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Oral Care That Fights For Our World

Our Story Every single Brush It On oral care product directly supports a conservation project of our customers’ choice. We take the war on plastic seriously and that’s why 100% of our profits go directly to organisations that protect the world’s oceans, forests, and animals. The idea came from a desire to protect this planet for future generations. Viv & Alice created Brush It On to fight plastic pollution by helping people make conscious choices without sacrificing their lifestyle. In 2018, we successfully funded our project on Indiegogo which helped us get our social enterprise off the ground. We started with designer bamboo toothbrushes and received a great response from the market, which motivated us to expand our offer and provide a wider range of sustainable oral care products.







Designed to help The Australian Marine Conservation Society keep the world’s oceans clean.

Our Tarzan products are here to support World Land Trust on their mission to protect threatened habitats and wildlife.

The Lassie line is aimed at helping World Animal Protection protect animals across the world.

Each Nemo product contributes to their programs focused on keeping our oceans in their healthiest and most natural state, without pressures from overfishing and pollution.

Each Tarzan product contributes to Buy an Acre programme and helps buy rainforest to create permanently protected nature reserves across the world.

Each Lassie product helps free bears from captivity and support bear sanctuaries.

Our profits help distribute living plastic-free packs to raise awareness around plastic pollution.

Buy an Acre funds are currently supporting land purchase in Mexico to save and protect ancient forest habitat for vulnerable wildlife.

Our profts provide rescued bears with vital medication to help keep them healthy and strong on the road to recovery. *Lassie toothbrushes are also available in kids size.

Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder This 100% natural activated charcoal teeth whitening powder helps absorb plaque and other compounds that stain your teeth. Activated charcoal is a finely milled black powder made from coconut shells. It helps remove discoloration while brightening and whitening your teeth. The charcoal is processed with high heat, which “activates� it. One jar contains 60 grams of a mint-flavoured tooth powder which allows for approximately 100 uses.

Compostable Dental Floss Our plant-based dental floss is coated in vegan-friendly candelilla wax and has a fresh mint flavour. Each package contains 30m of a 100% compostable floss. Using about 50cm each time you floss your teeth, the package allows for approx. 60 uses. Customers can choose between organic silk or bamboo charcoal. The glass tube dispenser with tread-cutting lid is reusable and we offer a two-pack refill floss.

Eco-Friendly Interdental Brushes Our bamboo interdental brushes help you access even the most hard to reach places between your teeth and gums delivering a more effective and deeper clean. They provide a sustainable alternative to your traditional plastic brushes. The compostable handle is made of sustainably grown MOSO bamboo (not eaten by Panda). The bristles come in Small or Medium sizes. The soft long-lasting bristles are made of coated wire and need to be removed before composting the handle. Our interdental brushes are designed for daily cleaning. They’re reusable and you don’t need to replace them after every use unless they are damaged or worn.

Bamboo Cotton Buds Plastic cotton swabs clog up sewages and pollute our oceans. Our 100% biodegradable bamboo cotton buds provide a sustainable alternative without any nastiness. They are made from sustainable bamboo sticks with an organic cotton tip. They’re ideal for makeup application and removal and cleaning small areas. Packed in plastic-free recycled packaging. We offer two different options: – Pack of 200 buds with black cotton tips (one tip pointed, one round) – Pack of 100 buds with white cotton tips (both tips round)

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