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AIESEC in Portugal                                                                                            

Programmes Portfolio 13.14

In Portugal, AIESEC is present in 11 universities comprehending LCs and   specialized units, in 8 cities across the   country.   In 13.14, we aim to lead AIESEC in   Portugal to an entity that   sustains   exponential growth and offers life-changing   relevant   experiences to the Portuguese youth.   Our national brands represent   essential   pillars for this growth. They are: Leadership   Tournament, Youth to   Business, Make it Possible (GCDPi),  

AIESEC in Portugal

Connection (GCDPo) and Global   Mind (GIP).    







*Expected Number of Realizations for the term

Ensuring   that our membership understands and connects with the   essence   of the organization in their daily activities is a key success factor for us to   achieve our goals this term. Moreover, we are taking a step forward   in developing IT platforms that will support our growth and allow   better management of our operations. GCDPo remains our main source   of growth   and the national strategic focus for the entity.    

Our Connected and values-driven leadership makes it happen                  

The country   “Magnificently sited on a series of hills running down to the grand   Tagus River,   Lisbon is one of the world's most scenic cities.”       The capital city,   Lisbon, has been   elected the fourth   most beautiful city in   the world:   http://www.ucitygui   10-most-beautiful   cities.html                                             AIESEC in Portugal is present in 7   cities: Porto, Aveiro, Braga, Covilhã,     Coimbra, Lisbon and Algarve                  





Ngo management


Previous ∇ Brazil and Colombia ∇ Turkey and China   ∇ Africa (Kenya, Nigeria,   Egypt and   Mozambique)     ∇ Europe (Greece, Russia,   Ukraine and Poland)

Previous destinations: ∇ Brazil and Mexico ∇ India, Cambodia and Indonesia ∇ Europe (Greece, Russia, Romania, Italy and Ukranie) ∇ Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya e Mauritus Islands)

Previous destinations: ∇ Ukraine ∇ Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, Tunisia, Nigeria, Mauritius e Egypt) ∇ Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, China and India) Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya e Mauritus Islands)


Recruitment seasons October


                                        Connection education   ∇ Education, Psychology, Economics, Managements,   Degrees with a strong international   component.   ∇ Good English skills – B2 certificate         Connection ngo management     ∇ Management, accounting, economics, finance,   communication, IT and design.   ∇ Good English skills – B2 certificate           Connection HEALTH     ∇ Medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, biology   and other bachelors in the health area  

December March April

The profile of our eps


Info session

Group dynamic

Review board

English test

∇ Good English skills – B2 certificate

Selection process


In the Past ∇ 4 editions   The Make !t Possible project, in partnership with various ∇ Impact on 7000 students   organizations, connects all participants through a learning ∇ Over 60 schools across 5 cities   environment. The program presents the principles of non   ∇ 342 trainees formal education, youth   This year volunteering and intercultural environment (European   ∇ 60 EPs in ed ition 1 and global) to   involve young secondary school students.   ∇ 70 EPs in ed ition 2   st nd                               MATCH       RAISE   REALIZATION   MATCH     December   -­‐   RAISE   REALIZATION   November   February   August-­‐ January   August     October  11th   September                             Good   Knowledge English   about MDGs in Creativity   Level their realities  


The project projectTim

Timeline 1 edition Ededition

Timeline 2 edition


Profile of the trainee trainees


Facilitation skills

Cultural understanding

∇ Accommodation ∇ Lunch in working days ∇ LEAD for EPs

What the trainees say… Trainee   Training   “I got the chance to work with people with a totally Daysı   different working style and different personalities. The     experience to live with people from other countries and Activities   and project meet people from all over the world was absolutely   creationı amazing.     I liked that I could practice my English like never before   to understand different accents. I made really good Awareness   Eventsı friends, became a better person, more mature and   responsible. I really recommend this internship. I was so     far the best experience in my life.” Final Event   Igor Rosa, trainee from Brazil Showcasing   Successı           GCDP Search Tool:           Connection Connection   Aging Health Issues   Population   Where? Lisbon Where? Lisbon   JD: workshops in schools JD: work in ederly centers   Conditions: Accommodation   Conditions: Accommodation EP Profile: Psychology background   EP Profile: speaks Portuguese Expected RE: January   Expected RE: December & June        

Local Projects

Connection   Financial   Literacy    

Where? Porto JD: workshops in schools Conditions: Accommodation EP Profile: Economics Background Expected RE: January

Connection NGO Management

Where? Porto JD: workshops in schools Conditions: Accommodation EP Profile: Economics Background Expected RE: January

EP By getting out of their comfort zone, EPs develop themselves personally and backgrounds   professionally,   enriching their knowledge and experience in a different and emergent market.       Consumer Public Import and   and buyer CRM relations export   behavior       International Introductory Market   Sales   Marketing Marketing Research                    EP   backgrounds This product offers the   oportunity to teach a language ∇ Excellent English     in a foreign country while ∇ Courses related to   learning different teaching teaching foreign   methods. Throuhg interaction   languages with an audience with different  




cultural backgrounds, the EPs develop the capacity to understand and adapt to different learning styles.



EP backgrounds

    Industrial Civil Mechanical   Engineering Engineering Engineering         Electric Electronic   Engineering Engineering             Universities   of Aveiro, Minho and Nova are all part of Times Higher Education ranking  of the world’s top 100 universities with under 50 years of existence!                                                    

Recruitment seasons

September/October Marketing and Languages

November/December Marketing and Languages

February/March Marketing and Engineering

April/May Marketing, Engineering and IT


Goals of the product


∇ Support local organisations in the process of internationalization ∇ Provide organisations with international trainees to take part in and lead the internationalization process; ∇ Create a communication and cooperation bridge between the local organizations and the targeted countries;



Marketing and management academic background.   E     Experience in market research or international   marketing is preferred.    


What the companies say…


When we saw the presentation of the product AIESEC had to offer, I was   astonished with how much it matched the company’s needs. It seems like the   project   had been designed for Agrogestão [the company]. AIESEC was   The selection of the intern was perfect and they gave me all the amazing.   to trust the project and the intern. reasons   We now   hope to continue collaborating with Samuel, now in Brazil, for many years to come. Representative of Agrogestão (took an AIESEC intern in 12.13

Thank you! Contacts Ricardo Vitorino - MCP Rita Morais - MC VP GIP Ricardo Lima - MC VP GcdP

Aiesec portugal portfolio  
Aiesec portugal portfolio