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Februari 2011

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Wishing You a Happy 27th NATIONAL DAY Mauludir Rasul 1432


The BLA President Ms Nellie, Dyg Hjh Rosnani (BLA Secretary) and Dyg Hjh Pusparaini (BLA EXCO) were among guests invited to the Opening Ceremony which was held on 26 Jan 2011 at the Senate Room, Chancellor Hall, UBD. The Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker were Awg Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Hj Mohd Yunus, Permanent Secretary, and Ministry of Development who is also the owner of and an avid writer of Brunei Legacy for the Brunei Times. Go to page 6.

BLA SILVER JUBILEE Main Organising Committee A meeting of the Main Organising Committee was held on Friday 21 Jan 2011 at the MINDEF Library CafĂŠ. The meeting was chaired by the BLA President. The various Heads presented their progress reports namely the Mass Prayers, the Book Fair, Conference, Book Launching, Gala Night and Finance committees. All BLA members, librarians, archivists, information professionals, museum professionals are encouraged to give their full support towards the success of the celebrations. This will be the biggest gathering of librarians and information professionals in Brunei Darussalam. Details will be announced as the programme develops.


On 25 Jan 2011, the Brunei Museums held a briefing on the UNESCO Memory of the Word Programme. It was delivered by Dr Rujaya from SEAMEO SPAFA Thailand. It was chaired by Mr Bantong Antaran, Brunei Museums Director and attended by officials from the cultural heritage instituions. BLA was represented by Ms Nellie. UNESCO launched the programme in 1992 as an international programme aimed at the protection, preservation and dissemination of the world’s rare and endangered cultural and natural heritage from human neglect and the ravages of time and climatic conditions and wilful as well as deliberate destruction.

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VISIT BY MS CHNG KIM SEE Ms Chng Kim See, Chief Librarian, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore was in Bandar Seri Begawan as an invited speaker at the Symposium on Brunei Information Resources Collection. Ms Chng is no stranger to Bruneian librarians as a few of them were trained at the ISEAS Library. During her brief stay, BLA hosted Ms Chng’s visit to some book shops and her visits to the Brunei Museum Library, DBP Library, Ministry of Defense Library and Information Centre, Brunei History Centre Library and the Class of 64 Library. The Ministry of Defense Library and Information Centre is the winner of the recent Best Libraries Award. It is housed in an impressive, ultra modern building at Bolkiah Camp. The library is headed by Dyg Hjh Rosnani Hj Yaakub (BLA Secretary) The Class of 64 Library is sited at SOAS College, a premier college for boys. The library which was opened by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam on 7 July 2007 is a gift to His Majesty from his former classmates of Form 4 Arts th 1964 to mark His Majesty’s 60 birthday. Ms Nellie (BLA President) is the Chief Collection Coordinator of the library.

Brunei Museum Library

DBP Library

Brunei History Centre Library

Go page 4 MINDEF Library and Info centre

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Class of ’64 Library

ISLAMIC DA’WAH CENTER LIBRARY By Dyg Nor Rahidah Abdul Ghani INTRODUCTION The building of the Islamic Da’wah Center was launched by His Majesty Sultan Hj Ahassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Brunei Darussalam on 16 September 1985. This building (library) is the third phase construction that was completed in 1989 and was operational on 1 July 1989. The objectives of this library are to collect, to keep and to spread all the information about Islam and to give service to the user from officers and staff of Islamic Da’wah Center and the Ministry of Religious Affairs and also to the external users who would like to use the collection for research.


Providing library service to the users in Islamic Da’wah Center Library. Providing Islamic information quickly, accurately and effectively for the use of Islamic Da’wah Center Library. Providing report materials in the library from time to time which makes it suitable for library collections. Providing the latest materials and suitable to be used as reference books and providing the ‘Secondary’ materials for additional so as to be more completed to the existing collection. Go to page 5

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From page 4 COLLECTION This library collects books especially related with Islamic books (Malay, English and Arabic Language). Apart from that, there are also journals, magazines, newspapers and newsletters. In addition this library also provides additional material for reference of cutting newspaper and working papers. All the materials in the library are registered and systematically arranged according to LC (Library of Congress) classification system.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES Reference and user education services The library will answer any referral queries received via telephone or in writing. The officer who is on duty at the counter will help the users how to use the materials in the Library. The users can get help from the librarian on how to use the catalogue, the reference and other materials.

Lending Services Lending is open only to officers and staff of Islamic Da’wah Center and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The amount of books and other materials and period of borrowing are according to the user categories. Users wanting to take out more books than allowed may seek permission in writing from the Chief of Library Unit. However, the librarian has the right to get the books returned at anytime needed. Application for renewing more than 6 months continuously will only be allowed if the book has been returned first to the library for inspection and record. Other local libraries are allowed to borrow the materials from this Library with permission from the Chief of Library Unit.

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Borrowing Privileges

NO USER CATEGORY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Minister Deputy Minister Permanent Secretary / Deputy Permanent Secretary Director Deputy Director Senior Officer Officer B-C Staff D-IV and under

General General


LOAN PERIOD 2 months 2 months



1 month

General General General General General

10 10 10 5 5

3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks


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Speakers: Nobat Kebesaran DiRaja: Simbol Kekukuhan MIB by Pg Dr Hidop Pg Hj Samsuddin, Jabatan Adat Istiadat Negara Salasilah Raja-Raja Brunei: Sebuah Karya Hostoriografi Kesultanan Brunei by Mr Hj Abdul Karim Hj Abdul Rahman, Brunei History Centre Kajian Kain Tenunan Brunei: Masalah dan Cabaran by Dr Siti Norkhalbi Hj Wahsalfelah, UBD The Problems and Prospects of Using Brunei Historal Documents Preserved in the British Archives and the Brunei National Archives by Assoc. Prof Dr Hj BA Hussainmiya, UBD Koleksi dan Kajian Manuskrip Melayu Brunei by Assoc Prof Dr Brahim Amp Hj Tengah, UBD Promoting manuscripts and other library materials: when better support and increasing research interests meet in Brunei Darussalam by Assoc. Prof Dr Iik Arifin aMansurnoor, UBD Promoting values using folk tales from Brunei by Dr Lee Chu Keong, NTU Teaching and learning unleashed: using technology innovations and open access content to connect e-resources and the classroom by Jackia Laplaca, Credo Reference Penyelidikan dan pengkajian mengenai Brunei Darussalam: peranan perpustakaan Universiti Brunei Darussalam by Dato Paduka Dr Hj Abdul Latif Hj Ibrahim, Balai Kenangan Al-Marhum Sultan Hj Omar Ali Saifuddien Harta intelektual di Negara Brunei Darussalam: satu kajian awal by Datin Dr Hjh Saadiah DDW Hj Tamit, UBD Intellectual property management and commercialisation in the education sector: an essential tool for UBD by Ms Nur Al-Ain Dr Hj Abdullah, AGC Peranan perpustakaan Islam dalam penyebaran dan perkembangan ilmu-ilmu Islam by Mr Hj Mohidin Hj Mustapha, State Mufti Office Projek perpustakaan digital Kementerian Pendidikan sebagai wadah menjana masyarakat berilmu; peluang dan cabaran by Dr Hj Suhaimi Hj Abdul Karim & Mr Hj Awg Mohd Yussop POKIDDP Hj Awg Musa, UBD Library Integrating regional collaborations on the preservation of information on Borneo within a web content management system framework by Ms Zaiton Bakri & Md Muhammad Zikrun, Tun Hj Mohd Fuad Stephens Borneo Research Library, Sabah Foundation Malaysiana collection at the University of Malaya Library by Ms. Janaki Sunnasamy, UM Library Private archives and memory: the experience of ISEAS Library by Ms Chng Kim See, ISEAS Library. Sumber Rujukan Tempatan dari Perspektif Perkhidmatan Bruneiana, Dy Norhasinah binti Haji Moksin, Perpustakaan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.Go to page 7

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From page 6 Bruneiana collection in school libraries: its relevance and use by Pg Hj Shahminan Pg Hj Sulaiman, MoE Brunei studies collection: Brunaiana Digital Collections by Ms Dayang Anis Farhana Hj Awg Damit, UBD Library Brunei Darussalam dalam akses terbuka by Dk Noraini Pg Hj Idris, UBD Library Electronic resources and information services (e-RIS) for Institut Teknologi Bruneil a digital experience by Ms Hjh Pusparaini Hj Thani & Mr Hj Abdul Hafidz Hj Ali Hassan, ITB Library

From page 5 Events and Activities Among the events in the Islamic Da’wah Center since its establishment is conducting children’s activities for age 8-12 years during school holidays. These activities include reciting / memorizing short does, jawi writing, reading religious books, storytelling, colouring and study visits to places of interest. Library Award The Islamic Da’wah Center Library was recently named the third runner-up of the Best Library Award. For further enquiries please contact: Dyg.Nor Rahidah Binti Haji Abdul Ghani, (Chief of Library Unit), Assistant Library Officer Grade I Dk Sakdiah Binti Pg Haji Othman, Assistant Library Officer Grade II Dyg. Aiani Binti Binti Haji Mustapa, Library Assistant Grade II Islamic Da’wah Center Library, Jalan Pulaie, BB4310 Tel: 2383996 ext 139 e-mail:

BLA SILVER JUBILEE Book Launching Committee The Committee headed by Awg Hj Abd Talip and Dk Saakdiah met on 19 Jan 2011 to discuss work plan for the compiling and printing of some ten titles of books identified which will enrich the resources on Brunei and will be reference source material for LIS students. The books will be launched to mark BLA Sliver Jubilee. Also present was BLA President. Among the titles is the BLA: 25 years Journey is a pictorial coffee table book capturing the nostalic developments and progress of BLA from its humble beginnings in 1986 to the present day.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO MINDEF LIBRARY & INFO CENTRE The President and EXCO members joined in to congratulate the MINDEF Library and Information Centre for being the winner of the recent Best Library Award

HAPPENINGS 13 Jan 2011 23 Jan 2011 24 Jan 2011 26 Jan 2011 26-30 Jan 2011

ITB Silver Jubilee th 5 PESEBAR Annual General Meeting th 29 Citizenship Status Certificate Presentation to 294 persons Program Motivasi Muzikal 2011 RTB Media Ccarnival 2011

CONSAL XV, BALI 2012 Theme: Preserving Our National Heritage st

1 Meeting CONSAL XV Executive Board, 29 April 2010 in Bandung nd 2 Meeting CONSAL XV Executive Board, 20 April 2011 in Medan BLA menjemput ahli-ahli untuk menyertai Persidangan CONSAL ke-15. Maklumat lanjut akan menyusul.

All materials are copyrighted and any form of reproduction is not permitted without the permission of the publisher. WADAH PERPUSTAKAAN is published by Š Brunei Darussalam Library Association, c/o Class 64 Library, SOASC, Jalan Tengah, Bandar Seri Begawan BS8411. Editor: Nellie Dato Paduka Haji Sunny. Photo credits. Nellie. Layout: Nooralizah Mohamad and Nurul Fajrina Kamaluddin

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