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Brunswick United Lodge No 924 An Accredited Lodge - Consecrated 27 July 2002

Greetings The Worshipful Master, WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB, summons members and invites visitors to attend the Regular Meeting of the Lodge to be held at the Brunswick Masonic Centre, 6-8 Davies Street, Brunswick North on Tuesday 18th September 2018 at


2018 September 18th October 16th November 20th December 11th 2019 February 19th March 19th April 16th May 21st: June 18th: July 16th:

1st Degree - Double 1st Degree 1st Degree Tracing Board Vacant Chair and Tableau to Unknown Soldier Christmas function (possible 5pm start) 2nd Degree - Double 2nd Degree TBA TBA Master's Last Night Full Open & Close Installation NEXT LODGE REHEARSAL

Secretary Bro Steve Austin MM 0427 594 971 Meeting Agenda Open Lodge Minutes Correspondence Treasurer's Report Other Business ♦ ballot for initiation - Mr Ahmad Al-Awady DOB - 31st May 1995 - Mr Hassan Al-Awady DOB - 2nd July 1996 ♦ invest officers absent from the August 21st Installation 6. Receive Visitors 7. Conduct 1st Degree Ceremony for Mr Ahmad & Mr Hassan Al-Awady 8. 1st Rising - Grand Lodge Administration 9. 2nd Rising - Schedules and Reports 10. 3rd Rising - Close the Lodge

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Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 7.15 pm All Lodge Officers and those advised by the Director of Ceremonies are expected to attend. Address to the Brethren: Obligation: Lesser Lights: Secrets: Investiture: Extension: North East Charge: Reasons For Preparation: Working Tools: Warrant, Constitutions & Resolutions: Charge After Initiation: Presentation of Pamphlet:

Bro Michael Zampaglione Worshipful Master Bro Paul O'Dea VWBro Bob Malcolm PGIW Senior Warden Immediate Past Master RWBro Alex Hess PJGW WBro Mike Rich PGStdB Junior Warden Worshipful Master WBro Robert Malcolm Worshipful Master


GENERAL ADMINISTRATION NORTHERN DISTRICT CO-ORDINATOR WBro Ian Thompson PGStdB 0437 350 785 DISTRICT INSPECTOR OF WORKS (PRESTON/BRUNSWICK) RWBroRichard Heron PJGW CENTENARY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, No 142. Lecture Master: RWBro Philip Scharp PJGW, District Inspector of Workings. Meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm, Lodge Officers and designates are strongly encouraged to attend! ALMONER. WBro Mike Rich PGStdB. If you know of a Brother in need, ill or ailing please advise either the Almoner, WBro Mike Rich PGStdB, 9435 3847 or the Secretary - ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION The Annual Subscription (including Grand Lodge capitation element) for 20182019 became due on and from 1st July 2018. Ordinary Member $300.00 Country Member* $230.00 * member resides outside of 100km radius from the Brunswick Masonic Centre Homes Donation (Optional) $ 5.00 Payment can be made by any one of the following methods: ♦ Cash or Cheque - direct to Secretary at a Lodge meeting, or ♦ Cheque - payable to Brunswick United Lodge No 924 and posted to the Secretary (1/11 Cantala Ave Rosanna 3084), or ♦ Bank Transfer: Name: Bendigo Bank BSB: 633-000 Account Name: Brunswick United Lodge No 924 Account Number: 1171 38016 -3-

LODGE OFFICERS 2018-2019 Worshipful Master Immediate Past Master: Senior Warden Junior Warden: Chaplain: Treasurer: Secretary: Assistant Secretary Director of Ceremonies Asst Director of Ceremonies: Almoner: Organist Choirmaster Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Inner Guard Stewards


WBro WBro Bro Bro WBro WBro Bro Bro RWBro RWBro WBro RWBro Bro Bro Bro Bro WBro Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro

Engagement Officer Lodge Education Officer Homes Ambassador

RWBro Colin Scharp PJGW WBro N LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Bro Paul O'Dea MM -4-

N LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB D Wilkin PGStdB J Aquilina MM T Ioannou MM J Polglaze PJGD G Beckett PGStdB S Austin MM S Sala MM P Scharp PJGW C Scharp PJGW M Rich PGStdB M Gealer PJGW GLOrg J Hammer OAM MM B. McCallum MM D Illingworth MM P Aquilina MM C Doumany PM F Josephides MM A Harvey MM A Mecuri MM P O'Dea MM K Saliba MM M Zampaglione MM A Kenos MM


Brunswick United Lodge No 924 An Accredited Lodge - Consecrated 27 July 2002


Moved Bro T Ioannou SD and seconded Bro B McCallum JD that the correspondence as read be received. CARRIED TREASURER’S REPORT 5.

The Lodge was opened in a Regular manner by the Worshipful Master, WBro Don Wilkin PGStdB, at 6.30 pm


The Secretary Moved that the Minutes of the last regular meeting held on the 17th July 2018, having been printed and circulated, be taken as read and confirmed. CARRIED


Inward ♦ Grand Lodge: Emails re GL communications and agenda ♦ Other: Notice papers and 4th schedules from sister lodges Emails from District Coordinator Emails from Lodge members/Treasurer/PGPC Jack Hammer suggestion of a Masonic Cricket Comp. Letter about lodge songs and defunct lodge songs. Ceremonial teams info sessions

Outward ♦ Lodge Meeting Report liaising with GL ♦ July 2018 Summons and Newsletter ♦ Emails/letters to members, subscriptions, FMV various, ♦ General minutes of meetings etc. liaising about dues etc. correspondence with potential members.

Bro Michael Zampaglione, a member of the Lodge Finance Committee, reported, in the absence of the Treasurer, WBro Garry Beckett PGStdB interstate, that the General Account balance was $11,734.08 with accounts of $200 plus catering to be paid. Moved the acting SW, WBro Mike Rich PGStdB, and Seconded the JW, Bro Jack Aquilina, that the Treasurer's report be received and the accounts be passed for payment. CARRIED


The following visitors were received and welcomed: Worshipful Masters: Past Masters: Brethren:

5 12 1 FC and 1 EA


MWBro Hillel Benedykt PGM, accompanied by MWBro Carl Stewart PGM and MWBro Don Reynolds Immediate PGM, escorted by members of the 2014 Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team and attending Grand Lodge officers, was received and welcomed in accordance with Grand Lodge protocol. 2 of 6


MWBro Hillel Benedykt , assisted by MWBro Don Reynolds and members of the 2014 team then Installed WBro Nicholas LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB as Worshipful Master of the Brunswick United Lodge and invested the elected and appointed 2018-2019 Lodge Officers, in accordance with the approved Installation Ritual.


Schedules. The Secretary, Bro Steve Austin MM, advised the following Schedules: ♦


Grand Lodge. The Secretary advised that the next Quarterly Communication will be held at 7.30 pm, Wednesday 19th September, at the Bayside Masonic Centre, Gardenvale. Those attending are to be seated by 7.15pm. Cost of the light supper ticket is $20. This will be live streamed to the Greensborough Centre (neat casual dress permitted).




2nd TIME OF RISING Presentations. MWBro Hillel Benedykt invested the Worshipful Master with the Master's Perpetual jewel and then, with the assistance of MWBro Don Reynolds, presented WBro Don Wilkin with a Past Master's Jewel, a Past Master's Certificate, the Immediate Past Master's Perpetual Jewel and a bound copy of the Summons issued by the IPM during his 2017 - 2018 term of office. Retirement. On completion of the presentations, MWBros Benedykt, Stewart and Reynolds accompanied by Grand Officers retired from the Lodge Room in due ceremony. Memento. The Worshipful Master revived a traditional custom and presented WBro Wilkin with a 'feather duster', in recognition of his new status as a Past Master.

2nd Schedule for the Third Time: Mr Ahmed Al-awady 10 Cherry Blossom Close, Craigieburn 3064 Date of birth - 2nd July 1996 Manager, Trainer/Assessor

2nd Schedule for the Second Time; Mr Andrew Lunardi 8 St Andrews Ave, Rosanna 3084 Date of Birth 1st January 1992 Lawyer -

Mr Ahmad Al-wady 10 Cherry Blossom Close, Craigieburn 3064 Date of birth - 31st May 1995 Director

Mr Volkan Balkaya 6 Wills Street, Pascoe Vale South. Date of Birth 8th January 1986 Property Developer.

4th Schedules Lodge Devotion No 723 Mr Jack Latrobe Unit 205/11, Shamrock Street, Abbottsford 3067 Age 25 Senior IT Consultant Antient York Lodge No 80 Mr Damien Newman 4/96F Cheddar Road, Reservoir 3073. Age 22 Trolley Collector, Woolworths, Doreen

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Mr Abdullah Khalid 13 Princeton Place, Melbourne 3047 Age 22 Student

Garibaldi Lodge No 890 Mr Adam Buhagiar 702/81 South Wharf, Docklands Age 36 Estate Agent -

Mr Hamilton Orellana 5/15 Green Street, Airport West Age 36 Estate Agent

Weston Street United No 94 Mr Thomas McGill 3/162 Sydney Road, Coburg Age Butcher, V&V Wholesalers,Thomastown 13.

Reports ♦ Almoner. The Almoner, WBro Mike Rich PGStdB, reported that: -

Social Functions. WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB, the Secretary of the Social Committee, advised that : the next Social Committee function is a luncheon, at the Cross Keys Hotel ,Pascoe Vale Road Pascoe Vale, gathering at 12 noon on Sunday the 23rd September. To enable a reasonably accurate reservation to be made, please advise the Social Secretary before Friday 21st if you will be attending.


After the Worshipful Master received greetings from the assembled Brethren, the Lodge was then closed in Peace, Love and Harmony at 9.45pm..

CONFIRMED Signature……………………….…………………………………….. WBro N LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Worshipful Master Tuesday 18th September 2018

RWBro John Lewis has moved from the Brunswick Private Hospital to a Nursing Home; details yet to be advised due to Privacy Laws. WBro Charles Doumany has had to fly to Lebanon to visit his sick Father. Val Duckett is settling into a unit at Rathdowne Place, Carlton.

P&GPC. WBro Mike Rich PGStdB, the Chairman, advised that the next meeting of the PGPC will be in September on a date to be finalised (since advised as Wednesday 19th September at 7.30pm). 5 of 6

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The Brunswick United Lodge No 924 An Accredited Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria

Newsletter Edition No 178 - Tuesday 18th September 2018 Compiler - WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Roving Reporter and Photographer - Bro Paul O'Dea MM

THE LODGE ROOM Lodge Business The Lodge was opened in a regular manner with the Outgoing Master, Worshipful Master Donald Wilkin PGStdB welcoming all BU brethren. It was Brother Don’s last night as Master with a handover to Worshipful Brother Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB occurring as part of the installation proceedings. Br Don took great pleasure in welcoming all BU brethren in attendance and was equally pleased to meet a number of Worshipful and Past Masters visiting for the Installation. Worshipful Brother Gary Beckett PGStdB was unable to make the installation, being interstate as part of his rehabilitation from ongoing medical complications. As reported by Bro Michael Zampaglione (a member of the Lodge's Finance Committee and stand-in Treasurer for the evening), the BU Lodge balance is looking much healthier; so this may assist in Gary's recovery. The payment of outstanding membership fees will make him feel even better so please help to achieve that before the next meeting. Brother Steve Austin gave an update on correspondence and forthcoming meetings of Grand Lodge communications and more Schedules that will help to increase BU Lodge numbers.

Installation of Worshipful Brother Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Brother Nick was installed by Most Worshipful Brother Hillel Benedykt, Past Grand Master with the assistance of two Past Grand Masters, Most Worshipful Brother Don Reynolds IPGM and Carl Stewart PGM (who installed Br Nick as Master of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Lodge back in 2012). The 2014 Ceremonial Team (of which Nick was a member) attended and officiated with the installation of the new Master. An Observer’s Perspective of The Master’s Installation (Most of it) A heralded entrance into the Lodge room, gold braid resplendent on Grand Lodge formal attire with precision floor work and charges/speeches delivered with professional confidence. This is a truly “grand” spectacle that provides a new dimension to Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and newly-raised Master Masons witnessing a Grand Lodge team in action for the first time. A little Reminder From the Past Before closing the Lodge, our new Master spoke of earlier traditions that seemingly have been overlooked. He then explained to the Brethren the meaning of the term 'Feather Duster' in relation to a Past Master. He completed the explanation by presenting to WBro Don a very fine, modern Feather Duster; which I am sure will see Lorraine, Don's very supportive wife, put Don to work with it at their home! HAPPENINGS IN “THE SOUTH” - SONGS, MERRIMENT, PRIZES AND TOASTS Worshipful Brother Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStB, newlyinstalled Master, Brunswick United Worshipful Brother Nick proposed the first toast of the night (loyal toast), welcomed guests which included a number of partners and widows of brethren and a night of fun and celebration commenced in the Aquila Room. A special thanks to those who set up and cleaned up the room afterwards. -2-

Like he did during the Installation ceremony, MWBro Hillel Benedykt made his address both interesting and humorous. For some of the members, the recap of our new Master's previous experience and escapades - both within and without Freemasonry brought to light aspects not generally known; as well as a few laughs.

Food Glorious Food The Wizards (Kevin and Marie) presented a delicious two course meal for 78 hungry brethren, partners, widows, guests and prospective new members. Despite the large number attending, the Aquila Room was a cosy and joyous place. Brother Nick generously donated sumptuous desert platters for each table with cheeses, chocolates and other treats. Indeed, no one attending was sent home hungry. For those who had to leave without staying for the Festive Board, your share of the cheese, chocolates, were not wasted! Speeches and Toasts As with any Festive Board, the night included a number of speeches and toasts. After pledging the continuing loyalty of the Lodge to the Grand Master and Grand Lodge, it was Nick's time to sit back and hear what the Installing Master had to say. -3-

In his response, Nick expressed his appreciation to the three Past Grand Masters and members of the 2014 Grand Lodge team for making the time from their busy schedules to install him for what is definitely the last time.


HAPPY MASONIC BIRTHDAY (From date of Initiation)

It seems that September was not a favourite month for initiations Kevin Sloane (38) May good health and fortune be your constant companion HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ron de Lisle (88), Jack Hammer OAM (83), Colin Scharp (82) and Bill Starling (73) May the GAOTU continue to grant each of you good health, happiness and many more birthdays. THOSE IN NEED OF TENDER CARE Left to Right: MWBro Carl Stewart, MWBro Hillel Benedykt, Nick and MWBro Don Reynolds

He extended this appreciation to the members of the Lodge and made special mention of this being the last of the 'retreads' (Past Masters for the benefit of newer members), since the Master Masons in the Lodge's 2018-2019 team are the vanguard of a decade or so of Master Mason's reaching the Chair of Solomon. Special Effort A number of great prizes found their way to good homes. Thanks to Mike and Val Rich for organising the prizes. Tom’s Meat Prize Brother Tom Ioannou surprised brethren with a “daily double” of two delicious Lamb Roasts.

♦ ♦ ♦

John Lewis is now in a Nursing Home. Mike Rich's knee replacement rehabilitation is progressing but still not ready for any dancing! Great to see Glory de Lisle at the Installation enjoying the company of the other ladies as well as the Festive Board. SOCIAL CLUB NEWS

The next Social function is a lunch on Sunday 23rd September at the Cross Keys Hotel, located near the Strathmore railway station and situated on Pascoe Vale road in, Pascoe Vale. Lots of free parking and great food - so the advert says. Unlike the 'Christmas in July' menu, you can select and pay for your own choices. Meeting time 12 noon as usual.

Lucky Member’s Draw No prize draw due to the installation but it’s on again next meeting so be there and your pockets may jingle at the end of the night.

At this stage the annual Christmas function will be held on the December Lodge meeting night (December 11th); as a 'Ladies night' with no actual Lodge Room work, just dinner in the South. Do you have any other ideas? The Committee welcomes suggestions as well as volunteers to assist in its organising.





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September 2018 Summons and Newsletter  

September 2018 Summons and Newsletter