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Dirgahayu Kebawah Duli Tuan Patek Wishing our readers a Happy Ramadan 1434 AFCC BOARD OF ADVISORS MEETING BLA as a partner of AFCC since 2010 was represented by Pn Nellie at its Board of Advisors (BOA) Meeting. The Meeting was chaired by Mr Nuri standing in for Ms Claire Chiang BOA Chair who had to step away due to an urgent family matter . It was held on Wednseday 28 May 2013 from 3-5pm. at Board Room on level 14 of NLB. It was attended by elected members from Australia.Brunei Darussalam, China, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States. Vietnam, The meeting discussed feedback from this year’s festival, suggestions for improvement, proposal for next year’s country of focus-India. The meeting named the 2015 country of focus China.

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The Council met on 17 May 2013. The meeting discussed upcoming activities and reports of CONSAL XVI Executive Board Meeting.


The committee met on Wednesday 22 May 2013 and Tues 4 June 2013. Present were Pn Nellie, Hjh Pusparaini, Hjh Rosnani and Hj Abu Bakar. Matters discussed were on the Qualifications Framework, updates on LIS education in Brunei Darussalam, customized training and MoE new Brunei Technical Education System.

SPLASH! ASIA The National Book Development Council Singapore launched an annotated bibliography of over 60 waterthemed stories from 15 Asia countries in conjunction with AFCC 2013. Many featured in this publication are award winning books. Project Splash! Asia was inspired by an idea to focus on one common theme in children’s literature with Asian content. The bibliography and index will be a useful source material for librarians, parents, storytellers and the community. Bruneian titles were selected for inclusion in the bibliography, namely Udang Galah Yang Sombong, Tok Pandai Dengan Si Putut and Sumpah Ikan Besar. Wadah Perpustakaan Bil.7, Julai 2013

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AFCC The Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) aims to foster the creation, production and publication of children’s and young adults’ materials with Asian content in all formats and to facilitate their distribution. Asia is rich in culture and tradition; a heritage from which content could be developed. The AFCC draws the attention of content creators and producers to this vast opportunity, and also showcases content already available, and promotes new materials that have been produced and published. The National Book Development Council of Singapore has been organising the highly popular Asian Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference for the past ten years. Leveraging on its success, the conference was expanded to form AFCC which has emerged as a very popular professional and trade event since 2010. AFCC 2013 from 25-30 May 2013 had 4 main conferences: Teachers Congress, Parents Forum, Writers’ and illustrators’ Conference & Media Summit. There will also be Literature Lecture and Awards Presentations. The festival will also have seminars, masterclasses, rights fair, media mart, and public events throughout the 6 days. This year the country of focus is Malaysia while the Philippines centre stage last year. Next year India will become the country of focus.



25 May 2013, AFCC Pre school and Primary Teachers Congress The AFCC Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress provides teachers and educators with the skills and knowledge to impart early literacy through bilingualism to their charges as a child transitions from early childhood to primary school. 25 May 2013, AFCC Parents Forum The AFCC Parents Forum offers parents, teachers, and other related professionals the opportunity to get support, information, and advice on nurturing early learning and bilingualism at home. For children accompanying their parents, separate activities for the children will be available. 27 May 2013, Malaysian Night 28 May 2013 Board of Advisors Meeting and Awards Night 28-29 May 2013, AFCC Writers and Illustrators Conference Over the course of the two-day conference, writers and illustrators come together with publishers, editors, literary agents, and other industry professionals in celebration of children’s content from Asia and around the world. This year’s conference will have an added emphasis on Young Adult literature and children’s works in translation. 29 May 2013, AFCC Media Summit The AFCC Media Summit gathers content creators and media professionals from around the world for a one-day conference focusing on Asian children’s media content, a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge, skills training and development, and networking. The Summit will focus on maximising content through transmedia storytelling. 29 May 2013 AFCC Dinner Go to page 8

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NEW SYSTEM MOOTED FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION NEW Brunei Technical Education (BTE) system is being proposed to replace the Department of Technical Education (DTE) and meet the country's development needs. Brunei will also see the establishment of the first regional mega-campus (BTE Central), which is expected to open in 2018, followed by a second campus (BTE Satellite) in 2020. Senior adviser to the Ministry of Education and the former CEO of Singapore's Institute of Technical Education, Dr Law Song Seng (pic), has been ommissioned by the Ministry of Education to carry out a strategic review of the DTE system. He said the total cost of upgrading the existing campuses and building a new BTE system for 12,000 students over the next five to seven years is estimated at $590 million. Dr Law said the greatest weakness in the current DTE system is its "system of governance". On the sidelines of yesterday's "Brunei Darussalam Technical Education Transformation Key Stakeholders Sharing Session with Government Agencies and Industries Leaders", he told journalists the system was no longer relevant and in keeping with the pace of a competitive and changing workplace environment. He said employers from major companies had relayed their concerns on the skills of new recruits, regardless of the certificates they had earned from technical or vocational institutes in the country. "This means what they have learnt is not aligned with what is needed, hence a mismatch. If the skills are not there, the individual cannot perform their duties and then the employer has to retrain the recruit," he said. The non-alignment between technical training and the school system, and between the curriculum and what employers need were two other problems identified by the consultant. "The employers at this level are talking about competency skills. For example, a machinist and an electrician have to do the work (required). So their inability to do this (could be because the) curriculum is out of date or is not supported by the facilities or technology required, resulting in the graduate maybe not being ready," Dr Law said. Some of the key changes Dr Law proposed are course restructuring, expanding apprenticeship options and rebranding the DTE and vocational institutions, among others. The implementation framework will entail the launch of a white paper and an upgrading plan, the launch of the BTE under a new constitution and a governing board in July, as well as an organisational transition from the existing DTE to the BTE over the next two years. "We will try to gear up as fast as we can. This is a fundamental change — the replacing of an old system with a new one. I personally feel that trying to establish the first campus within the next seven years and the other one two years after, is a tight (deadline). However, we are hoping we can achieve it," he said, adding the targets were "cautiously realistic". Dr Law said the governance of the new institute will markedly differ from that of a typical government department, as is the case today. "This new institute will have a governing board, including a chairman and appointed members. This board will provide an oversight into the direction, who will talk about the mission, goals and plan to institutionalise the processes to move forward," he added. Source. The Brunei Times, Rachel Thien Friday 17 May 2013

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From page 3 AFCC Seminars The AFCC Seminars offer specialised sessions that focus on specific aspects of the literary community. This year’s Seminars will cover Young Adult literature, translation of children’s books, and blogging. Other events AFCC Language Workshop, 25-26 May 2013 AFCC Master classes, 30 May 2013 Media Mart and Rights Fair 25-29 May 2013 Book Illustrators Gallery, 25-29 May 2013


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65 Anniversary of Red Crescent 16 th anniversary of Sekolah Menengah Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah (previously known as Sekolah Menengah Sungai Tali) . Name was changed on 6 Oct 1994 31 members of Darusysifa Warrafahah graduated. launch of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Advocacy Life Long for own aspiring future product BIBD Annual Awards Night Introduction of new names and changes in street/road names Launch of new water testing laboratories and water conservation unit launch of Nursing Procedure Manual at Nurses Appreciation Night New Brunei Technical Education System announced nd 2 Goggle Developer Group Brunei I/O Extended meeting organized by iCentre, BEDB, Enterpreneurship @campus UBD Opening of Brunei Cultural Heritage Galleria at Akademi Pengajian Brunei UBD Doa selamat for 5 Royal Brunei Armed Forces and one Royal Brunei Police Force th personnel joining the 9 International Monitory Team mission to oversee the ceasefire agreement between Government of Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front APTK Brunei Mini Job Fair st Two doctors at Gleanegles JPMS performed Brunei’s 1 atrial fibrillation ablation procedure. nd 52 anniversary of Royal Brunei Armed Forces Israk Meraj st 1 day of Ramadan th 67 birthday of His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Anniversary of the revelation of the Quran th 40 Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme

79th IFLA General Assembly and Conference, 17-23 Aug 2013, Spore 16th CONSAL Conference, ASEAN Aspirations: Libraries as

Sustainable Advancement. 8-12 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

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