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I first started working with Robo while I was still onal filming the Falcon Internati Pleasure Collection with films like o, and Express and Sauna Paradis e he has been the man with th g the life responsibility of documentin since then. and history of BelAmi ever At the beginning he was just moonlighting from his main job with TV news until in 1997 he started working full time for me, adding post production to his list roles in the company. These images are a tiny slice of life backstage at BelAmi as Robo gets to see it.

In this digital age, swappin g back to simple film camera s allows Robo to generate a ver y intimate and personal feelin g to his photographic work th at I feel captures the ambienc e of the time and place, as well as the personality of the boy s. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. George Duroy Bratislava, Slovakia February 2013

Hey, who are you? You’re going to be our photographer?

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