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SUCCESS A UNRIVALED PRIDE AND DISTINCTION A truly distinguished year of athletics was capped by a season of record-setting achievement, as well as a host of team accomplishments of which all could stand proud. B Y M I K E K E N N E D Y ’ 9 9

S THE SPRING ATHLETIC SEASON began — sailors and crews hitting the water, baseball and lacrosse players taking the field, tracksters and tennis players lacing up their shoes, and golfers stepping onto the fairways — Brunswick teams must have been feeling

the pressure. They had watched their fellow Bruins of the fall and

winter set an unprecedented standard of success — winning FAA, New England, and national titles; breaking long-standing records and benchmarks; and wearing the School’s colors with unrivaled pride and distinction. It would be quite difficult — unexpected, really — for the Bruins of spring to exceed or even match the levels of excellence reached in the first two seasons of the athletic calendar. But in true Brown & Gold fashion, all seven spring squads rose to the occasion, stared the pressure in the eye, and represented Brunswick as true (and often victorious) sportsmen.

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Their efforts combined to put the finishing touches on a momentous year of Brunswick athletics.

Times of Brunswick, Fall 2015  
Times of Brunswick, Fall 2015