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Reinforcing the Distinctive Attributes of a Brunswick Education IN TODAY’S GLOBAL and complex world, Brunswick

Middle School English teacher Kate Duennebier

must remain on the forefront of educating and

has spearheaded leadership of the hallmark program

shaping aspiring leaders of the greatest character.

— aptly named The Brunswick Trust: Enduring Excellence in Character and Leadership Education.

▶▶ The Brunswick Trust was established in 2015 to

It centers on eight areas of involvement, including

ensure the consistency, continuity, and excellence of

role modeling, curricular initiatives, personal

all of our school’s character and leadership programs

experiences, diversity, and student and faculty

for generations to come.


Donors to the “Above All Else” Campaign

Faculty members have been solicited to form

specifically designated more than $5 million in gifts

committees in each school division. Small groups

to launch this initiative.

have attended the Gardner Carney Leadership

“Brunswick is known now as a school celebrated

Institute in Fountain Valley, Colo., during the last

for character,” Headmaster Philip said. “We are

two summers. And all have taken Coursera’s online

continuing on this same course.

class “Teaching Character and Creating Positive

“There are things we’ve always been doing that we’ll keep doing. There are things we’re adding

Classrooms.” In addition, 14 Upper School boys participated in

that are in line with that, and there will be a larger

the inaugural Outdoor Leadership Program at Camp

structure around it all that will support us and

Dudley in January 2015.

our boys as we focus on character and leadership education.”

“As a school, we should all feel really good about it,” Philip concluded, “because it shows how much


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Campaign Report  

Campaign Report