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Oktober 2012

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7 NATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2012 "Belia Syumul Harapan Negara" (Comprehensive Youths are the Nation's Hope)

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al -Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Th Darussalam, in a Titah at the Opening Ceremony of the 7 National Youth Day Celebrations strongly voiced Brunei Darussalam's firm stance over the anti-Islam film entitled 'Innocence of Muslims', which denigrates Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. His Majesty underscored that such an insult also means blaspheming Islam itself. His Majesty said Brunei Darussalam condemns it, stressing that the nation rejects, without compromise, the notion that the film represents freedom of speech. The monarch also emphasized the importance of making religious education compulsory and of equipping youths with religious knowledge so that they can become perfect and excellent individuals for the future survival of the country. His Majesty pointed that youths are the fortress upon which hope rests in keeping at bay all undesirable elements brought about by globalisation. Thereby, His Majesty reminded youths to possess a high degree of resilience in order to denounce all scourges. Source: {http://} 7TH NATIONAL DAY YOUTH AWARDS

Three awardees who were recognised for their contributions in the country's youth development each received their prestigious awards from His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and they hoped that it will serve as a source of inspiration for more youth leaders and youths in general. ‘Meritorious Youth Leader Award’ went to Dato Paduka Awg Hj Sumadi bin Sukaimi, who is well-known for his involvement in many youth movements and activities. 'Outstanding Youth Award' went to Ak Md Adibul Amin bin Pg Hj Marjuki, who is very active in pursuing his Al-Quran reading skills by winning various national-level Al-Quran Go to page 2

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competitions and earned top places in international competitions, said he is grateful to Allah the Almighty and His Majesty for the recognition. He is also an academic with an Accounting and Finance background. 'Youth Association Award' went to Mukim Bokok Temburong Youth Association, established in 1984 and has been an active organisation that provides activities, which have direct focus on the community, economy and volunteerism.


His Majesty later toured a mini exhibition on Creative Industries at the National Day Youth celebrations. The five categories of the Creative Industry are Digital Media and Creative Technology, Film Industry, Visual Arts and Performing Arts, Publishing and Traditional Arts and Crafts. A total of 13 participants took part with the aim of exposing the local innovative products and services offered in order to develop Brunei's Creative Industry. They were Ambuyart Animations, Bru Innovedu Services, Brunei Economic Development Board (iCentre), Youth Entrepreneurs Association Brunei, Poni Divers, Zulzie Photography Studio Enterprise, Origin Film Sdn Bhd, Youth Development Centre (PBB), G5 Young Artist, Lively Dancers, Ridah Handicraft, PHMD Publishing Company and Cube Box Solution.

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GenNEXT LIBRARIES CONFERENCE 2012 LIBRARIES are as relevant today as ever but they must be more innovative to attract greater numbers of readers and researchers, the Minister of Education said at the launch of the three-day GenNext Libraries Conference 2012 "Emerging Technologies: New Direction for Libraries" at Universiti Brunei Darussalam on 8 Oct 2012. Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Hj Abu Bakar Hj Apong said that despite dwindling numbers of visitors, libraries had a vital part to play in the modern hi-tech work. "The role of libraries remains significant and relevant not only for academic research but also for ... education, economic development, social integration and so on," he said. The Internet should not be seen as a threat but as a compliment to traditional libraries and book reading, the minister said, adding: " It is the role of libraries to help guide users or researchers toward getting quality and correct information." A library must be a "lively, inspiring establishment", accessible to everyone so that it can enhance its role in the learning community. The minister also said it was vital for librarians adapted to changes in the way libraries function. YB Pehin Dato (Dr) Hj Abu Bakar said he looked forward to new innovative presentations on a wide range of collected material, particularly on Melayu Islam Beraja (Malay Islamic Monarchy), Brunei Encyclopaedia and any other landmark "Memory Project" or digital collection. Consideration should be made to the purchase of e-books and e-journals to save shelf space and money and make information more readily available, and digitisation should be on the agenda to boost efficiency, he added. He also called for efforts to be made to enhance the richness of libraries' collections for advanced research. He said it was of paramount importance that libraries marketed themselves better to underscore their importance in the community. The minister said UBD should look beyond the university community and strive to become a national icon for supporting information gathering in line with the National Vision 2035 framework for promoting research and development. He called upon educators and information professionals to formulate a framework for information literacy skills to be integrated into the National Education System for the 21st century (SPN21). "(This is) so we can produce a future generation who are resourceful, who can contribute and take up the future challenges of national development," YB Pehin Dato (Dr) Hj Abu Bakar said. It is important to equip future generations with strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, he said, adding that the enormity of opportunities that academic libraries could offer learners and researchers was multifaceted. Three keynote addresses will be given and 33 working papers discussed during the conference. Source: The Brunei Times

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The Class of 64 Library was honored to receive the visit of Dr Hj Junaidi Hj Abd Rahman, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education (Core education) on 13 Oct 2012. He was welcomed by the Cikgu Hj Ismail bin Hj Zainal, Principal of SOASC and Dato Hj Eussoff Agaki representing the Alumni Class 64. Dr Hj Junaidi held a brief discussion on management issues affecting the future of Class 64 Library.

CONSAL BIBLIOGRAPHY Pn Nellie, BLA President presented a copy of the Isam in Southeast Asia: A Cultural Bibliography to Dr Hj Junaidi during his visit to Class 64 Library.

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The 5th East Asia Ministerial Forum on Families (EAMFF) with the theme ‘Ensuring Work Family Balance’ was held on 13 October 2012 in Bandar Seri Begawan and attended by the Ministers and Senior Officials from Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam. The family plays an important role in our Asian societies. It is an important source of care for members, gives meaning to our lives, and gives us the motivation to work hard and create a better future. The family nurtures the next generation, teaching them important life skills and values such as filial piety. The value we place on families is an enduring, and unique strength of our region. Three speakers presented their papers for the Roundtable discussion : Prf Dr Koh of UBD; Rizona of BSP and Dr Baxter of Australia. At this Forum Ministers delivered their statements on the various initiatives to enhance work family balance in their respective country. Ministers also discussed and adopted the Brunei Darussalam Statement, which focused on strengthening collaboration between EAMFF countries and exploring a framework to review the commitments made at previous EAMFFs. This was the first time Brunei Darussalam hosted such a Forum. The first was held in Hanoi Vietnam in 2004, 2nd in Singapore in 2006, 3rd in Sept 2008 in Bali Indonesia, 4th in Nov 2010 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The biennial EAMFF is a platform for countries in the East Asia region to share experiences on family matters and explore partnerships that will foster the development of stronger families in the region.The forum provided an excellent avenue for learning about the challenges facing families in participating countries and the various approaches adopted by governments to support families. Acknowledging that the crucial roles of families in all countries, regardless of their cultures and stages of economic development; and the fact that these roles that can only be fulfilled when families receive protection and assistance.

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ASIA PACIFIC FUTUREGOV AWARDS AND SUMMIT 2012 The e-Government Innovation Centre (eG.InC) of Universiti Brunei Darussalam bagged the award for 'Citizen Engagement' in the Asia Pacific FutureGov Awards and Summit 2012 after being shortlisted in three categories 'Business Process', 'Technology Leadership', and 'Citizen Engagement'.

Winners of the FutureGov Awards were announced during the eight annual FutureGov Summit at the FutureGov Gala Dinner on October 19 at Chiang Mai, Thailand.

FutureGov Awards celebrates the successes of Asia-Pacific's most forward-looking government, education, and healthcare organisations. In addition, the FutureGov Awards is the international benchmark used in judging public sector innovation and to recognise the most successful city modernisation programmes in the Asia-Pacific region and are open to government, education, and healthcare organisations and city administrations.

eG.InC was established on 1 June 2011 by Universiti Brunei Darussalam and in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office, E-Government National Centre (EGNC) and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). It serves as an eGovernment think-tank for research, training, and forums. The centre's mission to be a global leader for the sustainable development of an Information Society is in-line with the Brunei Vision 2035 to establish a knowledge-based economy.


Pn Nellie is a trained first aider after completing a basic life support training including CPR and bandaging techniques on 17 & 18 Oct 2012 at the Rokiah Nursing Consultant & Services.

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STUDYING AT INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BRUNEI by Dyg Hjh Noraidah Hj Madin It has always been my long cherished dream to further my studies. My dream came true in July 2009 when my application to do my Higher National Diploma in Information and Multimedia Development (IMD) at Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) for two and a half years under the full In-Service Training Scheme was approved. It was a most happiest moment for me. This course was different from my previous course in National Diploma in Information and Library Management. However the tasks I perform as Acting Assistant Library Officer Grade I at ITB Library is related to IMD. The IMD course was undertaken in five semesters from 2009-2011. In every semester there were different modules. Among the modules studied were Programming Concepts, Introduction to Programming, Application Programming, System Analysis and Design, Statistical and Accounting Methods, Communication Skills, Introduction to Multimedia, Information to Computer Communication, Media Technology Interface Design Principles. A compulsory subject in every semester was Object Oriented Programming. For the Supervised Work Experience undertaken in the third semester, I was attached to the Technical and Research Division of Land Office, Ministry of Development for five months. The System Development Project was the final project in semester five besides other group work modules. For our final project we chose to do eDongeng Nakhoda Ragam, after we had identified our target audience and done our rearch and analysis. After overcoming various obstacles in learning new modules and jargons, I finally completed my course successfully which is of benefit to my work in the library. I am most grateful for the continuous encouragement given to me especially by Dyg Hjh Pusparaini Hj Thani, Head of ITB Library, the lecturers, family, friends and the Brunei Darussalam Library Association.

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9th intake of RBAF Officer Cadets Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah 20th anniversary 9th TravelMania 2012 7TH National Youth Day 2012 10th ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum organized by AUN and hosted by UBD B.Fit by BMobile Oil and Gas Service Sector Job Fair 2012 90th anniversary of Chung Hwa Middle School, Bandar Seri Begawan UN International Day of the Girl 3rd Borneo Inter Club Pentanque Championship and 2nd Borneo Pentaque Championship BIBD Charity Expedition for Advocating life-long learning for an aspiring future (ALAF) Asia Cooperative Dialogue Summit, Bayan Palace, Kuwait 19th Civil Service Day and Quality Living Showcase National Day Run. 34,000 participants took part Launch of Rumah Sinar Sejahtera in Kg Kiarong Institution of Engineering and Technology General Meeting RBAF passing out parade for 100 male recruits of the 146TH intake The e-Government Innovation Centre of Universiti Brunei Darussalam bagged the 'Citizen Engagement' in the Asia Pacific FutureGov Awards and Summit 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Gleneagles Jerudong Park Medical Centre 10th anniversary More than 200 Brunei Scouts Association members took part in the 55th World Scouts Jamboree on the air and the 16th Jamboree on the Internet. Launch of book ‘Hebatnya Guru’ by Pehin Dato Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Dr Ustaz Hj Awg. Abdul Aziz Kolej Universiti Perguruaan Ugama Seri Begawan Convocation 28 Brunei youths left for the 39th Ship for SEA Youth Programme traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. UBD Convo Run 6th Annual Vendor Forum ‘Job creation and local content development within the Brunei Oil and Gas Industry’ by the Brunei Shell Joint Venture Companies

CONSAL XVI Conference, May 2015, Thailand

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