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Fond Memories Mark Lynch

Bruno Gm端nder

Fond Memories Mark Lynch FORWARD The male nude in photographs. Whither goes it? Mark Lynch is on the front edge and has been showing the way since his earliest photographs. Although the male nude has existed in photography since its earliest days in the nineteenth century, it has always been strongly linked to the sculptural ideal. In fact, the very early photographs were for the use of painters so they could avoid the expense of hiring live models. In these photographs, the models took poses based on early Greek and Roman ideals. Very little communicated how these men have naturally stood or who they actually were. The prudery that swept the world in the reign of Queen Victoria in Great Britain pretty much did away with any viewing of the male nude altogether until the 1920s. Then the emergence of great interest in health and exercise brought out fitness magazines. Those who were interested in viewing the naked male body could peek there. But there again, it was all prototypes and not real people. After World War II, sexy little books, purportedly to help artists, sprouted up, and finally the Supreme Court allowed that photos of the male nude could be sent through the mail. However, the major male nude photographers still gave us beautiful bodies in classic poses, all devoid of personality. When Mark Lynch came on the scene, these carefully lit and posed photographs were of no interest. He was in his hometown of Austin, Texas, and the local young men looked great to him just the way they were. They stepped in front of his camera—real young men with their clothes off. As open sexuality has become more and more acceptable, the viewer wants to think of these men as someone they might really meet for sex. As having a real sex life became more possible than an imaginary sex life, Mark Lynch’s work has come into its own. The male nude, naked and real and unafraid, was brought out of the closet by Mark Lynch,and many have followed his lead. His male nudes, frequently with names attached, are real. They have real muscles, real faces, real glances set straight into the eyes of whoever is looking at them. This is a huge step forward in this art form. It is a huge step forward in the relationship between art and sex. Now as the twenty-first century takes on a more tangible form, differentiating it from the twentieth century, Mark Lynch is here. Leading the way. Showing us the way. David Leddick

Jason & David, June 2005, Austin

Andrew, August 2009, Galveston

David, July 2005, Austin

Brandon, April 2006, Bull Creek

Mark, June 2011, Austin

Aaron, January 2006, Austin

Jason, March 2008, Austin

Chase, January 2010, Austin

Joey, July 2005, Austin

Zac, June 2011, Post Oak

Marty, June 2001, Taylor

Marty, June 2001, Taylor

Cody, July 2007, Austin

Austin, April 2010, Austin Studio

Michael, May 2012, Austin

David, July 2005, Austin

Aaron, August 2005, Galveston

Chris, August 2006, Galveston

Tad, June 2005, West Austin

Scott, September 2009, Austin

Chad, January 2010, Austin

Jarod, August 2001, Palm Springs

Pool Party, August 2006, Austin

Alex, April 2011, San Marcos

Brandon, April 2006, Bull Creek

Dimitri, June 2010, Austin

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