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CONTROL SYSTEMS BruCon Modular Control, Alarm and Monitoring System for Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion


The trusted Control, Alarm and M

Tools for Smooth Sailing

BruCon from Bridge to Blade


d Monitoring System from Brunvoll


Brunvoll has built up decades of experience in reliable solutions for manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion control.

Alarm Alerts and alarms give clear guidance for decision support. Early warnings enable quick intervention, reducing risk.


Monitoring BruCon condition monitoring helps to optimize performance and makes it easier to plan smarter preventive maintenance.



Challenges BruCon BruCon Hardware BruCon Software Single Source Simulation Testing Installation Operation BruCon Team BruCon Modules Brunvoll R&D BruCon References Thruster Control Thruster Expertise

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BruCon systems are specifically designed and produced for the entire range of Brunvoll thrusters.

Main Propellers We provide complete control, alarm, monitoring and automation solutions for main propulsion equipment including azimuth systems from Brunvoll, and for main propulsion equipment from our strategic partners.

Drive Systems We supply BruCon for all our drive systems, including constant and variable-speed for both controllable- and fixed-pitch propellers.



BruCon Branding Positioning


LENGES Larger ships Ship sizes are growing – creating new challenges for manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion.

More complex ships Advanced technological infrastructure, specialized applications, sophisticated interactions between various automation systems and large investments demand new dimensions in control.

More demanding operation Confined waters, new advances in dynamic positioning and deepwater assignments lead to growing demands for safe, efficient and flexible operation in widening weather windows.

More Thrusters Innovative ships from leading maritime players use an increasing number of thrusters in bow and stern.

Larger Thrusters For manoeuvring large ships in challenging conditions, larger thruster systems are needed.

Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion BruCon is the optimal control solution for complete manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion systems from Brunvoll – and in cooperation with our strategic partners.



Brunvoll in Control from Bridge to Blade – M

Interface to other ship systems

BruCon for Manoeuvring and Positioning Decades of Brunvoll experience have been invested in BruCon, for control of any configuration of our thrusters – from bridge to blade: • Tunnel Thrusters • Azimuth Retractable Thrusters • Azimuth Retractable Combi Thrusters • Rim Driven Thrusters (RDT)



– Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion

One thruster ... or many ... BruCon supports smooth operation of your investment Advanced vessels may have multiple thrusters in bow and stern. The need for precise functioning and reliable service is greater than ever. Whether your thruster configuration is simple or complex, you get the consistent quality of Brunvoll’s control system – adapted to meet your needs. BruCon contributes to optimal performance and cost-effective maintenance of high-value assets.

BruCon for Propulsion Brunvoll has long experience in integrating manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion in selected projects. Together with our strategic partners, we have made a strong commitment to offering propulsion solutions: • Main propulsion with CPP in cooperation with strategic partners • Azimuth with FPP in cooperation with strategic partners • Brunvoll azimuth propulsion with CPP



Brunvoll offers Complete Systems for M

The Benefits of BruCon Brunvoll designs and produces complete control systems for optimal operational reliability, lifespan and cost efficiency. BruCon makes it easier to identify any potential problem, cutting installation and commissioning costs, after-sales service costs and maintenance effort. A system of dedicated control modules provides clear lines of responsibility for installation, commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance. As well as being a reliable stand-alone system, BruCon provides easy integration with other monitoring and control systems. There is no time lag between the command and the response or feedback signal. BruCon enables a fast and knowledgeable response to after-sales service questions. With decades of experience in matching the specific needs of our customers, Brunvoll is a reliable single source for complete systems including control for Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion.



r Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion

We supply a variety of drive system types • Electric motor with star/delta, autotransformer or electronic soft starter for constant-speed CP propeller • Electric motor with frequency converter for variable speed, either CP or FP propeller • Diesel engine drive for constantor variable-speed CP propeller

Approvals BruCon will be delivered with approval from all required Ship Classification Societies.


BruCon SO BruCon HMI

BruCon Core Modules

Brunvoll’s Human Machine Interface provides intuitive control of the thruster systems with easy-to-use displays and controls. With ergonomic operation based on functional Scandinavian design, BruCon places all the power and precision of Brunvoll systems at your fingertips.

Dedicated BruCon technology allows instant response to operator control. Seamless integration throughout the system streamlines installation and enables fast and reliable decision support for maintenance. BruCon allows greater modularization and simpler integration on board.

Levers Displays/Indicators/ Lamps/Buttons

Control Module Software with algorithms for fundamental thruster functionality that is robust and reliable.

User Interaction Equipment.

GUI System

Alarms and Decision Support

Graphical User Interface. Different kinds of screen solutions, both interactive and for information.

Alarms will contain additional information explaining probable causes of the alarm, and will suggest which action to take.

Joystick System (Planned)

Monitoring System

One-lever control over the movement of the ship in all directions.

Tracking trends in both physical and system-generated data will provide valuable information during operation and for maintenance.

DP Centre

Interface with Other Systems


Dynamic positioning is a computer-controlled system to maintain a vessel’s position and heading automatically, using its own propellers and thrusters.

Flexible ways of interacting with other systems on a vessel are essential for: • Efficient installation • Reliable operation • Manoeuvrability • Safety on board

Turn information flow into optimal performance

Valuable information can be harvested and used to lengthen component lifetime, reduce maintenance costs and optimize performance.


OFTWARE BruCon CMS Condition Monitoring System Sophisticated monitoring provides intelligent feedback that can reduce costs, reduce risks and improve performance.

Basic Data Acquisition

Advanced Data Acquisition

• Stores existing control system data • Enables simple analysis and reporting • Allows diagnostics based on fundamental analysis results

Adds extended instrumentation and sensors, creating potential for smart solutions to reduce costs and downtime through: • Trend analysis • Preparation for preventive maintenance • Extended support • Advanced analysis and reporting

Optional Module 1: Real-time Decision Management Based on the selected data acquisition module.

Optional Module 2: Remote Diagnostics Module Reduces the time from data acquisition to decision making by eliminating the need for manual submission of measurement data.

Optional Module 3: On-site advanced measurements and analysis Enables qualified Brunvoll personnel to use advanced measurement equipment for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

BruCon processes signals into a smooth flow of essential information for:

• Effective and responsive control • Instant feedback between equipment and operator • Early detection of faults • Problem-solving and decision support



One reliable partner for s

Brunvoll offers complete single-source expertise

Enhanced functionality and cost efficiency – our continuous focus

BruCon is based on Brunvoll’s unique multidisciplinary competence, and seamless Brunvoll quality means hassle-free interfaces. We take full responsibility for our systems, and this creates the basis for the Brunvoll warranty.

The ambitions behind BruCon are clear evidence of this Brunvoll urge. We have: • Improved the human-machine interface • Simplified integration on board • Refined the system to reduce installation cost • Streamlined the configuration • Focused on expert systems • Focused on modularization

Quality solutions based on in-house design and production Brunvoll is known for developing robust and reliable solutions based on unmatched experience. In-house production ensures consistent Brunvoll quality from concept to completed system and after-sales service.

Stand-alone systems BruCon is an integral part of our complete systems for manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion – including solutions in cooperation with Brunvoll’s strategic partners in propulsion. Fully compliant with class requirements for independent operation, BruCon offers true stand-alone functionality.

Customers trust Brunvoll for proven reliability We invest the time that’s needed to develop and refine new solutions. We don’t believe in short cuts – we’re in business for the long term. We invest resources over a longer horizon, with pilot projects and rigorous testing in real-life conditions.

Brunvoll’s complete i All Aspects of Thruster Systems

Design and Engineering

Procurement and Manufacturing

• Multidisciplinary expertise focused on thruster systems • Hands-on experience in all aspects of thruster systems • Integrated project management

• Automation/Cybernetics • Programming • Power systems • Mechanical interfaces • Hydrodynamics • Hydraulics

• Long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers • Experience in selecting the most reliable components • Generous safety margins • Rigorous testing and quality assurance • Coordination of electrical production, assembly and fitting



r systems as vital as thrusters

For vessel upgrades, a new thruster control system supports new functions

BruCon is the basis for efficient and reliable after-sales service – and warranty

Upgrades have the potential to increase the functionality, performance and profitability of the vessel. We have extensive experience in installing new BruCon technology for existing Brunvoll systems to support: • Thruster interfaces with other systems such as dynamic positioning • Reclassification of the vessel • Transfer of an existing thruster to a new vessel • Upgrades that extend the vessel’s operating window

BruCon makes it easier to identify any potential problems, cutting after-sales service costs and maintenance effort.

Integration with other systems Brunvoll has long experience in integration with other systems such as power management, IAS and DP. BruCon modules provide Brunvoll quality in integrated systems.

We can respond quickly to most questions by telephone – even in the first level of after-sales service.

With a complete system and warranty from one reliable partner, you have the peace of mind of clear lines of responsibility – one point of contact for after-sales service and support.

For smooth integration with other systems, BruCon: • Processes and prepares signals for optimal communication and operation • Provides rapid and accurate control and feedback signals • Coordinates and refines signals for robust interfacing • Provides a robust interface with integrated systems

e in-house value chain Delivery, Installation and Commissioning

After-Sales Service, Upgrades and Retrofits

Responsibility at One Point

• An integrated focus on delivery precision • Advanced in-house testing technology saves time and costs during installation and commissioning • Brunvoll’s expert participates actively during commissioning

• Optimal service based on in-depth knowledge of the thruster system • Condition Based Maintenance uses Brunvoll sensors and logging • Upgrade potential for increased functionality and performance • Retrofitting of additional thrusters • Future potential for competitive edge

• Consistency from A to Z • From production ... • ... to commissioning and lifetime service



Simulation Tools for F

BruCon production We design and produce the entire system ourselves from A to Z in-house. As the manufacturer and system supplier, Brunvoll is in a unique position to conduct functional testing of the system.


We simulate and test using our virtual thruster model We perform full-scale signal and hardware function testing at the factory. We test all the functions in the computer hardware and software interacting with both internal and external signals. During testing, we perform failure modes and effects analysis. Hardware units are simulated and tested against full-scale software and hardware models. Brunvoll is in the forefront in this field.


r Full Functionality Testing

Advanced In-House simulation tools Benefits of simulating performance • We can test inputs to and responses from the controllers, such as Hardware-in-the-Loop A Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulator makes it possible to test that system functionality meets the requirements. Hardware-in-the-Loop enables realistic testing of the effects of: • A range of different failure modes • Different operational scenarios This sophisticated simulation is a faster way to achieve optimal system function.

just as though they were in a real-life environment. • Early detection of errors is a highly cost-effective way to ensure that the system functions optimally before installation and commissioning. • Simulation enables more seamless system integration during installation and commissioning. • Brunvoll provides a framework for earlier, deeper and broader testing and verification.



Brunvoll combines simulation w



n with hands-on testing

Brunvoll professionals test control systems in a simulation of a complex installation consisting of 9 thrusters.

Hands-on testing complements simulation throughout the process

Brunvoll’s advanced test facilities based on Hardware-in-the-Loop technology make it possible to test the control system inputs and outputs for a variety of scenarios. Brunvoll design engineers and service technicians use advanced equipment for testing control systems – a faster route to optimal system functionality. Simulation of hardware, sensors and all relevant interfaces saves time and costs during installation, commissioning and operation of the thrusters. 17


Installation and commissioning w

Benefits for Yards


BruCon is seamlessly integrated with Brunvoll thrusters and propulsion units as well as solutions developed in cooperation with our strategic partners.

BruCon solutions are fully pre-tested at the factory as a complete system.

Brunvoll takes single-source responsibility for the whole system, avoiding finger pointing between different suppliers. We work in close teamwork with yards, focusing on effective installation and commissioning. 18

Precision in all aspects of our design and production process simplifies installation. Brunvoll’s technical manuals provide clear and accurate instructions. Independently of other systems on board, Brunvoll can conduct full functional testing of the BruCon system after installation.


g with single-source responsibility

Commissioning At Brunvoll, we make a point of participating actively during the commissioning of the ship. This is an extremely important milestone in quality assurance of the Brunvoll systems as well as training of the crew. It is the basis of the Brunvoll warranty. On board together with professionals from other suppliers, the Brunvoll representative can ensure that the thruster system interfaces with other systems are working exactly as planned. Smooth interaction is essential for the vessel’s capabilities and successful operation.

The Brunvoll expert can answer questions quickly and accurately, saving time and costs for all parties involved. Commissioning by a Brunvoll representative with in-house and field expertise helps to ensure that the BruCon systems perform as intended, efficiently and dependably. We can check that every aspect of the thruster system works just as smoothly at sea as it did during the Factory Acceptance Test. Our dialogue with the customer team during commissioning is a valuable foundation for our long-term customer relationship. 19


Brunvoll has a reputation for reliability a

Training – with full control

Technical manuals

Hands-on training is a valuable opportunity to tap into Brunvoll’s multidisciplinary expertise.

User-friendly BruCon documentation, available both on paper and in digital format (PDF), provides clear information and explanations.

Our instructors are highly qualified, with experience from a wide variety of ships and situations at sea. At Brunvoll’s headquarters in Molde, participants can try out the full range of control functions and see the effect on the thrusters. In a safe setting, participants can explore different scenarios, make mistakes, and find out how to correct them. This builds up confidence to handle real-life situations when it’s vital to know exactly what to do. It is also a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences with Brunvoll users from all over the world. Customized courses are available for operators, engineers and electricians. We can also provide training on board the vessel.

Condition Monitoring and Troubleshooting BruCon logging and condition monitoring create new possibilities for evaluation of vital information. Remote assistance gives fast access to expert knowledge, wherever the vessel is located in the world. Reporting provides a basis for trend analysis and proactive maintenance. Monitoring creates new potential for optimizing performance.


• Operating procedures • Safety measures • Maintenance procedures • Instructions • Vendor manuals • Easy-to-follow descriptions of parts • Manuals for the crew are also appreciated for preventive maintenance


and trust – and Low Life Cycle Cost

BruCon reduces Life Cycle Cost

Trusted for first-class service

Thrusters are subjected to huge forces, and they often take a beating in daily operation.

With BruCon installed, you have access to Brunvoll’s unique after-sales service and support network.

BruCon makes it possible to get the maximum benefit from the thrusters: the best performance with the best fuel efficiency and the greatest reliability.

We have precise records of: • The delivery, commissioning and handover of every thruster system we have ever produced • All spare parts supplied by Brunvoll • All after-sales service work performed by Brunvoll

Optimal control reduces unnecessary stress on the equipment. BruCon is the optimal solution for running Brunvoll equipment as well as units from our strategic partners. BruCon reduces Life Cycle Cost.

We have many thousands of accumulated hours of experience with all aspects of thruster control through the entire life cycle of the equipment. Brunvoll has a long-standing reputation for after-sales service efficiency and easy-to-reach expertise.

Parts in stock We have effective logistics for supplying BruCon spare parts and upgrades. Our representatives around the world stock vital parts at after-sales service points.

In case of emergency and repair Our unique combination of in-house expertise and production capacity enables us to act very fast when help is needed urgently. As a single source, we can respond with the precise and knowledgeable support you need when it really matters.



We take pride in thruster c

The control systems are the brain of the thruster. We have a big responsibility to make sure that they are designed and produced to take full advantage of what Brunvoll thrusters can do. With our teams in engineering and development working in close cooperation with our production and testing professionals, we have a wealth of Brunvoll experience and capability between us.



r control – the Brunvoll way!

We are involved in the whole process of making the best control systems for our thrusters, all the way from the drawing board to a lifetime of after-sales support. Because we are all working together at Brunvoll’s headquarters in Molde, we can share our experience, questions, answers and inspiration in-house.



Production to consistent B

Our starter cabinets are designed in-house with the high standards that our customers expect


Each cabinet is tailored to its purpose, function, location and size. And naturally all the equipment complies with all relevant standards. We select solid, long-lasting materials throughout. The design allows for easy and flexible connection of ship cables. We focus on service-friendly solutions and components. The size of the cabinets is carefully chosen to allow enough space for easy access and ergonomic working conditions. The cabling is clear and easy to follow. We deliver the kind of cabinets we would like to work with ourselves.


t Brunvoll standards

We produce: • Main Motor Starter Cabinets • HPU Starter Cabinets • Control Cabinets • Interface Cabinets • Bridge panels



Brunvoll standard f



d from A to Z

In-house Design, Assembly and Testing

Brunvoll’s highly skilled professionals are responsible for the entire process. We use top quality equipment. Components are selected with care and subjected to Brunvoll quality control. Standard modules are our starting point. Then we tailor each system to match the specific requirements for the application. 27

BruCon M

Extensive simulation and testing o

Rigorous testing of the integrated hardware and software is a critical factor for reliable thruster control That’s why we take responsibility for monitoring the quality of every aspect of each BruCon system in-house. Keeping all testing procedures under one roof gives us a unique opportunity for full-scale integrated testing using highly sophisticated equipment. The synergies we achieve by working this way save time and costs over the lifetime of the thruster system.


g of Software and Hardware


BruConMO O

Pride in P



n Precision

The feedback unit is a highly important part of the control system, converting mechanical motions from the thruster into electrical signals back to the bridge

The housing for the feedback unit is cast and machined to Brunvoll’s high standards. Each component is designed for robust performance and long life. The precision and reliability of the feedback mechanism is based on our in-depth knowledge of the entire thruster system. The secret to BruCon’s smooth performance is superb engineering – and hands-on commitment to our product. 31


Consistent Brunvoll Perfor m



r mance from Bridge to Blade Robust control – trusted for generations BruCon Bridge Panels are the result of years of experience in designing user-friendly operator controls in a continuous dialogue with our customers. Excellent engineering offers superb precision – a whole system instantly obedient to the command of the operator. At your fingertips: Full control of the thrusters in a dedicated system. • Standard signal interface • Flexible footprint • Service-friendly • Finish can be adapted to suit the bridge • The Brunvoll logo provides reassurance of Brunvoll quality from bridge to blade



Next-generation BruCon t



n technology means new potential …

… for lower installation and operating costs with reduced wear and improved performance • Configurable at all levels – from simple to advanced systems • Software configurability allows greater flexibility • Less cabling and soldering • More streamlined manufacture • Easier installation – labour saving for the yard • Greater flexibility in the interaction with other systems

• More efficient installation, commissioning and after-sales service • Efficient troubleshooting • Improved user experience on the bridge with focus on the Human-Machine Interface ... • ... an inviting workplace



The cour s



r se ahead

New configurability will enable more powerful functionality. New flexibility will enable greater consistency in the bridge interface, whether the vessel has one thruster or many. Operating personnel will feel familiar with the Brunvoll bridge interface – regardless of the thruster configuration of the specific vessels.



BruCon can be integrated i

Brunvoll offers unique in-house flexibility – a short path to effective and elegant solutions. We would be delighted to discuss your wishes for special materials, finishes, coatings or colours. Let us know your needs. We’re listening. We have years of experience in working in close partnership with designers, shipbuilders, and owners who demand the best.



d into any kind of Bridge System

For avant-garde yachts, BruCon provides reliable thruster control

39 Photo: Peter Seyfferth /


Precise, responsive control i

The innovative longliner Geir II (2010) uses a Brunvoll retractable azimuth thruster system as part of the catch process. When retracted, it can be used as a tunnel thruster. The Brunvoll bridge panel gives the reassurance of Brunvoll quality throughout the thruster system.

Photo: Karl Otto Kristiansen

Our customers in the fishing sector are demanding and creative … … with extreme demands for state-of-the-art equipment. Positioning and manoeuvring for advanced fishing vessels must be as precise as for dynamic positioning applications. Whether it is a purse seiner, longliner or multipurpose vessel, the thrusters must help to keep the vessel steady and accurately positioned in relation to the fishing gear at all stages of the operation – even in heavy weather with high waves. Enormous forces are involved. Precise, responsive control is critical for the safety of the crew, protection of the fishing gear and securing the catch. Reliable thruster control systems are vital.



l is vital to secure the catch


OFFSH Offshore control – and round-



- the-clock dynamic positioning

Precise thruster control – is vital for the safety, reliability and performance of offshore vessels. Large vessels with complex systems, extremely demanding operations, difficult weather conditions, icy waters, and divers in the sea are just a few of the factors that make this sector especially challenging. Loss of position may have catastrophic consequences. BruCon provides reliable control for Brunvoll thrusters to meet the individual needs of each offshore vessel – thoroughly tested, fully integrated with DP systems, and fully compliant with the relevant class rules.



BruCon C

Brunvoll supplied LowNoise thruster systems to each of the four Celebrity Millennium ships. These are the largest low-noise thrusters ever delivered. Complete with control systems, they have provided trouble-free operation for more than a decade.



n Cruise Control

Cruise liners with thousands of passengers on board sail into congested harbours. Smaller ultra-luxury vessels negotiate challenging coastlines. Brunvoll’s control systems are tailored to the needs of each thruster system for each individual vessel.



Brunvoll has decades of experience i



e in thruster control for naval vessels

BruCon – shock qualified naval solutions Challenging naval operations demand precise BruCon control of the thrusters – for station keeping, search, surveillance and tracking. BruCon has proved its reliability in a variety of navy vessels ranging from aircraft carriers to frigates, destroyers, patrol vessels, coast guard vessels and naval support. For the toughest naval applications, BruCon solutions comply with stringent requirements for shock and vibration qualification. The BruCon interface offers excellent usability and instant response.



Thruster Control is a delicate and highly d Thrusters are increasingly important on many ships What is involved in controlling thrusters? With larger and more sophisticated ships and multiple thrusters, equipment configurations have become increasingly complex. It takes in-depth knowledge and experience focused on manoeuvring and positioning systems to design the safest and most effective control possible. Knowledge is paramount to minimize life cycle costs. The control system must communicate clear information on the status of the thrusters and respond immediately. It must be able to detect minute changes, but filter out insignificant signals from those that carry vital information. It must provide a robust basis for decision support on the bridge, without false alarms that switch the operator’s precious attention away from the messages that really matter. The control system must be sensitive to the earliest signs of potential danger, so the operator has time to take preventive action before a negative chain of events can develop. Extreme conditions such as high waves or large vessel motions may suddenly increase the dynamic load on the thrusters. Ventilation and in-and-out-of-water effects may cause high thrust losses and large load variations, which may in turn lead to severe mechanical wear and tear. It is critical for the control system to be able to react quickly and effectively. System reliability is paramount to maintain control in critical situations. The integration of multiple control systems means that all system interfaces must be well defined to obtain real redundancy. Independent control systems are also a critical requirement should integrated solutions fail.


Mass versus movement With huge ships and heavy seas, enormous forces are at work in a thruster system. Yet the tolerances are minute. The thruster propeller rotates up to a few hundred times a minute delivering a thrust force depending on propeller speed and pitch – keeping the ship’s position at metre-level precision in the face of winds, waves and currents. Suboptimal thruster control, which may result in “hyperactive” systems, leads to less reliable thruster performance, added wear, and higher fuel consumption. It is therefore imperative to use the dedicated thruster controller from the manufacturer.

Extra Life Cycle Cost Lack of insight into thruster systems may expose the system to unreasonable risk. This creates the danger of extreme wear and tear. For example, focusing on the shortest possible response time at the expense of all other parameters may result in “nervous” signals through the system that cause overloading and strain on the components. Brunvoll’s experience indicates that this regime can seriously affect the life cycle cost of the thruster system. Once excessive wear starts, it can reduce thruster performance, upsetting the optimal balance of the system. This may trigger a cause-and-effect loop where negative effects trigger further negative effects. The result may be a downward spiral of reduced efficiency, unnecessary wear, unexpected repairs and added costs.

Unclear Responsibilities Control of a thruster system involves many layers of complexity with challenging interactions. Thruster control must be masterfully engineered in harmony with the entire thruster system and the individual vessel. Expert control, based on detailed knowledge of the thruster design, is a key to achieving good working conditions and reliability for the thrusters. Integrated systems should therefore be built up, consisting of dedicated thruster control systems with well-defined interfaces to the overlaying control systems. At the same time, the control systems should offer the possibility to operate the thrusters independently. Failing to do so may have serious consequences for system reliability as well as system maintainability and after-sales service costs.

Precision – quality signals With a dedicated thruster control system, it is possible to minimize the time delay between the command and the response or feedback. The system can be structured with serial communication between the thruster room and the bridge, with no need for conversion of data from one standard to another. The thruster manufacturer has the best insight into the thruster system to enable optimal operation of actuators and optimal design of sensors that provide vital information to the control system.


y demanding area – who is in control? Need for multidisciplinary expertise

The Challenges of Controlling Azimuth Retractable Thrusters

It is critical to have the expertise needed to take a wide variety of factors into account: • Hydrodynamics • Hydraulics • Mechanical design and engineering • Sealing systems • Servo systems • Lubrication • Noise and vibration • Information systems • Process control and automation

The thruster supplier delivers automated control systems for retractable azimuth thrusters to take care of the intricate sequence and timing of steps involved in deploying the thruster. The constraints are complex.

Insight into thruster synergies enables the best possible thruster control. Dedicated thruster control systems make it possible to tap into the valuable expertise of the thruster supplier.

With multiple azimuth thrusters, precise control of the magnitude and angle of thrust enables effective use of each thruster. • The timing of sequences is critical and must be extremely precisely calculated in relation to the mass of the vessel. • Slight imbalances may result in unnecessary shock reactions that increase thruster wear and costs – and may put the thruster and even the vessel at risk. • Limitations on thrust directions, such as forbidden zones, must be respected to avoid disturbing other thrusters or submerged equipment on the vessel.

Dedicated software and hardware

Who can provide better control systems for these demanding thrusters than the supplier responsible for their design, engineering, production and quality assurance?

Every ship is different, and each thruster configuration is designed to meet its needs. With dedicated hardware and software for thruster control, every component and every interaction between the components is based on in-depth understanding of the entire thruster system and its interdependencies.

New challenges

Monitoring of the thruster system’s condition through a dedicated thruster control system enables proactive maintenance based on the supplier’s experience and knowledge. Remote diagnostics to support cost-effective decisions can be discussed directly with the thruster supplier.

Sophisticated control of signals from a multitude of sensors lies at the heart of state-of-the-art dynamic positioning. Great insight into the thruster systems is needed for robust interfacing with DP systems, providing reliable and stable conditions for complex tasks.

Thruster drive system

Smart integration of Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion Control adds more complexity

For optimal thruster performance, the drive and starter system for the thruster must be tailored to the needs of: Vessel



The thruster supplier is in the best position to achieve this match and to provide specialized service for the lifetime of the system. At the same time, the supply of the thruster drive and starter system strengthens system responsibility.

Larger ships, specialized applications, demanding operations, deep water, and extreme environments create new challenges. Reliability and accuracy of manoeuvring are vital for safe, efficient and flexible operation.

Creating optimal performance for control of main propulsion as well as manoeuvring and positioning requires experience, expertise and in-depth cooperation with strategic partners.



50 years of Brunvoll experi e

Optimal performance depends on optimal system control The interactions in a thruster system are so complex that a slight adjustment in control can make a major difference to performance over time. To take full advantage of what the thruster can offer, you need the best expertise in thruster control. Dedicated BruCon control provides the maximum benefit from high-value assets.

BruCon reduces risk Larger ships, greater complexity and more demanding operations increase risk levels. Design of control systems demands insight into theoretical and practical aspects of the thruster system. Specialized engineering disciplines must work in close partnership to develop and test the thruster control system. For peace of mind, take advantage of our in-house expertise. Brunvoll takes full responsibility for thruster control.


BruCon cuts costs Intelligent BruCon systems are designed to reduce thruster wear and tear. BruCon control means less strain on the thruster components, less maintenance, less downtime and lower life cycle cost.

Brunvoll has half a century of focused expertise and experience in thrusters and thruster control Fifty years of experience from thruster installations of every description have given Brunvoll a unique advantage in thruster control. With the BruCon bridge panel at your fingertips, you have the reassurance of Brunvoll control and quality throughout the thruster system.

BruCon balances theoretical knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise with well-proven solutions


i ence in thruster control A unique knowledge base

Every Brunvoll after-sales service job has been meticulously logged since we delivered our first thruster in the 1960s. We believe we have a unique background for understanding the dynamics of our thruster systems and the environment in which they operate and perform.

Thruster expertise for any application and configuration Brunvoll develops sophisticated solutions for demanding applications – from the largest cruise ship to the finest superyacht – from merchant vessels to the most advanced and complex offshore service vessels. Each configuration has its own special requirements. BruCon is tailored to provide the ultimate control for each Brunvoll thruster configuration.

Access to Brunvoll's knowledge and experience Experience in thrusters and thruster control is an asset that Brunvoll has built up over half a century. Brunvoll takes responsibility for giving you knowledgeable answers. Draw on our expertise in thruster applications in all the major maritime sectors.

New opportunities in the pipeline Brunvoll's Research and Development teams are working on innovative concepts to add enriched functionality and greater intelligence to BruCon control – creating new potential for predictive maintenance, advanced automation and remote diagnostics.

Unmatched insight into the whole thruster system Brunvoll engineers take a system view of the whole thruster solution. BruCon enables advanced control for systems ranging from sophisticated retractable azimuth thrusters to complex configurations of multiple thrusters.


Thruster Systems for any kind of ship

Please contact us if you would like to receive any of our brochures. You are also welcome to read or download them as PDF files at

CRUISE The World`s No.1 in Cruise Ships


Trusted by the most demanding Fishermen and Researchers

Trusted in the Merchant Fleet for 50 years



BruCon Modular Control, Alarm and Monitoring System for Manoeuvring, Positioning and Propulsion

Reliable After-Sales Service for the Lifetime of the Thruster

Company Presentation




Trusted for shock qualified naval thruster solutions worldwide

Trusted world wide for reliability and high performance in any offshore application

Superb thrusters for superyachts

BRUNVOLL AS Strandgata 4-6, NO-6415 Molde, Norway Phone +47 71 21 96 00. Telefax +47 71 21 96 90 E-mail

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Brunvoll information resources are available in the publications shown here.

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