The Stylist of Glass Diffusers by Bruni Glass

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Bruni Glass has forever elevated the world of Home Fragrances. Beyond product design, we have taken another step towards ultimate customization: the possibility of enhancing glass diffusers with multiple decoration techniques. An idea born from the collaboration between the leading company in the glass packaging and the best suppliers in the decoration sector from a project carried out by the Bruni Glass Innovation Center. Bruni Glass has become a one-stop shop, able to offer to its customers a bottle specially designed for the Home Fragrance sector, that combines both the highest aesthetics and functional design and a personalized decoration with maximum impact. In addition, Bruni Glass can offer a turnkey consultancy on costs and timing throughout the entire project.


A world of custom decorations. Smell, see, touch. The decoration techniques offered by Bruni Glass capture the attention of the consumer on different sensorial areas. Given the variety of decoration techniques, the wide range of colors and effects available, the customization possibilities are basically unlimited. Bruni Glass team and designers will find the ideal solution to meet the customers’ needs for every project. Because each technique has its nuances, its language, its meaning.

Emotions highlighted. Thick screen printing with tactile relief allows us to emphasize a company logo, adding volume to a message, conveying 3D depth to a creative idea. Emotions then remain impressed on the bottle and in the mind of consumers. Textures, drawings, visual concepts emerge from the smooth surface of the glass diffuser and become strong communication tools: capturing the attention on the shelf, standing out from competitors and enhancing the diffuser as a real object of desire. A desire to be touched in all its precious exclusivity.

Fashion innovation. Surprising, charming, enticing. The flocked screen printing represents an unusual tactile experience, where the sensual softness of the relief print is enhanced by the contrast with the fresh solidity of the glass. A unique and unexpected emotion for the consumer, this printing technique is suitable for enhancing extremely innovative product concepts. A boost on innovation also found in the Glitter Screen Printing technique, that provides the perfumer with an iconic brilliance making it the undisputed protagonist of any environment. Games of light and iridescent reflections that conquer the space and the heart of the end customer from the surface of the bottle.

Precious elegance. It’s the details that make the difference. The screen printing combined with the Hot Stamping technique can evoke timeless luxury and shimmering royalness in the consumer’s imagination. Whatever the image or the inscription represented on the glass, the gold hot stamping exudes an aura of precious elegance. An object that performs not only a practical but also an aesthetic function, becoming a design icon that gives added value to any setting.

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