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Foundation of Humility, Towering Curiosity



College, Drew ’14 to Williams College, and

and inventive — on a worldly

Chris ’16 to Stanford University.

level. As a junior, in Andrew

ering (and visiting) a number of schools.

Hall’s AP Studio Art 3-D

moments in the house,” Wesley said. “It’s

Design, Wesley Peisch earned

clearly the central point of senior year,

parents in Menlo Park, Calif., since he

a perfect score on his port-

and everything seems to ramp up. You’re

was a boy, and he’s also been a three-time

folio from the College Board,

concerned about your grades, your applica-

participant in a speech-and-debate summer

tions, and, of course, the end results.

program at the Stanford National Forensic

becoming one of only four students across the globe to garner such praise.

“So, I’ve probably been thinking about it

He’s been visiting his maternal grand-

Institute. He loves everything the University

Stilts served as the concentrated center-

longer than most of my classmates because

has to offer — from the sheer beauty of the

piece of his work, supporting his architectural

of my brothers, which could be a good thing

campus, to the weather, to the academic and

structures as they towered above the ground

or a bad thing. But I also became conscious

social opportunities, to his family’s famil-

and soared up into the air — many taking the

of what schools are out there and which

iarity with the area.

shape of New York City skyscrapers.

ones I was most interested in.”

He included his “10-best” in

Wesley expressed his interest in applying early to Mr. Burdett — also his

the voluntary Arts Supplement he

10th-grade English teacher — and they

submitted to Stanford University

decided it appeared to be the perfect fit.

last fall, as part of his early-decision

They worked together to meet the

application. Those in Cardinal Country

application deadlines, submit the Arts

unanimously agreed: Wesley rises high

Supplement, and refine his essay. He

above the rest, both as an artist and as a

also submitted a Research Supplement,

young man.

a simulation of the New York City

He received his acceptance letter (online, of course) in December.

subway system. And then they did all you can do — hope for the best.

Wesley — also a member of the

“You can never know what to expect

Cum Laude Society, a Peer Leader, a

— and you can’t think of yourself as any

two-sport captain in cross country and

more special or qualified than any other

track, and a leader on the Debate Team

applicant,” Wesley said. “I’m lucky to go

and Model United Nations Club — is the last

to such a great place.”

in a long line of Peisch brothers to attend Brunswick. He developed a realistic impression of the college process by watching his three older siblings work their way through it — with Will ’12 going off to Dartmouth

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“There were definitely some stressful

And, for Wesley, Stanford ultimately climbed to the top of his list after consid-


Profile for Brunswick School

Times of Brunswick, Spring 2018  

Times of Brunswick, Spring 2018