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Little White Lies

Little White Lies is a magazine that would be sold in a tattoo parlour. People can also get the Little White Lies magazine through subscriptions. The magazine appeals to mainly boys and people that are into arty and hipster vibes. This magazine also appeals to trend setters and people that want to be different / stand out. The Little White Lies magazine doesn’t have many adverts The magazine’s graphic designs is what would attract those certain individuals. The social demographic of the Little White Lies magazine would be D - Which are semi-skilled or people in unskilled labour.


Empire is a mainstream magazine which is sold all over the country. Empire is a magazine that contains a lot advisement and appeals to a wide audience. Empire follows all the conventions of a film review page. But Empire is old fashion when it comes to gender as they tend to have females as the front cover which encourages the “male gaze�. The Little White Lies magazine tends to review blockbuster/ action films. The social demographic of Empire would be C2 – which would be skilled manual workers (blue collar).

Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound is a magazine that appeals to creative young people in university. Sight and Sound is a trade magazine for film industries and is also a magazine that talks about the history of films. This is a serious magazine that doesn’t have graphic designs and large images. The social demographic of the Sight and Sound magazine would be A ( higher management / professionals), B (middle management / professionals) and C1 (supervisory/clerical/junior management – white collar).