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April 2011

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Jubli Perak 1986-2011 Silver Jubilee

BLA 25TH ANNIVERSARY & DOA KESYUKURAN BLA 25th Anniversary was marked with a Doa Kesyukuran and mass prayers on evening of 10 March 2011. The Chief Guest was Yang Mulia Awg Hj Malek Hj Muhammad, Acting Director Youth and Sports. Also present was YM Ustazah Hjh Hasnah Hj Omar, Director Pusat Dakwah Islamiah. It was attended by about 60 members, guests and library science students.

The auspicious Silver Jubilee event commeneced with the Maghrib prayers, doa and followed by Isyak prayers. Later the BLA President Pn Nellie handed over a gift of telekong for the new converts from BLA EXCO and members to the Director of Pusat Dakwah Islamiah. It was a nostalgic reunion with our veteran pioneering librarians, Chief Librarians, young librarians, youth members, the current National Diploma Information Library Management students and NDILM teaching staff. BLA acknowledged the presence of Awg Hj Abdul Ghani bin Hj Muhammad popularly known as ‘cikgu’ who is best remembered as the earliest librarian at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei Library in 1960s when most of us were still students. The evering ended with dinner and photography sessions. BLA was registered on 11 March 1986 and is a member of the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians, a partner of the National Book Development Council Singapore and SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Centre..Go to page 4 & 5

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PRE CONSAL EB MEETING A Pre Meeting was held on afternoon of 29 March 2011 to discuss Brunei’s inputs for the 2nd Meeting of CONSA; XV Executive Board to be held in Medan from 19-22 Aprl 2011. Present were Brunei’s Executive Board Members to CONSAL comprising Nellie (BLA President), Awg Hj Abdullah (BLA Vice Presdent). Also present were Dyg Hjh Norleha (BLA CONSAL Desk Officer. Discussions focused on items to be tabled at the Meeting in Medan mainly on preparations for CONSAL XV Conference 2012 and a progress report on the publication on Islam in ASEAN: A Cultural Bibliography as Brunei’s contribution to CONSAL.

BLA Silver Jubilee Task Force Meeting The Task Force met on Friday 25 March 2011 to finalise preparations for the highlight of the BLA Silver Jubilee Celebrations namely a regional conference, Book and IT Fair and a Gala Nite.

BLA Silver Jubilee Book Launching Committee The following titles are being prepared BLA 25 Years Journey Brunei Darussalam Corporate Bodies Standard Entries Index to Brunei Darussalam Library Papers and Presentations Directory of Brunei Professional Librarians and Information Professionals 2011/2012 CD Wadah Perpustakaan 2008-2011.

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OUR PIONEER LIBRARIAN Awg Hj Abdul Ghani bin Hj Muhammad is no stranger in our librarian’s circle as he is best remembered as the first appointed librarian at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei in the late 1960s. Popularly known as ‘cikgu’ he was ever ready to teach us the library skills and tricks of the trade when we first joined the work force as librarians in the 1970s. A love for books made him worked his way up from being an office boy to become a librarian, a job he enjoyed for many years. His determination to pursue his dream of becoming a professional librarian was realised in 1985 when he gained his Diploma in Library Science from the then Library School at MARA Institute of Technology (now UiTM). He was an active member of the BLA in the early years serving as our Treasurer for many years.


A group of 16 National Diploma in Information and Library Management students of the 8th intake (2010/2012) led Awg Hj Abu Bakar Hj Zainal visited the Class 64 Library on Monday 14 March 2011 at 3pm. The visitors were welcomed by Nellie Dato Paduka Haji Sunny, Chief Collection Coordinator on behalf of the Alumni of Class of 64. This was followed by a tour of the library collection and services led by the librarian Dyg Nurul Fajrina and assisted by Dyg Nooralizah. It ended with a question and answer session. The visitors were impressed with the layout. collection and services of the library. Awg Muhamamd Syamim bin Hj Mohammad Zamree gave a word of thanks on behalf of the visitors. Go to page 6

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From page 3 The library’s core collection is on and about His Majesty. The Library was declared open by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam on 7 July 2007.

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IGS COLLEGE LIBRARY The International Graduate Studies College (IGS) is a private tertiary level institution established in 2002 sited in the busy commercial district of Kiulap. There are more than 200 students studying at this college taking up studies in business and information technology at the PND, ND , HND and degree levels. The college is well equipped with ample lecture rooms, 2 computer labs, a multipurpose hall and a library. The IGS College library is located on the ground floor in a spacious and well lit premises with a collection of more than 1,000 volumes of books, newspapers and general reading magazines. The bibliographical data is stored in the File Maker Pro while cataloguing is done on-line on the librarians’s PC. The books are purchased by the Administration Office based on lecturer’s recommendations with not more than 2 copies per title. Go to page7

There are 8 computer terminals with internet access, 36 seating places and 4 study carrels. Photocopying is charged at 3 cents per sheet while prining is at 5 cents per sheet and $1.00 for colour printing. The library is open on Mondays to Thurdays from 8am to 12 noon and 1.30pm to 5pm and again from 4.30pm to 8pm in the evenings. Dyg Khadijah Hj Dollah, Assistant Librarian formerly of Perdana Wazir English School Library has more than 19 years working experience before joining IGS College in 2007. Contact: IGS College, Kompleks Setia Kenangan, Lot.22083 Kiulap, BE1518, Bandar Seri Begawan.

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HAPPENINGS 6 Mar 2011 9 Mar 2011 10 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011

11 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011 11-13 Mar 2011 11-13 Mar 2011 12 Mar 2011 16 Mar-5 Apr 2011 18 Mar 2011 18-27 Mar 2011 18-20 Mar 2011 19 Mac 2011 20 Mar 2011 20 Mar 2011 25 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011

Aberdeen Brunei Senior Masters Golf Tournament Opening of Legal Year 2011 Doa Kesyukuran to mark 25th anniversary of the Brunei Library Association Devastating 10m high tsumani caused by a powerful earrthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale which struck Sendai, N.E. Japan at 2.45pm It is the 5th largest quake in the world since 1900. 36. Brunei citizens reported safe. JIS Musical Showcase 2011 EPL Masters Football Brunei Cup 2011 1st Brunei Bike Week 2011 2nd Empire Open Golf Championship ISB 9th Borneo Global Issues Conference “Women in the 21st century” Islamic Tourism Brunei Exhibition 51st Fire Brigade Day 1st term school holidays Youth Festival largest full moon since 1993 17th Inter-Ministerial Sports Festival Golf Tournamenet Merimbun Cross Country Challenge 3rd anniversy of Giant Hypermart No plastic bag weekend Earth Hour 10TH anniversary of Syariah Appeals Court Brunei Sheel Joint Venture Companies honoured 260 long servicing employees of BSP, BLNG, BSM at Malam Emblem 2010. Larian Kebangsaan 2011

CONSAL XV, BALI 2012 Theme: Preserving Our National Heritage 1st Meeting CONSAL XV Executive Board, 29 April 2010 in Bandung 2nd Meeting CONSAL XV Executive Board, 20 April 2011 in Medan BLA menjemput ahli-ahli untuk menyertai Persidangan CONSAL ke-15. Maklumat lanjut akan menyusul.

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