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“We’re now at a moment where we can bring Brunswick to the next level.” Thomas D. O’Malley, Jr., an alumnus and father of three Brunswick boys, and Michael A. Troy, father of two Brunswick boys, stepped up to lead the Campaign — called “Above All Else: Courage, Honor, Truth” — in an effort that would, no doubt, enhance the educational experience for all Brunswick boys of then and now. “It’s a special alchemy that takes place here,” they said. “And that’s why we’ve come together. Our purpose, as the title ‘Above All Else . . .’ suggests, is to make it possible for Brunswick to continue to take this recipe and turn it into gold for our sons and for those who will follow in their footsteps.” At its core, the Campaign focused on three central funding objectives: Attracting and retaining the very best faculty; enriching the academic experience for all students; and reinforcing the distinctive attributes of a Brunswick education.

With $42 million in gifts and pledges secured during the Campaign’s “quiet phase,” the Brunswick community was off and running toward its monumental goal. And it would race across the finish line in record time.


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Campaign Report  

Campaign Report