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Januari 2011

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Wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011

Jubli Perak 1986-2011 Silver Jubilee

By June 2011, Bolkiah Garrison will get its very own multi-million Archives Building at a cost of B$3.3 million. The two-storey building will have a floor area of approximately 2,000 square metres. The design aspires to a modern simplicity and timeless aesthetics to withstand the 21st century's changing place and styles. The initial design concept was derived from the building's overall form - a simple box-like profile. To make it more distinctive, modern design elements and local cultural identities were also carefully integrated. The building will comprise a lobby/reception and security, public reference section, general office, praying rooms, sorting zone, scanning area, index/cataloguing, an annex building (for temporary storage), fumigation and freezer rooms on the ground floor with the archives and storage room on top. Contractor Walltique Sdn Bhd, Architect Perunding Alamreka Sdn Bhd, M&E Engineering Consultant is Jurutera OMC,Civil/Structural Engineering Consultants is Petar Perunding Sdn Bhd, Quantity Surveyor. Is Juruukur Bahan Utama DLA. Source: Borneo Bulletin, 11 Dec 2010




ANUGERAH GURU BERJASA Dato Paduka Cikgu Haji Kifli bin Bujang Cikgu Dyg. Hajah Masura binti Haji Abidin

Guru Berkualiti Meningkatkan Daya Saing Bangsa

ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU Cikgu Awg. Haji Abdul Hamid bin Talipuddin Cikgu Pengiran Haji Mohd. Yusof bin Pengiran Sabtu Datin Seri Setia Cikgu Hajah Kamaliah Suhaimi binti Haji Md. Fadzullah Suhaimi ANUGERAH GURU CEMERLANG (DALAM BIDANG MASING-MASING) Yang MuliaCikgu Awg. Hadion Lim Beng Guan (Dalam bidang Matematik) Yang MuliaCikgu Dyg. Sa’diah binti Haji Abdul Gapar (Dalam bidang English) Yang MuliaCigku Dyg. Shim Guek Lan (Dalam bidang Home Science) Yang MuliaCikgu Dyg. Hajah Masnah binti Haji Lusin (Dalam bidang Art & Design) Yang MuliaCikgu Dyg. Saliah binti Haji Kahar (Dalam bidang Sains bagi Menengah Bawah) Yang Mulia Cikgu Hajah Dyg. Jaini binti Begawan Pehin Khatib Dato Paduka Haji Mohsin (Dalam bidang Pre-school)



Cikgu Haji Abu Bakar Bin Haji Mohamad Salleh Guru Beriltizam Cikgu Hajah Hajibah Binti Umar Memperkasa Keupayaan Cikgu Haji Ramlee Bin Tunggal Bangsa ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU 2007 Cikgu Haji Abu Farhan Cadogan Edwards Bin Abdullah (87 Tahun) Cikgu Haji Abd Lahai Bin Lakim (79 Tahun) Cikgu Haji Awang Abdul Hamid Bin Pehin Datu Penglima Haji Abu Bakar (78 Tahun) Cikgu Haji Mohd Hassan Bin Sunggoh (79 Tahun) ANUGERAH GURU CEMERLANG Cikgu Dyg Hajah Isah binti Haji Ismail (Guru Cemerlang Keseluruhan) Cikgu Dyg Hajah Jainah binti Haji Musa (Guru Cemerlang Dalam Bidang Perbidanan) Cikgu Dyg Hajah Norisah bnti Haji Salleh (Guru Cemerlang Dalam Pengurusan dan Pentadbiran – Sekolah Rendah) Cikgu Awg Imbon bin Singgoh (Guru Cemerlang Dalam Mata Pelajaran Geography) Cikgu Dyg Hajah Alimah binti Haji Ali (Guru Cemerlang Dalam Mata Pelajaran Matematik – Rendah Bawah) Cikgu Pg Hajah Jauyah binti Pg Haji Damit (Guru Cemerlang Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Melayu)

Go to page 6 BEST LIBRARY AWARDS Mosque Library Category Kg Pandan Housing Scheme Mosque Zainab Moque Mohammad Bolkiah Mosque Reading Corner Category Kg Danau Mosque Balai Ibadat Kg Mata-Mata Kg Beribi Mosque Primary School Library Category Dato Mohamad Yassin Primary School Pintu Malim Primary School

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Dato Marsal Primary School Secondary School Library Category3 Paduka Seri Begawan Science College Sayyidina Ali Secondary School Sayyidina Othman Secondary School Ministry/Department Library Category Ministry of Defense Brunei Museum Islamic Dakwah Centre Source: Borneo Bulletin, 14 Jan 2011


NATIONALLY RECOGNISED TRAINING FOR LIBRARY SUPPORT STAFF Since the closure of paraprofessional courses at Temasek Polytechnic some years ago there has been no formal avenue for skills development and recognition for support staff in Singapore libraries. More and more support staff undertakes responsibilities which are crucial to library operations and yet have few opportunities in relation to external training. LAS has, over the past few years, participated in the development of Library and Information Industry competency standards as part of the mapping of Singapore creative industries under the Workplace Skills Qualification (WSQ) initiatives of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA). LAS applied for, and has been granted the status of Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Last year a group of LAS members also undertook to complete the WDA approved Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), which is a pre-requisite for all those who wish to develop, train or assess in programmes operating within the WSQ framework. This year the first entry level (WSQ Level 2) training programme was developed and run. Since August there have been four iterations of the first programme: Support General Reference and Information Enquiry. This programme, consisting of 2 days of training plus a short assessment at a later time has now graduated some 60 participants assessed as competent. The feedback from the participants has been very positive, with particular praise for the approachability and competence of the trainers. Also importantly, many participants thoroughly enjoyed the programmes as well as learning useful skills. The first WDA/LAS Statements of Attainment have been issued. From January 2011, the remaining four Level 2 courses:    

Support Collection Maintenance Support Acquisitions and Serials Work Provide Loans and Membership Services Support Bibliographic Control

will be delivered each month at training facilities at Toa Payoh by our ACTA recognized trainers. Anyone who has been assessed as competent and received Statements of Attainment issued by WDA and LAS for all five programmes will be eligible to receive a WDA Higher Certificate. LAS hope to “graduate” the first participants with the Higher Certificate just after the end of March 2011. Go to page 6

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By Awg Haji Brahim Bin Haji Saban, Chief Administrator Medical Library RIPAS Hospital

The Medical Library RIPAS Hospital website for medical personnel of the Ministry of Health and the public was launched on 1 Safar 1432/ 6 January 2011 by the Chief Guest Yang Mulia Dr Hajah Lailawati Binti Hj Jumat, Director Hospital Services, Ministry of Health. Also present were senior officers from the Ministry of Health and RIPAS Hospital. It was held at the Meeting Room, Medical Library, RIPAS Hospital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Rationale Global society today is a smart on-line computer literate society. We see now that the website culture as an easy reference, quick and informative and most importantly the virtual website is complete and intergrated. In addition to ICT , computers, the mobile phones, iPad and others have shown their capabilities as a means to surf virtual websites. Information technology has changed the services that can be provided by the library. The demands of users currently is at par with the development of ICT where the services need to be quick, accurate and easily accessible. To meet these demands the Medical Library RIPAS Hospital has moved on to become an electroic library by subscribing to electronic databases of books and journals and medical databases. With it the Medical Library has created this website to ensure users are informed about its existence which provides them access to information from their desktops. Objectives a. to assisit users in the search for various medical information sources and related subjects; b. to disseminate services provided by the library;. Go to page 5

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from Page 4 c. it is hoped that users can access the databases subscribed by the library. The information sources can be in the form of an index, abstract or in full text; d.

with ‘electronic journals’ users can access selected electronic journals as well as their current issues. All journals are in full text.

The Medical Library website can be found at Further enquiries can be directed by email to: Article translated into English by the Editor

BLA SILVER JUBILEE Taskforce Committee Preparations are underway to host the BLA Silver Jubilee commencing March 2011. The President and Vice President were joined by other Taskforce members on 18 Jan 2011 evening to discuss details of the forthcoming events namely a regional conference, book fair and gala night.

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From page 3 To date the courses have only been advertised to LAS members but will be given a wider advertisement next year. The Training and Development Committee wishes to thank the developers, trainers and assessors and those who have contributed administrative support for getting the programme established. It has not been a simple matter. The future plans for LAS T&D are to continue and improve the Level 2 programmes so that, no matter where library support staff is, there are on-going opportunities to learn, share and enjoy entry level programmes such as these. Another group is working on developing Level 3 standards with the intention that the supervisor level of support staff may also, in due course, have access to recognised training. Source: singaporelibrariesbulletin, 15 Dec 2010 by Isabella Trahn, Chairperson, LAS Training & Development Committee




ANUGERAH GURU BERJASA Profesor Madya Dr. Hajah Zaiton binti Haji Taha, Cikgu Pengiran Haji Mohd. Yassin bin Pengiran Damit Cikgu Awang Haji Moksin bin Haji Abdul Kadir.

Guru Pembentuk Tunas Bangsa

ANUGERAH GURU BERSARA Dato Paduka Roderick Yong Yin Fatt. ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU 2008 Cikgu Awang Haji Kamis bin Haji Lamat, Cikgu Awang Haji Umar bin Haji Yahya Cikgu Awang Haji Abdul Wahid bin Pehin Dato Panglima Haji Abu Bakar. ANUGERAH GURU CEMERLANG DALAM MATA PELAJARAN ATAU BIDANG MASING-MASING’ Dyg Bongsu binti Dollah, Cikgu Pengiran Maspuspa binti Pengiran Mashor Cikgu Hajah Dyg Rostinah binti Haji Abd. Rashid. ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU 2008 Dyg Hajah Rokiah binti Haji Morni, Tan Chue Yin, Binoy Sebastian, Tan Wee Yin, Chow Yuen Wah, Bethsaida S. Ruiz, Dyg Hartini binti Haji Mohd. Yusof, Pengiran Hajah Mashayu binti Pengiran Haji Yusof, Awg Peter Boyce, Awg Raymond John George, Dyg Joan Lorraine Cherian, Awg Ivan Fitt, Awg Yohan Christopher Hendricks, Awg Gareth Charles Griffiths Dyg Hajah Masni binti Haji Yusof.

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ANUGERAH GURU BERJASA Awg Haji Md. Yusof bin Md. Daud; Pengiran Haji Merali bin Pengiran Ismail Pengiran Haji Md. Yasin bin Pengiran Matasan. Awg Haji Mohammad bin Ismail

Guru Berkualiti Teras Kecemerlangan Pendndikan

ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU. Awg Haji Abd. Hamid bin Md. Ya'akub; Pengiran Haji Tuah bin Pengiran Haji Chuchu; Awg Haji Masri bin Dato Setia Diraja Haji Mohd. Yusof; Awg Haji Adam bin Haji Tarip; Awg Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Mohamad Said; Awang Haji Muhd. Yunus bin Abu Bakar Awg Haji Ashaari bin Abang Ahmad. ANUGERAH GURU CEMERLANG DALAM MATA PELAJARAN DAN BIDANG MASING-MASING. Awg Mohammad Ariffin bin Haji Matusin Dyg Teoh Boon Yen ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU 2009 Awg John Simmonds; Dayangku Hajah Norkhairiah binti Pengiran Haji Hashim; Pengiran Hajah Halimah binti Pengiran Haji Damit; Dyg Hajah Aminah binti Haji Omar; Dyg Hajah Seri Ainey binti Haji Shahri; Awg Imran bin Hifni, Dyg Sim Mee Moon; Dyg Lee Sau Ha; Dyg Wong Yok Ting; Dyg Hajah Masdiena Kartikawati binti Haji Mumin; Awang Kua Beng Joo; Dyg Shim Shan Chee; Dayangku Hasinah binti Pengiran Abd. Rahman; Awg Reduan bin Haji Assan; Dyg Hajah Haslina binti Abdullah Dyg Betsy Chong Yick Ling. 2010

Guru Gemilang Pelajar Cemelang

ANUGERAH GURU BERJASA Awg Hj Tengah Abd Latif Awg Hj Asmakhan Abdulkhan Dyg Hjh Taibah Kudi ANUGERAH KHAS HARI GURU 2010 Awg Hj Musa Edin Awg. Hj Suhaili Umar GURU CEMERLANG DALAM MATA PELAJARAN DAN BIDANG MASING-MASING Dyg Hjh Ratnawati Hj Mohamad Dyg Hjh Normah Abdul Wahid Dyg Lim Beng Chui ANUGERAH PENGHARGAAN KHAS HARI GURU 2010 Sekolah rendah Dyg Hjh Saadiah Abdul Hamid Pg Junainah Pg Mansor Dyg Hjh Hazarina Abdullah Dyg Hjh Asni Abdullah Dyg Limawati Galawat Sekolah menengah Awg Zaidi Mohidin Dyg Nisah Gharif Dyg Khoo Geok Leng Dyg Chong Chew Hah Awg Vincent Anak Andrew Dyg Sharifah Hj Mohd Sahlan Dyg Tania Jo Murphy guru Wadah Perpustakaan Bil.29


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Belait local tourism project Cheo Cheo Le Long Brunei 7th International Soccer Challenge 2010 Bukit Shahbandar Challenge Presentation of Bakti Hijrah Awards Sultan Haji Hassnal Bolkiah Lorong 3 Highway opened 2nd Asia Beach Sports, Muscat Bali Democracy Forum Foundation laid for new Bolkiah Garrison Archives Building Signing of the Brunei Deepwater Block Production Sharing Agreement for Block CA2 of the Commercial Arrangement Area between Brunei and Malaysia Opening of Times Square Shopping Complex 67 houses hit by hail storm Launch of Brunei Salebration 2010 33 professional tour guides accredited by Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources AITI & InfoCom Federation Brunei signed MOU for iROP ICT project Three Quranic readers participated in the 32nd Al-Malik Abd Aziz International Quranic Competition in Mecca 90th anniversary of Royal Brunei Police Monetary Authority Order 2011 Deposit Protection Order 2011 POM Circular No.1/2011on Maternity Leave Procedures Larian Belia 2011 in all four districts 17th Inter Ministry Sports Festival Brunei History Association 5th Annual General Meeting 27th National Day


Theme: Preserving Our National Heritage

1st Meeting CONSAL XV Eecutive Board, 29 April 2010 in Bandung 2nd Meeting CONSAL XV Executive Board, 20 April 2011 in Medan BLA menjemput ahli-ahli untuk menyertai Persidangan CONSAL ke-15. Maklumat lanjut akan menyusul.

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