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When I was a little kid, grown-ups would ask me, “Patrick, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered, “Not a veterinarian.” I didn’t want to be a fire fighter or an astronaut either. My answer was always the same, with great pride I’d say: “I want to be a comic book artist and I want to own a comic book company!” That’s the truth, my schoolmates can attest to that. In fact, the name of my company “Class Comics” stems from my elementary school years: I made up my own characters and adventure stories, drew them, stapled them together and brought them to the classroom for my fellow class mates to read. Hence the name “Class Comics”! The name stuck! Of course today, the connotation is different. Still I feel I’ve been owning and operating Class Comics since I was six years old. By with that logic, you could say I’ve been in the business for 32 years! In school the comics I drew were innocent, but I was always curious about sexuality. As I matured, so did the themes I’d explore in my comics. I remember getting to a point in high school where several teachers felt my work was becoming a bit too racy. But that sort of “critique” only encouraged me to increase the raciness of my work. Even back then, I loved working with other artists. I loved writing for them and seeing their take on my characters. Often I’d have talented friends fill in issues for me—they’d be “guest artists”—it made me feel so “Marvel”! It was just a taste, but I knew I wanted more. Fast forward several years. The Class Comics of today is not a huge company, but it is one that I am deeply proud of. In early 2002, my partner Fraser came on board. We found that we could work extremely well together and still have a loving personal partnership. I truly believe that because of Fraser’s energy and invaluable contributions Class Comics has grown into the sort of company that people respect. That means the world to Fraser and I. We love comics. We love men. We love sex. We love blending these three wonderful ingredients into a sexy recipe that, prepared with passion, results in a delicious confection of engrossing storytelling and sexual arousal.

The Class Comics Universe is populated by REAL characters, REAL heroes loved by REAL readers, who relate to them and most importantly find them endearing in the same way they would come to adore a mainstream comic book character. The readers care for these characters. They want to know what will happen to them and where fate will take them. This is what makes them so sexy and arousing. As a reader, you’re given a very intimate glance at the hero’s lives and you feel for them. And in return they provide an escapism that is an all-around fulfilling experience. I think that this is what sets Class Comics apart. We don’t just do Porn. In fact, I’m not sure our comics are considered porn at all. We create erotic art—erotic comic books. And while we may push the envelope as far as it will comfortably go, the “art” is still evident. With artists like Logan, Jacob Mott, Eric Mars, TJ Wood, Joseph Hawk, Silvano, Ismael Alvarez, Benoît Prévot, Carlos Garcia, Leon de Leon, Mike, Nico Brunet, Bob Grey and Butch McLogic (to name just a few), you can’t help but be impressed by the art. The sheer love and devotion … the hours of meticulous labor that these creators pour into their illustrations can’t NOT impress! They bring the stable of Class Comics studs to beautiful, sensual life for your pleasure, taking into consideration every possible detail. That’s love. That’s ART! This collection is a small sample of what the Class Comics Universe contains. It’s presented here in this beautiful book as a tribute to the little erotic comic book company that has spawned an enormous world of memorable characters and incredible, intensely sensual comic books. Enjoy, my friends, and thanks for these amazing years of support and encouragement! Hugz & kisses, Patrick XOXOX