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Global consultancy Global consultancy has more than 10 years experience in educational and immigration consultancy. Located in Dublin-Ireland, Global Consultancy has experienced staff who love what they do. Our agents have travelled all around the world and know exactly what the students’ needs and issues are. Global Consultancy provides a professional and ethic consultancy; resulting in the individualization of each student and whose needs and aims meet their profile.


243 Capel Building Mary’s Abbey Dublin 7 - Ireland


Living abroad Moving abroad is much more than just going to a different country to study and work. Moving abroad gives you an experience that changes your way of seeing the world. You gain new cultural experiences. It makes you review your values while opening your mind to new ideas and beliefs and lets you experience new ways of learning. Meeting people from all over the world and exploring a new culture makes us see from a different perspective what is right and what is wrong while reconsidering most of our opinions and dispelling stereotypes. It makes us see new ways to face and solve problems and deal with the unknown; experiences that allow us to grow personally, emotionally and professionally.


With all that is to be seen and done in Dublin, it is no wonder that this is the European capital that displays one of the highest population growth rates. In Dublin, modern culture and century-old Irish traditions go hand in hand, making this city a unique European city. With its beautiful parks, clean streets, orderly traffic and thriving social life, as a capital, Dublin is very attractive to the eyes of the world With its century-old pubs and its well-preserved medieval architecture, the beauty of the city owes nothing to the modernity of a great centre. It has numerous shopping malls and galleries, theatres, museums and a very interesting cultural life. In addition it attracts many visitors and that is what really makes this city so special. Dublin has an excellence in the teaching of English, many educational institutions foster the improvement of the language.

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Global Consultancy works only with schools recognized by

the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland,

Global Consultancy works only with schools recognized by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, which is the agency responsible for regulating these institutions. Our schools have qualified teachers, equipped classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and multimedia laboratories.

General English General English course _ this course is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop all the skills in English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Studying a minimum of 15 hours per week, this course is for those who need a deeper understanding of the English language. With dynamic classes, qualified teachers and the opportunity to live with learners from different nationalities, students have an appropriate learning environment. • Levels: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced

Business English This programme is a specific course for professionals and students who want to improve their English in the business world. This short course (up to 3 months), with groups of 6 students maximum, is ideal for those who have little time to improve and develop their language skills. Modules covered include: Negotiations, presentations, meetings, telephoning, socializing, report writing and emailing.

Exam preparation This course is designed for those who want an international certification to enter a college or as a professional requirement. IELTS- International English Language Testing System This is one of the most recognized exams worldwide. It allows students to demonstrate their real ability to communicate in English through the following language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Cambridge The Cambridge examinations are recognized by more than 12,000 companies, ministries, government agencies, professional organizations, universities and colleges around the world. Just as IELTS, this exam allows students to demonstrate their real ability to communicate in English through the following language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. These Cambridge tests are divided into several levels: FCE-First Certificate in English CAE-Certificate in Advanced English CPE-Certificate of Proficiency in English

Degree courses Degree courses in Ireland. These third level courses with a duration of 3-4 years full-time, enable students to have an excellent education with highly qualified teachers. There is no necessity to take an entrance exam but applicants are expected to have an intermediate level of English (IELTS 5.5). • Bachelor of Business Administration • Bachelor in Information Technology

MBA MBA- one of the world´s most desired qualifications, this course gives participants extensive management skills such as leadership ability, strategic thinking, innovation and critical analysis.

Masters A Masters degree offers you the chance to move in a new career direction or prepare for PHD reser

Health Insurance Health insurance is mandatory for entry into Ireland. It is one of the requirements. Non presentation of this at the airport to an Immigration Officer may prevent your entry into the country.

Accommodation A proof of address is also one of the requirements of immigration for students who wish to come to Ireland. We recommend booking two weeks accommodation (homestay, hostel or a student house) as this allows for plenty of time to get to know the city and look for alternative accommodation.

Booking Procedure Before arriving: The student must complete the application form and send it to Global Consultancy with a copy of his/her educational qualifications together with a copy of his/her passport. When choosing the course you want to attend, students must pay Global Consultancy via a bank transfer. After payment, Global Consultancy will send a letter of acceptance (acceptance letter) confirming all the selected course details (start date, hours, price, etc.) along with a confirmation of payment of health insurance and accommodation. A confirmation of the student’s flight (number, date and time of arrival) is also essential.

Prospectus of work Students who register for a course of a long duration, i.e. one year, are permitted to work in Ireland. On beginning their studies students have the right to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and have a holiday period of up to 40 hours. Global Consultancy helps in designing Curriculum Vitae and in addition advises students on how to find a job. At no extra charge, Global Consultancy will provide students who come to Ireland for the first time with a mobile chip (SIM card) which contains an Irish mobile phone number. This assists students in terms of communication and allows for contacts to be established.

243 Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7 - Ireland Tel: + 353 (0) 1 545 8405 Mob: + 353 (0) 87 055 8266


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