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A toolkit for application development instruments and processes that help you keep it together Krzysztof Konwisarz

Why Continuous Integration Code Review Functional Tests ...are great

Continuous Integration

CI server is your best friend

Our tool for this

You are already doing this, right?

Continuous Delivery

Code review

Our tool for this


Automated functional testing

You added a great feature:

... but you may actually have this:

photo by Amy Pfleegor

You verify it works

Our tool for this

+ Jersey client

Code example

Page object – part I

Page object – part II


And when you put it together you get a process


A few other things that pay off


IntelliJ IDEA

Thanks! Questions?

01 - An environment for application development tools that help you keep it together  

You might think that a few guys working on an IT project does not need a lot of tools for doing software except for their own computers and...

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