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“To me and to my dreams!” Francesco

Everything narrated in this graphic novel is fictional. Any reference to things, people, or facts is purely random and invented.


All this is adolescent!


And finally ...

I found myself watching rugby games...

The most handsome man in the world...

All because of him...


At least for me!


Maybe... because he makes me feel safe...

I like his muscles...

And the way he always frowns...

Or maybe because I just find him sensual...

When I look at him... I wish I had his physique...

I want to be like him...

Or maybe... better...

Have sex with him...

Yes, yes... Definitely have sex with him :-)


I‘m stubborn...

And because of this...

Pow! Today I won‘t leave without his autograph!


You‘re hot!!!

The ball!


Yeah... Hot!

Got it!


Go Posey!












Poseidon T!

Poseidon T!


We did it! Yes! Nice!

I told you we would win!


We‘re in the finals!


What? Everything went off!

Great Posey!

Good job!

? Fucking televisions!


Oh my God! Help! Let‘s run!

Run! Run! Run!

But... what...



Tentacles ...

They look like tentacles...

I can‘t believe it! This must be a hallucination!!!

This can‘t be happening!!!

Oh God!!!

What’s going on? Look!


Look At this, Looks like snow...

Help me!

Oh God!

Ahhh! What‘s this?

But... what...



Let‘s get away! Ahh!

The city is under attack! The whole population...

Find shelter!

Move away! There are explosions everywhere!

Move away!


Run! Everything is collapsing!

Away from here! The target is getting closer!



Fire! Fire!

They‘re attacking us!




What... But...


Who are you?


What are you?



Stay calm!

But... where...

Don‘t you remember anything?

My name is Sergio...

And this Katia and Dave...

What happened? You hurt your head...

You have to thank red t-shirt...

Have a sip of water!

You were unconscious for almost two days!

You were dreaming!

Sadly, we’re locked in the changing room of the stadium...

Thank you!

Don‘t mention it!

The last thing I remember...

And then they attacked us!

We were playing the game...

But who?

We don‘t know... We just found shelter in the changing rooms... Then everything collapsed...

And we got trapped in here!

But didn‘t the rescuers get here? Yes, Gonzalo... He didn‘t leave you alone not even for a minute!

Actually, in the beginning we heard voices... But then... we they were coming don‘t know to save us... what happened

Just silence... It‘s been two days now...



But we can‘t just stay here and do nothing!

Cell phones?

What are you thinking?

Everything is out of order! No service!

You can‘t see anything! ?


We don‘t know what is down there!

I‘m going to look for my locker!

Do you think it might be an exit?

Wait! I‘ll come with you!


Watch your step!


Found it! At least I have my clothes!

Wait, I‘ll move the bench! Good! Then we should go there!

Right, but how?

The rescuers said civilians should go to the military The one base, you on the know... outskirts of the city!

There we‘ll be safe from the attacks!


Thank God I can change my clothes...

I feel disgusting... I‘d give anything for a shower!

And now... he‘s here in front of me...

Up close he‘s much more Handsome than I thought!

I can‘t believe it...

Wow... It‘s huge! I‘m about to see it...

Naked! How many times I’ve imagined having sex with him...

We‘re about to die...

And I‘m thinking about sex... I‘m out of my mind!

That‘s absurd!

You‘re Is it gay, that right? obvious? No, it‘s just the way you look at me...

I‘m sorry... To be honest, I came to the game because of you... I was hoping to meet you...

Of course, I never thought we would end up this way...

Well, it’s not often that a man looks at me that way... Or maybe I don‘t notice it...

But at the moment I‘m into girls!

I didn‘t mean to embarrass you...

Right! I‘m flattered :-)



No, not at all... I‘d never even thought I’d get to meet you...

You are the man of my dreams, you know... And talking to you is awkward...

I just hoped for an autograph at the most... It‘s

just that you impress me so much...

I know it‘s adolescent, but this is the impact you have on me! Come on! And from close-up, how do I seem to you?

Ohh... you are indeed the most handA real some man in hottie... the world...

I don‘t bite, you know.

And a bit of a bragger!

Look... If it comforts you, you‘ve done it at least 1000 times with me...

You gay guys are crazy! But I have to admit, it‘s flattering when another man checks you out!

In my dreams :-)

And then... I envy all the sex you have!

Oh, heavens!

Interesting! Actually, in real life I don’t have lots of sex...

I don‘t complain, Shit! but.. Stop me!!! I‘m talking bullshit...

Hey, you two... Once you‘re done, we have to figure out how to get out of here...

What you must think of me!

Calm down, I don‘t think...


There‘s no food here... The vending machines are empty... and the bottled water is almost gone!

Sorry! You‘re right, I

was just trying to ease the situation!

I‘ll look for the exits... I don‘t know this stadium very well...

We were playing an away game...

Maybe it‘s connected to the sewer...

The only thing I can think of is the hole in the other room...

Maybe Poseidon‘s right... We should try!

But... but... but...

Holy cow!

!? !?

Guys, get out of here!!! Now!!!


Ka... Kat... ia

Too late! They already got him!

Let‘s go through the hole!

We don‘t have any choice!

Oh God!

We have to get out of here!

Dave! Run!

Watch out! They‘re coming!

Jump! Ahh! It could have...

Been worse!

What do you do, Gonzalo? I‘m a computer technician... Unemployed at the moment!

But I don‘t think that‘s important now!



No, like the Getter Robot!

You really have a demanding name! “Poseidon”

My father loved that cartoon from the ’70s!

Like the king of the sea...

He told me he was crazy for the Getter Poseidon! Like I said, I only watch the games because of you!

And... why do they call you Poseidon “T”?

Clearly you‘re not a rugby fan! It‘s just an abbreviation of “Tiger,” the name of my team...

But cute!

Guys, let‘s stop for a second... My ankle hurts...


You‘re right! We‘ve been walking for hours... We have to find a safe place... there are so many tunnels... Enough searching!

You‘re crazy :-) !

Who just yelled?

There‘s someone!

Run! Get away from there!

But... what...


They‘re coming closer!

They will kill us all!

But who? What?

No! Let me go!


Away... from here

Shit! He is...

Ahhh! Sodomizing him!


Help! Gonzalo! Get away from there!

Guys... Help...

Oh God!

Poseidon! They took him!

They took Sergio!


We should have helped him!

It‘s too late!



Run as fast as you can!



You can‘t pass there!


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