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‘A-Level’ Faculty Honored for Inspiration, Encouragement


HE APPLESEED Awards, given in recognition of faculty members who have shown exceptional dedication to inspiring and encouraging Brunswick boys in their

academic, athletic, and extracurricular pursuits, have been presented to Doug Burdett, Marcus Chioffi, Susie Foyle, and Seth Potter. The Awards were established by the family of Sam ’11, William ’12, and Jamie MacFarlane ’16 as a way of thanking Brunswick faculty members for

their dedication, commitment, and positive impact. FROM LEFT Susie Foyle, Seth Potter, Doug Burdett, and Marcus Chioffi

In addition, the Awards seek to recognize the vital role that faculty members play in developing the character of Brunswick boys and in identifying, nurturing, and channeling the enormous potential within each Brunswick student.

fourth-grade teacher —

Doug Burdett, assistant headmaster and

offering her steady hand

director of college guidance, first set foot on

of genuine guidance

Brunswick’s campus in 1990 and has left an

and care to her young

indelible mark on countless boys and young men

charges as they climb

during his long and distinguished term of service.

the ranks at ’Wick. She’s

“Doug is a school man — through and

also been instrumental

through,” Headmaster Tom Philip said. “He’s

in bringing the inno-

dedicated more than half of his life to Brunswick

vative and refreshing

and our boys — whether guiding them through

Mini-Term to the Lower

the daunting college process; teaching them in


English classrooms, or offering them honest,

“Susie has distin-

friendly pieces of advice when they need it most.” Marcus Chioffi has been a fixture in the Middle School since arriving

guished herself as a true champion for children,” Lower School Head Katie Signer said. “She seeks and

at Brunswick in 2000, teaching and advising hundreds of boys as they

nurtures the positive in each of her students and exemplifies our goal of ‘every

prepare to make the transition to the Upper School. He’s also been a

boy known, every boy loved.’”

vital part of the varsity football team’s storied success as a member of the coaching staff. “The Appleseed Award is aptly named for a colleague like Marcus,”

Seth Potter joined the faculty in 2005, from the very first moment immersing himself in all aspects of Brunswick life with his energy, exuberance, and unmatched creativity. He is most well-known and cherished for

fellow Middle School teacher Anthony Fischetti said. “Beginning with his

his tireless efforts in staging and directing theatrical productions at the

sixth- and extending through his eighth-grade history classes and advisory,

Upper School, also teaching acting and English.

his Middle School hockey and lacrosse teams, and culminating with his

“Seth is an outstanding teacher — truly gifted, intelligent, passionate,

varsity football coaching, he nurtures and grows his boys from fledgling

animated,” said Brendan Gilsenan, co-director of the Brunswick Faculty

12-year-old ‘tweens’ and 14-year-old adolescents into 18-year-old men.”

Institute and fellow English teacher. “He’s the teacher who students hope

Susie Foyle, in her 26th year on the Lower School faculty, is a beloved

to get — for all the right reasons, too.”


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Times of Brunswick, Fall 2017