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S BRUIN ATHLETES ran onto Robert L.

Director Ron VanBelle — the

Cosby Field in August,

decision to move forward with

preseason footballers

GeoTurf was an easy one.

the first to do so, they likely felt an extra

bounce in their step. And, indeed, they should have. During the summer months,

program’s primary concern,” VanBelle said. “We can never take risks in that regard. “To identify a product that increases safety — and perfor-

field on Edwards Campus in an

mance, for that matter — we’d be

anticipated and scheduled replace-

making a mistake not to jump on it.”

installed in 2004. Manufactured in Italy, near

To maximize safety benefits, Brunswick’s installation includes an optional and added shock-

Milan, the new playing surface,

absorbing underlay, designed to

called GeoTurf, is a high-

help prevent concussions and other

performance, lead-free product

impact-related injuries.

with an organic infill blend of coconut fiber, cork, and rice husk. Similar to natural grass —

Additionally, the all-natural infill addresses health and safety concerns about crumb rubber, long

completely organic and chemical

used as an underlay for artificial-

free — the infill provides ideal

turf fields.

G-Max levels (shock absorption),


“Our athletes’ safety is the

Brunswick installed a new turf

ment for the original artificial turf,

40 |  TIMES

For Brunswick — and Athletic

Of course, completing the

superior foot stability, and low

initiative required an exchange of

synthetic turf temperatures in the

green, so to speak: The project cost

hottest of weather.


In addition, the product is

Several members of the

endorsed by the National Green

Brunswick community have

Energy Council — exceeding the

already stepped forward to help

mandates for safety, environmental

underwrite the expense and name

compatibility, and sustainability —

the new installation — and others

and is used by a number of profes-

who’d like to join them (where the

sional organizations, including AC

grass really is greener) are also

Milan and Ajax.

invited to do so.

Times of Brunswick, Fall 2015  
Times of Brunswick, Fall 2015