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This book is dedicated to Fritz Lohman and Charles Leslie

Harvey Redding Robert w. Richards Rob Hugh Rosen

DIRTY Little Drawings the queer men’s erotic art workshop

On December 27, 2000, a group of 14 artists met in a basement art gallery in New York’s SOHO district. Their goal: Expanding the boundaries of academic nude figure drawing. Harvey Redding, the founder of what came to be known as the Queer Men’s Erotic Art Workshop, had hired a model who was willing to break through the glass ceiling of what live, nude modeling had previously been. This was to be full out, rock hard, unapologetic, sexual posing; nothing held back, nothing sacred. Every week attendance grew, and the workshop expanded to a second weekly evening with the addition of Rob Hugh Rosen as ­codirector.

Inspired by this enormous pool of talent, artist Robert W. Richards with Redding, envisioned a way of making erotic artwork readily available and affordable for an ever growing public appetite for sexually explicit art. The concept was to create an exhibition in which all drawings would be identically sized and identically priced and available directly off the gallery walls. Rosen came up with the perfect title, “Dirty Little Drawings.”  The artists were asked to produce as many pieces as they wanted; some created 50 or more, others only a few. The first of four exhibitions was held in 2003, the collectors came by the hundreds, and the artwork flew off the walls. A New York art scene phenomenon was born!

This compilation book is but a small sampling of this hurricane of erotic art. Harvey Redding Robert W. Richards Rob Hugh Rosen