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A Nutmeg State ‘Model UN On Steroids’


By Tim Carter ’18

for town party positions. After

Y WEEK at Boys State — which one

all wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

might call a Model UN on steroids,

With each day came more responsibility as we

with local government as the focus

were elected into municipal, party, or state posi-

— threw me right into the fray of

tions. The daily routine was hectic, stressful, and

Connecticut politics.

sometimes seemed unorganized — at times even

When I arrived, I was assigned to the town of

completely throwing me off-guard — but as the week

Jefferson. We immediately made our first impressions on one another by giving speeches and running being blasted with information on the first afternoon, we returned to our Eastern Connecticut State University dormitories exhausted,

progressed, everyone settled into the enriching experience.


Working with my Brunswick

’Wick seniors Tim Carter and

classmate Diego Jasson ’18 in

Diego Jasson invested several

the House of Representatives,

of their summer days through

we passed a bill facilitating the

participation in the American

use of “Social Impact Bonds”

Legion Boys State — a week

to privatize social programs.

of mock legislation sessions,

As Speaker of the House, I was

elections, and committee

in charge of moderating the

dealings to give students

House debates and holding

interested in politics real-life immersion in the subject. Diego, who advanced as one of two boys to represent his home state at Boys Nation in Washington, D.C., and Tim both reflected on their experiences in Connecticut and beyond.

votes to pass the bills. Debates ranged from topics such as Connecticut teacher pensions and the legalization of marijuana, to “joke” bills that mandated cheering every time a speaker used “like” or “uh.” I learned about the true nature of legislating first-hand, as the Senate and House

traded amendments back and forth until an agreeable version could be passed. Due to Connecticut’s tumultuous political climate, with severe budget issues and education cuts looming, the debates in the House and Senate were heated and passionate. It was a jam-packed week of mock government exercises — but by the end, I continued to cultivate an interest for politics. It may seem like an intimidating or broken career path, but the Boys State program equipped me with the leadership experience and interpersonal and publicspeaking skills to pursue this turbulent and ever-relevant subject.

Tim Carter (left) and Diego Jasson represented Connecticut (and Brunswick) quite well at Boys State and Boys Nation last summer.

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