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ABOVE ALL ELSE OBJECTIVE 1 Attracting & Retaining the Very Best Faculty

▶▶ The “Going the Extra Mile” in Excellence in

Teaching Awards were established in the spring of

Inaugural winners were Jean Dobbs, Anthony Fischetti, and Dana Montanez.

2016 through the generosity of an anonymous family as part of the Campaign. The awards, in the form of a

▶▶ In 2012, the School lagged far behind its peer

financial stipend, will be given annually to a member

independent schools in the number and level of

of the faculty in each division who is viewed by his or

endowed funds in support of its faculty — particularly

her peers, and the award’s Executive Committee, as

in the cornerstone area of endowed faculty chairs.

one who has gone above and beyond standard levels

Honoring and ensuring excellence in teaching,

of the profession, exceeding expectations in having a

faculty chairs at top-tier independent schools,

positive impact on students.

colleges, and universities are endowments

“We’re exceptionally grateful to the family

permanently underwriting the salaries of key

who endowed the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ Awards,”

faculty positions. Brunswick, however, had only four

Philip said. “At Brunswick, ‘going the extra mile’

partially funded faculty chairs, far fewer than its

is a community ethic. For all of us, it’s really

most distinguished peers. Making progress toward


endowing additional faculty chairs, enhancing our


Profile for Brunswick School

Campaign Report  

Campaign Report