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PERSONALIZED ADVICE FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS Innovation Center technicians are available to assist customers in defining the ideal graphic solution; modifying, resizing and adapting the decoration to containers of different types and shapes. In addition to bottles and jars, it is also possible to produce decorated samples of capsules, caps and other accessories. The Innovation Center uses innovative printing technologies to create prototypes and decorated mock-ups that are completely faithful to the original, providing a rapid response to the need for new, distinctive packaging.


· Design / concept · Moodboard / presentations · Customized artworks · Samples decoration service

· Faithful mock-ups · Professional photo shooting · Editing / post production · Realistic rendering


COLOUR PRINTING SIMULATION Bruni Glass offers to its customers technologies that makes possible the creation of graphic effects with both 100% coverage and a scalable percentage of transparency, as well as shades with highoutput tonal passages and simulation of double-sided decorations. These prints can be put on bottles and jars that are cylindrical, shaped with flat faces, slightly convex or with a taper angle that is not too accentuated. Colour printing can be combined with all other technical solutions, in order to achieve a more substantial mock-up.



GLOSS VARNISH EFFECT The gloss finish is definitely a bonus that greatly enhances the image of the packaging of Bruni Glass customers, who increasingly request this option in order to improve the quality of the decoration. Using this technique, it is possible to give greater emphasis to certain details of the graphics or a gloss effect applied to the entire decorated surface. Gloss varnishing is also very widespread because it allows you to protect the print itself from abrasion, wear and any damage caused by external factors.



HOT STAMPING SIMULATION Another possibility is simulating the hot stamping process, which is now in great demand as part of countless decoration techniques, benefiting the overall elegance of the packaging. The application of foil is possible on all the graphic design or on parts of it, even using different materials at the same time. There are, in fact, multiple finishes and colours in addition to the classic gold or silver effects that the Innovation Center is able to simulate.


EMBOSSING EFFECT Customers increasingly wish to customise their articles, or those offered by Bruni Glass, with writing and logos in relief on the glass. The Innovation Center is able to simulate this technique, which is known as “embossing� in the glassworks, on multiple containers with different shapes and volumes, allowing the customer to quickly evaluate the development of a new project without necessarily having to make a significant investment in terms of time and money. The result achieved is a simulation that is useful for evaluating the overall image of the packaging, especially if combined with other decoration techniques. The technology available today does, however, have some limits when it comes to positioning the embossing, especially on highly-accentuated double curvature surfaces.


BRUNI GLASS’ KNOW-HOW AT YOUR SERVICE Thanks to the highly specialised technicians working at its Innovation Center, Bruni Glass is now able to interpret and give shape to the needs of its Customers by offering the chance to create top quality customisations, standing as a 360° cunsulent and guiding its partners through the realization of outstanding projectds. Thanks to a Client service orientated colture, BruniGlass and the Innovation Center, together with an high quality network of producers, will be able to meet any need and to create innovative glass packaging tailored for their target market.


· Technical drawings 2D/3D · Photorealistic rendering · Customized artwork · Resin and Plexyglass prototypes

· Decoration on prototypes · Glass samples assistance · Glass production coordination · Innovative closures study

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