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This magazine will be a part of a new perspective; every article, interview, and advertisement represents the hard work of a student, a student who has different points of view compared to the adult world. Each page is meant to get your attention, and captivate you in every single aspect, from movie reviews and mistakes, to fun and embarrassing moment testimonies. The Big Mag will be a great way to entertain, inform and surprise, it'll have a piece of work for every taste and style to surprise even the toughest reader and surprise the audience. Making everyone a part of this project, is a way to show what we can really do and how we can show our interest and fun issues to the spectators. One of the many sections that are presented through our magazine pages is the nostalgia one, that tells us the story of how Bruno found his friends, involving his grandma, which made a huge difference in their development with her cookies and some milk. Essays are also a big part of the project, my classmate Louis Fernandez, has made one talking about the contamination, and how it could be a bunch of lies, which is an interesting point of view. We're all hoping this magazine can have the chance not only to represents us, but represent you. Janeth Uriarte

How to make Homemade Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pancakes are a delicious meal, they are very popular all over the world, some people serve them typically as breakfast but others serve them like dessert or as a side dish. This next recipe makes eight delicious chocolate chip pancakes. The ingredients you will need are: 1. 2 cups of all-purpose flour 2. 2 eggs 3. 1 ½ cups of milk 4. Butter 5. ½ teaspoon of baking powder 6. 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 7. 5 tablespoons of sugar 8. ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract 9. ¼ teaspoon of salt 10. 1 ½ cups of Chocolate chips The steps to making the pancakes are: 1. Crack eggs into a bowl and beat until they are fluffy. Add in the dry ingredients which are the flour, baking soda; then add milk; then mix them all together

2. Melt the butter in the microwave for about 1 minute 3. Add the melted butter as you stir slowly all of the mixture; don't let it get smooth, because if you do your pancakes will be tough and flat. 4. Add the chocolate chips and mix them with the batter 5. Heat the frying pan to a medium low flame. Make sure you use non-stick spray 6. Pour about ¼ of the mixture into the frying pan 7. Cook for about 2 minutes; turn the pancake when you see bubbles on the top. 8. Serve them with your favorite syrup.

Now that you have finished making yourpancakes, you can serve them with whatever you want, I recommend adding some whipped cream on them for a special touch. By: Karina Muñoz



A Historical Champion By Alejandro Hernández Good afternoon Efren thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask about your development about your competition in the national contest of the Mexican History. First of all we know about your great performance in the competition, you passed through several phases until you reach the last one that was the televised program, promoted and developed by Televisa in which you received the national silver medal. Can you tell us about your competition in your history test? They were 4 phases in which I had to do several tests. In the first 2 phases the tests consisted of multiple choice, but in the third phase you had to show your ability of team work because you had to interact with people from all over the country and it was an experience that I will never forget, not all the days you have opportunities like that. In the final phase you had to do some essay where you show your comprehension of several historic moments of Mexico's history and analyze the situation. You went to a History TV show to compete with other 4 students, how did you made one of the contestants? Every year they choose 5 competitors that rank in the 5 first nationals places, and they call you to participate and they pay you everything. Actually this contest was much easier than the other phases, they asked you important names in Mexican history as well to recognizes places and dates. In others years, had you went to a TV Show or was this your first time? No, it was my first time, last year I entered the contest but I stayed in the third phase that was the State phase. What changes did you made in comparison with last year that let you entered between the 5 best places in the competition? First of all I got angry with myself because I didn't entered to the national phase. So I did a promise with myself and get into national phase because I love history is one of my favorite subjects. Something that really pushed me was my relationship with Ricardo Montalvo who was the first place in the TV history show, he pushed me to involve more in history and helped me. Since when did you start to study for the first phase? I started studying since I was eliminated from last year's competition. I tried every time before going to sleep, read some history books maybe for 1 hour.

It's good that you mention that part. Every time you want something, you have to sacrifice other things, sometimes when my friends invited me to hang out with them, going to the movie theater or anywhere else, I had to explain myself that I did a promise and stick to it. How did you manage yourself for sticking to your goals and not losing focus when things became difficult? There are a lot of factors that are in contact with you everywhere you go, that distract you from your goal, but you need to remember every day the reason why you're doing those sacrifices. You don't just do it. Every day you wake up you need to remember the reason your why. What was your motivation that kept you waking up every day remembering what your goals were? I did this not only because I made a promise with myself, but also because my passion by the subject and because people in the journey of this travel pushed me for not giving up. But losing in last year was something that started something inside of me that kept me working hard to get in first places this year. At the beginning of your preparation, did you expected being in the finals? Yes, I didn't have something else in mind. When I made the exam in the 4 phase I had the confidence that I was going to be in the first places. I dreamed about me being in the TV show and that is something very important, you have to dream it for it to become true. What did you think that makes you different from other students? I think that everyone has the same capacity or ability to make whatever they want, we're all intelligent. The factor that I think makes me different is what I have lived, the thing what they been through. Everything that you lived, everyone you knew in the past make an impact on your today's vision of the world. Something that happened to me made me act the way I'm acting today and showed me the right path that I have to follow if I want to accomplish my goals. The 3 first places in the national history contest were from students from Baja California, how do you think that this achievement adding the ones of other subject like Math, Chemistry and Biology, rank Baja California's education? I think that is a great part from all the people that helped us in our way to the final phase, but we're talking about specific cases in which students study for an specific academic Olympic (Chemistry, Math, History) the real test that evaluates our ranking beneath other states is the ENLACE test. Thank you Efren for allowing me to interview

You took a lot of efforts that let you get as far in the competition. What things did you had to sacrifice in order to get to your goals?

you It was a pleasure


Cookies + Milk = Inseparable Friends By: Bruno LĂłpez I have lived in the same house since I was born, and when I was very little I met my two neighbors. We used to go to each other's houses almost every day to play videogames, soccer o just to watch TV. We even started our own business trying to sell lemonade to the people who passed by our street. We went to different schools, but as soon as we arrived home we called each other to hang out. We had several adventures, like sleep overs and many other things. We even went on vacations with each other's families. Even though they did have brothers they didn't had any one of their age so we became family. We went everywhere together. As any other children we did had ďŹ ghts, sometimes we even punched each other, but also as children, at the next day everything was ďŹ ne and we were as friends as we used to be. We used to hang over at each other's houses and whenever they came to my house, my grandma used to give each one of us three 'Chips Ahoy' cookies and a glass of milk. Then we sat at the living room to watch cartoon network and dunk the cookies in the milk. We grew older and we started going out at night instead of staying home and having cookies and milk. We changed to parties instead of movies and to soda and chips instead of cookies and milk. But that didn't matter we still hung out almost every day. Later on, our duties, school and several things grew us apart; but even though we don't see each other as often anymore or hung out as we did. Whenever we do, we remember the times we used to have cookies and milk at my house with my grandma.

Soviet Space Program The “Communist” side of the Space career of the Cold War After the Second World War, the tension between the Soviet Union and all of the capitalist countries (among them were the U.S, U.K) became more noticeable because of the exclusion of socialist country from some benefits accorded in the Potsdam Conference of 1945. This event marks the beginning of the conflict known as “Cold War”; it “was a period of East-West competition, tension, and conflict short of full-scale war, characterized by mutual perceptions of hostile intention between military-political alliances or blocks”. (Library of Congress, párr. 2, s.f) This was caused due to the fear the West side had of the communist expansion in the entire world which made them exclude the Soviet Union in their political activities and treaties. During more than 40 years, the world lived at the brink of a nuclear war between the U.S and the USSR. Although most of the conflicts were political, there was a period of time in which these countries were competing to conquer the moon: this was called the space career. We all know about the Apollo space program of the United States and the event that changed the entire world with the arrival of Apollo 11 at the moon triggering the victory of the space career to the Americans. But, on the East side, the soviets were competing too achieving several important goals before the U.S. So, when did the space career officially begin and what were the most important achievements of the soviet space program? In the year of 1957, the U.S conducted several launch tests that resulted in total failures. However, the Soviet Union was able the world's first artificial satellite: the Sputnik - 1 on October 4 of the same year. Then, 1 month later, the Soviet Union launches into space the Sputnik – 2 with the first dog on space: Laika (which died when it returned from space). This year marked the beginning of the space career with the Soviet Union in the first place. A year after, the U.S makes a comeback with the launch of its first satellite: Explorer – 1 on January 31; but, the Soviet Union wins again by launching its third satellite: Sputnik – 3 on May. The U.S creates the NASA in 1958 and once again launches the Juno – 2 rocket that sent the Pioneer – 4 to probe the moon (they had 3 failures before the Pioneer – 4) in the beginning of 1959; however, 6 months later, the Soviet Union makes another strike by sending the Luna – 2 to the moon which impacted its surface. Finally, the USSR obtains the first photographs of the moon's far side. It's not until the year of 1961 in which the Soviet Union makes its best achievement: Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut, is the first man to go to space. On board in the Vostok – 1, Gagarin completed a space travel orbiting the Earth. This event was seen with fear by the Americans which made them realize they were losing the space career. On the fall of 1961, the Americans started with the Apollo program. TheBigMag

The USSR continued to dominate the space career by achieving many other goals, like the first woman in space in 1963 and the first space walk in 1965. But, internal conflicts within the USSR made the country stop investing on the space program. So finally, the U.S gets the space career victory with the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969. The USSR could no longer compete with them because of its technological delay, although they continued to launch more satellites, the space career officially ends in 1975. References Cold war. (s.f). Retrieved from Library of Congress: expo/about.html By: Louis Robles


Yosemite Fire

By: Miguel Bravo Yosemite Fire, also known as the Rim Fire is now being considered one of the biggest in California, damaging more than 125,000 acres. It has spread quickly since it erupted in the afternoon of August 17th. Assisted by trench-digging bulldozers and water-dropping aircraft, more than 2,600 firefighters were battling the fire, some of them came from departments as far as Florida and there are coming more. Officials haven't set any containment date. There are also a dozen of smaller fires surrounding the Rim fire, the largest one, the Beaver creek Fire in Idaho is now 90% contained. Because of the loses in Yosemite utilities like supply power and Water to San Francisco, Jerry Brown, the governor of California has extended the state of emergency on Friday 23. Power generated by the O'Shaughnessy goes to some municipal buildings including San Francisco International Airport and San Francisco General Hospital. Although if the powerhouses were shut down, San Francisco wouldn't have a power loss because the city is connected to the main electrical grid so the city would simply purchase power. Now, fire is burning thousands of homes of California as well as ancient giant sequoia trees. One of the big problems is the pollution of air. Ashes are dangerous when they fill the lunges of people in near communities. "You can get on the hilltops around here and see the fires." said Carol Logue a volunteer for providing information to the near community. Schools around the area have canceled the outdoor activities. Most square-miles in Yosemite National Park remain opened to public, although 1,500 camp sites have been closed. The magnitude of the ecological damage won't be estimated until it is contained, so the specialist can survey the area. The Rim fire is consuming big areas of forest. Winds and dry conditions in the year have helped the growth and move of the fire. Usually fires naturally start in small areas surrounded by trees resistant to fire, but logging and fire policies have changed things. This fire is going to have a great impact on the tourism activity, as well as the ecosystem, but experts say fires are an important part of the natural development. It is known that burn areas have a fast growth in species restoration. References: Yosemite fire one of the largest in California history. (2013). Recovered from,0,3175324.story Rim fire continues to rage near Yosemite. (2013). Recovered from Yosemite fire is 'highest priority' in nation. (2013). Recovered from



Survey: Videogames

By: Diego Lambert

This week I asked my fellow students regarding their life as gamers. The results are the following. Only 3 of the classmates did not own any type of gaming console while most of them own more than 2 gaming consoles. Only one individual has more than eight consoles.

The most owned console is the Wii which is closely followed by the Xbox 360. Only two people use their tablets for gaming. Surprisingly one of the most popular consoles is the Nintendo 64 which is owned by 5 people. Most students dedicate 1 to 4 hours to gaming and play on the weekends. On the other hand, some students dedicate more than 12 hours per week and play all week.


Most of the learners that own a console own more than 12 games per console.

The most popular console is the Xbox 360 hands own. And the favorite genre is shooters, speciďŹ cally the Halo franchise.


Cheerleading Coach

Interview by Sharon Macías Milán with Cobach Plantel Mexicali's cheerleading coach Martha Leticia Piña How long have you been the team's coach? I've been coaching the Broncos for 25 years now.

During that time, you have formed quite a great reputation. I went to a previous competition and people go crazy with your routines. How do you feel about this? I always feel nervous. I always hold my hands tightly together whenever my girls perform and this is because I'm afraid they fall. It doesn't mean I don't have confidence in them. I do but you never whenever I see they do everything excellent and the crowd's reaction, I do get really happy. How often does your team practice? The entire week. You see, since the week is divided into 7 days, they have 3 days where they reinforce their flexibility, 1 for gymnastics and 2 for the routines but they practicing of the routines fits in to the other schedules as well.

How do your cheerleaders cope with school? The school is very strict when it comes to grades. They can't be in the team if they flunk a subject. They can't be lower than 8 in their average score. They do their homework whenever they have free time, really.

You have won so many medals, what is your plan now? I want to retire. I am already 60 years old and I just want things to be calmer. I get really stressed whenever someone injures themself a week before a presentation. It has happened so often. Don't you think you will regret that decision? Not at all. I feel proud of myself. I think it's time for the girls to be tortured by someone else *laughs.* What do you think makes a good cheerleader? Having fun, loving what you are doing and working as a team because that's what cheerleading is all about.

PAINTBALL INTERVIEW By Jorge de Hoyos Paintball is a great sport, very fun, and very hard for others, to get a little more information on the topic I am interviewing Jose Adrian López who has been in the sport for a while and even participated in some tournaments. So Jose I am aware of your love for paintball, what age did you start playing? I started playing when I was about 12, but I didn't go as often as I do now. Why do you like the sport? I love it because of all the adrenaline you have while you are on the field, also because it's very strategic so you get to think and shoot. How many tournaments have you participated in? 3 in Mexico and 4 in USA Can you tell us approximately how many hours a month do you play? Usually I go once every 2 weekends and every weekend we spend about 5 hours there Every player loves to have great gear, how much do you spend on a paintball marker? My favorite marker had a cost of 650 dollars plus accessories. Give us your opinion on this, do you TheBigMag

think you get better and better with time, or do you have to have it in you? A little of both. If you are a person that doesn't like the sense of adrenaline this is not a game for you, but I am aware that practice makes the master, I have improved a lot in these years and I know anyone who dedicates time and effort can too. You can't afford to be afraid. Do you prefer speedball or tactical? Why? Depends on my mood speedball games are shorter than tactical ones, sometimes I just want to be running around, but sometimes I want to put a little more of strategy into it. Most of the tournaments are speedball. What brand do you think is good for players as yourself? Tippman or RAP (Real Action Paintball) are very good for tactical, my favorite for speedball is Dye. This is something everyone wants to know, especially rookies. What are the most painful parts of the body to receive a bullet? Obviously genital area, below the ribs, your feet, neck and head. How long does the average round last? Depends on the people who you play with and their fire rate, in speedball most of the games I play in are over in about 10 minutes or 15, tactical games last about 20 to 25 minutes.


Avery bad book to movie portrayal By Sharon Macias Milan Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief is a 2010 fantasy film directed by the great Chris Columbus, who is quite known for being involved in classics such as the Goonies and the Gremlins. This movie is very loosely based on The Lighting Thief, the first novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series written by the American writer, Rick Riordan. The budget consisted of 95 million dollars and managed to earn a total profit of 225 million dollars. Logan Lerman portrays the demigod, Percy Jackson and not even this great actor could save the horrible film. The movie is very different from the book series. It doesn't embrace a lot of details and it skips or modifies scenes from the series. Percy Jackson, who is supposed to be twelve years old in the first book, is 18 in the film. This modifies the entire point of Percy's destiny of changing the outcome of the world. This character is supposed to impact the modern time when he reaches the age of 18 due to a prophecy. This important fact was omitted because the movie was targeted to an older audience. Teenagers were the main reason the writers took another spin. Unfortunately, since Chris Columbus also directed the Harry Potter series, this influenced the Percy Jackson film horribly. The Olympus, where all the Olympians live, resembles a lot the castle/school from Harry Potter. Apart from this, all the characters stipulated by Riordan were dramatically changed in the film, including age and physical appearance as well as the storyline. Unfortunately, the writers seem to be so clueless about Greek mythology. One great example is Persephone, Hades' wife. It is supposed to be summer in the movie which makes no sense for this character to be with Hades since during this season, she is with her mother. Fans from the series did not like it as well as a percentage of people who were unaware from the existence of the books. The movie seems rushed, just scenes thrown together to create a so called movie. They should have picked a better a cast and make sure those actors can portray the characters well. I give this movie a D.



Donald Trump Everything in life is luck

By: Luis Martínez Donald John Trump is an American businessman magnate born on New York City, New York, U.S. on June 14 by the year 1946. Donald Trump is a businessman, writer, investor and also an author. Through his life he has written about 18 books related to achieving your goals in businesses and becoming the best at it . He also starred (and owned) a reality show named “The Apprentice” in which guests competed for a prize, which was getting a job with Donald Trump. Also, he started working when he was very young, with his father, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York. He has been successful since then, his father even said that the best deals he got where made by his son. Donald Trump is admired by a lot of Americans and also pretty much anyone interested on being a successful businessman or simply a billionaire. Trump has overcame many problems throughout his life and has always managed to do his best effort to be successful and recognized. Trump mainly dedicates to real estate, he owns and operates a lot of golf courses and luxurious hotels all over the United States. He manages all this real estate through The Trump Organization and Trump Entertainment Resorts. Now Trump resides in the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. Donald Trump is considered an important person because besides the fact that he's rich and powerful, he also tries to guide younger people through his path. Also, he's considered a celebrity, so much that he even has his own videogame! Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon is a game created in 2005 to tribute the magnate, just imagine being that awesome. Well, in a few words, Donald Trump is admired for his great ability in businesses and also his great success, so if you really are into money and business you should try reading Trump's books or even learn his biography and way of thinking. References



IBWSC 2013 By Bruno López

From July 21st through 26th , the International Baccalaureate World Student Conference was held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. The theme of the conference was: ECOnomics: creating a sustainable future. Another 8 students and I, from CETYS, had the opportunity of going and having a great experience. Since the beginning the trip was an adventure, because our flight was late and there was nobody to pick us up at the airport, therefore we had to take a limo to the university. Yes, a limo. This is because it was cheaper than taking a cab. Then when we arrived at the university we had our rooms assigned to us. And they told us that we were going to share the restroom with another person that we didn't know yet. This is really weird because even though it isn't as big as

sharing the whole room, you had to share an important part of it, the restroom. And what do you do when you go to the restroom? You lock the door, so there was a chance that you “bathroommate” forgot to unlock the door after he/she went out and that would be a problem. The next day we had free time because the conferences started until 6 pm, so we played cards at the living room of the dorms and met people from Germany, the United States and Canada. After that everyone met their chaperones. The chaperone was the person that was going to be looking out for you to be at the time that you had to be in bed or that you had to be out of it. This “chaperone team” was made out by people all around the world of your same sex. In my group there were American people, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, a guy from El Salvador and me. This was really interesting because it was the first chance we had to meet people from other places.

Later at the welcome activity we were told that a total of attendees for the conference were around 150 students from 35 different countries. The next day we had the chance to see how the next days were going to be, ďŹ rst we were going to have breakfast, then 1 or 2 conferences and then lunch, later another conference and a gathering with our GAT groups. That was the fun part, what were the GAT groups? GAT stands for Global Action Teams, these teams were made out of 23 or 24 students from different countries and different sex, each team had a color and was named after some important person. My team was called McMillan. Along the week we had meetings with these teams every day and we had to create a project that would be implemented in all of our different cities and communities. Besides all the conferences and academic activities we had recreational


activities, such as a tour around Vancouver, Colour Wars (fun competences between the GAT groups), World Cultures Performance (a show involving all of the different cultures, a show of some drummers, etc. It was the perfect place at the perfect time. The university's campus is incredible, it has a lot of green spaces and it even has the biggest sustainable building in America. The weather was awesome, always around the 20 degrees. Meeting all those people from the different countries made my life experience richer, I made some extraordinary friends and I stil l keep in touch with them. After all, it was a great experience, I recommend anyone who has the opportunity of going on a trip like this to do it, but I can tell you it has only one little aw: it doesn't matter how long it is, it'll always be too short.


By Miguel Bravo The summoning is an interesting horror fantasy book written by Kelley Armstrong, it is the first book of the Darkest Powers Trilogy. The publication date was July first of the 2008. It is about a normal girl named Chole, she was in school, had friends, not very popular, although she was in a particular situation: she starts to see death people. Their teachers and parents thought she had a mental illness, therefore she ends going to Lyle House, a home group dedicated to help people with the conditions Chloe has. She met new friends who seem to be as normal as Chloe thought she was. Some of them are very nice, others not so much. Everyday Chloe is discovering that there is a huge world of secrets and dark power, where she can't just scape from. Then only thing she can do, is to make front to the new experiences with the help of her new friends. The summoning of Kelly Armstrong is not just a common horror novel. The desire of knowing what´s going to happen next is rising every time you turn to the next page. It is easy to get identified with some of the characters because the context in the book is the same as us; talking about young people, we all can share the feeling of Chloe getting through many emotions, but we need to realize that this book is better for girls interest. Anyways, it has an interesting plot. When you start reading the suspense never ends. It´s not like your typical vampire or magicians stories because it´s not the typical vampire or magicians plot. You can easily like the attitude of many characters in The Summoning. Chloe, the main character is a teenager girl as many, dealing with her teenager problems. She is a good girl and has the same fears as others, it´s easy to feel identified with her, and if not, there´s still many characters with a different attitude but making together a worthy story for reading. Chapters aren't large and the redaction is easy for the readers, also it is full of modern vocabulary making it more interesting. Although many details of the modern world can easily be outdated so the book loses interest with time.

Kelley Armstrong is making a good job with her novel; if the rest of the Trilogy is as interesting as the first part she must be proud of it. We have an escape from the real world; Chloe´s adventure is a good option to experiment a new sensation of drama and mystery. A combination of actual people and the horror we were looking for. References Armstrong K. (2008). The Summoning. Harper Collins. United Kingdom

Why Haters Hate: Scientists Discover Origins of Like and Dislike By Karina Muñoz Scientist have done various researches to determine why people like or dislike things. One of the things they found out was that people with a positive attitude tend to be the ones who are more active and buy the new products on the market, unlike people who constantly live with a negative attitude, they don't really believe in the new technology and they stick to what they already know; also they are very closed minded so other people's opinions don't have a good effect on them. “New research has uncovered the reason why some people seem to dislike everything while others seem to like everything. Apparently, it's all part of our individual personality – a dimension that researchers have coined “dispositional attitude.”(UPEN, 2006) The “dispositional attitude construct represents a new perspective in which attitudes are not simply a function of the properties of the stimuli under consideration, but are also a function of the properties of the evaluator.”(Hepler, Albarracín) this means that a person's attitude is not only controlled by themselves and what they are like, but it is also controlled by the person that's testing the patient (evaluator). But even when they did the research they found that people even with the other person trying to change the way they saw things, researches couldn't control how they would react so they came to the conclusion that some people are more prone to focus on positive attitudes and others on negative ones it all depends on the person. TheBigMag

“To discover whether people differ in the tendency to like or dislike things, Hepler and Albarracín created a scale that requires people to report their attitudes toward a wide variety of unrelated stimuli, such as architecture, cold showers, politics, and soccer.” (UPEN, 2006). With this discovery they concluded that people with positive attitudes see the world as a better place and help more in activities that are benefic for the society like community service or recycling, opposite negative people who don't really believe that world will change by doing those activities. References: Griffin, C. Why Haters Hate: Scientists Discover Origins of Like and Dislike. (2013). Recovered in 20130827/why-haters-hatescientists-discover-originsdislike.htm Diorio, J. Why do Haters Have to Hate? Newly Identified Personality Trait Holds Clues. (s.f). r e c o v e r e d i n news/PressDetail.aspx?id=125


HOW TO BE A By Luis Martínez So, I bet you want to be that one person who is always making his/her friends laugh until they roll on the floor. Maybe you simply don't want to get to the limits, anyway you'll really appreciate reading this article if you want to make someone smile when he or she is having a bad time. Well, whatever, let's get the guide started (when I say let's do the guide, I meant that I will do it by myself). Anyway, anyhow, whatever, I'll try to make this easy for you anonymous reader (or anon for short), let's begin with the basics of “funny guy-ness”. Ok. Rule 1: Don't be scared of anything (except everything). So, here's how it works, you think of something that might make someone giggle, you say it. It's not that hard and it will help you with the further tip. Also, this is the golden rule, no pressure on you. Personal experience: sometimes you may not be in the mood or something but your brain is still creating original content for your audience and you may whisper a good joke, in that moment the most likely to happen situation is that a Rule 2: Know your time. Look, sometimes breaking through silence with something funny, actually seems to be pretty funny, but it always isn't, there are moments in which you can be extremely annoying or disturbing. Example: you're at an exam in which you only have about an hour to answer it, and you feel like making some funny comments, well, maybe you just don't care about life or anything really, but some people care, and with “care” I mean, the test is worth their life (almost), and they won't find your comments funny, actually you'll get in trouble most likely, just for being annoying. Long story short, don't annoy people who are actually using their silence for something useful like reading or working.

A simple guide to around anytime Rule 3: Don't get mad. Well, this applies in all the times you're making people laugh because of something someone else made, most likely by mistake, which makes it funnier than if the person did it intentionally. When the person made this mistake by, oh well, mistake, he or she will tend to get mad and then you go back to rule 2's guidelines. That is one on the chances, the other one is that you'll probably trip over your own comments and say something dumb, the other person will counter everything you said and people will now direct your laughter to you. When this happens you should just keep calm and remember your objective of making people laugh, and just “take it”. Rule 3b: Don't be disturbing. This is actually related to rule 3, it's a clause actually. Remember you're trying to make people laugh, not bullying people around. Actually this is a whole balance thing that can be broken though. If you bother the “victim” too much, your “audience” will actually be bothered too. On the other hand, if you let the opportunity slip through, well, you'll just have a funny moment less in your life, not like I care. Rule 4: Be creative. Try to joke about different things every day, if you made a funny joke last month, it


be the funniest guy (not really) probably won't be funny anymore by tomorrow. Even though some jokes may last funny until the end of time, some others won't. Also, to preserve a joke that is actually pretty hilarious, try not to exploit it, use it when your friends or audience is already in a good mood.

Rule 5: Don't overextend. Sometimes you can be very funny, very very funny, but you should also let other people try to be funny too. Try to let friends or nearby people show their true feelings to the world. No, but really, let other people talk and also be quiet if silence or concentration is needed. This rule is very related with Rule 2. Well that's pretty much what you need to know to be funny. Most important rules are 1 and 2, so if you can't remember them all, you'll be just about ďŹ ne with those, so stick close to them. And well, this is where it all ends, th-th-th-that's all folks! (You know like Porky the pig, you know the pig who is named Porky)



FRIEND ON THE INTERNET In the age of technology, we are bound to have relationships with people we wish we had 7 Wikipedia Racing more time to share with. In this segment, we will see some ways we can take full advantage of the A service offered by many sites, even a mysterious force called the internet to bond, laugh variant offered by Google, of a game about and feel together. thinking your way through the almost infinite amount of information stored on the internet. 10 Talking The rules of the game are; both players start at a set page, Social networking is far from being a new and, only by clicking concept, with AOL and Messenger being the links, they have to classic, it has really been spiced up by Skype and get to another set page. The Facebook C. “When you don't talk, there's a lot of player with less pages browsed stuff that ends up not getting said.” Cathery Gilbert through, wins! This is an said, and we could not even begin to think about interesting way to find new things to talk online relationships without this basic human about, while not feeling completely alone. interaction. 6 Window Shopping 9 MOBAs Oh capitalism! The wonders one may find If both of you are into gaming, and have the on sale on the webs. Anything from a $2.00 light time to spare, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas are saber to a $2 million dollar boat. Exploring those one of the best genres out there. It is incredible rare bargains native to the web can be a fine how much one can know about a persons inner workings when being allies in a team, or being enemies. The pressure and excitement can truly shine light on the personality of any party.

way to watch the clock tick, and as an added bonus, you might just find yourself with one or two new toys, courtesy of your friendship. 5 Watching the same thing at the same time. We have all copied and pasted those YouTube links, come on, don't lie, but... Wouldn't you want to take your sharing-of-interest a bit further? Say you're both knee deep into the hottest series, watching it together, hearing the laughs and gasps, even seeing the reaction might just make everything that much more special. 4 Flockdraw! Have you got the artistic skills of a monkey and time to throw at your monitor, well, you are in luck for the next pick; Flockdrawing. allows you and several of your friends to not only chat, but draw. All in the same canvas! Everything from the newest Mona Lisa to any tomfoolery you can come up with is possible, and hilarity ensures. Just don't be mad if someone draws on top of your masterpiece. 3 Treasure Hunting. Say, you and your friend live in the same city, but not in the same time. You sleep or eat while the other studies and Vice Versa, but technically go to the same places. Establishing


means like a dead-drop, or hiding small items or tokens of friendship in places that are hard to find, is a fun way to keeping that fun of being friends alive! Some people keep USB drives in trees to share files, some others even cook meals and hide them for their friends to snatch up later. A perfect secret at the eyes of the metropolis. 2 A shared folder Sometimes, friend are not only far timewise, but also geographically. Using software as Google Drive, Sky Drive, Drop box or similars, can be just as special. These virtual spaces are private, and most of the time encrypted and protected by international law, so you can rest assured that anything shared is safely stored for those permitted only. 1 Meeting/Again All the data and meta-data in the world might be immensely entertaining, but few things beat a warm hug, the touch and language of being in person. Maybe you can see each other this very same week, maybe not in several years, but knowing some day you are bound to see each other is the strongest link one can make. I will give you hope, and fuel the magic that is a distance relationship. By Joseph Marino Tripp


Are we really on a global warming problem? By Louis Robles On 2007, politician Al Gore produced a documental called “An Inconvenient Truth” talking about our serious situation with the ozone layer and the Global Warming. In the video, he discusses our disastrous future if we don't change many of the world's living habits that contribute to the contamination of our planet. However, many believe the veracity of the facts are not true and that this is only a political factor to increase the taxes on carbon emission and else. So, are we really on a global warming problem; or is it just a political scam? Let's start saying that the founder of the Weather Channel plans to sue Al Gore, along with more than 30,000, who believe the facts aren't true and that Global Warming is hypothetical. Add to that, the fact that an institution named Climatic Research Unit was hacked in 2009 retrieving 160 MB of data from emails that contained information about scientific investigations regarding of the “manmade” global warming threat which, according to skeptical critics, wasn't as severe as they had told us. So, by telling the world that we are in a severe stage of global warming, governments of the planet (specifically the US) would use this as a justification of the creation of new taxes related to the carbon emission of most industries. According to different sources, this will cost Americans $100 billion every year. In contrast, there are many people who believe the facts, presented by many researchers, and are worried about the future of the new generations. That's why most of them have contributed in reducing the amount of

carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles using only bicycles. Similarly, if you think about it, the weather in the planet millions of years ago was very different form the one that we have now; in the past, the Earth's weather was cooler and it became hotter because of the human activity involving the great amounts of carbon dioxide emission (this molecules prevent the sun rays to leave the Earth which makes them warm the planet). In conclusion, we can't afford to believe what somebody says; we have to investigate and create our own analysis if we want to get steps closer to the real facts. Although, we are not certain of the truth, we should act like the “good Samaritan” and prevent contaminated more the world than of what is already.

I feel like a champion! By Michell Sánchez

Jose Miguel Macías Milán is a 21 year old boy that has down syndrome but he has proven to everyone that this is not a barrier for him. He made a lot of goals, in areas like tae kwon do, sprinting, etc. He's an example to follow. He can teach you a lot of things in a second. What achievements have you accomplished in your life? I have won medals and gotten lots of belts in tae kwon do.

I think that's the key to everything, the practice makes the teacher. How many medals have you won and what have they been for? I've won more than 20. For sprinting, discus toss, tae kwon do in forms and breaking planks. That's interesting; Do you like your medals? I don't like them, I love them.

That's amazing, How do you feel for those wins? I feel like a champion, as if I'm the best. Actually, I am the best.

I think you feel very proud of them and, What are you practicing right now? Singing and tae kwon do.

Of course you're the best, your effort is shown in the things you like to do, and tell me What are your secrets for being a figure to follow? Practice. I like practicing.


What other things would you like to Become a teacher of tae kwon do. It's a good dream, and what are your plans for the future? Cook lemon cupcakes and become a black belt in tae kwon do. Which is your favorite food and do you know how to cook it? Hamburgers but no, I don't know. I can do lemon cupcakes! Would you give an advice on how to not give up so easily? Mm..., be good to yourself!


This movie is based on the strange accidents that happened to the Perron family during their life on a cursed farmhouse. It is seen through the Perron's and Warren's (the demonologists) perspective, giving the audience a broader point of view about the incidents, since you feel the way normal non religious people feel the occurrences and how people used to this kind of activity perceive it.. The story begins with a group of nurses talking to the Warrens about a "cursed doll" that has been possessed and is haunting them, and before we know it the case has been solved. This is where the true story begins, you meet the relatively big Perron family, consisting of Carolyn, Roger and their ďŹ ve daughters who move in to a new seemingly abandoned house where their pet dog doesn't want to come in due to "unknown motives". Time afterwards, strange things begin to happen, ranging from clocks stopping at certain hours to bruises and "attacks" from an evil entity. The father didn't take in consideration that his daughters where so scared to the point of crying, that one had an "imaginary friend" and she liked to hit the wardrobe with her face while she sleepwalked and that he found a sealed room and many more incidents, until Carolyn contacted the Warrens, a family that has dedicated to demon hunting and assisting exorcisms. They tell Roger that their house is completely cursed. From this point onwards, the plot begins to develop. The movie shows various clichĂŠs from the horror movie, and shows a really similar plot to The Amytivile Horror. The plot is narrated through two perspectives, you see how inexperienced people get scared, and how professionals get creeped out. Some of the problems I found had to do with the sound effects, its okay to use unsettling music or sounds to make people more susceptible to getting scared by the means of jump scares (you know, being all quiet and serious and BANG, anything that comes out scares you, even a

bird, thanks to the loud noise) but this film abused it, my ears ended up hurting a bit and it got annoying at a certain point. This movie sometimes gives some comic relief, or maybe a certain time to breathe, and that's okay, since you don't want the audience get completely trapped on the movie, but come on, using colors and lighting that illuminates the whole room kills the atmosphere, and finally there were some plot holes, like, why did they even show the doll if its only use was to look creepy, at a certain part of the movie, it seemed like it was related to the plot, but we never heard from it again, also, the music box didn't have another special function than showing Rory, which was not really relevant to the plot, and it ended up being considered a cursed item, also, I don't know how this works, but some of the little daughters of the Perron family sleep with too much makeup on. The way the plot is developed is really interesting, and it is good that this movie doesn't end up confusing horror movie genre with the gore movie genre, in fact, there are shocking parts on the movie, such as clapping. Considering its pros and cons, I consider this movie an almost good one, it feels like it has influences from Amytiville and The Exorcist, and as a last bit of information, this family did exist, the farmhouse did exist, and there is a book that narrates the events that happened on that place. There are chances you won't get really scared after you watch it, and no midnight paranoia; since this is more shocking and plot heavy than anything. By Daniel Sañudo TheBigMag


The key to success By Alejandro Hernández

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Walt Disney, The Beattles, and Oprah Winfrey are some names of people that showed us that if you want your dreams to become real you don't only have to wish for them, you have to work for them to become real. And all this people have some things in common, they are all successful people, they changed an era and they were all told that they would do nothing. Many times in our lifes we have set goals that we didn't accomplished. We aim so high in the scale of success that sometimes we believed that we weren't capable of reaching the final goal. There have been rough times were we just wanted to quit because things turned tough, but it is not because we are physically weak but mentally soft. The power that our brain has in order to gain success is enormous. The most important thing that you have to do when you want to start a new journey were you know that things will be difficult at some point is knowing that you can go through it, that you're mentally prepared to expect some hard times. “Pain is temporally, it may last for a minute or an hour or a day, or even a year, but eventually it will . But eventually, it will subside. And something else take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.” – Eric Thomas Being mentally prepared is one of the most important points about gaining success but also hard work and being persevering. When you start a new project like having a new subject in school, two things can happen; you can be good at it since the beginning or you can be a disaster. It's not up to you how well and quick you learn a subject at the beginning, but working hard for it to be easy it's definitely up to you. For example, if someone is not good at math there's no problem, the real threat starts when you have a bad attitude towards your problem. The solution to this issue is practice and persevering. When you know things will be difficult for you but you keep going, the hard thing will be quitting because you're to focus to

overcome your problem that you cannot think in quitting. “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” –Michael Jordan

Technology has a great impact in today's generation. Like it was design, it makes people's life easier, but we're facing a real problem when technology is reached by really small kids that think that the world will be as easy as touching an app with their fingertips and having the world's information in the internet. People through technology have found little shortcuts for them to reach their goal, but eventually the price will be paid. People that work for their dreams, do it in a legitimately way and know that gave everything they got in them to reach it are the people that even if they didn't reach their dreams know that they gave everything for them to become true. People have dreams; we may keep them in our heads or start working for them to become true. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we are right now in order to be what we want. We can see it as short sacrifices for long term gains. Just like Will Smith said in his movie “Pursuit of happiness”: If you want something go and get it period, don't let people that didn't achieve their dreams, tell you you can't do yours. Dream while you're awake, and work while you're sleep.


The top 10 restaurants in the world for 2013 have been named in the 'World's 50 Best' list. The magazine's rankings have only been around for a decade, but they are already the most coveted in the culinary craft. Many countries have made to the top 10, but the most influential have been Spain, Italy and Denmark.

El Celler de Can Roca. Girona, Spain The logo that represents El Celler de Can Roca is an 'R' with a difference. The quirk is that the letter that evokes the family name has three 'legs' – each representing one of the three Roca brothers, who have combined their diverse skills to such extraordinary effect, (Joan Roca being the head chef, and Jordi Roca the pastry chef). The style of food served on the restaurant is modern Spanish, being the Charcoal-grilled king prawn the main dish.

NOMA. Copenhagen, Denmark Three-time number one Noma continues to take an innovative and inventive approach to both its cooking and its strictly local sourcing and foraging. Chef-patron René Redzepi's food can at times be shocking – visceral even – but it strives to reflect the Danish landscape and culture with it's standout dish the Brown crab, egg yolk and herbs.

Osteria Francescana Modena, Italy. Tradition and modernity collide in spectacular fashion at Osteria Francescana with chef-patron Massimo Bottura's sense of fun and headline-grabbing cooking. A new dish for this year is 'camouflage' – a thin layer of foie gras decorated with powders (hare blood, chestnut, various herbs), arranged to look like army woodland camo. TheBigMag


Mugaritz. San Sebastián, Spain. At Mugaritz diners are treated to a multiple-course tasting menu of intricate yet small dishes developed through a creative process and an attention to detail that borders on the obsessive. Chef-patron Andoni Luis Aduriz aims to play with guests and reflect on the different ways a restaurant can have an impact, rather than just filling people up and sending them on their way with their Techno-emotional Spanish style.

Eleven Madison Park. New York, USA. Chef Daniel Humm and general manager Will Guidara's sleek Art Deco restaurant offers a masterclass in surprise. What diners can rely on, however, is a dining experience that is as delightful as it is engaging, with the use of peerless ingredients and top-class cooking, such as a clam dish that comes in two stages, which makes possible the Modern French with a New York twist style of food.

D.O.M. São Paulo, Brazil. Part chef, part historian, part botanist, Alex Atala champions Brazil's traditional ingredients and dishes. Familiar European fine dining fare gets a look-in at D.O.M. but often in supporting roles to the likes of cambuca fruit, manioc root and tucupi juice. Atala explores and exploits the country's rich source of, and D.O.M. has been named The Best Restaurant in South America for four years in a row.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthol London, UK Conceived by the legendary British chef and his increasingly influential right-hand man Ashley PalmerWatts, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal mines historical British recipes from as far back as the 14th century and reworks them using contemporary cooking techniques.



San Sebastián, Spain. This family-run San Sebastián restaurant has living legend of Basque cuisine Juan Mari Arzak at the helm, alongside daughter Elena Arzak Espina, the World's Best Female Chef in 2012. The pair tease out the best from local ingredients and food culture by reworking ideas using modern techniques.

Steirereck. Vienna, Austria. Breaking into the top 10 for the first time this year, Steirereck chef-owner Heinz Reitbauer's cooking is finally getting the attention it merits. Reitbauer's dishes pillage his family's Styrian roots for inspiration and unearth rare ingredients from the land and via Steirereck's collection of cookbooks. The menu is shaped around a commitment to its produce, with much sourced from Reitbauer's own farm and from a co-operative he has formed with farmers.

Vendôme. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Despite borrowing its name from the town in central France, Vendôme doesn't serve French food. Far from it, in fact. Joachim Wissler's restaurant is a proponent of neue Deutsche küche, a doctrine that sees German restaurants break away from Gallic influence. Germanic ingredients and traditions come to the fore, often in a highly technical, avant-garde way. Meals here tend to be epic, with the largest menu containing around 25 courses. Every restaurant named in the top 10 list has its own style of food and relevant dish, that makes every client feel special in every way, from big dishes, to small courses, every restaurant has a special ranking and popular name in the whole world. By: Janeth Uriarte




HOW TO STAY HYDRATED By Joseph Marino Tripp

Depending on your body, water makes up anywhere from 45% to 75% of your total body mass. Loosing 2% of that can lead not only to lightheartedness, but to severe kidney problems and passing out. Living in a city famous for its sunny attire, knowing how to keep that water in can be your best tool at enjoying every moment. Sweating is one of natures most efficient way of loosing heat. Every drop that evaporates from your body takes with it some of the energy that heat gave you. Sadly, perspiration will not only make you loose water, but precious minerals too. Drinking plain water will not replenish said elements, and drinking more water than your body can absorb can, in fact, lead you to loose even more nutrients. Here are some ways to conserve you water, and your spirits in the sun.  Fruits and vegetables. Think about a fruit that has lots of water, one that can make your mouth drip at the first bite. What was your guess? A pear? A mango? What if I told you that broccoli and radish have 15% more water (per bite) than those two? But don't worry, as watermelon and strawberries have as much water, and also have sugars to keep you energized.  Crushed ice drinks. You might have experienced by now that thirst created by highly sweetened smoothies ando products like ICEE, but freezed drinks flavored with natural fruits will help you restore nutrients and cool off. Here in our city, typical “Raspados”, given that you find a healthy establishment, are one of the best options to fight off the heat. Flavors like Tamarind can restore nutrients like phosphorous, iron and magnesium to your blood torrent.  Be very careful around power drinks. Powerade, Gatorade and other drinks are specialized for sporting. When doing sports, specially without cooling, your body will ask you for water. Be sure to only drink these aids when you are sure you will complete 30 minutes of work or exercise, as to burn or use all of the chemicals in the drink, so that will not get stored in your body.  Heavy clothing Wearing sleeves can mean one think on a harsh day. Suicide. But it is not always the case. Wearing a jacket when you are inside air conditioned buildings and keeping it for the first minutes of being outside can keep the heat out of your body, and help stop that “flash sweating” when encountering heat. Other than that, using head dressings and shades will help you to stay focused on whats important, and not on the sun. Be sure to stay safe, and at any sing of drowsiness, fatigue, or extreme thirst, be sure to visit a doctor right away, and be sure to remember to have fun, this is still our city.

Game Review By Luis Martínez Well hello there, I'm about to review the great videogame named Castle Crashers. Castle Crashers is a 4 player intended 2d beat 'em up game in which you must fight your way to the end of every single level. Basically, you'll do everything over and over again, but it just happens to be so addictive, I mean, you definitely have to try it. Oh wait, I haven't even reviewed the game yet. Anyway, let's look at some of the main aspects of this game. Backstory (which no one actually really cares about) The game is developed by The Behemoth (no, it's not produced by the mythological creature) which is a developer studio founded by the founders of the website Newgrounds. That's pretty much it, you can just head on to gameplay or something, I don't care, it's your life not mine. Story Well, about the story, at the beginning you get to choose between one of the four main characters which are the green, red, blue and orange knight which have the elemental powers of poison, thunder, ice and fire respectively. Anyhow, the story is about you as one of the knights (your friends may also be playing) must save the four princesses and umm, destroy the evil wizard. That simple, just keep beating foes until you've got it. Gameplay Slash, slash, slash, magic shot, jump, level up, slash, slash, slash... That pretty much sums up the gameplay experience for Castle Crashers. OH MY GOD, I'M HILARIOUS. No really, that's pretty much it. While beating the foes through the stages, besides the fact that you can level up and upgrade your skills, you can also have pets! Yes, pets, very funny ones with special skills, which help you a bit. TheBigMag

Also, after finishing the game with different knights, you can unlock more characters, or you can buy the DLC and get four new characters! Long story short, you're technically playing an arcade game, easy as that, easy controls. Well that's pretty much it for the whole gameplay section, so let's not get all edgy with this not-solong gameplay review. Cost Yep, there's a subtitle for cost. Why? There are people who would put down a great game for its price and there are also overpriced games. Castle Crashers happens to cost 15 dlls on Xbox Live Marketplace (Xbox 360) as in Playstation Store (Playstation 3) and as in Steam (PC) also, it's not an expensive game, and also it was just on sale on Steam, I snatched at the price of 5dlls luckily. Overall Well, let's put some grades on this thing. Story: 7/10 (Nobody really cares about it) Gameplay: 10/10 (Consistent, easy controls) Cost: Cheap Verdict Castle Crashers is a very good, funny arcade style, fast paced game, it has a great price-quality relation and you can play with your friends and have a great time! It's a must buy, in my opinion, so listen up you little creep reading this, you should really think about giving this game a shot.


Skin Walkers By Diego Lambert Knowledge. Father of power. Enough is available to quench the thirst of the frail minds of the inhabitants of this realm of being. But sometimes, a small fragment of arcane knowledge trespasses into our world by some divine joke. Available, but for a price. What are you willing to accomplish to grasp the secrets that God has kept from you? What would you sacriďŹ ce to postpone the inevitable judgment of a sin-infested life? That is the fate of the skin walkers. Once a noble and sacred art, this knowledge has fallen onto the greedy hands of those who have fallen from His grace. Twisting and corrupting the ritual it is now lost for all except those who lurk in the darkness. Beings such as the man that brutally ended the lives of a mother and her child. They never caught this man nor found the corpses of his victims. He simply vanished. When Jason and Alex set out for their camping trip, they knew all the old legends. And they laughed at the idea that a skin walker would come get them if they trespassed on the old Indian land. The same land that the supposed murders had taken place. And why should they believe the legends? A man becoming a beast was probably the most ridiculous imaginable. Jason and Alex were brothers. They spent their entire lives together until Jason had gotten married. Then Jason moved away, and started a family. But not Alex. Alex stayed in their hometown, tending to their parents, making an honest living off the land, and tried to be a good person. And Alex had succeeded at this. He hadn't broken a commandment in years, and was well on his way (well, in his own mind) to heaven. 3 years had passed between their last get-together. And 3 more might have passed if Alex didn't insist on a camping trip. But insist he did, and there they were.

It was getting dark, and the two of them were laying out under the stars. They were deep in the woods, and they had no GPS or maps, but they knew the path back from where they were. They had gone there as kids. creeped a small raccoon. "...never know." "Huh?" Alex replied, he only caught bits and pieces sometimes. "We can never let dad know," Jason reiterated. "Know what?" "That we stayed on the old Indian land past dark. We promised him as kids, and I wouldn't want to upset him now. He's getting pretty close to dead, and if we started an argument now we may not resolve it in time know. Just don't tell him or Ma. Ok?" "Ok. No problem." They both were silent for a while, until up TheBigMag

"Well look at that," Alex called, as he pointed towards the critter. It stared at them for several minutes. Not moving, not attempting to flee when they motioned towards it. It stayed almost perfectly still. And then finally it left. Minutes later came a deer. Again the creature stayed and watched them. Unwavering determination glared in its eyes. For about 2 hours the duo was kept awake as every animal they knew to live in the forest, and some they were almost sure didn't inhabit the area, came to gaze upon them. The final animal was a grey wolf. It slowly moved


towards them, and when it was 5 feet away it stopped. "Don't move. Don't panic. It'll go," Jason assured Alex. The wolf slowly stood up onto its hind legs and then its limbs began to contort and pop. Horror slid over Jason and Alex's faces as they saw the fur tear open, revealing light brown flesh underneath. Finally, they gazed upon what looked like a man with a wolf head. The skull of the wolf split open like a melon. The fur sliding off it, the bone chipping and falling like a fragile eggshell. And in its place slowly grew out the head of a man. The man now stood before the paralyzed brothers. They couldn't seem to move. "This is my land." said the man, with an almost supernatural smile.

echoed through the forest, as he drew closer and closer. The brothers being unarmed, they had no choice other than to flee. And that's what they did. They ran as fast as they could, except instead of out to their cars, they were cornered into running deeper into the woods. For hours they seemed to play cat and mouse. Several times animals they passed would burst open in a grotesque manner, revealing the deranged man. But they continued to run. Finally reaching a cabin, they ducked inside. They were filled with fear, and the brothers felt that leaving the cabin would end in their deaths. What they found in the cabin made them regret their ignorance on legends. For in the main bedroom of the cabin were corpses. At least a hundred of them. Every animal they had seen that night was there, along with some larger bodies...some human bodies...

"Now...Now...Mister I'm going have to ask you to g...g...g..." Alex trailed off.

It was then that the man burst into the room. Except he was once more a wolf. In his deep voice he snickered out, “Welcome home!”

"Get the fuck away from us." Jason said as fiercely as he could.

The following week the authorities found the cabin during their search for Jason and Alex.

The man began to laugh. And as he continued to laugh the pitch changed. It grew deeper, from that of a man to that of a demon. And soon it sounded as if Satan himself was bellowing out at them.

Both brothers' faces looked as if they were eaten by an animal of some sort.

The man's skin grew black as coal, and his eyes yellow like a cats. His demonic laughter

6 days later a security camera several states over caught Alex filling up a car with gas. Several eyewitnesses also reported seeing the dead man. And on nearly all accounts he was seen smiling a wide, toothy, unnatural grin.

Interview with a Swimmer Louis Robles, a fellow classmate of mine, has dedicated a lot of effort to swimming, and he has done some rather impressive achievements. With this interview, we would like to know more about the way he trains, why he began to practice swimming and his upcoming plans in this sport. Well, to begin with this interview, what made you get started in this sport? When a I was little, my mom took me to my first swimming lessons in "Ciudad Deportiva" where I learned the basics of swimming techniques. However, my love for swimming grew and some years later (when I was about 12 years old) I was chosen to be part of the swimming team of Mexicali.

So you have been doing this since you were young? That is interesting, tell us, how many years have you been training in this sport with a serious goal? About 5 or 6 years. Well, that is a long time, and as we know, hard work and constant practice are needed to become better; how many hours do you invest in this activity on a weekly basis? I train from Monday to Friday from 4:30 to 8:00 and on Saturdays from 7:00 to 9:30 So you invest an average of 3 hours training, you must really like to be active because you also spend a lot of time at school and the homework. This activity must really mean something to you, what do you like the most about swimming? If you are talking about the different kinds of strokes (which are 4: freestyle, fly, backstroke and breaststroke) my favorite one is fly. But, generally, I like swimming because it relaxes me by helping me to get away from all those little problems that are constantly chasing me. During the time you've done this activity what have your mayor achievements been? Although I haven't been on a Junior Olympics competition, I won 2 silver medals on a local competition and many achievement flags in many other swimming meets. Also, recently I have been chosen to be part of the modern pentathlon team here in Mexicali.



When is your next competition? Next competition is due to October, maybe the first week of October. It's a rather close date, you feel like you have anything you want to improve? I need to improve my time on the 200m freestyle event, because I need good times in order to get one step closer to the Junior Olympics What is your goal in this sport? Some time ago I had different goals; but now, my most important goal now is to do the 200m freestyle event in or under 2:10 min, I am 15 seconds away from that. There must be another swimmer that you admired and made you set your goals, would you mind telling us who that was?

I think you can guess who, Michael Phelps. It's not because all the medals he won, but the dedication and effort he made in order to get as high as he is How has this activity been beneficial in your life? If so, in which aspects? Very beneficial; I don't know if you have heard the greek phrase: "Healthy body, healthy mind"; this means that if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, your mind will be healthier too and that will contribute in your brain development. Also, exercising makes you feel relaxed and gives you a break from school and else. Well, our interview is over, anything you would like to say? Thank you for interviewing and I hope this will make you get a 10 from Teacher Jerry. By Daniel Sañudo


Yesterday I was arriving at school, and I had too much stuff on my backpack but I had the confidence that I was going to be okay, but I wasn't when I entered my classroom I lost my balance and fell down and all of my classmates saw my fall and I didn't know what to do I just covered my face and sat down. -Janeth, 17 I was walking to my classroom, but I was talking to a friend and then she told me my crush was passing by so I decided to turn but keep walking, but I didn't realize there was a post just in front of me and I crashed into it and It really hurt but I just kept walking because my crush had already seen all of the incident and I was so embarrassed. -Sharon,17 I was eating with my friends at the mall and they decided we should eat at a restaurant that had the best buffalo wings in our city, and we

wanted to pig out a little so we went in and started eating, since nobody was seeing us I thought I don't think anyone cares if my face is all dirty and I am eating basically like a boy so my face was a mess, when we finished I decided to walk to the bathroom and I bumped into my crush I was so embarrassed because when I smiled at him he saw me with a weird face and he walked away, when I walked into the restroom I noticed my teeth where kind of red and orange, because of the sauce I wanted to just hide and leave. -Anonymous

I was having a really good hair day, and the weather was like crazy there was too much rain but I thought that it will all go away by the time I got to school but It didn't and I didn't bring an umbrella so I got all wet my hair got all freezy and I looked hideous so I had to put my hair in a bun so it wouldn't go everywhere. -Aurora, 17 By Karina Muñoz



The little human brain By Joseph Marino Tripp Two days ago, neuroscientists have, for the first time in human history, replicated a human brain. Even though the bran was a little too small for thought, it has already been used to study several diseases. This new bran had the size of one a 9-week old embryo would have, and did not really have a brainy shape, Nature reports. This experiment, taken on by the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy is everything but expected. Incredibly, the bran was developed using the DNA, the body's chamical instructions for everything, of skin cells. During the process, neurons in the brain began moving themselves into regions like the Cortex, even laying the first stones in the creations of organelles like the Retina. Because there are no blood vessels in this Proto-Brain, scientist say it will struggle to survive the year, and reach a maximum size of 4mm or 0.1 inch. This is good, because a brain that small will not recognize feelings, fear or pain due to the lack of organelles, but it will be a ground breaking advance in understanding how and why diseases like autism and schizophrenia develop, but most importantly, how to help those who need our support most. Only the future will tell the full effects of these “Mini Brains”, but we will be kept on the edge of our seats for every ground breaking achievement.


Let s be unpredictable

By Sharon Macías

"Off to save the world!" screamed Luke on the top of his lungs running around the neighborhood playing around with his friend, oh sorry, sidekick, to be precise. "Batman, I dare you to a basketball challenge!" Ashton called, dressed up as Robin. Luke laughed at his friend and responded that he was obviously going to win. Their happiness echoed across the streets and some residents were surprised by the noise these teenagers were making. The families were so used to have the streets deserted and to have two blonde figures breaking the silence dressed up, made them envious. A particular girl was taken off guarded by the way the friends were having fun. She was heading to her home after going to the nearby store when she found them. Luke's eye mask had accidently fallen as he played basketball with his sidekick. Ashton began to cry out, "Oh no! People will find out your identity!" Luke instantly threw himself on the street, taking his eye mask and put it back on.


"Batman, please, you must save me! My cat is stuck in my tree!" the pretty brunette cried out for help rushing to him. Batman and Robin were stunned to have her sudden presence but happy she tagged along in their play. "Of course we will save you!" Luke dramatically chanted imitating his character's voice. The damsel in mistress laughed to herself and waved at them goodbye as she headed to her home. Luke unconsciously found himself following the stranger. "Miss, I cannot let a beautiful girl like you be alone in the streets of Gotham City!" Luke said jumping right in front of her to catch her attention. "I can take care of myself, Mr. Batman." She replied passing him by. "You never know when a villain will pop out of nowhere!" Luke reappeared before her sight. "I know a couple of moves." she answered back smiling to him continuing walking. "A girl like you shoudn't even lift a finger! Leave it to the heroes!" Luke cried out hopping to her side. "I like to be different." she said playfully winking at him, following her road.


Luke's jaw dropped. He wasn't sure anymore of what to say anymore to have her attention. Ashton was behind them, watching the entire scene. Luke looked over his shoulder to meet his best friend's gaze. Ashton immediately pointed at the pretty brunette, mouthing the words, "Go for her!" to him. Luke nodded slowly and followed her once again. "I'm Luke, I'm new in the neighborhood." He said jumping once again into her direction. "I can tell. No one in the neighborhood makes a single noise. I'm Delilah, by the way." Delilah said stopping on her tracks. "Are we a bother?" He asked worried. Delilah shook her head instantly, promising him they brought a different air to the neighborhood. "Just unpredictable. The other day I saw you both playing soccer. It's weird here, nobody goes to the streets, they don't really have fun." "Well, I am glad to be the trend setter!" Luke said joking around. Delilah found his smile and laugh adorable. "You give a nice example." she said after a couple of

seconds. "Why don't you join us? I mean, not dressing up if you want but let's go out!" Luke said not sure what he was saying anymore. Delilah raised her eyebrows surprised. "Really? You are asking me to join you?" "Yeah why not! We can go to eat an ice cream!" Luke said trying to cheer her up. Delilah remained silent, thoughtful. "Okay, see you in a moment." Delilah said quietly as she left from their sight. Asthon joined Luke's side and told him she wasn't going to come back. "You really think so?" Luke asked sounding down. "I'm sorry, you did like her huh?" Ashton said patting his shoulder. "Whatever, let's go back to play." Luke had said. They were just about to play when they heard Delilah's voice behind them. They simultaneosuly turned around and found the young girl dressed as Batgirl. "The Batfamily is off to dessert!" she cried out jumping up and down. Luke and Ashton exchanged looks with each other. Delilah stood beside Luke and gave him a killer smile. She was interested in him as well. "Let's be Unpredictable!" they chanted altogether running across the neighborhood. Every family looked out their windows, confused at their deďŹ nition of fun, of happiness. They weren't bothered by their energy, in the contrary, they were envious. Everyone watched as the batfamily ran around the neighborhood, screaming at the top of their lungs, saving the world.


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