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Bruno Gm端nder

If I had to choose a superhero to become—a hero battling evil and staying true to himself and those he loves—I would pick Patrick Fillion’s fiery red-headed godsend Naked Justice. There, my friends, is the epitome of goodness, of strength, of right-out defiance in the face of perilous odds … and he has a penis that shoots lightning bolts and one hell of a bubble butt. Kick-ass. The first time I saw any of Patrick’s work was in college. Roaming innocently through the internet one evening I stumbled upon his website. I was instantly smitten. There before me, in vibrant color and naughty good humor, were the roundest asses and most beautifully proportioned comic art figures I’d ever seen. Patrick’s handsomely-shaped, meticulously groomed muscle boys draw their inspiration from classic comic book art, like Superman or Spiderman, but they are given a lovingly homoerotic tilt—well, a more homoerotic tilt anyway. Patrick Fillion is the Stan Lee of gay erotic comics. He shows us the kinky side to superheroes. The side we all know exists. It’s all done with such gorgeous precision you can almost see the images move on the page. If the Disney Corporation ever puts together an animated adult production company, Mickey Mouse hasn’t got a thing on Naked Justice. Patrick has created a complete universe of unique characters. Each has a developed personality which is apparent in every grimace and grin. Naked Justice saves the world with a wink and a smile. Camili-Cat purrs through his sexual adventures with grace and elegance. And Zahn, sweet Zahn, is the much fantasized Barbarian who puts Conan to fig-leaf grabbing shame. There are college boys, demons, and many more in the Fillion family, and every one of them has a complete history. A story. Their creator is a master of comic art expressiveness, and relays much of his characters’ lives through their own glances. Simply put, Patrick is a strong erotic storyteller. The sex is in service of the story, not the other way around. And even the roughest of his tales—those dealing with a hero in peril—are told with wit and humor, and the hero always comes out on top. Patrick Fillion is a top man himself. Not only was he blessed with a unique artistic talent, he operates Class Comics Inc. and gives publishing opportunities to scores of gay erotic artists through both that and his blog, Boytoons. His passion for the art form is apparent in his praise and posts for his struggling brethren. It’s quite inspiring. In the end, Patrick Fillion is a force. His work has erotic flair with a mainstream gay aesthetic. His colors and designs are nuanced without being pretentious. They are playful without being cloying. And if I could get away with it—and if modesty laws allowed—Naked Justice would be my Halloween costume every year. Eric Arvin Author of “Subsurdity” & “Kid Christmas Rides Again”