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The One Product Solution Solution

Industrial Strength Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser • Never Need to Use Straight


Cleans Everything … and then some Ultra-concentrate — Never need to use straight. One Product Solution that by varying the dilution cleans an amazing array of industrial soils … from grease to smoke residue … on a wide variety of surfaces.

Less Inventory, Simplifies Training

Your Benefit

Industrial Manufacturer Approved Tested and approved by a long list of industrial manufacturers. Meets government and business requirements and is exempt from OSHA & EPA special handling and personal protection requirements for hazardous materials. - - - - - -

No Sara Title III, Section 313 Reportable Substances No Ozone Depleting Substances No Global Warming Potential No RCRA Reportable Ingredients or Characteristics Recycles Easily SCAQMD Certified as a Clean Air Solvent

Pre-Qualified, Proven Performance User Friendly Powerful, yet designed with the user in mind. -

No Butyl — which may damage red blood cells No Solvents No Acids No Chelants No Free Caustic


Nonflammable Non-Corrosive Nontoxic Low VOCs

Improves User Safety Never Need to Use Straight Unlike some competitive products, you NEVER need to use Formula 815MX straight. 1-4 oz per gal (10-30mL/L) works for 90% of your cleaning.

Saves Time & Money

The One Product Solution

Cleans Most Soils

1 Replaces


Adhesive Residue • Animal Fat & Protein Buffing Compounds • Carbon • Coolants • Dirt Drawing Compounds • Encrusted Soil • Fingerprints • Forming Oils • Grease • Lubricants Oil • Petroleum • Tire & Rubber Marks • Silicone Oil & Grease • Smoke Residue “Smoker’s Film” • Soot • Tar • Water Soluble Oils • Waxes

Cleans All Water-Safe Surfaces

Aluminum • Brick • Brass • Canvas • Ceramic Tile • Chrome • Composition Tile Concrete • Copper • Laminates • Plastic • Painted Surfaces • Porcelain • Quarry Tile Resilient Tile • Rubber • Steel • Stainless Steel • Terrazzo • Unpainted Surfaces • Vinyl

Vary Dilution Rate to Your Industrial Soil G

General Industrial Soils < 1-2% (1-2 Oz/Gal 10-20mL/L)


Industrial Maintenance



Fire Restoration

Toughest Soils 3-6% (4-8 Oz/Gal 30-60mL/L)


Machinery, Equipment, Conveyors, Parts, Engine Overhaul, Motors, Tools, Furnace Rooms, Loading Docks, Trash Areas Floors, Walls, Lights, Fixtures, Washrooms, Vending Areas


Counters, Carts, Ground Equipment, Fleet Delivery Vehicles


Vents, Grills, Grease Traps, Hoods, Filter Elements, Pots, Pans & Utensils, Conveyors, Processing & Handling Equipment, Trash Areas Floors, Walls, Lights, Fixtures, Washrooms, Vending Areas


Building Maintenance


2-3% (2-4 Oz/Gal 20-30mL/L)

Vehicles, Forklifts, Ground Equipment


Transportation Industries

Heavy-Duty Soils

Warehouse and Production, Concrete Floors, Resilient Tile, Lights, Walls, Washrooms, Vending Areas


Food Handling & Processing



Aircraft Interiors & Exteriors, Fleet & Mass Transit Vehicles, Earthmoving Equipment, Ground Equipment, Boats Exhaust Tracks, Hangar Floors, Maintenance Areas & Equipment, Garages, Fuel Spills, Engine Overhaul, Motors, Tools, Parts Floors, Walls, Lights, Counters, Fixtures, Washrooms, Vending Areas, Lunchrooms


Outdoor Furniture, Vehicles, Forklifts, Ground Equipment


Furnace Rooms, Electrostatic Elements, HVAC Coils & Cooling Towers, Loading Docks, Garbage Areas, Smoker’s Film


Walls, Counters, Floors, Woodwork, Windows, Blinds, Appliances, Vents

Dispensing Options • The Stacked Tote System fills autoscrubbers quickly. • The Black Shadow dispenser delivers up to three cleaning dilutions.

Application Methods • Automatic Scrubber • Dip Tank • Foam Applicator • Gel Method • Immersion/Ultrasonic

• Mop & Bucket • Pressure Washer • Steam Cleaners • Spray and Wipe

Spray Bottle Labels Available Brulin puts all the information you need to complete the job in the palm of your hand.

Industry Approvals and Conformance


Anheuser Busch: CTS #07979-000 Boeing: Maintenance Manual; Aircraft Cleaning – Exterior, P/N 0-0320-3-0010 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): DC-9; Cleaning of Cabin Outflow Valve Caterpillar: CAT-3-9786199 Ford: Tox #001059 GM: FID Number – 097146; FID Number – 017635 JX; Ultrasonic Cleaning Circuit Boards National Stock Number: 07 Size; 6850-00-485-0889 National Stock Number: 55 Size; 6850-00-753-4548 South Coast Air Quality Management District: Certified as a Clean Air Solvent USDA A1

Formula 815MX is non-hazardous for shipping by ground, sea or air; in all package sizes.

Storage Formula 815MX should be stored in well-ventilated areas at temperatures between 40o and 120oF (4o and 49oC). The recommended shelf life of this product is two years.

Disposal Formula 815MX is biodegradable and can be pretreated by skimming and/or filtering. Final disposal is determined by the municipal sewer district covering the plant location.

Availability Formula 815MX

Formula 815MX is authorized by the USDA for use as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces, or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments. Before using this compound, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected. After using this compound, surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. (USDA A1)

Test Compliance AMS 1526 B: Exterior Aircraft Cleaning AMS 1527 B: Exterior Aircraft Cleaning AMS 1550: Interior Aircraft Cleaning AMS 1550 A: Interior Aircraft Cleaning ASTM F-483: Total Immersion Corrosion ASTM F-484: Stress Crazing of Acrylic Plastics ASTM F-485: Unpainted Aircraft Surfaces ASTM F-502: Painted Aircraft Surfaces ASTM F-519: Hydrogen Embrittlement (Type 1c) ASTM F-1110: Sandwich Corrosion ASTM F-1111: Low-Embrittling Cadmium Plate Boeing: D6-17487 Rev. L; Exterior Cleaner Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): CSD 1; Type I, Exterior Cleaning

Chemical Characteristics Physical Form






Specific Gravity




Typical pH of Concentrate


Typical pH of 10% Dilution


Flash Point

None to Boiling

Foaming Tendency

Medium to High

Cloud Point

>200ºF (>93ºC) Minimum


2.8% and 30.5 g/L


Reusable After Thawing and Remixing

Shelf Life

2 Years

(Product Number: 111005) Available in: • 1 Gal (3.8L)/4 • 2.5 Gal (9.5L)/2 • 55 Gal Drum (208L) • 275 Gal Tote (1,041L) non-returnable totes

Formula 815MX SC

(Product Number: 192017) Available for use with Brulin’s SCS2 Dispensing Systems: 64 Oz (1.9L) SCS2/4

Formula 815MX RTU

(Product Number: 111035) Available in: • 32 Oz (946mL)/12

Complimentary Products Industrial & Aerospace Formula 815MX NF: APE/NPE–free version of 815MX TerraGreen® Degreaser: Green SealTM certified cleaner/ degreaser 300/QR: Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser with butyl Formula 815 GD: Aerospace spec immersion/ultrasonic detergent Brulin 1990 GD: Aerospace spec spray wash detergent AquaVantage 3887 GD: Aerospace spec spray wash detergent

Food Processing & Handling Quat Clean IV Sanitizer: No-rinse sanitizer TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner Degreaser: EcoLogoTM certified no-rinse, deep cleaning tile and grout cleaner Dish Bright: Hand dishwashing concentrate Freezer Cleaner: RTU alcohol-based cleaner for “on-line” freezers and other cooling equipment Bio-Zyme II: Enzyme drain maintainer and odor eliminator, liquid and blocks

800.776.7149 WWW.BRULIN.COM ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED


USDA Approval

815 MX Brochure  

Formula 815 MX 4 page brochure.

815 MX Brochure  

Formula 815 MX 4 page brochure.