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Enriching the Academic Experience for All Students ▶▶ A $10-million gift from a family with a long,

language and understanding of other people and

strong, and continuing interest in the School was


announced in September 2013 by Board Chairman Sanjeev K. Mehra. “For this extraordinary and truly transformative gift, we are boundlessly thankful,” Mehra said. Headmaster Philip also expressed profound gratitude. “I’m deeply moved and enormously

FLIP enhances the Upper School Modern Language curriculum — which includes instruction in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish — by offering study-abroad opportunities to every Upper School student regardless of financial need. The program is now fully endowed, thanks to

grateful,” Philip said. “In making this gift, the donor

the extraordinary generosity of ’Wick parents D. Ian

family has taken a really inspirational step to ensure

and Sonnet McKinnon (P ’18). “We believe there’s

Brunswick is secure and that the quality of its

no substitute for such programs to really learn a

programs will grow even stronger in the years ahead.”

language,” said Mr. McKinnon, a Brunswick trustee.

In making the gift, the family seeks permanently to “raise the bar” for Brunswick, inspiring the strongest

As of this past summer, 53 Brunswick students have participated in the program.

and broadest possible school community support for excellence in its educational programs.

▶▶ The Brunswick Parents' Association — through

tireless effort and dedication — raised $1 million ▶▶ “McKinnon Foreign Language Immersion (FLIP):

to establish the BPA STEM Endowment Fund.

Key to Global Citizenship” ensures that every

This endowed fund generates income to enhance

Brunswick boy has access to the kinds of powerful

Brunswick’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and

experiences that can help foster fluency in a foreign

Mathematics programs — and enables Brunswick


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Campaign Report