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Awesome zigbee control lighting system,very automatic and fun in future lighting,a module can control the whole house's lamp, Dimmable,color temperature ,just a WIFI controller,one led lamp 、and a phone with Zigbee APP can help you achieve this.

zigbee lighting Intelligent lighting as the future lighting trends would be more and more popular in later caya lighting ,led manufacturer for several years made a new plan,developing intelligent lighting system,and achieve great success in this filed by applying the latest technology ZIGBEE. “Zigbee technology can be widely used in home & commercial lighting,of course,other systems like supervise in hospital,biology control are also available ,led down light,led high bay light,led flood light and led bulbs ,zigbee are available in almost the whole lighting system home or commercial ,just need an apple software,all lamps can be control are in your saving and convenient play will save you more ”

1.Color temperature and brightness are adjustable via the remote controller and smart phone. 2.Color temperature and brightness are adjustable from 100%-1%. 3.Colors are able to change from the remote controller and smart phone. 4.RGB and white light function can be realized in one bulb. 5.Meeting,Sleeping,Reading,recreation,timer.alarm and multiply modes for your choice. 6.timer to set up the bulb automatic turn on and o. 7.The remote controller can divide into 4 groups to control. 8.Can control the bulb via your own wireless network. 9.Remote control distance at 20-30 meters. 10.Able to control through the Iphone, ipad and android phone. 11.One controller can control numerous of light ďŹ xtures. 12.Easy to use and installation. 13.Good thermal conductivity for heat dissipation. 14.Use supper bright LED,low power consumption, long working life. 15.Use electromagnetic compatibility design,achieve green environmental protection. 16.Direct replacements to conventional incandescent bulbs 60W.

Led zigbee system lighting bulb