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hen I started photographing male fitness models and bodybuilders in 1996, I never dreamed of one day owning the largest photo studio in Miami, the mecca of photography, and becoming one of the leading photographers in the industry. While I have been published in numerous bodybuilding and fitness magazines and published multiple calendars, I never focus much on print publishing. I would rather spend my time searching for the next muscle star, having traveled so far to 45 different countries, and collecting four million Frequent Flyer Miles on American

Airlines in the process. The result: an extraordinary collection of the world’s most appealing bodybuilders and muscle models. It has always been my ambition to take muscle photography to a new level. I also thought that bodybuilding photography should be more than capturing an athlete in the gym or during a competition. I wanted to capture the beauty of the male physique in beautiful

locations around the world and in the best possible light in my own studio. I have enormous respect for the models that I work with. They work so hard to get where they are before they arrive in front of my lens. They are sculptors and sculptures at the same time. I am just very proud that I have been able to start the careers of so many muscle models and professional bodybuilders. I also want to thank you, the reader, for sharing that passion with me. I hope you enjoy this voyage into the world of muscle. Ulrich Oehmen