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In the searing heat of the Sahara Desert a tiny jeep heroically fights the endless dunes. A young German member of the Paris-Dakar rallye completely lost contact with his crew because he couldn’t resist a Mardi Gras parade in Adrar Algeria.

I’m sure they loved my costume

But now I’ve got to hurry

A typical Rhine maiden just adores Mardi Gras!

Happily singing he drives along.

Overeducated fleas do it

Let’s do it

Let’s fall

In love

The Sahara Desert is a lot of sand... a palm tree now and then.

So while he is busy singing...

The Dutch in Old Amsterdam do it... not to mention the Finns

He forgets to pay attention to the road.

There are always some friendly Tuaregs

Ooh la la

They will help

These ears are extremely irritating

Looks like a desert rat. Maybe it bites

Tuaregs are friendly except for these two.

How embarrassing. I forgot the costume

Seems to be a fan of Micki Mouse

What a pretty desert mouse

Get off my back. OUCH!

Sunset. We have to set up a camp

I will call him Micki

While everybody is sleeping ...

My poor little Micki

I speak English

Don’t Micki me!

Hush! My sweet sauerkraut


No excuse

American nickname for the Germans

Some words tenderly spoken can turn enemies into friends.


Like tonight


Not yet

the Next morning – a cruel sun beats down on our caravan.

He will bring a good price

Sorry my darling I wonder what they are up to

But last night ...

And when they reach town …

How can I help him?

… was fabulous

Shut up!

Micki faces reality.

Don’t you dare

I don’t want to hear it

No! No!

Let me go An auction

Sad … … story … I will wait for you!

Me too!

… isn’t it?

Watch the steps

Ok ok!

What will I do now?


In difficult situations you should think first ‌ there is always a way out

Who is it?

Freedom is waiting outside


We’ll run away into the desert


And we will find happiness!

You shouldn’t smoke so much!

Oh no... not this part You know smoking in public places …

Ach ja? There’s no time for discussion.

There were heavy rains in the mountains ... now Neptune’s horses are galloping downhill

Oh my god! What is it?

Don’t leave me

Never ever

Just in case

my cell phone number

What did you say?

Too late

Wow! Who’s that?


Exactement what I’m waiting for

Come closer chéri

Hands up! Against the plane!

yeah yeah – but where are we? What do you mean Lake Chad?

Lake Chad

Ta gueule! Spread your legs