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Little Creek Oyster Ranch We are a small oyster farm in the beautiful Peconic Bay, NY. Help create a spirit moving oyster experience- Eat an oyster. Feed a bay! THE PROJECT Ok, we've won the lottery. (Sort of) Thanks to an amazing new program we are fortunate to be among a very small group of folks granted coveted rights to foster and grow shellfish in the amazing Peconic Bay. Patience, luck and a great deal of paperwork got us this far. WHERE WE ARE NOW We are proud to announce that we have all regulatory permits in place. We waded (hah!) through a whole lot of acronyms to get here: DEP, ACE, USCG and more! Our custom farm gear has been designed and built for us and is now ready to deploy this spring for our first planting. This is cutting edge aquaculture gear which has been built to best take advantage of our specific farm site and is designed to outlast and outperform typical equipment. We have had amazing reception and encouragement from individuals as well as restaurants and chefs who are eagerly anticipating our first harvests. WHAT WE NEED Our first order of business will be to get the ranch fully "planted" this spring, followed by a second planting in the late fall. To accomplish this we will need: Seed stock: Called "spat". These are very small, baby oysters. In fact they look exactly like a mature oyster when viewed under a microscope. Grow Out Gear: We have sufficient gear to lay out our initial plantings and are working on completing the build out of gear to complete year 1. In addition we hope to build our floating nursery to facilitate growing out from the smallest size seed available. Boat: We love to swim, but we need to float! We will be looking to acquire or contract a workboat to serve the ranch. Our business plan allows for the subcontracting of this work for year 1 if necessary, however we expect to acquire and engineer a vessel as soon as possible. We are working on designs which utilize recycled materials and which operate as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Oysters delivered from bay to table. Freshest. Oysters. Ever. HISTORY Long Island Oysters hold a near mythical position in the history of American seafood. Once upon a time the abundant Peconic Bay provided oysters by the tons. Fresh, shucked, smoked, canned. Greenport, NY was an oystering center akin to the sardine canneries of Monterray Bay. That industrial approach to food is thankfully passed us now. The Bay, once cleared of its bounty, ceased to sustain that level of oystering. The canneries folded and disappeared. The ecosystem changed, the algae blooms arrival on east coast waters, and a changing way of life, left that water laying fallow like a forgotten field. Shipyard Shack With the very recent farming approach to shellfish production, everything is different. Oyster seeds are planted and harvested without damaging impact. Oyster farming is, in fact, one of the more environmentally beneficial activities we can do for our ecosystem. The farm itself essentially creates artificial reefs which have been shown to attract long missing sea-life back to the bay. These small farms create rewarding jobs and by their very nature become protectors of our natural resources.

ECO SIDE EFFECTS! It turns out that oysters (and other shellfish) are amazing water filters. They can process 50 gallons of water/day...each! Since some of our oysters will stay in the racks for a few years. By the time they are harvested, each oyster will have filtered almost 55,000 gallons of water. They also sequester carbon in their shells. In fact there is a possibility that the farm could earn carbon credits for removing significant caron from the atmosphere. Credits or no, it does happen, so we dig it.


Little Creek Oyster Ranch  

We are a small oyster farm in the beautiful Peconi...