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While Tarek is having fun ... It‘s a different story for Kader and Abdel. They got stopped by the pigs and that wasn‘t nice. And their bad luck is only getting worse!

Shit! I don‘t believe this! I‘ve lost my last stash of hash to the cops and now Tarek doesn‘t even answer his phone. How the fuck do we get into this place? No code! Better break the door down, man. Otherwise we’ll be outside like idiots!

What a building anyway! Classy! Trafficking with show business ...

Seems to pay well! I‘ve never been here before. I don‘t even know which flat they‘re in!

Me neither! Don‘t know which floor or which number.

Hey, listen! You hear this?! Maybe it‘s them!

You insulted my mother, you cunt?! You shouldn‘t have! You pissed me off, fucker! You should have shut your mouth! We weren‘t looking for trouble!

Take this in your face!

Let me go, motherfucker! Help!

And you, wipe your fucking nose with your stinky glove!

I’m going to kill you now!

Don’t move, bitch!

We fucked them up nicely! What do we do with them now? Tie them up?

Help me please ... I‘ve got money!

Take this, skinhead cunt!

Put these two shit bags in the flat.

I‘ve got everything you need.

Thanks for saving me, guys! Come in, please.

Handcuffs and hooks on poles to hang them up!

Shit! He‘s a heavy bastard!

Let‘s get back at them and humiliate the fuckers! Yeah, suck me! Aren‘t you ashamed, little queer?!

Ummmm ... Yeah! I like it!

Fuck, my fantasy!

I can‘t believe this! The dude is a real pervert!

Shut up! Let‘s be quick before they wake up!

Hey wait! Maybe he‘s got dildos, too!? For now let‘s take care of this! Hurry up!

And you‘re gonna pay!

I‘m gonna fuck you up! Spread your cheeks or it‘s gonna hurt!

No, please! Let me go, please don‘t!

Hold onto the pole. You‘re gonna feel my big cock fucking your cunt‘s ass!

We‘re not gonna fuck you! Just ’cause we saved you doesn‘t mean we‘re gonna do you!

Don‘t you have some cash hidden somewhere?

Come on! Give us some green or we fuck this place up!

Yes! Yes! Let me go!

Where is it?! How much you got?!

I don‘t know ...Take it all! And leave!

It‘s in the Ming vase in front of the Picasso portrait! Are you messing with us? Speak or I‘m gonna shove this filthy condom up your gob!

In the blue vase near the front door. In front of the big painting! Please, take it all and leave!

What the fuck is this?! It‘s the ugliest thing I‘ve ever seen!

Crap style and crap taste!

Oh ... a blue vase ...That must be the Ying thing!

Here you go! I found the money! There‘s other things too ... Not much cash but it‘ll do!

Shit. I need to take a piss! I‘ve been holding it in since we got here. I‘m gonna do it in the Ying!

He‘s crazy! Il pissHe‘s mad! He‘s pissing in my Ming! Stop!ing ! Arrète!

Shut the fuck up, little cocksucker or I‘ll spit on your big painting!

Vases made in China are cheap stuff anyway! I can get the same for 2 bucks at the local market back home!

Thanks for saving my ass again. I‘m gonna keep them tied up and play a little longer with them. I‘m taking a few dildos out!

No problem, dude! Thanks for your reception and the cash!

See! I told you he was a pervert!

Did you talk to Tarek? Do you know where the fuck we‘re going? Let‘s get the fuck out of here!

In prison ... Tarek shares a cell with Franck ... who quickly becomes his bitch ... After a difficult start, the two dudes start getting on well and they share more than just a cell ...

Ummmm ... That’s good, baby ... I love it when you give me your ass ... My cock feels great inside ... It‘s never felt this good. I can fuck you deep without hurting you ... I love banging your butt!

Ummm ... Yeah ... I like it!

That‘s it! Lie down ... spread your legs! Ummmmm ... yeaaaah!!!! Fuuuuck!

You‘re the best! Do me again! That was so fucking hot, dude!

In an office ... someone is watching them on camera ...

Make the most of it, you two love birds ... things are about to change ...

And the next day ...

Get moving and keep quiet ... don‘t make me handcuff you.

Motherfucker ... what are you up to this time?!

You know the expression “divide and rule”?! ... Yeaah ... That‘s it! I‘m taking you away from your little bitch!

Get into your new cell now or I‘ll use my taser on you!

Why!? Bastard! You can‘t do this!!

I just wanna get my hands on your boy ... but with you around it‘s impossible, so there you go ... I‘m sending you away on “holidays”!

You‘re not gonna get away with this! I‘m gonna fuck you up, you dirty cunt ...

You‘d better use another tone of voice with me ... By the way ... You‘re the one who‘s gonna get fucked!

Well ... Good night! William and I have a date with your cocksucker boy ... We‘re gonna split his ass in two!

William and Jeff get into Franck‘s cell ... while he‘s asleep ...

Let‘s ram our two cocks down his throat ...

Look how cute he is ... just like a little angel!

It‘s been worth waiting for ... I knew we had to take him away from his little protégé! Now the bitch is ours! And she’s a better cocksucker than the other fuckers we normally use!

Yeah, and I like new, fresh meat!

We‘re both gonna fuck him! He likes cock too much! I spent so many hours watching him getting fucked by his pimp!!! Now it‘s my turn!

Hold him! ... Ahhhh! Yeaaah!!!

I‘m gonna shoot on his pretty face!

My turn to cover him with jizz ... Aarrgghh!!!! Fuck! He‘s covered in spunk!

And from there on, Franck became their bitch ... They came back to visit him nearly every night after that ... That night, in the other block ...

While asleep and dreaming about a sweet ass, Tarek is woken up by the lights ...

But William just wanted to wank in front of you ... to say thank you and good night!

Wake up bastard! We just finished fucking your little girlfriend! He took a lot! His ass is really loose now!

I haven‘t had enough! And the thought of you and your new mate together tomorrow ... Drives me crazy!

You‘re gonna get trashed...We look forward to watching that on cam!

And the next day Here is your new girlfriend, big boy! Go and play as much as you like!

Eddy!!! Bro!!! Fuck! I started to worry!

Bollocks! We fucked up! These two know each other! All these bastards are like a big happy family!

So ... How ’bout now ... You must be shitting your pants!

YAY! I can‘t believe this! Tarek! Hehehehe!! The two of us, together in the same prison cell! Fucking cool!

Yep ... Bad luck! I was so looking forward to seeing Tarek raped by the huge black dude! Forget it now ...

Months later ...

I want to show you something ... but first ...

The prison shower is the most dangerous spot of all. Only a few dudes dare going there outside regular hours ... it‘s a place for drugs, fights, and rape!

Yeah ... I hope it‘s a nice surprise!

Kevin loves to service prisoners who crave sex ... He often gets fucked, too ...

Ahhh yeah ... Give it to me! I want it all! I love it!!! YAY!!!

Go on, dude! I‘m getting close ...!

Fuck! Hot spunk on my face ... yum!!

So ...That‘s what you wanted to show me, right?! It smells as bad as Raloufa‘s ass here! See what I‘m saying?! Hehehehe!

A few feet away

Yeah, I know, bro! Listen! We can use this place to escape through the sewer ... Together we can make it ... We have to try!!!

someone heard and saw everything ... William and Jeff were right ... Tarek doesn‘t care about me ... He found someone else. He doesn‘t love me like I love him ... I must do something ... I don‘t want to lose him ...

Tomorrow we‘ll be free, brother!

That same evening. very late

Fuck! It stinks of shit of here! Hold this for me please ... I‘m going in first ... Yuk! Think I‘m gonna throw up! Let‘s go! Hop!

Yeah! Are you sure this leads to the sewers? Imagine we got stuck here ...

Hands up! Don‘t move or I‘ll shoot! Will! Handcuff them! Tarek, I‘m taking you to your old cell ... and you ... I‘m putting you in a different block ... away from your little friend ...

That night ... every prisoner was woken by loud screams ...

So! How does it feel to get two cocks up your ass for the first time? I know you‘ll love it!

Stop! Bastards! I‘m gonna kill you!

Ummm ... you look mean ... It excites me!

Le gang is back 2