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It is my pleasure to be able to report on a highly successful first term to the 2011-12 academic year. The school connues to go from strength to strength with so many good things happening, as reflected in this newsle!er. My personal highlight was undoubtedly watching our students perform a version of Romeo and Juliet at The Old Repertory Theatre in Birmingham as part of the Shakespeare Schools Fesval. Everybody who witnessed the performance felt immense pride at seeing the quality of the performance and confidence exhibited by our talented thespians. For some, treading the professional boards was a once in a lifeme experience; for others, it may just be the start of something! As the term draws to an end, we are celebrang our first year in the New Build by holding a range of special events involving all students. Each year group has decided how they would like to commemorate being part of our first year and so we will be planng a commemorave tree, unfurling a new school flag, as well as having pieces of artwork and special songs created. Every tutor group will also contribute an item to be buried in our me capsule. Students will also leave a lasng memory as each year group will create their own fingerprint tree, featuring a mark from every individual at the school, to be framed and displayed around school. Selected students and their parents have been invited to our special Celebraon Assembly which will be the formal highlight of our Celebraon Week. A Student of the Term and addional representave from each tutor group, as well as our Sports Leaders and School Prefects, will be involved in ceremonial presentaons and receive a commemorave badge. Several local dignitaries have been invited and our special guests of honour will be former Headteacher Mr Don Hellmuth, Chair of Governors Mr Alan Wharton, and Mr Rav Kumar an ex-student and the architect who designed the New Build. Meanwhile, all students will enjoy a special Celebraon Lunch. It certainly promises to be an excing week and an appropriate way to mark our first year in the new school. I hope that you enjoy this newsle!er and that it gives you a flavour of what has been a very successful term. It is imperave that we all connue to work together to further improve standards of achievement, a!endance, punctuality, uniform. To this end, may I remind you that all students are expected to be in school before 8.50am on Wednesday 4th January, wearing full uniform and with the correct equipment. Our regular Week 1 metable will commence immediately. We all have a part to play in ensuring that the future is bright for our youngsters. With best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday period. Neil Wallace

Associate Headteacher


Welcome to Year 7 The future for all of these students is not just bright it is rainbow coloured! In such a short space of me , so much has been achieved by every single individual. Year 7 have the best a!endance and punctuality records in the school and their appete and enthusiasm for learning has been a joy to behold! New friendship groups have been formed, self-confidence has been developed and new, excing opportunies have been explored. All students’ posive qualies are beginning to shine in many different ways – leadership, caring for others, learning from mistakes and showing improvements. We are all looking forward to the PGL residenal weekend in April.

Miss Roberts HOY7


avid Graham came to SGS on Monday 14th November. He used to be a professional singer but now visits schools na&onwide to talk about Drug Awareness. He spoke to our Year 7 students about the eects of drugs and we learned that cigare)es cause the most deaths. He gave us lots of compe&&ons to take part in as well as singing the Natural High song. We all wrote a slogan to warn about the dangers of taking drugs.


The winning slogan was -

Make the right decision Follow your intuion Think for a minute and break away from tradion. This was wri!en by Zack Reeves

Another compeon was to do the most kick-ups, the winning score was 30. Everyone was shocked when David told us that the highest amount of kickups was over 1,000 from a li!le boy in a dierent school. Toni Sco, Tyra Hamilton and Noran Amri

Let’s Get Cooking It has been a pleasure to have a very enthusiasc group of Year 7 parcipants in six ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ sessions aEer school. All the students have thoroughly enjoyed the cooking sessions which involves cooking and tasng sessions then taking the products home to show their parents. These sessions are funded through ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ which is a lo!ery funded project. We are in our third year of funding which has allowed lots of our students to parcipate free of charge in this cooking club. We have some budding chefs here at Stockland Green . You never know we may have the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson! Keep up the good work and enthusiasm and happy cooking. The next ‘Lets get Cooking’ starts aEer Christmas. Watch this space!! Mrs McKiernan Head of Design and Technology/Art/Food Teacher Let’s Get Cooking is an aEer school club for ten Year 7 students to have an opportunity to cook different things over a seven week period every Tuesday from 3.05 unl 4pm. We cook things such as: Rogan Josh Ginger Bread Men Blueberry Muffin Swiss Roll Shrewsbury Biscuits If anyone gets the opportunity take it! It is wicked fun and we learned a lot and got to cook which is a skill which we all need. Shannon Clarke

I like Let’s Get Cooking because we get experience to cook things you wouldn’t normally cook and it is lots of fun. It also lets you have a taste of lots of different foods. Sasha Turner

YEAR 7 MATHS LESSON Year 7 students were geHng to know money and using their maths skills.

During their lesson sta set up a small shop in the atrium where students were given paper money to purchase goods.

Using their maths skills the students had to calculate the items they wanted to purchase, how much they had spent and how much change they needed.

They were also involved in a number of acvies using coins and how to make certain amounts with the coins they had.

Year 7 TRIP TO SLADE ROAD METHODIST CHURCH This term, Year 7 students visited the Slade Road Methodist Church as part of their ‘Looking for God’ unit in RE. Zoe and Reann thought that plaques of remembrance on the backs of the chairs were a really nice way to remember loved ones and that this was different from anything they had seen before in a church.

Students were given the opportunity to meet with Reverend Nichola Jones for a tour, talk and Q&A session. Reann Cowan and Zoe Downton were our RE reporters for this visit and said that their visit was really interesng and enjoyable. Both Zoe and Reann thought that it was excing when Rev Jones asked a few students to find five things that you would find in any Chrisan Church as well as finding out something that was different about Slade Road Church. This gave all students the opportunity to get involved.

The girls also remembered a painng in the hallway with the ideas of peace, joy, forgiveness and happiness, and were thinking of the painng when Rev Jones told the story of a young boy throwing stones in Jerusalem when she was there in October. The 10 year old boy was taken out of his bed in the middle of the night by armed soldiers, ed up with cable es that cut into his wrists, and thrown into the back of a vehicle. The boy was interrogated, beaten, and had an officer’s foot held onto his wrists allowing the cable es to cut deeper and deeper into his skin. The boy was finally returned home, but the cable es had dug so deeply into his skin that when they were removed, some of his skin came away as well. The girls couldn’t imagine this happening in the UK as we have certain rights, and they thought that forgiveness and peace were really important concepts that we somemes take for granted.

Zoe and Reann wanted to thank Rev Jones, Mrs Lees, Mr Orme and Mrs Roberts for the experience and look forward to the next visit and the opportunity to learn something new.

To recognise the achievements of all students in Year 8 with 95% a!endance or above, students were invited to come into school early and enjoy breakfast with their friends in a warm friendly environment. A huge amount of Year 8 students were given this opportunity due to their excellent a!endance record. Students thoroughly enjoyed the chance of a free breakfast with their friends, listening to music and chaHng to fellow students and tutors. We hope to celebrate in the same way next term.

Year 8 Attendance Breakfast

Well Done Year 8 Miss Hawker


In Year 7 and 9 RE this term we had a visit from the celebrated local Birmingham graffi arst, Mohammed Ali to show how art can show inspiraon, devoon and revelaon for GCSE students and the beauty of calligraphy in Islamic art for Year 7s.

. Having been interested in graffi style from a very young age, to the development of his arsc flair in his university degree, Mohammed adds a unique mix of both Islamic art and graffi to form a spiritual expression of his faith. He gives new meaning to graffi which is normally seen as selfish and destrucve by using Islamic calligraphy to beaufy the words of God into a form of spiritual expression that sasfies his arsc interests and spirituality as well as being welcomed by young people all over the world. We were lucky enough for Mohammed to have a few days open in his very busy schedule to come and visit our students as he had just returned from Sweden and was preparing for yet another internaonal visit within days of his return to Birmingham. Mr Ali’s visit looked at graffi through me and ended with a very touching video of a graffi project that he was involved in while vising New York. There had been a fire in a family home where all seven off of the children died. The community and relaves, led by Mohammed, painted a large mural dedicated to the lives lost. When the last few names of the children were painted on the wall, two female family members watching the final strokes being applied, cried in both sadness and gratude for the mural which revealed the devoon for the young children that died in the tragedy. This story touched many of our students here at the school and added a depth of understanding into how art can be inspired.

AEer having heard about community graffi projects that Mr Ali has run with schools, there were many students who voiced that they would like a similar community based project run in conjuncon with the Brish Arts Council and Birmingham City Council here at the school.

Watch this space…

PE NEWS It has been an extremely busy and excing term in Physical Educaon. There have been lots of different acvies going on including Girls and Boys Football compeons, Trampolining, Primary School Mul Skills Fesvals and various lunchme and aEer school clubs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students who have taken part in the school teams and given up their me at lunchme and aEer school.

The Year 9 and 10 girls’ football teams have made a winning start to their compeon at Kingsbury School. Currently, four games have been played with four victories for Stockland Green School. The team have scored ten goals and only conceded one. A special menon for Alice Shaylor and Tammy Thorneywork for magnificent performances in all the games.

The boys’ football teams have had a mixed start to the season so far. The teams are currently in the following posions in the Erdington and Saltley league:

1st Year 7

2nd Year 8

5th Year 9

1st Year 10

6th Year 11

The best performance has come from the Year 8 team winning 11-0 against Saltley School. To keep up to date with the league tables please visit . The football season is on hold now unl the evenings get lighter and to make way for the basketball season aEer Christmas. Mr Mandley – Head of PE

PE NEWS Year 7 and 8 Sports Leaders

It has been a great start to the year aEer recruing a further 12 Sports Leaders from Year7 taking the total up to 24 leaders. The successful Year 8 Sports Leaders have taken on the role of coaching the new Year 7s in how to be effecve leaders. The students have successfully run four Primary Mul Skills Fesvals since September with up to 60 primary pupils a!ending at a me. The Primary Schools have included: Brookvale Primary, Marsh Hill Primary, Paget Primary School, Sundridge, The Abbey and Birches Green Juniors. The students have proved to be mature, organised, confident leaders who have taken on the challenge to run the compeons.

The PE department are extremely pleased with the progress of the students and it has been commented on by members of staff from other schools how effecve our leaders are. These students are truly an asset to our school. The students will further show their improving leadership skills when running the Primary Indoor Athlecs Fesvals commencing next term.

Miss Gubbins – PE Teacher


The opportunity to watch the Trampolining and Tumbling World Championships was AMAZING. I enjoyed the whole day watching something I love with my friends and other students. The gymnasts performed some complicated and flexible moves, which looked very professional and outstanding. I didn’t realise some of those moves were possible for a human to perform. Watching the Championships has inspired me to persevere with my sport so I achieve the highest grade possible in GCSE PE just like the gymnasts. By Tia Riley (YR10)

On behalf of the Physical Educaon department I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mr Mandley (Head of PE)

YEAR 11 PREFECTS This year we decided to make the selecon process for Year 11 prefects a li!le different ! Students were asked to apply in wring, followed by an informal interview. Successful applicants were then asked if they would like to apply for the posions of Head Boy and Head Girl. The candidates then had to make individual presentaons to the staff and students via assemblies before the enre school community was given one vote each. Congratulaons to Head Girl Alexis Parry

Congratulaons to Head Boy Jasdeep Ghatatora

Deputy Head Boy went to Jimmy Chung and Deputy Head Girl to Chrys& Washington. The vong was an extremely close call enabling us to make appointments of Senior Prefects, Calum Wilkes, Babar Firasat and Claire Trapp. .

Well done also to the rest of our Year 11 Prefect team : Grace Bury, Nicola Westwood, Tajminder Panesar, Ellen Cotgrave, Laura Simmonds,Cameron Barne), Karen McMichael, Shehraz Chauhan, Lenay Hamilton, Sami Jo Jathan, Monique Harris, Lisa Coppin, Tasnia Altafi, Lauren Cox, Rebecca Crocke), Shona Noakes, Isaac Reynolds

Jasdeep Ghatatora I would like to start by saying I am very pleased to have been voted as Head Boy, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and gave me their support. I believe I will be able to help provide a voice for others and tackle any up and coming challenges that may come my way.

Alexis Parry I am so grateful to everyone who voted for me for the role of Head Girl. I am willing to take on the responsibility of any tasks given. So far I have really enjoyed coordinang the me capsule


On 27th September ten Year 11 students were invited to the Invesgang Opons Day at Oxford University. The day was aimed at showing academically able students some of the choices on offer to them when connuing in educaon. Students took part in taster sessions in academic subjects and were then given advice on A level choices. They were also given advice on the applicaon process for University. The whole day was a great experience for all of the students who were in awe of the beauful surroundings of Oxford. The visit was a real eye opener showing them choices they did not think were available.

Miss Linda Woo)on

The comment from Alexis Parry (Head Girl) really summed the day up when she said: ‘I have been inspired by the visit and really feel that it has helped encourage me to want to do even beer at school.’

On the 13th October our Year 11 Drama GCSE class went to London’s West End to watch the musical Blood Brothers. We watched the producon at The Phoenix Theatre. It was an amazing day out, probably the best school trip by far.

Everyone in our class loved the performance and we were on the edge of our seats, some of us actually cried we were so involved. Our drama class is so dedicated it was really inspiring to see the actors and actresses perform. It made me want to achieve my dreams even more. The actors and actresses were phenomenal. We all got so much out of the performance by being inspired and watching the techniques. These qualies will help us when we come to do our devised pieces for drama where we will make our own plays. It was probably the best trip organised by Stockland Green School and we were all so grateful for the opportunity. Claire Trapp 11SZ London Phoenix Theatre

LIBRARY NEWS It’s been a busy term in the Library, our first with a full-me Librarian, Miss Dillon in the new building. Since September we have doubled our book stock and now have over 4,000 books on the Library catalogue. Along with a set of Staff Development resources, we have also started a small collecon of mul-media products, including audio books and CD-Rom revision guides. The Library is open before school and at break and lunchmes and is proving to be very popular, especially with the younger year groups, with three Year 7 students currently helping out as Library Assistants. In consultaon with Connexions, the careers service for young people, we have greatly expanded our careers area which now includes informaon on a wide variety of Post-16 Opons. Advisers from Connexions come into the Library every Tuesday and Wednesday to talk to Year 11 students about their choices once they leave school. The careers area includes prospectuses for many local Sixth Form colleges as well as reference material on specific career paths and apprenceship schemes.

The Autumn term also saw the launch of this year’s Booked Up programme where every Year 7 student received a free book of their choice. The scheme is designed to insl a love of reading in every child and was very much appreciated by our students, with Frankie Foster by Jean Ure proving to be the most popular choice of free book.

During their weekly Library lessons, students in Year 7 and 8 follow the Accelerated Reader scheme. This very popular iniave encourages students to read for pleasure by providing a series of on-line quizzes on popular books. Students complete a quiz for each book that they read and this allows them to build up points and move up class league tables. So far this term the KS3 students have read over 1,500 books, averaging 5 per child since September!

We have many more excing events and acvies planned for the Spring Term, including the highlight of the Library year World Book Day on Thursday 1st March 2012. Stay tuned for more details and happy reading!

Being part of the Shakespeare School Festival has been very rewarding for both students and sta. This experience has given the students a fantastic opportunity to see what it is like being a professional actor/actress in the 21st Century. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are already excited about being in a school show again next year. Adam Kearns (Head of Drama)


Being involved in Romeo and Juliet has massively helped improve my conďŹ dence and has also made my passion for acting considerably stronger. Monique Harris


I loved the experience on the stage. It was nerve racking at ďŹ rst but I managed to get over it. I loved my character – Montague. The day of our performance was my birthday and it is certainly something I will never forget. Priya Barmi

HISTORY Year 7 have been busy doing some junk modelling. As part of our medieval studies we have been looking at how castles developed over me, how they were a!acked and how they were defended. Year 7 are now applying this knowledge in an a!empt to design the perfect castle! They will be a!acked soon! Thank you to all of our Year 7 parents and carers who provided boxes and ssue rolls for our sessions.

In other news Year 8 have presented a ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch to our dragons about Industrial Revoluon entrepreneurs. Year 9 have completed their French Revoluon studies and their pracce exam paper extremely well. Years 10 and 11 are midway through their American West studies. Year 11 have the excing prospect of two trips outside of school ahead of them. Watch this space!!

HUMANITIES Y10 Birmingham University Visit Our Year 10 GiEed and Talented students recently spent the aEernoon at Birmingham University. They a!ended a Languages Masterclass which gave the students an insight into studying a foreign language at university and offered them the chance to do taster session in Russian. It was a brilliant opportunity for the students to see what being at university would be like.

Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion!!!! London…Milan…Paris…Erdington!!! Yes, Stockland Green became an important fashion capital this week when our Year 8 students took to the catwalk. We have been learning about clothes and borrowed some clothes from our drama department. The students chose and modelled an interesng selecon.

Thanks and good luck! This term we have had Mr Straker, a PGCE student from Birmingham University, working with us in the Faculty. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and wish him all the very best when he moves on to his next school placement in January 2012.

Dates for your diary Year 10 Geographers have a very important GCSE examinaon coming up on Tuesday 24th January 2012. This is worth 25% of the overall GCSE grade and will be on the topics Hos&le World. We have been studying The Challenge of Extreme Environments and Living with Natural Hazards.

HUMANITIES Year 9 Geography ‘

We have been studying the Globalisaon of Industry so to help us with our studies we played The Trading Game. Current world trading systems are helping to maintain the gap between rich and poor naons. These are systems that help strong well organised naons such as the USA and the EU states, rather than poorer countries. To help us to appreciate this, the game showed us in a fun and excing way by providing a simple outline to some very complex relaonships. Having limited equipment we had to make shapes from paper and sell them to the banker. This however is very difficult if you have no scissors! This is why it is so important to trade. We found that those countries who have the most already find it very easy to make even more money.

This lesson was lots of fun. My group found it easy to make the products because we had all the equipment we needed. We were a rich country. It has helped me to see how hard it must be for poor countries to improve.’ Reece Pinnock 9RO

Year 8 Geography Our Y8 Geographers have been studying development. We tried to imagine what life would be like for people who are living on the streets of Kolkata in India who have to make paper bags for a living all day everyday. They make just enough money to survive, the work is long and boring. Although we had great fun playing the game for a lesson, we would probably get very bored if we had to do this all the &me. Did you know… ….If you were homeless in Kolkata your aim would be to move into a bustee. A bustee is the same size as a garden shed. Can you imagine your whole family living in a garden shed?

HUMANITIES Languages Bonjour à tous!!! We have had a fantasc start to the new school year in French. Firstly a big welcome to Miss Masson, our new French teacher who has already had a very posive impact at Stockland Green.

European Day of Languages Almost as soon as the new term started the French department were busy preparing for the European Week of Languages. The European Day of Languages is celebrated every year on the 26th September across 45 countries. There are over 6000 languages spoken in the world and behind each and every one of them lies a rich and diverse culture. That’s what the European Day of Languages aims to celebrate – to show people across Europe how important languages are and what fun can be had learning them!

French Film Club This term we have launched a French film club where students watched Ratatouille – a film about a rat who becomes a chef! The students watched the film in French with English subtles. This is a great exercise for helping students improve their listening skills. We have had great a!endance at the club, students are learning more of the French language through the medium of film and are having great fun too!

KS4 Paris Trip We are now organising a 4-day trip to Paris for our GCSE students in June next year. The trip will cover 3 subject areas, French, Geography and Art and we will be carrying out some studies in all 3 areas whilst we are there. There is a lot of excitement about the trip, not only as the students will be able to visit one of the most famous cies in the world and to see first-hand The Eiffel Tower, The ChampsElysées and the Sacre-Coeur, but they also get to spend a whole day at Disneyland Paris. We are not sure who is more excited – the students or the lucky staff who are going along!!!

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ART? This term in Art Year 7 pupils have been developing their drawing and painng skills by creang excing and colourful fish designs. They have learned about colour theory and started to create some fantasc 3D designs from card board.

Andrew Wallace

Georgia Barker

Kiran Hayer Year 7

Zack Reeves Year 7

Art is really fun! It sends you to new places. I have learned how to create 3D effects when pain-ng and like experimen-ng.

I love Art! I can express myself through colour. I have enjoyed pain-ng fish and have improved my skills.

Chloe Jones Year 8 students have been invesgang and exploring landscapes in their work. They have been focusing on creang mood, developing brush techniques and creang layered effects.

Declan Lacey

Suzan Al-zawity

Sam Fisher Year 8 I have enjoyed learning about different pain-ng techniques, I am proud of the work I have done.

Ava Nizamis Year 8 My pain-ngs have improved this term. I enjoy Art and I am looking forward to next terms projects!


Daisy Freeman

Paige Cunningham

Sam Saunders Students in Year 10 have been developing their observaonal drawing skills, focusing on tone, scale, proporon and detail. They are working from a range of sources and improving skills to support their GCSE.

Sharna Healey

Nagina Khalid

Oliver Hassell

Saahirah Hussain

ART Year 10 Photography Workshops This term GCSE Art students took part in a series of workshops to develop their photography skills. The sessions were led by professional photographer Tom Doyle who has been awarded several accolades during his career including ‘Photographer of the Year 2009’. The session focused on developing pupils basic photography skills, considering light, composion, form and depth. Students were given a series of tasks to stretch and challenge them. The tasks included capturing emoons, relaonships and our environment.

I enjoyed crea-ng Art in a different way. The sessions have inspired me to use more photography in my work. I am now looking for a work experience opportunity with a Photographer and would like to consider this as a future career.

It was a great experience for exploring new techniques and processes that will help develop my own work. The workshops were fun and interes-ng; Tom Doyle was inspiring and suppor-ve. Shaquille Buckley Year 10

Leonie Royes Year 10

The workshops were really good, they helped improve my skills and develop my confidence. Lauren Taylor Year 10



Iman Islam

Thomas Smith

Anam Firasat

Highly Commended

Khodeja Begum

Aysha Kauser

Courtney Crump

Georgia Barker

For our annual Christmas Card compeon we received a high number of quality entries . Students explored a range of media in their designs. Mrs Good and Miss Barker selected a short list of students and the ďŹ nal selecon was made by our Headteacher. The Art department would like to thank all the students who worked extremely hard on their entries.

Hassan Deen Harvey Boyce

Congratulaons to the winners who will be receiving a Water Colour set and their Christmas cards will be used.

ATTENDANCE As you are all aware at Stockland Green we take a!endance very seriously. The acceptable level of a!endance for students is 95% and above (missing no more than 10 days a year). Most students who have an a!endance of 95% gain 5 GCSE A*-C grades. Students with poor a!endance generally do not reach their full potenal as they miss valuable learning that leads to exam success. Many students do a!end regularly and to improve poor a!endance we will be running a Spotlight on A!endance campaign in the New Year. Spotlight invesgates the reasons behind the poor a!endance of individual students, which can lead to court acon for parents. Four parents have so far been successfully prosecuted with them being fined in excess of £100 each. In the New Year we will be introducing “A!endance Surgeries” where parents will be invited into school to help with strategies to help raise their child’s a!endance. Let’s work together to improve a!endance and ensure that your child gets the educaon and qualificaons that they are entled to.

YEAR 11 FUND RAISERS AND PROM COMMITTEE The last half term saw the first of many fund raising acvies organised by the Year 11 fund raising and prom commi!ees. The student raffle was a great success raising £90 towards the Year 11 prom in July 2012.

Look our for more exci&ng opportuni&es to WIN WIN WIN Year 7/11 Parents Evening 1st December 2011 Year 11 ran a raffle for Parents and Staff to help raise money for their end of year prom. Many thanks to everyone who supported the raffle £72 was raised on the night. The winners were. 1st Prize

Mrs Jennings (parent of Lloyd Lovell 7st)

2nd Prize

Mr Foster


3 Prize

Miss Price

Tucker Trial


So far, we have raised: ÂŁ







SGS Newsletter - Winter 2011  

Stockland Green Newsletter - Winter 2011 Special Celebration Edition

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