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ABOVE ALL ELSE OBJECTIVE 2 Enriching the Academic Experience for All Students

to unite and build on current initiatives, adding

a greater understanding of the rights, privileges, and

integrated STEM programs to the curriculum at all

duties of American citizenship.

levels. “STEM education offers students much more

In December 2015, British historian and biographer Andrew Roberts — Lehrman Institute

than just a seat at the table of innovation,” said Dana

Distinguished Fellow at the New York Historical

Montanez, chair of the Science department. “The

Society and Visiting Professor at the War Studies

field provides opportunities to be a hero in a world

Department at King’s College, London — visited

that sorely needs them.”

Brunswick to share his historical expertise on

A beautifully designed STEM laboratory and

Winston Churchill.

adjacent workroom opened in the fall of 2014, bolstering efforts to increase STEM course offerings

▶▶ The Goergen Foundation, formed in 1986 by

and to allow for more variety in students’ research

Robert B. and Pamela M. Goergen, parents of


Robert B. Goergen, Jr. ’88 and Todd A. Goergen ’90, generously stepped forward to help fill a gap in

▶▶ The Louise Lehrman Visiting Senior Fellowship,

financial aid, renewing a $250,000 matching gift to

engaging experts in American History to visit

provide scholarships to boys of moderate family

Brunswick, was established in 2013 by a gift from the

means for the next five years.

Lehrman Institute. The Fellowship instills in students

The gift addressed a key goal of the Campaign —


Profile for Brunswick School

Campaign Report  

Campaign Report