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Brunswick United Lodge No 924 An Accredited Lodge - Consecrated 27 July 2002

Greetings The Worshipful Master, WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB, Summons members and Invites visitors to attend the Regular Meeting of the Lodge to be held at the Brunswick Masonic Centre, 6-8 Davies Street, Brunswick North on Tuesday 11th




Secretary Bro Steve Austin MM 0427 594 971

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1st Degree Tracing Board & Education Special (Dispensation Pt 2) 1st Degree 2nd Degree - Double - PM Night TBA (Possible Vacant Chair) 2nd Degree Master's Last Night Full Open & Close Installation NEXT LODGE REHEARSAL

Tuesday 4th December 2018 at 7.15 pm All Lodge Officers and those advised by the Director of Ceremonies are expected to attend. Tracing Board Presenters:

Bro Bro Bro Bro

Tracing Board Pointer:

Bro Adam Harvey Stwd

Meeting Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Call on the Lodge Ballot for initiation: Mr Andrew Lunardi Receive and welcome visitors 1st Degree Tracing Board Treasurers report & accounts (2nd time of rising) Close the Lodge

Jack Aquilina SW Tom Ioannou JW David Illingworth JD Paul Aquilina IG

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GENERAL ADMINISTRATION NORTHERN DISTRICT CO-ORDINATOR WBro Ian Thompson PGStdB 0437 350 785 DISTRICT INSPECTOR OF WORKS (PRESTON/BRUNSWICK) RWBroRichard Heron PJGW CENTENARY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, No 142. Lecture Master: RWBro Philip Scharp PJGW, District Inspector of Workings. Meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm. Open to all Brethren. Lodge Officers are strongly encouraged to attend! ALMONER. WBro Mike Rich PGStdB. If you know of a Brother in need, ill or ailing please advise either the Almoner, WBro Mike Rich PGStdB, 9435 3847 or the Secretary - ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION The Annual Subscription (including Grand Lodge capitation element) for 20182019 became due on and from 1st July 2018. Ordinary Member $300.00 Country Member* $230.00 * member resides outside of 100km radius from the Brunswick Masonic Centre Homes Donation (Optional) $ 5.00 Payment can be made by any one of the following methods: ♦ Cash or Cheque - direct to Secretary at a Lodge meeting, or ♦ Cheque - payable to Brunswick United Lodge No 924 and posted to the Secretary (1/11 Cantala Ave Rosanna 3084), or ♦ Bank Transfer: Name: Bendigo Bank BSB: 633-000 Account Name: Brunswick United Lodge No 924 Account Number: 1171 38016 -3-

Worshipful Master Immediate Past Master: Senior Warden Junior Warden: Chaplain: Treasurer: Assistant Treasurer Secretary: Assistant Secretary Director of Ceremonies Asst Director of Ceremonies: Almoner: Organist Choirmaster A/Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Inner Guard Stewards


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Engagement Officer Lodge Education Officer Homes Ambassador

RWBro Colin Scharp PJGW WBro N LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Bro Paul O'Dea MM -4-

N LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB D Wilkin PGStdB J Aquilina MM T Ioannou MM J Polglaze PJGD G Beckett PGStdB W Taylor S Austin MM S Sala MM P Scharp PJGW C Scharp PJGW M Rich PGStdB M Gealer PJGW GLOrg J Hammer OAM MM I Whitton D Illingworth MM P Aquilina MM C Doumany PM F Josephides MM A Harvey MM A Mecuri MM P O'Dea MM K Saliba MM M Zampaglione MM A Kenos MM

The Brunswick United Lodge No 924 An Accredited Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria

Newsletter Edition No 181 - Tuesday 11th December 2018 Compiler - WBro Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB Reporter and Photographer - Bro Paul O'Dea MM

THE LODGE ROOM Lodge Business The Lodge was opened in a regular manner with the Master, Worshipful Brother Nick LeRay-Meyer AM PGStdB welcoming all BU brethren in attendance and was equally pleased to meet a number of Worshipful and Past Masters visiting for the night. The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Brother Keith Murray joined brethren in the Temple. MW Brother Keith has visited Brunswick United for the last 2 meetings and we welcome his input to the gathering. Brother Nick was a welcome sight back in the Lodge room after suffering serious illness during the October meeting, being transported to the hospital Emergency Department by ambulance with literally lights blazing and sirens wailing, deflation, inflation and “stag” flation (the nurses in RMH are gorgeous), emergency surgery and recovery time at home. Brother Nick is under strict instructions to rest and slow down while his body recovers which includes NOT lifting heavy cartons of beer and soft drink for the Lodge meetings – you were spotted Bro Nick!

Brother Garry Beckett has returned from his sabbatical and demonstrated a renewed vigour to resume his Treasurer’s role. The accounts are looking much improved but Brother Gary would like all outstanding members’ dues paid before the next meeting to maintain his pleasant demeanour, unless you have entered into an alternative arrangement with him. Brother Steve Austin returned to his role as Secretary and gave brethren an update on current correspondence, forthcoming meetings of Grand Lodge and miscellaneous communications. Hearty congratulations to all brethren who gave a stirling and professional account of themselves on the floor and with their ritual. A special thanks to Brother Robert Malcolm who conducted the initiation ceremony with his usual measured style and accurate delivery. Initiation of Ensar Aydin BU Lodge volunteered to be the initial Lodge to implement the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s varied 1st degree ceremony. Mr Ensar Aydin had the honour of being the first candidate to experience this modified ceremony which was suspended immediately following his badge presentation. The end of the first segment (Part A). Brother Ensar and the other Entered Apprentices present in the Lodge were given a four-part presentation by Brother Jack Aquilina (Senior Warden), Worshipful Brother Brendan Kyne (Deputy Grand Superintendent of Education), Worshipful Brother Peter Billings and the Worshipful Master, Brother Nick Le Ray Meyer. These presentations dealt with key aspects of the ceremony thus far and the symbolic and practical reasons for the theoretical, physical and spiritual significance of the ceremonial components.


Congratulations on your progress and Freemasonry journey so far Brother Ensar and your new brothers look forward to joining you on the next instalment of your initiation, now colloquially known as Part B.

The morning set-up crew found that it is possible to move furniture from all parts of the Lodge and set places for 141 diners (photos to prove it), albeit a tiny bit cramped. Fortunately, it eventuated that a reduced number were able to join BU brethren in the South. Brothers Paul O'Dea, Mike Rich, Don Wilkin and Bill Wilkinson were glad of the exercise in the set-up but would prefer no repeat of that gym activity for the December meeting. It was observed that the younger members of BU Lodge were speedier with the decommissioning of the South, following the conclusion of activities. Definitely a case of wanting to put older heads on young shoulders! Food Glorious Food The Wizards (Kevin and Marie) presented a delicious two course meal, plated and delivered for the hungry brethren and guests, including prospective new members. We had a great meal, shared with good company and wonderful to see prospective new members joining us in the South. Feedback on Modified 1st degree ceremony (Part A) Most Worshipful Brother Keith invited feedback from those present about the changes implemented. There was considerable input provided and all given with a constructive basis to enable a review to be balanced in its outcome. Special Effort

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Bro Ensar Aydin and the Worshipful Master HAPPENINGS IN “THE SOUTH” – SONGS, MERRIMENT, PRIZES AND TOASTS

As is customary at our meetings, a number of great prizes found their way to good homes. There was some light-hearted banter that none of the visitors managed to secure a prize so if they join us again next meeting we’ll see what can be done! Tom’s Meat Prize

The Aquila Room underwent significant change in anticipation of an increased number of diners for the new ceremony structure.

Brother Tom Ioannou gave his best Saturday afternoon market sales spiel and returned to an old favourite of two “6 packs” of thinly-sliced Beef Steaks that will go nicely with 3 'veggies'.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brother Steve Austin was one of the lucky winners and was chomping at the bit to improve his iron levels and steeling himself to deal with the arduous and onerous duties of Secretary. Brother Steve is training to be a Primary School teacher where a stainless character and magnetic personality are required.

Jack Aquilina (26). May the GAOTU continue to grant you good health, happiness and many more birthdays. THOSE IN NEED OF TENDER CARE

Lucky Member’s Draw The lucky draw was conducted and regrettably Worshipful Brother Frank Wiley was not present so the grand sum of $40 awaits a lucky brother at the final meeting for the calendar year. Remember, you just need to attend the meeting and preferably join your fellow brethren for witty and informative conversation in the South to be eligible for the windfall gain. Be there or be “square” brethren. Costume Malfunction A brother found to his surprise that his dinner suit trousers were a loose fit last night following a modification in diet. This became more obvious after the many ups and downs during the ceremony so when he rose to perform his allotted ritual in front of a packedhouse there was very real danger of them dropping around his ankles. The situation worsened during activities in the South including taking photographs which may have added a new dimension to “watch the birdie”. Perhaps braces next meeting. HAPPY MASONIC BIRTHDAY (From date of Initiation)

Allan J Clarke (60), Fred Stewart (52), Lucas Crandles (4), Paul O'Dea (4), Adam Mercuri (2) and Ryan Wakefield (2). May good health and fortune be your constant companion

From the Almoner: ♦ Val Schoof has been in hospital with pneumonia and while there suffered a slight heart attack. Fortunately she is recovering and hopes to go into respite at Bundoora - when a bed becomes available. Val inquired after our WM and hopes he takes his Doctor's advice and takes things a little slower; which we all endorse. ♦ Bill Schoof is suffering from a cold and is presently staying with their daughter at St Andrews. ♦ Our Worshipful Master is making steady progress after lung surgery. He has promised to take things a little easier. ♦ Bob Beacham, our Lodge organist for many years, was admitted into Palliative Care after a short illness and sadly Passed to the GLA on Thursday 22nd November. Our sincere sympathy to Judy (Bundoora Retirement Village, Unit 44/100 Janefield Drive Bundoora 3083) and family.

VALE RWBro Robert (Bob) J S Beacham PSGW Initiated 16/4/1962 & Raised 17/9/1962 1st March 1931 - 22nd November 2018 Lived Respected and Died Regretted




Christmas Function. The first option to for the annual Christmas function was to hold it on the December Lodge meeting night (December 11th); as a 'Ladies night' with no actual Lodge Room work, just dinner in the South. However, as a result of Brunswick United undertaking a special Degree ceremony, at the behest of the Grand Master, both the November and December meetings will be ceremonial. Consequently, the function will now be a Christmas lunch at the Brunswick Centre on Sunday 16th December, starting at midday. The cost will be $15 per person, children less than 12 years free. In some respects, holding it on a Sunday may be much better suited for those members with small children and our cadre of widows. The WM welcomes suggestions regarding the format well as volunteers to assist in its organising. Rumour has it that Father Christmas may attend but only if any children are to be present. Donations for raffle prizes will be most welcome. Reservations to the WM by either or 0408 383 182 as soon as possible. January BBQ. Although the Lodge doesn't meet during January, since many take time out for vacations etc, quite a few members do remain in the Metropolitan area. Several members have suggested that the Lodge host an informal 'Bring Your Own' BBQ at the Centre on Sunday 20th January. Interested? No requirement for booking - simply roll up. Dress casual. Gas provided. You can cook your own or have someone do it for you. The usual tea, coffee will be available (gratis - as is entry) and there will be some 'emergency refreshment' in the 'fridge. There is also a new 'Woollies' store close by in Sydney Road if you need extra or forgot to pack something! Come and join us! An opportunity to meet, share stories about your Festive happenings and relax amongst friends. -7-


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December 2018 Summons and Newsletter  

December 2018 Summons and Newsletter