EP’s, splits and their numerous concert albums. With their specific style SABBAT sound just like the Japanese equivalent of VENOM. Pure Underground and Black Metal sounding from the 80’s! Stefan Stefanov....................................................6,5


“Reflections Of Fire – The Journey” CD WALK Records One of the releases, that I am happy to review for this issue! SILENT KINGDOM was formed in the beginning of 1999 as a side project of Sead Tafro - drums and Amir Hadzic - guitars. After a couple of demos, they attracted the attention of the international Metal media. The band comes from Bosnia and this is their new album, recorded for Walk Records. Interesting mixture of evil Black Metal with loads of oriental rhythms and complex progressive-like structures of the songs. The vocals remind me of the earliest KREATOR albums, while the music has definite folk influences, Only listen to “Trinity Of Gods” and experience the brilliant fusion of Balkan folk and evil Metal. I will write to the label and ask for their other albums, as this one got me really interested!!! Ivailo Tonchev...............................................10


“…On The Way Of The Hunting Moon” CD MELANCHOLIA Records The Hungarians BORNHOLM already have a brand new album from this year but now I will pay attention to their previous creation. “…On The Way Of The Hunting Moon” is recorded in 2003 and has been released in 2005 through the French label Melancholia Records. This is a good and high-quality Black Metal album with plenty of melody. It is worth to hear it…The lyrics are based on pagan and historical themes. So, I put BORNHOLM amongst my favourite Hungarian bands, together with the unique SEAR BLISS. I am absolutely sure that the new “March For Glory And Revenge” will be an even better album than this one!... Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“Deliberation” MCD PEACEVILLE Last time I heard KATATONIA, they were much harder and more Metal than this. A few years later and this mini CD comes as a surprise. Alternative Gothic Metal, almost grunge-like choruses (“Code Against the Code” - the new track in this mini CD) and very gentle guitar sound. The release features 1 new track, one remix and the title track, plus a video version of it. Very nice digipack and good artwork. It is strange how


all these great bands of the 90s found new sounds and ways to develop in the 90s. I am not sure that I will spin it again, but even hearing it once was good. I will wait a while to play it again. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Attack on the Crucified” CD BLASPHEMOUS UNDERGROUND If you are thirsty for primitive old school Black Metal bursting with malice and hatred to Christianity, then DOM DRACUL is just for you! This one-man project came into existence in ’98 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The diabolic person which stays behind this all carries the nickname Lord Therramon (all music & lyrics). Nine songs played in the name of Satan and the last song is a cover of BATHORY’s “You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give A Fuck)”. I have a recommendation for you –play “Attack on the Crucified” first and then go and set the next church on fire! Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,0


“And The Sky Turns To Black” CD DYING Records They are one of the older Brazilian bands, originally called DEATH CULT. They are fast and Brazilian in the old SEPULTURA / KRUISUN way. This album ranges from fast thrashy riffs to slow doomy riffs, while their earlier work was non-stop fast paced. It is truly old-school styled Death/Thrash with some Black Metal components – a reserved trademark for the Brazilian bands. Good! Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................7,0


“Dwelling Lifeless” CD NO COLOURS I’ve been searching for a long time to hear something like STERBEND, so I’m glad I found just that band. The debut “Dwelling Lifeless” (with duration over one hour!) will send you to your darkest emotions. Slow-to-average speed Black Metal casting gloom and suicidal depression on you. There are episodic inclusions of ghostly keyboard passages but most interesting are the vocals (the type of “Jormundgand” – era of the Norwegian monsters HELHEIM) screaming and squealing in agony, bringing despair and endless doom. Almost all of the members of another interesting band – NYKTALGIA take part in this German band too. Stefan Stefanov..............................................8,0


“Takte Morbid” CD VOLIAC ROCK ENTROPIA are a Spanish (or Catalonian) Death Metal band with loads of grind influences. This is their 6th release, actually the first 5 have been DIY tapes and CD-Rs, that were spread in limited quantities amongst the fans of the band. This is their first professional release for 10 years of existence. You can hear some quality Death/Grind Metal in the vein of NAPALM DEATH or INHUMATE, with a strong social touch in their lyrics… Ivailo Tonchev.................................................6,0


“In the Presence of a Dread Magician” CD BLACKMETAL.COM An ordinary US band which couldn’t impress me with anything… SIN ORIGIN is formed in ’99 in Ohio and after two demos and a split with VELONNIC SIN now it’s time for them to present us their debut album. It contains four tracks including intro and outro) with an average length of 15 min each – I can’t see a reason why should they be so long and the lyrics too – fuck, it’s just as if I’m watching a short tales collection and they have even printed them backwards (I don’t think I will stay behind the mirror so I can read them, no thanks!...). I can only say that the sound is OK but I personally prefer another kind of Black Metal. Stefan Stefanov...............................................5,5


“Zealot” CD Self Released Born in Ireland, PRIMAL DAWN have released their first CD on their own and that is a true masterpiece of brutality. Four tracks, 16 minutes of sheer Black/Death Metal, dark and chaotic, with slaughtering guitar sound. Think of early MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, MAYHEM, BOLT THROWER… Ivailo Tonchev......................................................6,0


“The Shadows Eternal Call” CD UNDERCOVER This German band was born in ’95 with the name TOTENREICH. Four years later it’s changed to the present GRAVEN. “The Shadows Eternal Call” is the second album in this trio’s discography – eight sinister hymns presented in raw Black Metal style. Misanthropic and quite gloomy but I wouldn’t say unique. Only for fanatics who know the feeling of hatred burning in their black souls. Stefan Stefanov....................................................5,0


“Modern Plagues” CD Self Released SINDIOS (not to be mistaken with the Spanish anarcho-punk with the same name) hail from Seattle and have nothing to do with grunge. It is a band formed by some Mexican guys. Rodolfo (Bass) has played in Mexican legends THE CHASM and CENOTAPH, Eddie (guitars) played in many bands around Mexico like PACTUM, BLOODSOAKED, AK-47, WARCRY and MAKINA. Jaison (drums) still plays with his band SEVERHEAD. Intense and technical Metal, with Thrash tunes and some Black Metal styled vocals with very complex arrangements: sort of Progressive Metal with more extreme edge. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Sic Bellum Incipit” CD TFM ZABURON is a young Death Metal band coming from Italy. Their music is fast, technical and melodic. You can feel a progressive touch in some moments of the songs. These moments make the overall atmosphere more pleasurable. The lyrics reveal brutal aspects from the human life. “Sic Bellum Incipit” dates from 2003 and it’s self-released by the band but in 2004 the Dutch label Two Fat Men released in too. There are prospects for ZABURON so we will watch what they will do in future… Stefan Stefanov....................................................6,5


“Blindfolded Eyes” CD CYCLONE EMPIRE MIRROR OF DECEPTION is the band of Jochen Fopp guitarist and creator of the Doom festival “Doom Shall Rise”. This is one of the oldest German Doom bands with three albums under their belts and numerous demo recordings. “Shards” is built upon 10 long compositions of heavy riffs, slow tempo and moaning vocals. Michael Sifferman’s voice isn’t my cup of tea but for the Doom style it’s OK I guess. Those of you who like COUNT RAVEN, SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE or slow music in general should like these “Shards”. I personally prefer my music faster... Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Antebellum Death ‘n’ Roll” CD OSMOSE As the title tells we should expect some kind of Death‘n’Roll. I immediately have in my mind PUNGENT STENCH but this music is far away from theirs. PHAZM are actually

four perverted Frenchmen who now give us their second full-length opus. Low tuned guitars and perverted vocal excesses which are filled with black humour tell us stories about zombies and necrophilia – just take a look on this album’s super funny cover and you will feel what I’m speaking of. Death ‘n’ Roll mixed with Doom Metal - this is PHAZM, although they have some non-standard conceptions like using mouthorgan in some of the songs (the guest musician Frank Delmasure is to be thanked for it). So, prepare for the necrophile party! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“Pro Patria Finlandia” CD OSMOSE The Nuklear Godz are back! IMPALED NAZARENE take their fire arsenal out again and shoot us with all the 14 tracks from their brand new masterpiece “Pro Patria Finlandia” (in translation from Latin “For Fatherland Finland”)! This 9th album of the band is released by the French label Osmose Productions again. The band released a solid discography during the 17 years of its existence. What we should expect from them is the typical for Finland Black Metal mixtures with suitable amount of Punk/Death/Thrash Metal, which becomes a unique mixture of real and insane crapulent Metal! There is not a moment to rest each second IMPALED NAZARENE tear with fast and dynamic guitar riffs, intensive drumming and over all is the vocal screaming of frontman Mika! Traditionally, there is a song including the word “goat” again – this time it is “Goat Sodomy”. Fatally extreme in their conceptions of the world and ready to say “Fuck Off!!!” in the face of everyone, IMPALED NAZARENE prove again they are one of the leaders of the Finnish extreme scene! Stefan Stefanov.................................................9,0


“The Dead Shall Inherit” CD PEACEVILLE This is a re-release of Bufalo’s BAPHOMET - a legendary Death Metal band formed in 1987 and belonged to the early generation of US Death Metal. “The Dead Shall Inherit” was originally released on Deaf Records in 1992 and I’m very happy that Peaceville have sent me this nice digipack because I never found it on CD. I still have a bootleg tape for about 13-14 years. BAPHOMET (the name was later changed to BANISHED) is one of the heaviest Death Metal bands - they alternate ultra fast grinding passages with emotional mid-tempo moments, garnished with fierce deep Death Metal growls and mega heavy rhythm sections. Yes, quite vigorous brutal Death Metal performed with a lot of passion and wrath. Unfortunately after their next album “Deliver Me Unto Pain” (released in 1994), BAPHOMET disbanded and disappeared from the map. I find this idea of Peaceville to remind us of this fantastic band very good. Maybe most of the younger fans haven’t heard about them but believe me this is high-class brutal Death Metal and for me it is an honour to posses this album. Chavdar Tzachkov............................................9,0


“Advance Australia Warfare” CD PRIME CUTS As I am in my melancholic calmness THE FURROR came and took me in the all-absorbing chaos of the upcoming Armageddon. They are trying to make a war in the name of hell. This trio which was created in 2002 comes from Perth, Australia. It’s the second album for this young band and the people responsible for playing the instruments of evil are: Kill Machine (core bombardment), Disaster (dual kick atrocities and portal commands) and Warlock (axe). They have for a goal to terrorize their music instruments with no mercy and to rape us with the sound of their extreme Death/ Black Metal. The songs have dynamics but unfortunately they are a bit monotonous

– I say this after I have carefully listened to “Advance Australia Warfare” several times in a row but didn’t remember anything. In the disc you will also find a video of the song “Thrive on War”. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................5,5

funny mockeries with famous songs. Too chaotic, right, but what can you expect from people with psychic digressions. I greet all fans of Michael Jackson with the track “Black Guy Pees”, ha, ha… Chavdar Tzachkov...............................................6,0



“Blast From The Past” CD KHAARANUS Grindcore since 1992 this is the slogan you’ll see when you visit their web site Yes, I remember very well NYCTOPHOBIC, they had some remarkable albums released by Morbid Records, but I’m not sure whether they are still active because their latest studio release was “Insects”, released almost 7 years ago. “Blast From The Past” is a collection of several EPs/CDs of the band as well as some unreleased tracks. First is the split 7” EP with EXHUMED followed by the split 7” EP with ENTRAILS MASSACRE. The unreleased tracks are “Inner Manipulation” and two cover versions of NAPALM DEATH’s “Deceiver” and “Kill”. The other tracks are from: “4 Ways To Misery” Split CD, “Negligenced Respect” 7” EP, split 7” EP with AGATHOCLES and the last one is “The Tomb Of Grind” 7” EP. All collectors of rare deep Underground grindcore should be in a state of rapture by this release. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................7,0


“Voices of Pagan Mountains” CD NO COLOURS The Austrian reply to GRAVELAND comes with its third full-length opus. WOODTEMPLE is a one-man project created in ’98. Aramath (Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards) is the person staying behind this all. In this album you will hear three majestic pagan hymns (plus intro, outro and one instrumental) – slow, epic, mighty – each approximately over 10 min long! WOODTEMPLE is not a band for everyone – some time is necessary until you go deep into the music and the ideas in. Darkness is coming from the pagan mountains to swallow the christian plague!!! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“A Celebration Of Guilt” CD EARACHE ARSIS are a band created by two virtuoso musicians - James Malone (vocals/guitars) and Michael Van Dyne behind the drums (the latter isn’t in the group anymore). Their debut CD “A Celebration of Guilt” was released via Willowtip Records in 2004 and re-released in Europe by Earache in 2006. “A Celebration of Guilt” is high-class technical Death Metal inspired by the old wave of Gothenburg bands - the first albums of IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY or AT THE GATES plus some of the CARCASS’ “Heartwork” era. The music is quite aggressive yet melodic at the same time and above all technical. ARSIS is an American band which can be felt by the presence of some Metalcore moments here and there. The sound is powerful and strong. Those among you into technical stuff will love this album for sure! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“One Man Sewage is Another Man’s Sammich” CD 3XM Productions What the hell is that?! Some kind of psychopathic drum-machine-driven noise/grind with some strange digressions here and there. You should definitely be an insane brain to do such a sonic punishment to yourself. If you think SEWAGE SAMMICH is a pimpled teen formation, you’re wrong - they exist since 1986 (!) and I wonder why the psychiatrist hasn’t taken them to the local psychiatry. Try to imagine a mix between the schizophrenic noise/grind of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, the perverse gore/grind of XXX MANIAK, plus some blues deviations and

“True Servants of Satan” CD SUBLIFE Productions Satan is trying to reach your wretched souls again! After thirteen years in oblivion and only one demo from ’95 now it’s time for the rebirth of this cult! The founder and the only one person from NEETZACH’s old staff, Gidim Xul, now unites his power with two famous names from the Norwegian scene – Vrangsinn (SECHT, WORLD DESTROYER, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, HATEPULSE) and Dirge Rep (ex-GORGOROTH, ex-GEHENNA, SECHT, ex-ENSLAVED, ORCUSTUS). The result of this unholy union, which gives respect to the horned one, will launch you straight in hell which actually is here on the earth. Old school Black Metal, primitive, evil and deranged, which slowly possesses your sanity and infects the body with no mercy! A-a-a-a-a-a… Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“Cloned And Enforced” CD OBSCENE There’s no way to like Czech Grindcore and not know INGROWING. The band is one of the oldest in the scene and “Clones And Enforced” is their fifth album. Don’t expect anything different than sheer Grindcore attacks, mincing riffs and angry growls. The sound is raw but every instrument is clearly audible. The lyrics deal mainly with science-fiction topics and on two tracks you can hear the dry screaming of ISACAARUM’s frontman Chymus. The infosheet defines INGROWING’s style as Cyberpunk/Grind which is a funny definition but it actually works. A very good album from one of the longest running Czech Grind brigades! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Secht” CD SUBLIFE You will not be the same after you have listened to this album. This music may derange you and it definitely will if you are brave to hear it. SECHT is the new eccentric project of two well-known names from the Norwegian scene: Vrangsinn (WORLD DESTROYED, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, NEETZACH, HATEPULSE) – guitar, bass, vocals, acoustic guitars, pump organ and Dirge Rep (ORCUSTUS, ex-GEHENNA, exENSLAVED, NEETZACH, ex-GORGOROTH) – vocals, percussion, ritual. This eponymous debut is actually one untitled song with a length of almost 38 min. Absolute madness and total satanic obsession – SECHT are improvident and have never been reserved to improvising and displaying non-standard ideas. Primitive Black Metal meets ritual Dark Ambient in an astonishing way. Here take part guest vocalists like Nocturno Culto, Nattefrost, Apollyon, Nordavind, Nag, Gaahl, Hoest etc. and they are well-known to the public because their main bands are AURA NOIR, DARKTHRONE, NEETZACH, TAAKE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, GORGOROTH, TSJUDER and more. If you wanna hear some experimental and dark stuff, check this out. True Narcotic Black Metal! Stefan Stefanov....................................................8,0


“Supreme Black Victory” CD COGUMELO Here we have a band from sunny Brazil that play melodic Black Metal influenced by the Norwegian and Finnish scenes. This style was especially popular in the mid-90’s - melodic and peeling riffs, pounding drums and atmospheric keys, screeching vocals...Those of you into CATAMENIA or GRAVEWORM will like PERPETUAL DUSK since their music

is quite similar to any one of the bands mentioned above. Unfortunately there’s nothing so special about “Supreme Black Victory”, it sounds like 100 other melodic Black Metal bands. If you don’t have enough of them already...try this CD. Tsvetan Rachev....................................................6,0


“Urminnes havd – The forest sessions” MCD DISPLEASED I owe a great excuse to all readers of this magazine who read my two reviews about MANEGARM in the previous two issues. The band is not from Norway but from Sweden, fuck… Now let’s tell you some words about this release too –this mini album is pure pleasure and delight. Entirely composed of folk songs which are played in an incredibly talented way, “Urminnes havd… “ shows us the band’s other side – you can find similar folklore performances in their previous albums, so everyone who is a fan knows what to expect. This is a farewell to Displeased Records who took MANEGARM from their first full-length album – MANEGARM are already under the wing of Black Lodge Records who have to release their next creation named “Vargstenen” on May 4th this year. But until then let’s enjoy these beautiful seven pagan hymns! Stefan Stefanov.................................................9,0


“Dispatch The Incarnation of God” CD THE FLAMING ARTS I’m not quite familiar with Belarus’ Underground scene but here they are - IRATUS DOMINUS from Minsk. The band is formed in 2002 and “Dispatch The Incarnation of God” is their debut. IRATUS DOMINUS play raw, extreme Black Metal influenced by the giants in the genre - IMMORTAL, DARKTHRONE, SATYRIKON... The sound is professional and crystal-clear. Those seven vicious tracks will freeze the soul of every true Black Metal fan. Obviously Belarus has some talented bands and IRATUS DOMINUS is one of them! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Unpolished Diamonds” CD Self Released TARTHARIA came from the nothingness and I wanna say the information I found about them is quite conflicting. The band is both Russian (St. Petersburg) and half of its members are from Finland… Whatever, now I will tell you about the music they make – it is Metal where there are many mixtures of Heavy, Death, Black, Progressive… TARTHARIA have two albums released by Crash Music and now with this third opus they hope to find a serious label to release it. The album is actually good. It is obvious that they love to experiment. The sound is perfect. The disc includes a concert clip which shows us that the band stands well on stage. For contacts: Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,0


“Reincarnated” CD PULVERIZED This Black Metal outfit was created back in the distant 1988 in Ukraine which in my opinion makes CONSPIRACY one of the oldest Black Metal bands from the x-Soviet Union countries. CONSPIRACY is a one-man project, the main man is hiding behind the moniker Carpathian Wolf. “Reincarnated” offers 8 Black Metal tracks with aggressive passages and epic moments. This album is dark and at the same time melodic with slight Thrash influences. The cover artwork is made by Dan Seagrave and is remarkable. The last track in this album - “Brothers of Black Metal” is an absolute anthem! CONSPIRACY’s debut is above average - if you are into Black Metal check it out! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5



“In the Depths of R’lyeh” CD MORIBUND This is heavy and painful music which has for its goal to derange me bit by bit. If you remember HIEROPHANT, a one-man project of the person Xathagorra Mlandroth, now I would like to meet you with his new infant CATACOMBS. After the MCD “Echoes Through the Catacombs” now the first full-length album has come to collapse the world we live in. And it will do it because it is unusually slow Neanderthal and depressive Funeral Doom with some Death Metal elements. While you are listening to the long six songs you will not smile for a single time. You won’t even see the light in the end of the tunnel because you are doomed to oblivion and slow death…somewhere in the darkness… Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,0


“Marinate Your Meat” CD CUDGEL Those of you into oldschool Death Metal should remember the name of DISASTROUS MURMUR from Austria who were one of the premier Death Metal bands from that country together with PUNGENT STENCH and DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. Bad luck with labels and some other unlucky circumstances lead to the break-up of the band in 1994. In 1998 DISASTROUS MURMUR reunited and “Marinate Your Meat” is already their fourth album. Being a fan of the band since their debut “Rhapsodies In Red”, I can honestly say that this CD is a high-quality Death Metal in the good old European tradition. Martin Shirenc a.k.a El Cochino from PUNGENT STENCH is producer and he has done a great job with the sound! The songs are great moshing Death Metal attacks reminding strongly of the typical PUNGENT STENCH sound. Every true Deadbanger will enjoy this CD a lot. Don’t hesitate to show your support to one of the oldest European Death Metal bands! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“I” CD KETZER The cold Norwegian land is still giving us qualitative Black Metal – as always! GJENFERDSEL is born in 2002 and after a demo now comes their debut album, including eight compositions which bring in them the spirit of the Scandinavian nature as well as much pain and suffering which cut the listener’s sanity slowly and unmercifully. The following people are responsible for this all: Ludex (vocals/guitars), Invictus (drums) and Infestus (bass/growling). This is undoubtedly a powerful debut which makes me looking forward to the band’s next creation. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................8,0


“Atlantean Monument” CD NO COLOURS The end of the long wait, here comes the follower of “Rites Of The Valkyries” ’01 – the fourth full-length opus “Atlantean Monument”! We are on trip again to unknown grounds and lost worlds where the music of the loner Rob Darken (GRAVELAND, VELES, INFERNUM, LEGION and more) leads us. This sound adventure has a total playing time of more than 60 minutes – calm and ethereal Medieval music with almost inconspicuous folk elements, boundless majesty and ancient atmosphere. Sorrow and admiration to the old pagan times when all was more true. A majestic album that impressed me and convinced me again in the talent of Rob! The artwork is wonderful and is corresponding to the musical atmosphere in “Atlantean Monument”. Stefan Stefanov....................................................8,0


“Khaos Humana” CD ADIPOCERE French Black Metal…it doesn’t sound


Scandinavian, nor Latin American, just French… Loads of Thrash rhythms, very complex and not-really-black sounding compositions. The vocals are evil though, but they actually sing in some of the songs. This is their first album, recorded for 3 weeks only with the production of Ludovic Turnier (NEHEMAH, BLODSRIT, HATE SUPREMACY..). Intense and technical, tight and probably rooted more in the 80s Thrash Metal, but disguised as Black. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


Split CD METALBOLIC Records More Death Metal freakery… This time from USA. First here is the duo UNBURIED. They attack directly and in a more brutal way. This project has created in ’94 and this is the first official appearance except the two demos before. The unburied zombies that gave life to these four songs are: Matt Pike – vocals, guitars, samples; Mark Riddick (EQUIMANTHORN, FOLKEARTH, THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK) – vocals, bass, drum programming. SEEKING OBSCURE is a young Death Metal project where the main person is Rob Luckie – vocals, six string bass, guitar, drums, and keyboard effects. He takes part with four good songs, one of them a cover of CANCER’s – “Die! Die!”. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................5,5


“Battalion Beast” CD NEUROTIC Hmm, I think PANZERCHRIST have softened their sound compared to the previous opus “Room Service” which was ultra violent and brutal Death Metal. This new material is much more atmospheric and variegated; I could even call it Death/Black Metal with a lot of melodic backgrounds. The mid-tempo is predominant but of course there are some volcanic eruptions and fierce Death Metal cannonades. Maybe the musicians have searched for a more diverse way to present their music and to escape from the typical for most brutal Death Metal bands monotonous tempo. Great variety of vocals, technical guitar performances and brilliant drumming of Reno Kiilerich (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, VILE, HATE ETERNAL, etc.). The album also features the infamous “throat” Bo Summer of ILLDISPOSED on vocals. As usual there is a tank on the front cover. What more can I say? Top quality Death Metal! Chavdar Tzachkov..........................................7,5


“Klagelieder – Grabesgesang” CD SCHWARTZDORN Without shining with special originality and lacking fresh ideas, CERBERUS play typical by-the-book Black Metal without going to any side experiments. This German quintet is formed in the gloomy and cold 1998 in Solingen and now they unleash their second full-length creation. The spawns of the dark that shaped “Klagelieder – Grabesgesang” are: Beleth (vocals), Infernal Doom (bass), Dawn (guitar), Nebiros (guitar) and Astrega (drums). It is claimed that CERBERUS combines old school Black Metal with some melodic and dramatic elements – this surprises me a bit but in principle I would agree with this. Stefan Stefanov...............................................6,5


“Ritual” CD BLACKMETAL.COM Raw Nordic Black Metal, released by a cult label of this genre. Grim vocals and atmosphere, cinematic effects to make your blood freeze, true and Black! Forty minutes of Satanic Metal. I love it! Ivailo Tonchev..................................................8,0


“Circle Of Death” CD TIME BEFORE TIME The news for the lovers of pure old school

Death Metal is that “Circle Of Death” was released – the second full-length attack of this Underground act from Espoo, Finland. Prepare yourself for mighty and minddarkening Death Metal as it was made in the beginning of the 90’s. SLUGATHOR send us from one nightmare to another…and so do all the eight compositions! Axu (Summoning, Forth the Demonstorm), Tommi (Guitars) and Immu (Drums) have achieved a good result and their music invokes tears from freakery! Pure abattoir and there is no escape from it… Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,5


“Emissaries” CD OSMOSE It is hard to tell what the nationality of this band is, because it consists of an Armenian/ Assyrian, an Assyrian, a Ukrainian and a Dutch member! The band is formed in 1993 in Jerusalem but later relocated to Europe, probably because Israel isn’t the safest place for living on this planet. Anyway, this is not so important. I needed to hear the album 4-5 times to grasp it. The guys consider its music as Mesopotamian Metal or Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal. I would label it as theatrical Thrash/Black filled with a lot of Middle East motives. Every song has a complex song-structure and it is obvious that the members of MELECHESH have a tangible musical knowledge. “Emissaries” is an album suitable for a Black Metal opera, I even imagine myself directing it. Definitely MELECHESH’s music provoked my awareness. I would recommend this album to all open-minded Black Metal fans, especially people who are looking for experimental mixtures of technical Metal and Mediterranean folklore elements. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................8,0


“The Black Moon Eclipse” MCD NILAI LOUDBLAST FARASU is a young band from Malaysia and in its staff there are members of other bands from there – IRONSTORM and BRAVE IN VISION. As usual you can hear something unrepresentative coming from this part of the world. Just as it is in this case – Eastern Melodic Death/Thrash Metal. Kotam (vocals), Taba (bass), Mus (drums) and Faizal (guitar) should work hard more regarding their musical skills and the sound quality in this MCD is really far from perfect. The high screams which I hear in some moments are just unnecessary. There is more to desire and let us hope FARASU will do all that in the future. Stefan Stefanov....................................................5,0


“Death’s Tyranny” CD BLACKMETAL.COM Heavily inspired by acts like VENOM, BEHERIT, BURZUM, the band continues to dig further into the realms of morbid Black Metal. It has lots of fast moments, thick and primitive sound and no keyboards!! It is for the true fans of this kvlt…it wouldn’t speak much to the others, I’m afraid. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................4,0


Compilation CD BLOODBUCKET The Canadian label Bloodbucket Productions releases its second official compilation which presents us 20 bands from 10 different countries and of course the Canadian bands prevail with 9. I will point out the songs of SCABLORD, DARK CLOUDS, FUCK THE FACTS, HORDE OF WORMS, PSILOCYBE LARVAE, CASTRUM (Ukr), THURISAZ, TIME OF DEATH… as good. The main style here is Death Metal but you can

also hear Grind Core, Noise, Black Metal… The rest of the bands which take part here are: COLOURFAST, BOUND IN HUMAN FLESH, BITCHSPLITTER, F.O.B., CUNTWORM, FLESHCRAFT, PRIMAL DAWN, BLOOD HAVEN, MORBID EXECUTION, ERADYKATE, NOISECORE FREAK, THRONEUM. Stefan Stefanov....................................................5,0


“In Thine Enemy Hunger” CD RELAPSE Simple music but unique style. The beginning is damn slow and melancholic doom Rock and the most interesting thing here is the presence of a female vocalist - the beautiful Amber Valentine. It is hard to describe her vocal style - in the slow tracks she is like a drug addict, clear but quite depressive. In some of the other songs her vocals are more Alternative, maybe some of the Metal fans will find them a little irritating. Except the original female vocalist I also liked the slow & sludgy heavy tracks “She Tides The Deep” and “Centralia” - very infectious doom tracks with massive SABBATH influence. “In Thine Enemy Hunger” would please fans of MELVINS, HIGH ON FIRE, GARBAGE, P.J. HARVEY and many more similar artists. Chavdar Tzachkov...............................................7,0


“Essensual” CD CANDLELIGHT Andrea Hagen releases second album with her project NEBELHEXE after she turned back to HAGALAZ’ RUNEDANCE. I don’t like her music and “Essensual” sounds quite mercantile to me – the ambient/neofolk elements stay back and forgotten but there is some Pop and Gothic/Rock mood in the songs. The ten tracks sound weak, with superficial, easy-to-remember melodies as if they are made for unpretentious teenagers… I don’t know what she tried to achieve but this definitely isn’t the right direction. I hope she will change it in the future. Stefan Stefanov....................................................6,0


“Bloody Remorse” CD BLACKSMITH Estonian Death Metal with an occasional Rock’n’Roll groove, experienced in the last track mostly (AC/DC’s “TNT”). Fast and intense, but lacking originality, easily compared to some SIX FEED UNDER. An interesting album from a country that is not famous for its Metal scene. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Dodengang” CD FOLTER I’ve been looking for a long time for some of SAMMATH’s albums and now here is an occasion to hear their brand new album “Dodengang”. This is undoubtedly one of the best Black Metal albums of 2006! Feel the coming of chaos which will bring the end – fast War and Furious Black Metal art. Mighty sounding, frenzied drumming and hellish sick vocals will make you go through the apocalypse (for only a minute…) which SAMMATH bring with theirselves! No mercy! Stefan Stefanov.................................................8,5


“Kvltov666” CD MISANTHROPICA ENTERPRISES Experimental Dutch electro Metal/Industrial. A solid dose of G.G.F.H., mixed with unexpected Grind/Metal bursts. Very monotonous, rather demo-ish in its recording quality. This put me to sleep. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................3,0


“Under The Banner Of Suffering” CD MELANCHOLIA Records After some line-up changes MALEFICENTIA are here again to present the follower of the debut “Born of Steel and Fire”. This

French legion dates since ’98. And now it gives us anew doze of Black Metal, fast and aggressive but quite melodic with solid keyboard presence. When I hear some moments in the songs I make an unwilling association with CRADLE OF FILTH, especially the album “Cruelty And The Beast”. It seems that MALEFICENTIA are inspired by C.O.F. “Under The Banner Of Suffering” is made by six shade-embraced persons: Aragoth (guitars), Arpad (keyboards), Molkhor (drums), Svarog (bass), Daevhorn (vocals) and Ashragon (guitars). Stefan Stefanov....................................................6,0


“Reason To Complain” CD STONEPATH Records The third album of the Swiss Thrash Metal band. Very technical and tight, true 80s Thrash Metal with a hint of some Death Metal influence. Fast guitar solos and no compromise at all, when it comes to speed and brilliancy of sound. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................5,0


“Location: COLD” CD MASSACRE The productivity of CATAMENIA is undeniable and they keep showering us with albums almost each year. It seems that the multiple changes in the staff are not a problem and their strong concert activity is a fact which they proved here, devastating Bulgaria twice for the last two years. After their wonderful opus “Winternight Tragedis” which was a really cool album, CATAMENIA highly raised our expectations. Now, a year later, we behold the 7th studio work of the guys from Finland. “Location: COLD” lived up to our hopes for something worthy and high class. The album is in the vein of its forerunner and keeps the successful combination between aggression and melody. I don’t like one thing only – the solid presence of clean vocals in almost each song – I don’t understand what they aim with that but I personally don’t like it. There is something else – during the recording of the album the vocalist Olli Mustonen lost his voice after he sang 4 of the songs and the rest of the songs were sung by their friend Antti Haapsamo who is vocalist of the band MORS SUBITA. Otherwise “Location: COLD” is the same high-class Nordic Metal or Melodic Black Metal! There are wolves staring at us from the cover again as always till now. And here is the serial cover but this time of the legendary W.A.S.P. “I Wanna Be Somebody”! Stefan Stefanov.................................................8,5


“Materia” CD PEACEVILLE I remember well this Italians since the time when NOVEMBRE was a young Underground band. This was in the beginning of the 90s, and as far as I can remember we did 1-2 reviews of their earlier works. The guys from NOVEMBRE still stake on melody and harmony, their music is very gentle, something very suitable for relaxing/meditation in a quiet dark room. Yes, this album requires specific mood and environment. The previous albums were more Atmospheric Doom oriented while “Materia” (their debut album for Peaceville) reminds a lot of the latest records of OPETH. Melodic Gothic Metal with gentle vocal harmonies, dense and deep sound and a very good musicianship. There are even some eruptions (“Comedia”, “Materia”, etc.) but the sombre gothic performances are predominant. Some of the tracks are sung in Italian, they sounds quite specific, maybe because it is their native language and this helps the vocalist Carmelo to express his emotions and moods in a more personal way. Fans of melodic melancholic Gothic Metal will surely like this album. Chavdar Tzachkov...............................................7,0


“Foul Play” CD PRIME CUTS Here comes a band from far Australia actually from the west part of the country. MALIGNANT MONSTER is a young and ambitious band which decided to play melodic but aggressive Death/Thrash Metal. Here you can find members of PATHOGEN and CENTAUR. “Foul Play” is a debut and although it is not so original it infects us with a dynamic anger. It has a good sound too. The following monsters take part in this structure: Cain Cressall – vocals, Ben Stanley – drums, Dave Elzer – bass, Jarrod Curley – guitars, Nathan Spargo – guitars. MALIGNANT MONSTER are now just in the beginning of their career and I’m sure they can achieve a lot but first of all they have to build their own style and sound because they didn’t give such original ideas to the composing. The last song in this album is a cover of MEGADETH’s – “Liar”. Stefan Stefanov....................................................5,5


“Anatomy Of Life” CD SPIKEFARM NOUMENA come from Finland and deliver 9 tracks of melodic and melancholic Death Metal. Nothing new under the sun, eh? The execution of the tracks is on a good level, the duel between the deep growls of Antti Haapanen and a beautiful female voice works great but as a whole NOUMENA’s music is too predictable and sounds like anything you have heard from YEARNING, AMORPHIS, etc. This is typical Finnish-sounding band and the fans of this sound will probably like this CD. Otherwise “Anatomy of Life” doesn’t stand out with anything special. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Deathless Steel Command” CD INVICTUS The mass destruction squad SPEARHEAD is aiming at wiping us away from the face of earth with the only weapon – “Deathless Steel Command” – their debut album. This band includes Barghest – vocals/bass, Vortigern – drums (ARCHAICUS, THE ONE), Invictus – rhythm guitar, Nephilim – lead guitar (ARCHAICUS). Inspired by war, they have created decent Death/Black Metal the aggression of which can smash you like an enormous tank passing over you. SPEARHEAD have played on stage with bands like REVENGE, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, LUGUBRUM, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT, DESTROYER 666. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................5,5


“Fucked Up Beyond Recognition” CD UNMATCHED BRUTALITY Death Metal could be hypnotic, Death Metal could be obsessive but also Death Metal could be painfully boring. This is the case with this German band. Their style is guttural US brutal Death Metal with some grinding swaths. Sounds good, but the music of SCID is totally chaotic and the vocals are extremely boring. 30 min of senseless rumbling, obviously trying to escape from the monotonous sound but the result is totally sterile chaos: there are only a few catchy moments. Most boring are the stolid vocals; without them the picture could be a little better. I don’t know whom to offer this album to? I will keep it for my own penance. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................4,0


“Skryti v mlze” CD KETZER Some years ago I read a review for an old TROLLECH album. Their style was described as Forest Black Metal. This remained in my head and it is now that I have the chance to hear something of these Czechs. In their fourth opus there still are lyrics and

music fully inspired and dedicated to Mother Nature. What I can say about their style is that it is decent Pagan Black Metal - outrageous, hard and melodic, mixed with magic passages played by an acoustic guitar. They sing in their own language but you can find an English translation in the booklet attached to the CD and you can sink in the secret forest world of TROLLECH. Out there lie secrets hidden for us all. Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,0


“Reticulated” BRUTAL BANDS EMETH are from Belgium and “Reticulated” is their second full-length after “Insidious” from 2004. What you’ll hear is manically technical Death Metal influenced by CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, GORGUTS... “Reticulated” is produced by Daniel Bergstrand (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR) so the sound is good enough though in my opinion the guitars sound could have been denser. The vocals are predominantly throaty growls which is a weak point, at least for my taste. Otherwise the music is furious and technical, not devoid of some groovy passages. Interesting album from one of the most extreme Belgian bands! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Encircling the Mysterious Necrorevelation” CD SEMPITERNAL The Mexican underground gave birth to its new hope – NECROCCULTUS. The band was formed in 2003 and thereafter it terrorizes the population with its old school Death Metal. The sound is typical for a band from the beginning of the 90’s. The five musicians perform well in this debut album. Being experienced with the former bands they took part in, like A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR, THE DWELLER, DIAVOLO FORCE, LEPER MESSIAH, they aren’t generally greenhorns in the extreme scene of their fatherland. They don’t hide they’re inspired by the cult acts of the Scandinavian and South American scene: SARCOFAGO, BATHORY, GRAVE, MUTILATOR, VULCANO, AETERNUS, MORBID and many more. If you wanna listen to some good Death Metal –try with NECROCCULTUS. I think you will like them. Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,0


“Fallen Man Collection” MCD PULVERIZED It is great news that the Singaporean Pulverized Records have resurrected after a period of total calmness. If we speak about Underground Metal, I cannot remember a bigger name in Asia. I guess this is one of the most famous Asian labels, with very good promotion & distribution network in Europe and America. Their addiction to the Swedish Metal scene is proverbial - they have signed deals with numerous qualitative Swedish bands and one of them is QUEST OF ADVANCE. The band is formed about 3 years ago but as far as I know all of its members have played in other experienced bands. I only know Christian Älvestam from UNMOORED. Anyway, let’s see what QUEST OF AIDANCE have offered here. 8 short brutal Death Metal tracks (the longest track “Man Is The Harvest” is 2.16 min long), a mixture between IMMOLATION, VOMITORY, DERANGED, INSISION… Fierce, explosive sound with the power to smash a concrete wall and ultra guttural vocals that can turn your pink dreams into the worst nightmares. The drummer is a real animal - this freak can cause heart attack to your mother. Before buying this opus of brutality, it would be good for you to make your last will – just in case. Chavdar Tzachkov...................................8,5



“Sepulcrum MMVI” CD ATMF There is darkness coming from Italy to swallow us. Like a forerunner of the end of the world and embodiment of the darkest emotions this album will lead us across the barren lands of undreamed nightmares and burning pain – slow, slow, so that we feel the oppressive atmosphere of despair better… Leave all hopes behind your back before listening to the second full-length album of URNA, a young project of two members of LOTUS MORTIS. RM (vocals) and MZ (guitars, bass, effects) poison the air with their grave music - Funeral Doom with some episodic Black Metal inclusions and above this all dominates a mystical halo from ultra psycho Ambient sounds – what do you think ?! Definitely not happy so if you are an optimist by nature and believe that all will be alright, you’d better not play this CD. The last song in “Sepulcrum MMVI” is a killing cover of the cult BEHERIT track - “The Gate Of Nanna”! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................6,5


“Night Of The Zombie Party” CD RAZORBACK The next bloody offering from the mighty Razorback is ZOMBIE RITUAL 4 crazy Japanese guys with their passion for zombies, beer and Death Metal. AUTOPSY and IMPETIGO are the obvious influences for this band - you’ll hear simple and fast riffs, grinding and punkish drumming and a guttural voice telling stories of...zombies. ZOMBIE RITUAL have a lot of humour in their tracks - the lyrics are only about the living dead and the cover artwork is like a cartoon for rotten corpses. The Underground scene needs this kind of not-so-serious bands that put a lot of fun in the brutal Death Metal field. Need some oldschool sound with horror feeling? Get this CD! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“Deathrash Assault” CD DYNAMIC ARTS If logos could be similar this one is absolutely in the DESTRUCTION style. It’s not bad, ha-ha… I play the album and the very first track “Return Of The Nemesis” beheads me. DEATHCHAIN comes with speed and hellish screams and takes over the calmness all around. The name of this second album of the band eloquently speaks what you have to expect – nothing but powerful and outrageous Death/Thrash Assault! The aim is to crash yourselves in headbanging without having to go out of the mosh pit and I think it’s done. This Finish quintet includes the following people in its line-up: Rotten – vocals, Kuolio – bass, Corpse – guitar, Kassara – drums, Bobby Undertaker – guitar. All of them are long-haired, with black sunglasses and leather jackets on the CD photograph! This is pure vortex from Metal aggression and unexpected madness which the fans will like. The slaughter begins and… we won’t survive at the end. Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,5


“Moss Funeral” CD BLOODBUCKET This CD is probably one of the worst sounding albums for this issue of Brutallica ‘zine. The sound is really awful and may damage your loudspeakers if you’re not careful. Otherwise THROB OF OFFAL are Nakai (guitars/programming) and Sakai (distorted grunts). Their style is Gore/ Death Metal with a drum machine and some melodic leads at places. As a whole THROB OF OFFAL’s music is like a wall of noise, there’s little variety in the songs. “Moss Funeral” is their debut so maybe the future will bring much better releases from them but for now...there is more qualitative stuff from the Gore scene than this one. Tsvetan Rachev....................................................5,0



“Satanic Armageddon” CD KETZER There is an interesting definition of this band’s style – “Hyper Fast Church Burning Black Metal”! It’s true it’s hyper fast; it’s true it’s Black Metal. I only don’t know whether it burns churches but it’s quite possible as I listen to the waves of this mad hullabaloo coming from the sound speakers. HORNCROWNED are five deranged satanic monsters who spit their propaganda from Bogotá, Colombia. Completely annihilating all forms of life they destroy us with their second album. Uncompromising brutality and everlasting hatred try to achieve total war which has to crash all holy and unworthy things once and for all! I would call it Extreme War Black Metal Holocaust! Tremble you christian souls, the revenge comes… now! Stefan Stefanov....................................................6,5


“Shores Of Sorrow” CD NORTHERN HERITAGE INFERI is a project of Fyrdkal who used to be a part of some Finnish Black Metal bands ANCESTORS BLOOD, BLACK BLOOD, etc. This is his debut full-length - 4 long and gloomy compositions of Doom/Black Metal. “Shores Of Sorrow” is inspired mainly by BURZUM’s “Filosofem” - the same obscure aura, hypnotic and repetitive riffs supported by howling, sorrowful screams. The tempo is slow with the exception of the last track “What Once Shined” where some faster moments can be heard. The lyrics are dealing with depression, loneliness and the pain of the lost hopes. Lack of originality aside, “Shores of Sorrow” is a great effort for its style and will please the ears of all of Vikernes’ disciples. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,5


“Lucifer Rex” CD B.T.O.D. These Brazilians are blessed by Satan and that’s why they create music in His honour and eulogy. Five servants of The horned one creeping out from the misty woods and shining blasphemous all around. After “Adornus Satani” (2001) now a new era of triumph rises – the second occult blessing “Lucifer Rex”. Made with barbaric aggression and primitive hatred, this Atmospheric Black Metal attacks our senses just from the high circles of Hell. Sinister melodies mix with unholy rage and lead us through full moon landscapes of diabolic rituals and filthy orgies. SPELL FOREST have definitely achieved decent result and I think this album is an important step in their progress. Evil never comes alone… Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“The Inerrancy of Profanation” CD UNMATCHED BRUTALITY INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY is the sick creation of S hawn Whitaker, leader of a bunch of Texas Death Metal bands -VIRAL LORD and GROTESQUE FORMATION among others. Obviously the man loves long titles - as in the debut “Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering”. It is the same here - songs entitled with 10 words or so each. Talking about the music, this is brutal Death Metal played skilfully by Shawn himself with programmed drumming, chugging riffs and a guttural voice. The sound is powerful and in-yourface, the way it should be for a Death Metal record. The fans of American-style Death Metal won’t be disappointed by this release - it’s brutal, fast and most of all - convincing. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Return To Dust” CD NO COLOURS I am always happy when a band like THORON jumps from the nothing and

shows skills and a high potential. These Swedes have such a powerful and thick sound, which is passing like a hurricane over you, that you want to play “Return To Dust” again and again. The hellish sick vocals electrify the situation in additionally. Hard and uncompromising Thrash/Death Metal – something unique which you can’t hear everyday! Typical Swedish style of playing and at the same time something new. One of the most powerful albums of 2006! You must hear it! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................8,0


“Rubicon” CD SEASON OF MIST ANCIENT RITES were one of the oldest Black Metal bands from Belgium (created in 1988) and although their music nowadays is more into the Folk Metal fields, they still can deliver some good tracks. “Rubicon” is ANCIENT RITES’ sixth album of melodic Black/Heavy Metal with strong folklore motives. Today ANCIENT RITES are seven people gathered around the frontman Gunther Theys. Their music is grandiose and various, enriched by strong lyrics dealing with history mainly - from Julius Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon to the World War I. The guitar work is impressive and so is the orchestration as a whole. “Rubicon” is recorded at Soundlab Studios in Germany and the producers have done a great job! This album will appeal to many Metal fans, especially those enjoying their music with some historical lyrics. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0


“D.C.L.X.V.I.: The Order” CD SEMPITERNAL This is the second Greek band I handle with after the brutal Death Metal band INVERACITY. EZGAROTH is a misanthropic Black Metal project of the two demons: Count Lethaemon (MEDIEVAL DEMON) – bass, guitars, vocals, keyboards and Daimon Erect – guitars, bass, keyboards. This album (the only one in their discography) is from 2004 but it comes to me for review as late as now. It contains seven satanic hymns and there are rumours that the last two are “bonus spells”. No doubt that the extreme public will like EZGAROTH. I just wonder what’s happening – why don’t they release anything new?!... Stefan Stefanov.....................................................6,5


“Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead” CD RELAPSE The New York Death Metal scene has numerous killer acts but probably SUFFOCATION, MORTICIAN and SKINLESS are the biggest names. What we have here is the new fresh offering of SKINLESS, one of the most active live bands on our wretched planet. Their extensive tours have won the band a lot of loyal fans. Well, the new record has 8 extremely technical and heavy tracks performed and produced with great skill and maturity but I somehow find them a little chaotic. I heard the CD several times but just a few moments remained in my head. Don’t get me wrong, the album is pure Death Metal madness, full of numerous tempo changes and deep emotional moments but most of the songs are with a quite complex structure and I feel myself lost in this labyrinth of technical performances. Death Metal should be more straightforward, I think. Yes, it could be technical and various but this must be balanced well. Great sound quality and cover artwork! Fans of mega technical Death Metal will get into a delirium with this release. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................6,5


“Dominator” CD Demolition It’s always hard to write a review for a favourite band of yours. It is somehow not possible to find the balance between objectivity and personal bias. Nevertheless, I think it’s always useful to pay attention to a well-argued point of view, even if it’s subjective and falls into the fan category, as the case with this review is. After this short introduction, let’s get to the point and it is namely the new album of US metal veterans W.A.S.P. The band leader Blackie Lawless has been proving for 18 years already that HE is W.A.S.P. and the numerous line-up changes don’t take effect on the quality of the music that he creates. After Blackie concentrated a great deal of his creative potential on the two-part rock opera “The Neon God” in 2004, now I expected “Dominator” with a certain discomfort of whether the man behind the band has found once again enough inspiration, in order to delight his numerous fanbase. There is an interesting point of view that the W.A.S.P. discography be split into two creative categories – “shock rock” (the debut, “The Last Command”,“Inside The Electric Circus”,“Kill Fuck Die”,“Helldorado”) and the so-called “serious” one (“The Headless Children”, “The Crimson Idol”,“Dying For The World” etc.). Perhaps the reason for “Dominator” to be such a great album is the wonderful way Blackie has managed to combine the best characteristics of those two creative approaches – musically, as well as lyrically. Songs like “Mercy”,“Long, Long Way To Go”, “Teacher” and “Deal With The Devil” remind the legendary eponymous debut with their spirits and the other, more serious and melancholic side of the album is presented by the emotional and infused with tragic feeling ballad “Heaven’s Hung In Black”,“Take Me Up” – a composition that carries unbelievable power and explosive tension and “The Burning Man” – another outburst of genius by Blackie Lawless. I must point out the incredible performance behind the drums by Mike Dupke, who made me get through the absence of Stet Howland much easier and, of course, the excellent guitar work of Doug Blair, whose riffs and solos find the exact balance between improvisation and professional perfectionism. It is not accidental that namely Doug Blair is the guitar player chosen by Blackie to tour with W.A.S.P. after the immortal masterpiece “The Crimson Idol”. So – with “Dominator” Blackie Lawless once again made me feel something very personal and hard to describe. The music created by this man is something really special as an emotion to everybody, who has perceived W.A.S.P. and the ideology of W.A.S.P. as part of his/her own inner view of life. Just play “Dominator”, close your eyes and feel the magic. Now you understand, don’t you? Stoyan Tsonev....................................................10


“Kukeri” CD HEAVY HORSES By listening to this album you will have the unique chance to go deep in the Bulgarian folklore which was mixed cleverly with Black Metal and a bit of Neo Folk and Ambient elements. The one-man project SVARROGH, formed by countryman Dimo Dimov (HATRED DIVINE, ex-VISZERAL) - vocals/all instruments, now releases its third album - with a length of over one hour. He sings in Bulgarian of course. Twelve songs where there is a clever balance between Metal’s aggression and the possessing grace of the folklore melodies. A wonderful improvisation over some well-known Bulgarian songs mainly from the country folklore. Although he lives and creates in Germany, Dimo didn’t forget his roots. Getting inspiration from the nature and the Bulgarian traditions he has

created a good album in the name of his fatherland! Stefan Stefanov........................................7,5


“Rise Of The Serpent Men” CD PEACEVILLE Another classic reissue of Peaceville. This time the “victims” are AXEGRINDER - an old AMEBIX-influenced UK band, which have existed during ’86 - ’91. The original vinyl version of this album has been released in 1988 when AXEGRINDER got the attention of Peaceville label-boss Hammy. He saw the band on their shows in London and the deal has probably been inked in some local pub and abundantly celebrated with tons of beer. Now, almost 19 years later, the album is offered again, this time in a luxurious digipack including the original skull-wing artwork done by Jeff Walker of CARCASS, all lyrics, tons of pictures and some liner notes from the authors. In the beginning of the 90s AXEGRINDER bacame WARTECH after their drummer left the band and with this name the guys have recorded a little-heard demo which is also included here as a bonus. I find AXEGRINDER a quite strange mixture of Crust Punk, Metal and old-school grind sensibility with a strong political edge. The sound is quite primitive for today’s standards but for the old-school fans this was never a problem. AXEGRINDER are legends in Japan and are currently reforming with an aim to tour there. Chavdar Tzachkov....................................6,5


“Descension” CD LOW FREQUENCY The full name of this great creation is “TWILIGHT OPHERA and the Order of the Sanguine Diadem presents: Descension”. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary this Finish act gives to the fans a brand new fourth studio album. The best in their discography! High-class, melodic Black Metal is presented in a unique way – variety of vocal attacks and mysterious keyboard passages – all this comes as avant-garde to Dark Metal dimensions. “Descension” is one of the powerful albums for last year! Ultra irregular artwork which perfectly reflects the innovative ideas of TWILIGHT OPHERA. The musicians who gave life to this art come from bands like: DIABLERIE, SOULGRIND, GLOOMY GRIM, RAPTURE, SILENTIUM etc. Just look for it, buy it and listen to it! Stefan Stefanov.................................................8,5


“The Pain Remits” CD Self Released This Irish band was a pleasant surprise for me. I haven’t heard them until I got this CD and initially thought they are Americans - the sound was so bombastic and modern and definitely grabbed me. Later I found out that the guys are from the rainy Dublin, Ireland. They even do not have a label to support them; they have done this release with their own resources. Where the hell are the labels? This band is a real jewel - just hear the 5 tracks featured in this CD. Massive, energetic mixture of Death, Thrash and Metalcore plus even some grinding passages. Very well structured songs, full of emotional vocals, incredible instrumental skills, nice leads and a lot of passion. I could only recommend them a little more variety in the vocal parts. Awesome sound quality, the sound engineer Martin Quinn (Jam Studios) did a great job. You can hardly hear such powerful and crisp sound from an unsigned band. Labels don’t squander your money on mediocre bands. Here you have an absolutely complete band! Chavdar Tzachkov....................................8,0


“Svarte Skoger” CD KYRCK Productions This disc of MANES is a good gain for the fans. It gives the three demos from ’93, ‘94 and ’95 a chance to be heard. Although they are re-mastered, their sound is still primitive and raw. They have been recorded in the following line-up: Sargatanas – vocals, Cern – guitars, synths, programming etc… MANES is a phenomenon of the Norwegian extreme scene and this year their third full-length album is to be released. “Svarte Skoger” includes and two unreleased songs from the pre-MANES bands PERIFA/OBSCURO. Pure Underground – only for collectors! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................6,5


“Seducia” CD DYNAMIC ARTS This is the fourth fulllength album of the Finnish Gothic/Dark Metal band SILENTIUM. It is like a new beginning for the band because their previous albums have been released by Spikefarm and “Seducia” is their debut for Dynamic Arts Records (another cool Finnish label). The 6 members + the female vocalist obviously have very good musical knowledge and they are highly influenced by classical music. Probably some of the members have a professional musical education, who knows… Their gentle music pleases the ear. The tender and seducing vocals of Riina Rinkinen are predominant - a very beautiful lady both as voice and appearance. You can also hear male backing vocals here and there which supplement the beautiful voice of Riita very well. In the 8 compositions there are plenty of clear piano passages, cello and even some orchestral performances, very good arrangements and incredible musicianship. However, most of the melodies are not so original and catchy. I heard the album several times and I was fascinated by the great musical merits of the songs but somehow I wasn’t enthralled by the melodies. In this kind of music the melodies are one of the most important components. There are a lot of good musicians but if they cannot do something memorable the people will forget them quickly. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................7,0


“I Am Satanochio” CD AXA VALAHA Satanochio is probably the satanic equivalent of Pinocchio, muha-ha-ha… Anyway, let’s get to the point. This project comes from Bucuresti, Romania and was formed in 2004 from two masked villains: Satanochio - screams, effects, guitars, piano and Grui Sanger - bass, drums, guitars, backing screams. They both attack the fans with their first album - chaotic, psycho extreme Brutal Death Metal. A schizophrenic aggression reigns all the time while listening to “I Am Satanochio”. I also suspect that the drums are programmed and the sound is a victim of that as a whole. Stefan Stefanov..............................................5,5

be distinguished with the deep and dense sound, emotional Death growls, wild drumming and some very nice weeping lead guitars (a la BOLT THROWER). Nothing new under the sun but definitely well done. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................6,5


“Luctisonus Dolor” CD MAD LION COUNT DE NOCTE come from Finland. The band has only two albums for all the fourteen years of existing. “Luctisonus Dolor” is of course the second one. It includes nine songs of melodic Black/Death Metal where the keyboards dominate and make the music look mysterious and ghostly. But in the middle of all this melody there is such an aggressive doze - two kinds of vocals and fast drums convincing us in all that. Not a bad album but it seems as if it needs something more to please me. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................6,0


“En Sorglig Historia” MCD OBSCENE In our previous issues we did an interview with these Swedes but we didn’t manage to write review of their new record because it wasn’t released yet. Now I have the MCD in my hands and I’m ready to tell you about it. It is pure Swedish grindcore in the vein of bands like NASUM, GADGET and even REGURGITATE to some degree. Short and straightforward tracks, which can sweep you off like a hurricane. Yes, this band has the potential to be the next Swedish grindcore sensation after the tragic end of NASUM. “En Sorglig Historia” consists of 11 new tracks full with devilish fast drumming and the psychotic shrieks of the vocalist, which can damage your brain cells left. Incredible guitar presence, simple but fascinating riffs, well-chosen blend and, of course, masterly performance. The MCD includes also the demo “Students Chockerande Intryck” too as bonus. For all woeful NASUM fans this MCD can be a consolation! Chavdar Tzachkov................................................7,5


“Disciples Of The Heinous Path” CD MORIBUND SARGEIST started as a side-project of Shagrauth, leader of Finland’s Black Metallers HORNA. After the debut “Satanic Black Devotion” from 2003 and two splits with MERRIMACK and HORNED ALMIGHTY, SARGEIST strike again with “Disciple of the Heinous Path”. Besides Shagrauth, the other disciples are vocalist Torog and drummer Horns, both from BEHEXEN. With this lineup expect nothing but raw and primitive Black Metal with simple riffs, galloping rhythm and tortured screams. If you want something new and fresh, don’t look for it here - SARGEIST play in the well-known style of DARKTHRONE and old MAYHEM with a touch of Finnish melancholy. The pure Black Metal spirit triumphs once again. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,0


“Eden’s Fire” CD PAGAN HERMH needed almost ten years to come back on the battlefield after their successful album “Angeldemon”. They did this through releasing the brand-new “Eden’s Fire” which will smash your all expectations for extreme music. There is only the vocalist Bart left from the former staff and he has found a new line-up around himself – members of bands like ASGAARD and ABUSED MAJESTY. This union created the most progressive and greatest opus which is also HERMH’s best until now. This is powerful, intensive and uncompromising, symphonic, vampireorientated Black Metal. The sound comes thick and massive; the cover is a real work of art, a work of Graal. All in all, if you like things like the latest BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, EMPEROR albums, you must find “Eden’s Fire”! You will find a professional video clip of the first track “Prepare To Revolt” attached to the CD. Stefan Stefanov..............................................8,5


“Hellfire Centuries” CD KETZER DAEMONLORD from Spain are doing their own thing and they obviously don’t care much about any change this is their third album and it’s still the same old Black Metal drum-computerdriven attack of screeching riffs and irritating vocals. The band’s core are Egnarvoice and Kepa-guitars. Their ideas are not bad but the vocals have an awful effect on them which spoils the good impression at least for me. Anyway, fans of early HELHEIM or early IMPALED NAZARENE may adore this so...check it out! Tsvetan Rachev....................................................5,0


“Chants de Bataille” CD ADIPOCERE I heard a song of BELENOS back in 2001 in a compilation and I liked them much. Now this French horde releases its fourth official album which is another step in this band’s progress. The style is fast and dynamic Pagan/Black Metal which overtakes the listener like a hurricane. There are screams alternating with clean singing all on the background of melody and aggression. No doubt BELENOS are leaders in what they do and together with names like HEOL TELWEN and AES DANA, BELENOS are an addition to the so-called Celtic/ Pagan bands. The band’s brain Loic Cellier is the only remaining member from the original staff from ’95. You should play “Chants de Bataille” and join the battle… Stefan Stefanov................................................8,5


“Conflict Inside” CD ADIPOCERE There are several bands with the name MUTILATION but without any doubt this is the oldest one. They have started the band 16 years ago in…the undisputed Death Metal bastion - Poland. Behind their backs MUTILATION have 3 albums only which isn’t a big achievement for 16 years but having in mind the numerous line up changes – this maybe explains the weak activity of the band. “Conflict Inside” has been recorded in 2003 and it has originally been released by the Polish Empire Records. Now Adipocere re-releases the album to present it to a wider audience. Stylistically “Conflict Inside” is a good old-school Death Metal, highly influenced by BOLT THROWER. The 10 tracks (the last track is a cover version of DEATH’s “Mutilation) could



“Above the Weeping World” CD CANDLELIGHT I just have no words to describe this grandiose masterpiece named “Above the Weeping World”…The night rain covers the silent wood with its magic. You hear the murmurs, everything else is quiet…You relax and play this album. Finns INSOMNIUM released their best album and positively one of the best for 2006! Melodic Death Metal of the kind you can rarely hear – emotional, genius, unique… This is the 3rd ultra successful try for this band, created in 1997. The work is recorded in Fantom Studio and has highquality sound. I rarely find music which makes me feel so good but INSOMNIUM did it to me. You must hear them and be convinced yourselves in what I said. Now I would play “Above the Weeping World” again…what a pleasure for the soul! Stefan Stefanov............................................9,5


“Voyage Through Abhorrence” CD UNMATCHED BRUTALITY After the “Poetry Of The Flesh” MCD from 2004, Germany’s INGURGITATING OBLIVION release their debut CD “Voyage Towards Abhorrence” via Unmatched Brutality. Those guys play intense and complex Death Metal influenced by bands like MORBID ANGEL, MONSTROSITY, GORGUTS, etc. We’re talking about dark and technical stuff here, although INGURGITATING OBLIVION do not fall into the trap of pompous demonstration of technical skills. The sound is powerful and will delight the ears of every fan of the genre. This band definitely deserves attention and we’ll hopefully get some more brutal stuff from them in the future. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Fuck You All!!!!” CD SEASON OF MIST All of us were expecting with impatience when will the new doze of hatred from Norway be released. CARPATHIAN FOREST are here again showing a finger and saying “Fuck You All!!!” to the whole fucked-up world. Nattefrost and company attack us again with high satanic art – unique and uncompromising Black Metal from the depths of hell. You can recognize this playing style anytime you hear it. The line-up for this album includes the following well-known names: R. Nattefrost – vocals, guitar; Tchort – guitar; Vrangsinn – bass; Bloodperverter – guitar; A. Kobro – drums. Another powerful release for this blasphemous demonic band. The cover and the layout are made personally by Nattefrost! Listen to the new album of CARPATHIAN FOREST fucking you in the ass and bleed for Satan! And let the others blow up!!! Stefan Stefanov................................................8,5


“Traitors To Mankind” CD ADIPOCERE Two years after the debut “Servants of the Beast”, the French Black Metal horde TEMPLE OF BAAL is back with a solid follow-up named “Traitors to Mankind”. Don’t expect anything but raw Black Metal sound influenced by DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM and IMPALED NAZARENE. In comparison with the debut, this album is much more varied, having some Death and Thrash Metal influences and even some VENOM-like tracks - just hear “Under The Spell” and I bet you’ll see its similarity with the classic “Black Metal”. The sound is very good - the record is produced by Ludovic Tournier (BLODSPRIT, HIMINBJORG).”Traitors to Mankind” is a quite good Black Metal album and the fans of the more primal side of this style will appreciate TEMPLE


OF BAAL’s second effort. Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0


“Of Entropy and Life Denial” CD MORIBUND With this album MERRIMACK tighten their position of one of the leading Black Metal bands on the French scene. “Of Entropy and Life Denial” grabs the listener with decent music and wonderful artwork (work of Perversifier, one of the guitarists). This is the second full-length strike for this satanic act, formed in ’94 and based in the capital of Paris. Killing mixture between uncontrolled aggression and cold melody, all transformed in a powerful possessive sound! MERRIMACK reached new dimensions in their advantgarde diabolic art and the end result is achieved – devastating Black Metal hell from a high class! Stefan Stefanov..............................................8,5


“Epoch Of Methodic Carnage” CD BRUTAL BANDS It’s a rarity to hear a brutal Death Metal band from sunny Malta but here they are - ABYSMAL TORMENT with their debut “Epoch of Methodic Carnage”. The influence of the US legends CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION and DYING FETUS is obvious - ABYSMAL TORMENT play fast, brutal and hard. The ten tracks in “Epoch of Methodic Carnage” are a “methodic carnage” indeed - they all sound similar with one common element - the primitive sound of the drums. The solo drum sounds like a tin can and that doesn’t do any favour to the band. Besides that, the riffs are furious, the vocals are grunting and everything is typically Death Metal. Not a bad effort for a debut after all! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,0


“The Precautionary Principle” CD CASKET MUSIC Heavy-thrash vocals, strong musical presence, attempts for a difference in the sound: this band is trying to deserve what their name stands for. If the vocals were different and the silly attempts for grind drumming were not present, this would have been possible. I will advise all the fans of heavy metal to pay attention to this band, as it is very interesting. This is not my style, but I have to confess the musicians did their best here and I am waiting to hear their next albums… Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................7,0


“Blood in Our Wells” CD SUPERNAL MUSIC I liked the last year album of DRUDKH “Lebedynyi Shlyakh” but now they had made enormous progress in every respect with this one. This is wonderful Pagan Black Metal again but now the tempo is modest and the album sounds greater. The ethnic and patriotic vein is still here – the lyrics are actually poems of remarkable Ukrainian poets from the 19th and 20th century. You can hear samples from the movie “Mamaj” in “Blood in Our Wells”. DRUDKH is a productive band and they release albums each year which is good for people like me who like their art. The cover is also well done just like the music – there are some pictures of natural landscapes in the cover and they are very well combined to the feelings in these six songs. “Blood in Our Wells” is dedicated to the memory of Stepan Banderi (1909 – 1959). Some unknown names from the Ukrainian Black Metal scene take part here too. The result is a pure phenomenon! Stefan Stefanov...............................................9,5


“Superstar” CD CASKET MUSIC It may have been a pretty interesting album, if the producer had summarized the ideas

of the band and had thrown out everything useless (and there is plenty of it, though the musicians have a pretty good look at composing). He had to pay attention to the bass guitar parts, as they are missing here. Otherwise, they are a bit like an avant-garde band from Norway. Something like a side project of some Black Metal musicians, melodic, slightly trip-hoppy. Some hardcore aggression mixed with slight emo overtones. It could have been a great album without the rock influences and with louder bass parts. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................5,0


“Intuispection” CD ADIPOCERE Heavy gothic metal, slightly heavier, with classic vocals and composing. The bits of electronics are very interesting, the vocalist reminds of Anneke (THE GATHERING)’s first years, and got me in the beginning. Otherwise, it is nothing special - the next gothic album in a long line of others waiting. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................6,0


Split micro CD OBSCENE This 3-inch micro CD includes 3 tracks of the US Gore Metal maniacs EXHUMED and another 3 tracks of one of the best Czech Death/Grind outfits - INGROWING. The most important thing is that the 6 included tracks are unreleased and are exclusive for this release. First are the Americans with two new tracks: “Something Sickened This Way Comes”,“Consumer or Consumed” and a cover of NAPALM DEATH’s “Life”. The same old CARCASS-style Gore/Grind with some surprising melodic solos here and there. INGROWING also strike with two new tracks: “Biomechanized” and “Dance Of Submission” and a great cover of REGURGITATE’s “Total Dismemberment Of A Female Corpse”. Their grindcore is much more uncompromising - no guitar solos, no digressions, only sheer brutality. Both bands present a rough, not-so-polished sound to give more Underground charm to this release. For collectors. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................6,5


“Just Destroy” CD CASKET MUSIC Casket Music offer here nothing but a mixture of styles, badly produced, no fresh ideas, no good sound. Think of SLIPKNOT, but without their crew of managers and producers. The entire album doesn’t provide any variety of sound and is really boring. The last song is very ANATHEMA-like and cheered me a bit but a song doesn’t make an album. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................5,0


“Manifest Blasphemy: The abortion of the Immaculate Conception” CD DISPLEASED They come from Bangkok and are one of the most extreme formations from Thailand. Through their hellblasting raw Black Metal

they raise a cult to Satan and blaspheme at large all the divinities! Thundering drum beats and sick, demonic screams – when you play SURRENDER OF DIVINITY here comes a little Armageddon in the head and the soul. The three cursed servants of darkness who hammered this album are: Avaejee (4 strings Horns of Blasphemy and Infernal Vomits), Whathayakorn (666 Strings Wings of the Goatlord) and Xulaynus (Conqueror of the Necro Battery). It’s the second album for this satanic horde from the East and they have increased their power during the last years. If you are still alive and stand to the end then the last (66th in turn) song from “Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion of…” will finish you – a smashing cover of the veterans SODOM (“Christ Passion”)! Stefan Stefanov....................................................7,0


“Point Of View” CD CASKET MUSIC The CASKET stuff is getting harder and harder to review. The lending of the most commercial and used tricks in several styles, composed with no originality and badly recorded, is surely the trademark of the label. This time it is a bit better: better recorded sound, again a mix of new metal and gothic, PARADISE LOST meets KORN, with a badly played bass guitar. There are slight heavy metal overtones, which will appeal to the fans of that music. I couldn’t like it myself. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................5,0


“Left Hand Pathology” CD LISTENABLE That’s a relief - no promo voice on this CD, arrrggghhhh! I take it as a punishment to listen to my fave bands with a repeating voice saying “you’re listening to…..”. Terrible! Anyway, I’m happy that I’m going to enjoy the new GENERAL SURGERY album without this shit. For the older grindcore fans this name has cult status, especially their legendary “Necrology” EP (later released on CD by Relapse Records). The original line up included the Death/Grind Mohicans Matti Karki (DISMEMBER), Richard Cabeza (DISMEMBER), Joacim Carlsson (AFFLICTED), Mats Nordrup (CREMATORY). After “Necrology” GENERAL SURGERY disbanded but in 2000 they decided to start up again. After numerous split EP releases it is time for their first ever full length release. “Left Hand Pathology” consists of 14 bloodsoaked opuses highly influenced by the good old CARCASS classic gore/grind plus some typical Swedish influences from bands such as early ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, DISMEMBER and REGURGITATE. Ravaging, fast grindcore mayhem bringing the whiff of the early 90’s, groovy, scraping guitar riffs, trademark CARCASS-like vocals and mind blowing milling drums – this should be enough for every grindcore bastard. Adding the outstanding production of Offbeat Studios and the old-school gory artwork, you get a high quality gore/ grind product. Buy the album along with a pack with beers and don’t spare your neighbours. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................7,5


“Wrath-Divine” CD COPRO Described as death-thrash in the press release, this album sounds more like deathblack, played in the 80s. Quite tight, midtempo, all done in respect to the traditions. A very pleasant album and surely one of the more listenable examples of the new bands. It is again a band co-released by COPRO, which actually owns CASKET Records. A weird thing. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................7,0


“Accelerator” CD CASKET MUSIC I do not know if it is a tribute to the whole retro thing or is it the idea of CASKET to release bands that imitate the veterans of certain musical styles, but in both cases, this has already happened. Think of SKID ROW and UGLY KID JOE with a bad production, unsteady synths, new Metal trends stolen from everywhere…nothing else can be said, not a band for the Brutallica readers… Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................3,0


“Uni aux Cimes” CD MELANCHOLIA Records Another band from the fast-growing French scene. ORAKLE exist since ’94 but only now they succeed to release their debut album. Everything starts more than 10 years ago when Achernar (voices, bass, guitar, keyboards) and Clevdh (drums) are 14-15 year old teenagers. In the present line-up belongs Amar Ru (guitars) as well. ORAKLE play melodic Atmospheric Black Metal, diversified here and there with epic clean vocals in the vein of ARCTURUS. However they will need some time until they get their own originality and go out from the swamp of mediocrity. I believe it will happen someday. Stefan Stefanov.....................................................6,0


“Dark Love Poems” CD SiLVERDUST It is one of the most meaningful names, as it speaks for itself. German gothic metal, female vocals, hard guitars, synths, some male vocals added. As it is a style that has been overexposed for the last few years, it is hard to define what is good and what is not. It has reached the point where hundreds of bands sound very professionally, yet they sound the same. Maybe once you see them live you can spot a difference, but otherwise I can’t see any. It is a good German metal/ gothic album that would mean something for the fans of LACUNA COIL. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................6,0


“Primordial Domination” CD LISTENABLE As a person who has the whole discography of the Death Metal dinosaurs INCANTATION I must confess here that I’m totally addicted to their music. Every new album is great fun for me so let’s see what John McEntee & Co. have offered us. The first track carries the name of the album “Primordial Domination”, it is raw and doomy with the typical “trademark” INCANTATION sound – very powerful, heavy and gloomy. The disturbing promo voice reminds me that I have to buy the record (the boss of Listenable probably needs a new yacht, ha, ha). After the comparatively quiet beginning it is time for the hurricane “The Fallen Priest” – nuclear, intense blastbeats and lightning fast tempo, in the pure INCANTATION vein. The other tracks could be characterized with the same words, this time Mr. McEntee has put a lot of effort on variety, you won’t hear here 10-12 min long, boring, slow passages - the fast and the slow moments are well balanced. After the departure of Mike Saez (INCANTATION’s former vocalist), John McEntee took over vocals but I’m not so impressed. Come on John, you did a great job composing and performing the music, leave the mic to someone else who can fully concentrate on it. Anyway, another strong

release by one of my fave bands. The eighth track “Extirpated Dominus” is a direct hit. Superb! Chavdar Tzachkov................................................8,0


“The Room We Do Not Speak Of…” CD CASKET MUSIC New technologies do not work well in the musical business. Many years ago a demo meant a demo and the album production onto CD or vinyl meant a step ahead. Now it is just a piece of cake for anybody to record several tracks somewhere, someone can mix it, calling himself a sound engineer, finally some wannabe producer can release it, calling it an “album”. Actually, this is the case. It is the case with most of the stuff by Casket, which I was given for this issue. If the songs were arranged backwards, I would have given 5. But even this reminds me that you can’t collect songs and make an album. It doesn’t work that easily. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................3,0


“Let’s Fucking Die!” CD DISPLEASED Here comes something fresh. You can get drunk with joy on it. BARBATOS mix Punk, Thrash, a bit of Black Metal and even Rock ‘n’ Roll elements in a whole misanthropic mixture. I’m sure they had taken the humour from MOTORHEAD and VENOM and in the short and direct lyrics speak of bitches, Satan, beer, war etc. This is a project of Yasuyuki Suzuki (guitar, bass, and vocals) and he is assisted by Youhei (drums) - both are in ABIGAIL, CUT THROAT… “Let’s Fucking Die!” is the fourth full-length album of this Japanese Underground act of murder, created eleven years ago. Sixteen fast and energetic songs - pure Metal hell! Stefan Stefanov.....................................................7,5


“I.D.S.T.” CD CASKET MUSIC It would have been a good German punk album (count WALTER ELF or SPERMBIDS), if it had German lyrics. Nevertheless, it is still a good punk album, music for fans of heavy metal who are tired of headbanging and pogo, but DRI is a bit too extreme for them. A good deal of GREEN DAY taste, positive energy, chorus vocals, naïve arrangements, but it is all positive and brings some more credit to the band. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................7,0


“Welcome To The Orgy” CD PEACEVILLE It seems that lately Peaceville are busy to re-release a lot of old bands from their early catalogue. The new versions are offered as luxurious digipacks, including tons of pictures, info, liner notes, bonus material and of course are digitally remastered for the best possible quality. It is the same case with “Welcome To The Orgy” by the forefathers of Crust Punk - DEVIATED INSTINCT. They made history with their “Welcome To The Orgy” 7” EP (1987) the very first Peaceville vinyl release. Except it, the CD also features “Rock ‘N’ Roll Conformity” LP (1988) and the “Guttural Breath” LP (1990) which I had on CD about 15 years ago but as far as I can remember I traded it for something more extreme. The first two releases are more anarcho-Punk oriented, in the vein of AMEBIX, DOOM and ELECTRO HIPPIES, while “Guttural Breat” is more Metal oriented. I’m sure all good punks know this band perfectly and this re-release should already be in their collections. Chavdar Tzachkov................................................6,5


“Three” CD CASKET MUSIC I still wonder what made me evaluate this so low - the incredibly dated sound or the old-fashioned compositions of END OF EVERYTHING. I guess both…It could have been even lower, but after a few spins of the CD, I began to like some things. I love old school, but not one that is recorded in 2006.

The band doesn’t lack musical abilities and I am waiting for their next album, hoping for new sound and fresh ideas. Otherwise, any doom, sludge, noise, hardcore fan may like what they do, even some Black Metal guy may appreciate the DARK THRONE-like passages. Let’s wait for the next album. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................5,0


“Inflict The Inevitable” CD COPRO Modern Thrash with a little bit of Swedish taste, recorded and played perfectly, by some guys who know what they do. Melodic solos, fast Thrash attacks, vocal variations between the Death sound of ARCH ENEMY and the more melodic MEGADETH, catchy guitars. The typical production of a good product. No more explanations fans - do not hesitate…. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................7,0


“Mort” CD CANDLELIGHT I had to confess that the style of music here is quite hard to be understood by me. Not melodic, ritualistic and harsh. If you think about it for a while, such a musical collage can be created out by reasons, connected with nothing but a serious mental damage. That gave them my high evaluation. Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................6,0


“Ordo Ad Chao” CD SEASON OF MIST I awaited the new album from notorious Black Metal veterans MAYHEM with great anticipation, not only because of the return of the beast Attila Chisar behind the mike, but also because the musical development of the band could go into the most unpredictable direction. My fears that the album could go deep into instrumental improvisation and progressive atmospheric variations proved right (unfortunately) and “Ordo Ad Chao” is undoubtedly the most disappointing MAYHEM album for me. All the songs are so multi-layered, complex in the arrangements and chaotic that it is almost impossible to remember a vocal line or a guitar riff. The “vocals” of Atilla are mostly animalistic shrieks and roars that have almost nothing in common with his demonic performance on the “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” album. I cannot agree that MAYHEM should turn into a band where Blasphemer will experiment with his compositional ideas and risk all the reputation which THE TRUE MAYHEM have built for themselves before the fans. Experimental Metal? This is not MAYHEM. Stoyan Tsonev.......................................................5,0


“Visions In Verse” CD PRIME CUTS The world is surely a small place to live as you can get a fairly decent sounding Swedish Metal band hailing from nowhere else but Australia… Melodic and tight Metal, with great guitar work, much into stuff like ROTTING CHRIST or SOILWORK. The crystalclear production and thought-provoking lyrics are key points in this excellent release. Ivailo Tonchev.......................................................6,0


“Europa” CD ADIPOCERE One of the well-known Pagan Black Metal bands from France – HIMINBJORG - is back with a fifth effort simply called “Europa”. Expect nothing but a solid dose of 14 epic and aggressive Black Metal tracks that sound more Scandinavian than some bands from the North themselves. There are powerful riffs, slow to fast tempo, vicious screams and sounds from ancient battles within the melodies. The only weak point in my opinion are the clear vocals that sound out-of-place. The production is on a very good level. The Paganists among us won’t be disappointed by the consecutive good offer from HIMINBJORG.


“Those who walk in Darkness” Demo CD Self Released This is the Swedish band MASTEMA, which exists since the far 1992 and doesn’t have an official album till now. But must have! With their third demo, full of heavy, mighty and melodic Death/Black Metal, MASTEMA attracted my attention and interest. Wonderful sound, fresh ideas and good compositions! It can’t be otherwise because former and present members of the following acts take part in the band: SOULREAPER, SADISTIC GRIMNESS, SARCASTIC, GRIEF OF EMERALD, BESTIAL MOCKERY, AUTHOR OF PAIN. No doubt it’s one of the best demos for 2005! We are waiting for an album! For contacts: Stefan Stefanov


“Triumph of Diabolism” Demo CD-R Self Released A new seed of diabolism has been sown and it’s just waiting to sprout out. The guilty for that are the satanic gang 9th PLAGUE which presents us its third demo. It includes only 3 songs of blasphemous Death Metal which sounds brutal and even chaotic in some moments. It’s not bad but I’m sure it can be better. Sweden always had its decent Death Metal bands and ones like 9th PLAGUE, which come for the first time from the deep underground. They will need time and much effort until they prove themselves in the overpopulated musical world. I wish it to them! For contacts: Stefan Stefanov


“Empty Remembrances” Demo CD Self Released NETER claim they play Swedish Death Metal but they are from Spain. Ha-ha, let them think what they want but I will tell you this is some kind of melodic Death Metal and nothing more. I listen to their demo (second in their discography) and I think that the boys are too young for an album yet – intense rehearsals - that’s what I would recommend them. Otherwise you can find ideas in these five songs but they are not so original. If you wanna hear it, write to: Stefan Stefanov


“Collecting Data MM.V.I: Spine Coated Catalyst” Demo CD-R Self Released The best demo of a Russian band I’ve ever heard! ABORTARIUM come from the town of Tomsk with the only aim to disembowel us and throw us to the scavengers through their intensive Brutal Death/Grind. Freaking roars vary throughout the album along with choking guitar riffs and drums with the speed of light - it reminds me of CANNIBAL CORPSE (“Tomb Of The Mutilated” era) but it’s more varied. The vocals even wobble in the Gore direction and all this is pleasant for my ears. ABORTARIUM are ready for an album, I’m sure! E-mail: Stefan Stefanov


“War Age” Promo CD-R Self Released I received this three-song promo from my friends from PATACA. This young Bulgarian band is already known for the fans because of their concerts in the country. The quartet plays mid-tempo Thrash/Death Metal which is nice to listen to and is a joy for the Metal soul. The sound is good and synchronous so all the instruments are clear as they should be. I suppose some label will show interest because PATACA deserve it. For contacts: Stefan Stefanov


Split Demo CD-R Self Released These rehearsal demo records were given to me personally by the frontman of PURGATIVE ENEMA - Saider. This Bulgarian grind project was born a few years ago with the single purpose to create anti-music which tortures everyone and everything. The songs are wild, played innovatively but still they bring fun. A lot of alcohol was drunk during the recording of this CD but this is inevitable and much needed. Hmm... we are expecting their next crazy creations. For contacts: Stefan Stefanov


Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,0 oldschool Grindcore in general? If the answer is yes then you should definitely find OF HUMAN BONDAGE CRETIN’s debut CD “Freakery”. The band was “The Goat Sessions, Vol.1” CD created back in 1992 by Dan Martinez and SINISTER SOUNDS Matt Widener (who used to play in EXHUMED This is one of the craziest, low-fi black for a couple of years) but due to different metal acts I have heard recently. A trilogy, unfortunate circumstances their first album is dedicated to some occult topics, inspired being released now. Anyway, better late than by the Christian fever. Originally in press of never. “Freakery” includes fifteen Grindcore 50 copies, now released in its entire form by grenades in the vein of good old REPULSION, SINISTER SOUNDS. Slow, painful, primitive TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH, there’s Black Metal. Sounds as if it is recorded in even a guest appearance from Matt Olivo, somebody’s basement. Couldn’t really get the original guitar player of REPULSION. The into it, but it is surely worth the try. production is raw, the tempo is blasting and Ivailo Tonchev....................................................... 4,0 the vocals are aggressive but not guttural, reminding to some extent of PUNGENT AVULSED STENCH’s El Cochino. CRETIN is the next “Reanimations” CD very qualitative band in Relapse’s roster and XTREEM MUSIC hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Quite a curious release their second effort. from the premier Spanish Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5 Death Metal band AVULSED.“Reanimations” DOMINION offers two new songs “Threshold – A Retrospective” CD “Rivers Run Red” and “Foetal Consolation”, PEACEVILLE one re-recorded demo song - “Unconscious Another re-release of Peaceville. DOMINION Pleasure” and three smashing covers of is a female-fronted Metal band coming EXODUS (“Pirahna”), WASP (“I Wanna Be from West Yorkshire, UK. They have released Somebody”) and GOREFEST (“Mental Misery”). two albums through Peaceville: “Interface” But that’s not all. The more interesting part (1996) and “Blackout” (1997). Both albums of the CD is called “Reanimated Songs” and are remastered and are gathered here, plus is something like a tribute to AVULSED - 9 the rare demo track “Joyful Tears of Sorrow” bands of different styles are covering tracks and a cover-version of TEARS FOR FEARS’ of the Spanish band. Some of the bands have classic “Shout”. DOMINION stake on tight made unique interpretations - KAOTHIC have rhythm sections, melodic guitar leads and transformed “Sweet Lobotomy” into an epic the dominating vocals of Michelle Richfield, Heavy Metal track, ZARDONIC have done which at places remind of Anekke’s ones a great Drum’N’Bass remix of “Stabwound (THE GATHERING). There are also male Orgasm” and TERRORISTARS have changed backing vocals to add more intensity. I also “Powdered Flesh” into a modern Thrash perceive a significant NEVERMORE influence sounding.“Reanimations” ends with a video in some of the compositions, especially in the for “Let Me Taste Your Flesh” - live version from heavy rhythm section and the non-standard a show at La Locomotive in Paris. This CD will song-structure. The way DOMINION have be quite enjoyable for every AVULSED fan and blended the melody with melancholic Metal something to listen to ‘till the next album of moods is interesting; back in 1996 this could this great Spanish band is out! have been quite innovative. The two albums Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................8,0 featured in this retrospective re-release have been recorded at Academy Studios (MY TO-MERA DYING BRIDE, CRADLE OF FILTH). Without “Transcendental” CD any doubt DOMINION is an interesting CANDLELIGHT band which could please fans who look Serious progressive composing, slight mystic for more non-standard Metal. overtones, atmospheric and orchestral Chavdar Tzachkov..........................................7,0 passages…but still I will not label them as “gothic metal”. I was surprised that this BENIGHTED band contains a musician who has played “Identisick” CD in EXTREME NOISE TERROR - the sound ADIPOCERE reminds more of an EMPEROR side project. Smashing new album Rich music, reminding of NIGHTWISH or from one of the most DREAM THEATER, but re-written in a unique brutal French bands handwriting. This band may appeal to the BENIGHTED. I know classic heavy-metal fans; let’s not forget them from their the lady presence, which attracts me both previous CD “Insane Cephalic visually and vocally. A very interesting band Production” which was a wonderful with all sorts of unusual influences. album but the new one “Identisick” Hristo is even better. Prepare yourself for 10 Boyadjiev................................................................8,0 brutal Death/Grind attacks played by very skilled and experienced musicians. CLAWN There are elements from other extreme “Deathless Beauty of Silence” CD music styles like Thrash and slight BLACK HOLE Hardcore moments, there’s even a Not a bad effort from this Brazilian band. Flamenco-flavoured passage in “Spiritual These guys mix Black Metal passages with Manslaughter”. BENIGHTED are beyond heavy Death Metal moments influenced by any doubt a very talented band and IMMOLATION and DEICIDE. The sound is raw their original covering of NAPALM but is good enough not to irritate your ears. DEATH’s classic “Suffer The Children” is Actually “Deathless Beauty of Silence” is one a proof for that. “Identisick” is honoured of those albums that have nothing special by two guest appearances of Leif of to offer but aren’t so bad either so I guess DEW-SCENTED and Chris of KRONOS. CLAWN will find their audience. “Identisick” is a crushing and interesting Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................6,0 record and will be a pleasure for the ears of every Death Metal freak. AM’GANESHA’N Tsvetan Rachev...........................................8,5 “Eleftheria” CD HOLY THE PROVENANCE A style good for a spiritual séance or for “Red Flags” CD some rest from the havoc of the death/grind PEACEVILLE explosions. I had a good portion of sleep, I was expecting something here, but while listening to this and I woke up full of the disappointment was inevitable. energy. It reminds me of DEAD CAN DANCE Easy compositions, easy-to-remember or RAJNA, in more occult form - a true ritual choruses, more pop that Goth or music feast. avant-garde. Otherwise, if you like THE Hristo Boyadjiev....................................................8,0 GATHERING, you will love this too. The video of “Second and last but not always” CRETIN (a SISTERS OF MERCY pun?) is very well “Freakery” CD done and the track keeps spinning in my RELAPSE car stereo. Do you like REPULSION’s “Horrified” and Hristo Boyadjiev.............................................7,0



“What Hell Is About” CD SEASON OF MIST I can be blamed for being very commercial and giving this album my highest evaluation, but I can’t deny the merits of this album/band. These French guys have recorded a real metal opus with industrial elements and melodic vocals (two of the tracks feature Vortex (ARCTURUS, DIMMU BORGIR), so fresh and progressive with no accent on useless virtuosity. At the same time, when they play hard, they really do it. If they were born in the USA, they would have been mainstream already. They opened for FEAR FACTORY and MACHINE HEAD but I think it should have been the other way round, as “What Hell is About” is one hell of an album!! Hristo Boyadjiev.........................................9,0


“Everything’s Watched, Everyone’s Watching”CD FERRET MUSIC With the first tracks I considered some DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN wannabes, lacking melody and rhythm. Then they reminded me of NOMEANSNO or FUGAZI. With a little bit of more melody, they would have deserved 9. But I hope for the best for these guys. They will be heard of. Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................7,0


“The Killing Has Begun” CD CASKET MUSIC I began wondering whether my stereo doesn’t play correctly or it is the Casket Music Records CDs that plays with certain sound defects. Maybe it is some kind of Metal “Music Idol” for Metal kids. A twisted mixture of ROB ZOMBIE and METALLICA, recorded by a sound engineer, who has been given the job by some weird mercy. They should seriously think before making a second effort.

Hristo Boyadjiev...................................................2,0


“Commandments - Violated” CD EPIDEMIE Records Latvia’s Underground Music scene is something I’m absolutely not familiar with but it seems that there are some really brutal bands out there and FLAYING is one of them. Although this is their debut CD released via the Czech label Epidemie, those guys have already shared a stage with names like CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISMEMBER, IMPALED NAZARENE, VADER...“CommandmentsViolated” offers ten crushing Death/Grind tracks influenced by the American scene and SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DYING FETUS in particular. The sound is very good and powerful, the instrumental skills of the guys are on a high level. The vocalist Janis reveals good potential of deep grunts, shrieks and piercing screams. If you’re hungry for some good Death Metal from a country like Latvia - definitely hear this record! Tsvetan Rachev.....................................................7,5


“Kres Test” CD KHAARANUS The Czech psychos CEREBRAL TURBULENCY strike again with a solid record entitled “Kres Test”. Those of you familiar with their insane mix of Crossover and Grindcore won’t be disappointed by this CD - here are the rapidly fast drums, the furious riffs and those throaty growls known from the previous CEREBRAL TURBULENCY albums.“Kres Test” have the needful dose of aggression combined with groove moments and is definitely an interesting effort. CEREBRAL TURBULENCY aren’t the most brutal band from the Czech Republic but for sure are one of those with unique sound and remarkable records. “Kres Test” won’t let down anyone into the Czech Grindcore scene. Tsvetan Rachev....................................................7,5

Behind the name FLESH stands only one person – Pete Flesh. He has used only session drummers; all other performances are his own creation and visions - something like the legendary Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.) and DEATH. For me it was a surprise to know that this one-man-band recorded their latest album in the prestigious Abyss Studio which is not accessible for everyone. In this interview with Pete you can find out more about FLESH activities but the freshest news around the band that I heard 10 min ago is they have changed the label from Iron Fist Productions to Singapore’s Pulverized Records! Chavdar Tzachkov

FLESH is a one man vision! FLESH is a rather simple but cool name for a band. But are you sure there aren’t other bands with such a name? No, I’m not sure. But there’s nothing that I was aware of. Pete, I noticed that you are not just anybody in the Underground circles. You have played in bands such as DECEIVER, MAZE OF TORMENT and I guess there are more names... But how important is FLESH in your career? FLESH has for sure become the most important thing to me since I left MAZE OF TORMENT in 2004. DECEIVER (R.I.P.) and the project THROWN where I also play drums are also of course important, but FLESH is so personal to me that it doesn’t matter if something else sells more or something like that. FLESH will remain my top priority. Except you, who are the other musicians who have taken part in the writing/recording process of “Temple Of Whores”? I hope FLESH is not a one-man band? The only thing I use, and will always do, is a session drummer. Everything else is done by, lyrics, arrangements etc. FLESH is a one man vision! And it’s not even impossible that I take care of the drums myself one day, depending on how I want the album to sound. Before “Temple Of Whore” you have another album - “Dodsangest”. What can you tell me about it? Will I, who liked “Temple Of Whores”, like it as well? “Dodsangest” was my first try, and also the first time I ever sang. I really like the album and am of course proud of it, but “Temple of Whores” is better in so many different aspects, at least in my ears. Some think that the new is the best; some think the first it always is and should be. But none seems to really dislike one of the albums, so I guess you would enjoy it. Tell me 5 things that are truly descriptive of the music of FLESH. Puh! This is always hard. Personal, old, rotten, death, whore maybe. “Temple Of Whores” is also available on vinyl, right? Does the vinyl version have some bonus tracks/ artwork? Will there also be a tape version of this album? The vinyl version is not printed when I write this - it should be out in March/April sometime. No extra tracks, but an A2 poster. ”Swedish Death Metal Assault” - I read this slogan on your myspace profile. Assault on whom, I would ask? I guess you understand that it’s mostly an expression rather than a statement towards any specific persons. But if it would be, it would be towards the ones not believing in me when I started FLESH and that I would not be able to do this. Tomas Nyqvist, the owner of Iron Fist Productions, is the man who created the legendary No Fashion Records in the middle of the 90’s. I guess you know him personally; he should be a great fan of FLESH and all your other bands? Tomas is a friend of mine since many years, long before we started to collaborate on different things in music. But the first thing he released was that I was involved in was the second MAZE OF TORMENT album “Faster Disaster” back in ´98. Tomas is one of few label people that have believed in my stuff. Without him I would never have been able to do this...well, to release it. So yes, he really likes the stuff I do. You have recorded “Temple Of Whores” in The Abyss Studio, right? I take this studio as a very expensive one, isn’t it? In the beginning the main problem of The Abyss Studios was the identical sounding of almost all bands that have recorded there. Now I see this is not the case with “Temple Of Whores”. Tommy Tagtgren has made a very good job. No, it’s not expensive, at least not for me. Many have mentioned that both FLESH albums don’t sound like the typical Abyss sound. Well, I had my own vision. People are so dumb that they don’t understand that if you don’t have an own vision of how you want it to sound, then it will sound like the other stuff in a studio. 70% of the time Tommy is not even in the studio, and this is the way

I want it. When we mix it I say how I want it, not the opposite. It’s my fucking album and I pay for it. Tommy is really important to me as he lets me try out my ideas and also helps me reach the final finish. But, the albums would have sounded totally different if Tommy had his own ways. I think that bands like POSSESSED have a great impact on your music. What other names can you add to the list with your influences? DEATH, AUTOPSY, MORBID ANGEL, MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, MASSACRA, PESTILENCE, ELVIS etc. I guess FLESH is a studio project for the moment?! Do you intend to make it a full live band? From my experience I know it is not the same for a musician when he doesn’t have the possibility to meet the fans live My first intention with FLESH was just to keep it as a studio project, but now I will soon start to rehearse some songs with some live musicians. Not that FLESH has grown ultra big, but big enough for me to understand that some people want to see it live. Maybe the songs will turn out a little different for the live situation, but it will for sure have the same feeling. You have chosen the track “Spirits Reborn In Chaos” for the CD sampler of this issue of Brutallica. Why this song? Does it represent the ideology and the passions of the whole album? No, it does not! We were just too poor to feature any longer song, ha-ha!! Nah,’s a good track for people to hear the first time they hear FLESH I think. The song is maybe the most thrashy stuff on the album, so in some aspects it does not represent the whole album, it’s impossible to just pick one song for that. Today when there is myspace and stuff like that people are anyway able to hear some more and get a better grip of the album. I’m sure you have already listened “Temple Of Whores” at least 100 times. Do you find some minor faults or places that are not performed as they should have been? Most of the Swedish musicians want a fine piece of workmanship. Well, I’m not like any other Swedish musician, and to be honest I don’t even see myself as a musician. A musician is able to tell you all about theory etc. I’m totally dumb when it comes to that. I just hear stuff in my head and in some strange ways I manage to get it out to songs. I’d rather listen to ANAL VOMIT than some fag that wants to show how good he is on his instrument. Not that I have something against good musicians, I’m talking about the ones that have no vibe at all in their playing and are totally lost when it comes to putting a song together. Chuck/ DEATH is a perfect example of a good musician, but still

“������� People are ������������ so dumb that ����� they ����� don’t ������ understand that if you don’t have an own vision of how you want it to sound, then it will sound like the other stuff in a studio�” had a great vibe and is a genius putting songs together. Maybe I should answer your question as well...yes, there are small minor things that I would have done different today, like some vocal parts. But in general “Temple of Whores” is one of the most satisfying albums I have ever recorded. Do you have any vinyl EPs/demos released and if yes are they still available? No, just the two albums. But I hope my next release with FLESH will be an EP. What is your life outside FLESH and all the other projects? Regular job? Family? Kids? Beer? Parties? What kind of man is Pete Flesh? Today I live in a way that others would label as totally fucking boring. I don’t drink anymore (turned into an alcoholic), live alone and most of the time just do music - no social life except when I have my son or visit some

festival. I have no regular job right now and have moved to a bloody small hillbilly town where the film Mad Max comes to mind. But this is how I want it, and I have more fun now than I have had in many years....I have come to peace. Why are there so many good bands in Sweden? Where is the secret? Maybe you are simply a highly talented nation? Where are all the good bands except stuff like NIFELHEIM, NECROVATION, TRIBULATION and a few more?? Sweden is overrated and

that’s it!!!! Tell me 3 bands which you have all albums of. One of them is DEATH, right? DEATH, SADUS and DANZIG are the ones that pups up in my mind right now. Saddam was hanged, but the “devil” is still playing golf in Texas. Do you know who I have in mind? What about the double standards? Of course I know who you are talking about. I could write as many pages you want on this subject and the political double standards. I’m not blind towards the world and what happens, but I’d rather not go there. How many whores are living in your ‘temple of whores”? What does this album title symbolize? 666 whores and a nun!!!! It symbolizes religions or people in general, that see women like whores because they follow their natural instincts, like fucking and bringing pleasure for their own needs. The title is meant like a double sentence and not meant like my own view, like I would think women are whores, some have mistaken that. The title can lead to other directions. When I write lyrics I do it in a way where you don’t get all the answers all the time, they are very open for own conclusions. Sometimes I don’t really know myself what I want to say with a lyric before the song is recorded and I can see the whole picture myself, it’s more rewarding for me that way. But there are some other topics -”Taste the Devil’s Blood” is about suicide, the meaning of it is like temple of whores, religions that believe it’s the work of the devil. ”Rotten through the Skin” is about wars in some kind of strange way. All lyrics have some kind of personal hate towards human beings mixed with an obscure way of my own conclusions towards life. The subjects are of course not unique in any way, it’s just my views. When can all FLESH fans expect your third album and when do you expect to make FLESH a real live band? Say your wishes to all headbangers that will read this interview… Usually I have everything structured what I will record next etc. But right now I will take it a bit easy and concentrate on my son and trying to work out for a FLESH live situation. I have recorded and done music for 5 fulllength albums and one MCD in two and a half years and must find some new inspiration so I don’t just repeat myself. But I hope to have a FLESH EP out till next autumn and a new album in maybe late 2008. Thanx a lot for the support to the Brutallica crew, great zine!!! Myspace nerds can find me at: Others can reach me at:


NAPALM DEATH…only the name says it all... Independent, extreme & uncompromising Metal band! A real example of integrity! Those well-know English gentlemen were on their Euro-tour to promote their new (& highly recommended) album “Smear campaign” and gave a concert not so far from where I live… It couldn’t be a better opportunity for me to see them live again & also to ask Shane (legendary bass-player of the band & fuckin’ cool guy as well as the other band members) to answer some of my questions...thinking this would be a cool interview to share with the Brutallica readers! So here we go!!! Fabien PINNETEAU Béatrice FARRICA

You cannot label NAPALM DEATH, it’s impossible! I suppose this is not your only gig in France and Europe… When & where the tour has begun and where & when will it end? It started in Newcastle on the 18th of October and will finish on the 19th of November. Before this tour, we had been 6 weeks in America with HATEBREED

shows. We like what we do and if we didn’t care, we would probably not be doing what we do… Do you enjoy playing in France? Well, yeah, that’s pretty good ! Can you say there are differences between French and the rest of Europe audiences?

and BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and after this tour we’ll go to the US again, so this is the second part of a three part tour I guess… What is your “secret” not to be completely broken at the end of a tour and to always have the energy to play a good show? Hum… I don’t know. I mean we’re still very passionate but sometimes you’ve good days, bad days and usually on tour you’ve to play almost every day and you’ve to save your energy for the

And also between European & American one? If so, which ones? Well, it depends on the shows, you can have bad and good shows, it doesn’t matter where you’re playing, you can have bad shows in France, in Germany, etc. A good show makes the crowd acting, dancing…a bad show makes the crowd watching you, this can happen all around the world I think, it’s all the same… Ok, back to the band… Your new album is called


“Smear Campaign”…first of all, the artwork really caught my attention and it really reminds of the band’s early releases… it is also much more disturbing than the previous album covers…why this choice? The last four album covers had the logo in the centre of the record; we felt we lost a bit the old feeling with lots of details, messages… We just got back to the early punk covers with just one colour…that’s the main reason. This album has been recorded at the Foel Studios in Wales where “The Code Is Red…” was also recorded. What does this studio have in particular you wanted to find again? It’s cheap (laughs)! Well, basically the studio is ran by a guy called Dave Anderson he’s the original bass player for a band called HAWKWIND, really a hippie guy, pretty cool. It’s in the middle of Wales, really quiet, nothing around. It’s quite good because it is not distracting. Not like if we recorded in Birmingham where we live, you can go home, to the pub, so this is the best way for us. Musically what is really surprising is the kind of “back-to-the-roots” sound and way of writing, mixing new industrial & even atmospheric sounds… How did this idea come to compose such songs? One could think atmospheric touches could weaken the sound but not at all, the result is even much more aggressive. Was it something you wanted to experience for a long time or did this come naturally? Well, we just try to make a definitive NAPALM DEATH album. Even in the early days before the first album, NAPALM DEATH did experiments with slower more industrial tracks; But we just try to make an album we’d love to hear, we gave crazy fast parts, catchy heavy slow riffs, we just tried to do what NAPALM DEATH do best! The atmospheric stuff was good to experiment this way and sounds really apocalyptic in some ways, it follows the concept of the album, kinda bizarre, dark…it’s kinda cool! Barney also sings much more differently than previously… It is more varied and the same as for the music, it gives more impact to the songs. Is that also something that was for him natural or was he thinking of doing this for a long time too? We’ve made kind of experimental songs in the past albums, but it’s in the past two albums that we felt really comfortable…but it is not really comfortable it is almost more “confident”, I think. It’s also showed on the last track of this album, it is like a natural extension you know, too much would be too much obviously, there is just enough to make it a little stranger, and I think there is enough atmosphere. We’ve always tried to experiment throughout the years into different directions… How did it come that Anneke from THE GATHERING sings on two songs? Whose was the idea? I didn’t think she was a real NAPALM DEATH fan he, he…and what’s your opinion about THE GATHERING that started as an atmospheric Death Metal bands years ago? Do you enjoy their latest releases? We had a part in a song that needed female vocals, Century Media suggested Anneke, she sings very well, was really enthusiastic, it turned out pretty well and I believe it was interesting also for her, kinda challenge… Do you think she’s a real Napalm Death fan? Supposedly… She came to the show a couple of weeks ago… And what’s your opinion on THE GATHERING that started as an atmospheric Death Metal band years ago? Do you enjoy their latest releases? The last album they did is great, I like it a lot. I like a lot of atmospheric music, and all that’s good to me is fine! Anneke on a NAPALM DEATH album, you, Shane, appears on the new ANAAL NATHRAKH album and Barney sings on the last BORN FROM PAIN album too… Is that important for you to keep this open-minded attitude to various musical

styles? Do you think that way, it is better to improve and evolve musically? Yeah, the ANAAL NATHRAKH guys are good friends of mine, we played two live shows last years, I played bass for them, and Danny from NAPALM DEATH played drums…and the ANAAL NATHRAKH guitar player is the one who designs the NAPALM DEATH albums covers… So there is a big link between us. It is good to do different things, I get more kicked than anything probably, I mean Napalm are the old tone, I like new projects…more interesting… Speaking of being open-minded to other styles don’t you think this has been a bit lost nowadays? I mean, today you’re not a “real” Metal fan if listening to Punk music for example…while years ago, it was totally natural to have in its collection some DISCHARGE albums with CELTIC FROST ones… What’s your opinion on nowadays musical attitudes that tend to more and more categorize & label the styles of music? Don’t you think that first and foremost, that’s only rock’n’roll? Probably so… I mean labels are here for people to know what you’re playing. But you cannot label NAPALM DEATH, it’s impossible. NAPALM DEATH is Grind Core but NAPALM DEATH has like Heavy Metal, DISCHARGE, Punk, HC, Industrial and Noise influences. So you see labels do bother me. But this helps people to find and understand… Nowadays, we see more and more “old” bands coming back… DEATH ANGEL, EXODUS, ONSLAUGHT, CELTIC FROST, to name a few… How can you explain this? Maybe for many different reasons they went away, maybe they have family, maybe they’re different things… The music industry is very tough and you don’t get involved for money, you do it because

“The last four album covers had the logo in the centre of the record; we felt we lost a bit the old feeling with lots of details, messages... We just got back to the early punk covers with just one colour” you love playing music. Maybe when they went away, once in the normal life, they see the music is still very popular and then they missed these days…look OBITUARY, good friends of mine, they went away for many years, they all worked but they came back.. so… Do you think the scene needed such numerous come-backs? I wouldn’t say the scene needed it but it’s more like “blood” you miss…for me it’d be hard to stop playing music, to give up… And what are the ones that make the best impression on you? I don’t know really… Last CELTIC FROST is interesting but it was not CELTIC FROST to me but I like it. I think if we look back at the CELTIC FROST album it probably makes sense after the “Into The Pandemonium” album… Speaking of old-school bands…there’s a riff at the end of the song called “Fatalist” that is totally reminding me of early CELTIC FROST even the vocals with its typical “huh!” makes me think of Thomas G. Warrior… Was it intentional, a way to pay tribute to the Swiss monsters? I warn you if you say it’s not intentional, I won’t believe you, he, he…. Yeah, it was intentional! (laughs) CELTIC FROST have always been an influence for NAPALM DEATH! Are you still in touch with the boss from Earache and what do you think about this label nowadays? Don’t you think it’s a bit sad the

label changed its orientation and lost interest in cult bands like yours or BOLT THROWER to name a few? No, not really. Unfortunately they treated their bands very badly, it’s a shame, it didn’t really help them… You’re now on Century Media… How do you feel being on such a label? It’s fine, it’s all ok, it is a big label but there’s always someone to talk to when there’s a problem, not like Earache which was smaller but no one to talk to. Do you think you could have found a better label at this time than Century Media? Probably not. Hum…something I’d like to talk about… I know this is surely not easy as you miss him much more than anyone else… but could you say some words on Jesse and his last album he recorded with TERRORIZER? I cannot say too much really about Jesse because he wasn’t in the band for two years. I’ve lost touch with the guy. So we met frequently once here, once there, I’ve got in touch with him a few months before his death for various reasons. I can’t say much more really... I don’t know what to say really… Thank you very much for your time. All the best for the rest of the tour... Thank you for the support, we’re only here because we get good response when we play! Thank you!!!


The Bulgarian band DEMENZIA (initially DEMENTIA) was formed during the summer of 2003 of������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������� former members of the Black Metal outfits SHADOWLAND. The band chose the Death Metal direction but their past activities contribute to a more varied aspect of their music. It is an odd mixture of Death Metal with thrashing riffs and Black Metal influenced keyboard parts. DEMENZIA present music sodden of obscure and melancholic feelings. Their new album “Different Seasons” provoked my interest to contact the band!

Garo Pilibosyan

Hello Valdemar! Could you present DEMENZIA to the readers of Brutallica? Greetings to you and to all readers of Brutallica. Well, there is nothing interesting about the formation of our band. The guitar player Velizar Gordeev, the drummer Zlatomir Zlatkov and me Valdemar (guitars, vocals, keys) are from the town of Lom, North Bulgaria. We have turned obstinate to make music and this infection later reached also the bass player Georgy Gigov and the keyboardist Marin Ivanov. That is it. A mutual madness gathered us! You have a new album. What message does the name “Different Seasons” bring? Does the cover artwork symbolize anything? Yes, we have finally succeeded in releasing officially this album after all those mishaps that we had. The name that we gave the album has been taken from a well known work of Steven King and according to us it is the best definition of the music that we make. The work on the cover artwork was assigned to a professional painter - Elena Vutova. She managed to catch very well the feelings and the moods of the album. Why did you make a remix of the song “My Goddess? The remix of “My Goddess” is my creation and there is no specific reason to choose that song. After we all approved it, we decided to find a place for it in the album but since it is like a bonus track we logically put it at the last position. The original of “My Goddess” is a quite neglected track by us and I think it was time to present it to the listeners! It’s an interesting fact that your drummer writes the lyrics of the tracks. Does he insist to do it or he just has a gift for it? We think he has some very good ideas in writing the lyrics, and the subjects reflect our moods in musical aspect.


Moreover a girl with the name Diana Kirova has written some of your lyrics – what is her role in the band? To say it shortly – she is simply a friend of mine who sent me some time ago one of her works (if I can remember correctly it was exactly the lyrics of “Mystical Windmill”), which I liked a lot. Since then she is one of our official lyricists of DEMENZIA and I don’t think to change it. Who is the publisher of the album and where the interested fans can buy it? The album is a release of IMSB – a very young Bulgarian label from Burgas which lately gains momentum and Nox Studio, “the culprits” for the incredible art design of “Different Seasons”. We have tried to spread the album in the music shops of the big Bulgarian cities as well as in the online shops for Internet orders. Will you search for a foreign label for your next release or this is not so important for you? For the moment we are more than satisfied of our work with IMSB and Nox Studio. I think the foreign labels that could show interest will hardly offer us something better. The fact that I became a part of the large family of IMSB means something, which gives me the opportunity to keep an eye on what happens with our album. Your music is quite refracted and qualifying it with only one style would not reveal it fully. What inspires you to build compositions, which sound dark, aggressive, innovative and multilayered? I think my answer will be too clichéd but it is really hard to analyze myself. It is when the muse hits you”, ha, ha… We all listen to pretty different kinds of music and our inspirations, which I could call influences are an unavoidable part of the songwriting process. In terms of our inspirers, they are different for every one of us but I think they are

insignificant for the reaching of the general idea. It is important what you can offer and not what or who has induced you to make it. You will play on “Metal Healing Fest” in Greece on July 22nd. What are your expectations? For the moment we do not have any expectations because this will be our first appearance on the big scene and none of us knows what to expect there. Notwithstanding, I hope to represent the band in favourable light. It is a great feeling to know that you will be playing with some of your fave bands on one scene; this additionally raises the tension. In such a moment one can ask himself “Am I ready for this”? Are there plans for other live appearances? Of course. We still do not have an official promotion of “Different Seasons” in Sofia. We also intend to make concerts in other places in Bulgaria but for the moment we do not have a ready schedule of the upcoming events. What are your plans in general for the future? What are your ambitions? Plans and ambitions we have in abundance. It is important to have a right picture about our possibilities. We started to work on new material and I think we managed to find the right way and rhythm of work which we strived for. “Different Seasons” is the album we have build the bases with, but at the same time it is an expression of our ramble in the musical mazes. The new material sounds much steadier and cleared from all needless admixtures. Very soon we will present to the audience a new track and I hope our fans to be pleasantly surprised. Where can people who are interested keep an eye on what’s going around DEMENZIA? All past and upcoming events are published on the band website, as well as on the site of our label www.imsb. info Is there something that I haven’t asked you but you wish to tell us? Maybe if it was a TV Studio I would exclaim “Mom, see me I’m on the TV” but for a magazine I still haven’t thought how would it be. Thank you for the interview! I thank you too!



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Issue 12 of the Underground Metal Magazine