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Vol. 41 Issue. 03

BRUINFORMER Blackford High School 2392 North State Road 3 Hartford City, IN 47348

November 24, 2009

The Great Debate: Trimesters or Semesters The BruInformer takes a closer look at the struggle for and against a schedule change at BHS By. Sydney WIllmann

The Blackford County School Board has voted in favor of switching from trimesters to semesters. The switch was voted upon at the board’s October meeting, without prior public knowledge that the vote was taking place. After finding out that the high school was switching from trimesters to semesters, teachers and students alike were extremely surprised that this had been allowed happened. Many thought the issue had been resolved at the end of the last school year. The semester v.s. trimester issue was presented at a school board meeting last spring, and after a presentation citing the benefits of trimesters, the school board voted in favor of keeping tri’s as they are commonly called. The reason for the re-vote is said to be because of money, or lack thereof. The estimated savings of switching from trimesters to semester is expected to be around $132,000 according to the school board and Superintendent Mr. Kline. The reason semesters are cheaper than trimesters is because fewer teachers are needed on a traditional semester schedule.

The $132,000 in savings would come from the combined wages and benefits of teachers who will be let go from positions or whose positions are fazed out. The exact number of teachers who will be let go has not yet been decided; however, after course request forms have been filled out and analyzed, a decision will be made. At the board’s monthly meeting on November 10th, Mr. Kline, Superintendent, addressed the BHS staff who were present about the financial issues of the change. At this meet many teachers expressed concern over students being left behind and class sizes

“We have to work together to weather the storm.” -Mr. Kline

2009 Fall Sports Banquet

increasing. In response Mr. Kline said, “The board is committed to maintaining small classes,” and that, “we have to work together to weather the storm [of financial difficulties].” During the meeting concerns were also expressed over the time of instruction being cut from seventy minutes per period to forty-eight. How are the students supposed to get help or have time to review crucial material? How will science students be expected to start a lab, let alone finish it, in forty-eight minutes? It was also mentioned that the switch in scheduling is going to hang at risk kids out to dry. At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided that if the teachers could come up with a schedule that was better and didn’t cost more money then the board would at least review it. At the school board meeting on November 18th, an alternative schedule created by Mrs. Sills and Mrs. Clay was presented. The board is currently reviewing the schedule and is planning on discussing the alternative option at a later date.

By Whitney Watkins

As the 2009 fall sports banquet began, all the athletes and their parents got together and had dinner before the coaches started handing out their awards. The dinner consisted of chicken and noodles, roll, corn or beans, and apple crisp for desert. After everyone finished their dinner, our athletic director Mr. Daniel began with his opening speech, thanking everyone for coming out and congratulating all the athletes for their participation and their successful seasons. All the coaches then began handing out plaques and many other awards and introducing the coach coming up after them. The

fall sports coaches handed out 76 patches to their athletes, and 18 captain patches were handed out also. 29 plaques were also handed out. There were47 major B’s that were handed out, out of the 47, 19 of them were given to freshmen. The fall sports coaches also handed out 41 numerals at the banquet. Following the major awards the fall sports teams separated into different classrooms around the school, so the coaches could have their last words to their seniors and thank the athletes for the successful seasons they had.

Patches: Patches can really be put anywhere you want on the jacket. Patches signify that you have participated in a sport and have already received a big B. The patches signify participation in more than one varsity sport. Major B: A major B is generally worn on the front of your jacket. A major B is a varsity letter. You have to play almost half the games or matches with the Varsity team to be qualified to get this.

Women’s Golf: Most Valuable Golfer-Carly Weeks-Foy, Lowest putting average- Carly Weeks-Foy. Most Improved- Shelby Batten.

Cheerleading: Most Improved- Stasha Myrick, Mental Attitude- Ashley Wilson.

Men’s Cross Country: Most Valuable Runner- Zach Maddox, Outstanding Dedication Award- Zachary Maddox, Most Improved Runner- David Montross.

Football: Oustanding Offensive Player- Elijah Justice, Oustanding Defensive PlayerTaylor Carpenter, Most Improved PlayerGarrett Williams.

A Publication of Blackford High School

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Men’s Tennis: Most Valuable Player- Blake Musselman, Most Improved Player- Chase Twibell, Mental Attitude Award- Robbie Elliott.

Women’s Cross Country: Most Valuable Runners-Hayley Anderson, and Olivia Cale. Outstanding Improved Runner- Jeanna Barker

Men’s Soccer: Offensive Player of the yearGavin West, Defensive player of the yearJordan McCammon, Most Improved Player of the Year- Tracey Hutson.

Volleyball: Hammer award- Allie Glentzer, Most Aces- Casey Cook, Most Digs- Mackenzie Confer.

Women’s Soccer: Leadership Awards- Sydney Willmann, and Brittany Cross, Bruin AwardBailey Troyer

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Book Nook

Von Deutsch Nach Amerika

by Phillicia Overmeyer and Megan Edwards

Even with her busy scheduale, Alena Kaltenbach, (fondly known as ‘Ellie’) has taken the time to talk to us about her recent move and transition to the U.S. and life at Blackford High.

Judging a Book by it’s Cover.

Don’t be shy. We’ve all done it before. You pick up a book based on how it looks to decided if it is worthy of your time. Well we’re experts at it. 99% of the books we have checked out based on this criteria we have enjoyed. Here is our criteria: 1. Interesting Titles (Does it make you want to know what it’s about [mysterious]?) 2. The Font (Is it written in a neat or awesome way?) 3. Cover Art (Does it catch your eye and make you curious?) 4. The Blurb (Does it make you want to read more?)

BI: How do you like America so far? E: I really like it, the culture here is really different from the culture in Germany.

BI: How is it different from Germany? E: The food, the food there is healthier. The landscape is also very different. And back in Germany we don’t wear sweats

BI: What do you like about Blackford High School?

The Review Corner

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks Review by Phillicia Overmeyer Tired of the sparkling vampires who seem stronger than Superman? How about that human, vampire romance? “Edward, Edward where far art thou Edward?” Are you ready for some change? This book is a great book for someone looking for a change from the “normal” vampire style (you know the whole “OMG! *launch* I’m gonna suck

Alena Kaltenbach posing for the camera while making her pot in Mrs.Meska’s class.

E: I like that it isn’t too big, so you know everybody.

turn of events as Nina and her vampire companions fight for their lives against murders, and slayers. So you see it isn’t your typical vampire love story, or evilness like 30 Days of Night. It’s a vampire novel with a killer plot line. =]

BI: What do you not like about Blackford High School? E: I don’t really dislike anything about Blackford High School, except the lunch sometimes.

BI: What do you plan on doing after high school? E: I want to go to college back in Germany, but I don’t know what I want to study yet.

BI: What do you miss the most about Germany? (Family/friends) E: I miss the healthy food. The different independence that we have. And the different transportation modes we have, here you have to rely on a car to get most everywhere, but back in Germany we have trains that take you a lot of places.

BI: Are there any sports/outdoor activities that you like to participate in? E: I participated in volleyball here, and I also tried basketball.

BI: What is your favorite class? Why? E: Pre-Calculus, because I like math in general.

BI: Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

E: Mr. Kemp, he is really nice and he takes time to help all the students.

Review by Megan Edwards

your blood!” and are all about death and dieing), but not a scifi version of a Laurlene McDaniel novel. The main character is a “teenager” named Nina. She was turned into a vampire in the year 1973, and she still lives with her human mother, Estelle. She doesn’t feed on human blood and has never had a hunger for it. She is a part of a vampire support group. All of the vampires in this group have one thing in common, the vampire who started it all, Casimir. On the way to one of their Tuesday meetings they found that this vampire, who is now apart of the support group, had been slayed. They find a clue hidden in the ashes of what once was Casimir’s body and tracked down the slayer. They head after the slayer towards a town in the South of Australia where they find a very unexpected victim which leads to a horrible

Go Ask Alice is based off the real account of a 15-year-old drug user’s diary. It is an amazing tale, set in the 60’s or 70’s, of one girl’s troubles during her teenage years. She deals with all of the usual pressures of growing up: sex, violence, drugs, drinking and partying. This young girl’s life is truly an eye-opener and I suggest this book to anyone looking for something new. In my opinion, anyone can really relate to her feelings, about being left out of the crowd and just wanting to fit in somewhere. Therefore you become willing to do anything and end up hurting the people you love most. This is what happens to the anonymous main character in this book. After reading this book, you learn to really appreciate your life and the choices you make become a little more precious then you may have considered them before. Now I’m not going to give anything away from the book, so I suggest you check this book out the next time you need something to read.

BI: What is the most difficult thing about coming to America? And why? E: The most difficult thing about coming to America would have to be adopting to the new American culture.

BI: What do you like to do in your free time? E: I like to spend time with friends and family. I also love going on trips; I have been to Michigan, Alabama, Indiana University, and we are going New York. Compiled by: Dakota Stotlar & Kaity Cook

Megan & Phillicia’s

Suggested Selections

Here’s a list of books that we liked based off of the criteria listed above: *Learning to Fly by Paul Yee

* Something Rotten by Alan Gratz

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link *Jumped by Rita WilliamsGarcia * B r e a k by Hannah Moskowitz

*Getting the Girl by Susan Juby

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*The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness * Fre e z e Frame by Heidi Ayarbe

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K^VHiVgiJe8Zgi^[^XViZZVgchi]ZhVbZgViZVhhiVcYVgY&'"bdci]XZgi^[^XViZ#:Vganl^i]YgVlVal^aagZhjai^cVeZcVaind[+%YVnh Y^k^YZcYhdcWVaVcXZl^i]YgVlc!l]Zi]ZgZVgcZYdgcdi!gZbV^c^c\WVaVcXZl^aaigVch[ZgidbZbWZgh]^eh]VgZhVcYXZgi^[^XViZ l^aaWZXadhZY#EZcVainVahdVeea^Zh^[gZfj^gZYbdci]anYZedh^ihVgZcdibZi#B^c^bjbWVaVcXZ/&%#%%!bVm^bjb/&!'%%#

Party of Five: Revisiting Ivanhoes

By. Robby Elliott Sweet tooth? Everyone likes to and eye catching names, Sydney Willman appease their hankering for deserts once in a ordered the Trojan 2 sundae, while Dakota while. BlackStotlar and Robby ford’s Party of Elliott ordered Five decided Cookie Monster to test Ivansundaes. Tracey hoe’s to see if Hutson and Mitch it could do just Cooper ordered that. shakes. Tracey had With the Cookie Dough an array of 2 while Mitch tasty ice cream enjoyed the Peanut treats and great butter and Banana food, Ivanhoe’s shake. Each of the has been a five looked at their favorite eatery masterfully crafted for many peo- Luring passerby old and young alike to taste tempting treats, the deserts with ple, young and familiar Ivanhoe’s sign awaits in Upland, IN. mouths watering. old. The desert menu alone contains 200 opAfter picking up their orders, the tions available in sundae bowls or as shakes. Party of Five went to the back seating section With flavors ranging from sweet and salty of the restaurant. They were pleased with combos, to the classic chocolate and peanut their choices and found each bite more satisbutter mixture loved by many, Ivanhoe’s has fying than the previous one. It is no coincicommitted to creating as many delicious dence that Ivanhoes has been the top choice combinations as possible. Blackford’s Party of for desert lovers since its arrival in Grant Five visited to see just how tasty the addiCounty. tions to the Ivanhoes’ menu could be. Ivanhoe’s has captured the attention After scanning the menu, Blackof many local Blackford and Grant County ford’s Party of Five found that everything citizens. With a homey feel accompanied by was reasonably priced. Small prices and big good music and great service, Ivanhoe’s is the portions are always a good combination, and perfect blend of ice cream and good times. A Ivanhoes has managed to create just that. mere short drive to Upland in Grant County After ordering the regular sized Cookie is all that anyone Monster sundaes, Party of Five members, must do to experiHours Robby Elliott and Dakota Stotlar, had to ence the sweet Monday - Thursday ask for take home lids. “It was just WAY too satisfaction known 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. much for one person”, said Stotlar after look- as an Ivanhoe’s Friday - Saturday ing at the rest of her nearly full sundae bowl. sundae. 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Upon arival, the Party of Five were Sunday greeted with smiles from the helpful employees. After scrutinizing the seemingly end2 p.m. - 10 p.m. less menu containing hundreds of creative


How Much Would You Pey? An editorial on the effect of money on professional sports in the U.S. By Tracey Hutson

Here in America sports are a major factor in people’s lives. We all like watching games on T.V., and most Americans would rather spend time watching a sports game then watching the daily news. Likewise, major sporting events have also affected some of the ways we celebrate our holidays. For example, Thanksgiving used to be about being with your family and spending time together. Now, for many American families, Thanksgiving has become associated with watching the Thanksgiving football games. It’s because of this love for watching sports that money has become a major factor professional athletics. Back when many of sports were created in America, they were just made as a simple way for people to have some fun. There were no big money contracts involved, or million dollar endorsement deals. Back then people just played for the love of the game. Now the love of the game has been lost. Athletes do play because they love the game, but they amount of money they are making has become more important to them.

cans make a year at their jobs! This doesn’t include the millions he makes from the dozens of commercials we see him in every year. Athletes are very smart about making sure that they will get the most money they can from a team. Athletes will hire the best managers they can to negotiate with teams, to try and get the most money they can. If athletes don’t feel like they are getting the money they deserve they will do one of two things. The first thing that they might do is to start talking with other teams. This will get the two teams that are interested in the athlete to compete to offer him more money than the other team. Then the player will sign with the team who offers him more money. The other option that athlete could do would be to hold out on the contract and not sign it until they offer the athlete a amount they think is reasonable. A recent example of this would be Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers, who didn’t sign his contract until around the 5th week into the season.

“It’s pretty bad if a player who sits the Nowadays in sports the themselves have to bench all season teams have a bunch of money to be able to compete makes more than just in their various leagues. In about every team sport the man who runs just in America, the team that the most money will our country.” has just about always do better

It is obvious that professional athletes are getting paid too much. Professional Football is a big example of a sport in which the players are over paid. There are players that are second or third string who make millions of dollars a year. Most won’t even play a single game the whole season. They basically get paid millions just to put on their jersey and sit the bench the whole game. It’s pretty bad if a player that will sit the bench the whole season gets paid more than the man that runs our country. The president only makes $400,000 a year. The top athletes in a sport will make ridiculous amounts of money. Most star athlete’s contracts start at around 60 million dollars for a four or five season contract, plus they will get millions for a signing bonus. I like Peyton Manning and think he is a really good athlete and person, but he is a perfect example of an athlete who makes way too much money.

In 2004 Peyton signed a $99.2 $99.2 million for 7 years million, 7 $14.7 million per season year contract with $885,625 per game a 34.5 $22,140 per pass attempt million dollar sign-on. That will mean that $400,000 per year Peyton will bank $14.17 million dollars per season. After finding this information I decided to do some figuring of my own. There are 16 games in a Season and he makes $14.17 million a season, then Peyton will make $885, 625 per game. Peyton Manning also averages around 40 pass attempts per game, which means that would make around $22,140 per pass attempt. Peyton Manning makes more per pass attempt than a lot of Ameri-

Peyton’s Peycheck

The President’s Salary?

than the team that doesn’t have as much money. It is quite a simple concept. The more money a team has to spend, the more top players it will be able to sign. The big money teams are going out and basically stealing players from other teams. What happens is that these big money teams will offer these star players big contracts, and they know that since these teams won’t be able to match the contract, the player will sign with the big money team. If something doesn’t get changed about this, then there will be no way that team will be able to compete with big money teams. The Yankees are the team that most people associate as a team that buys all it’s talent. They are known for spending millions of dollars in the off seasons on players. The Yankees have spent 1.6 billion dollars since 2000 on players, which is more money than any team in any sport has spent since 2000 combined. The Yankees have been said to “buy their championships” and that they wouldn’t good if they didn’t have so much money. That is probably true, but every team that has money does it, the Yankees just have more money to spend. As you can see the sports world has changed dramatically since it first started. It went from a game that was about having fun and the love of the game, to a game about trying to make as much money as possible, or spending as much as possible to win championships. Unless something is changed this problem will only get worse, player earnings and team spending will only continue to increase. The next time you are watching a game and look at the guy on the bench or see the star athlete in the commercial, keep in mind that he is probably making 10 times the amount you make, or rather much, much more than you can ever hope to make.


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Girls Basketball team works toward repeat of last year’s Sectional title. By: Kirby Glancy

Of course they won a sectional title last year, but what really makes a team is all the time spent Together. That’s what this year’s team motto is “Together.” Quite simply, it means the team must work as one unit, and not as individuals in order to achieve this year’s goals. The Lady Bruin basketball team is off to a great start to what is expect-

The 2009 Bruin Ladies celebrate their hard-earned Sectional Victory.

ed to be another great season. 17% of the team prefers Degree They have won their deoderant first three games of 47% prefer Secret the season 29% wears a sz 9 shoe blowing 59% choose good ole water to out Bluffton, South quench their thirst Adams and winning 17% like Gatorade a thriller A whopping 76% use perfume a g a i n s t prior to taking the court S outher n Wells. A l though having won the first three games, there are still many things the Lady Bruins

Did you Know?

have to work on. According to Coach Bruce Ruble, one of the most important challenges the team must tackle is defense. “I think as a whole, our team is stronger and more experienced,” said Coach Ruble about how his team’s defense has improved over last years. There are very high expectations for this year’s Lady Bruin team after winning the sectional championship last year. This was the team’s first taste of sectional victory in 12 years. Coach Ruble said his expectations for this year are to:“get better every game so that we can achieve the one goal we have set out at the beginning of the year and that is to win sectionals.”

Flippin Awesome

By: Chandler Landis

Members of the men’s swim team pose proudly with last year’s trophy: the Flipper.

“I’m glad the flipper’s at home where it deserves to be.” - Austin Ford

The Blackford High School swim team competes for what they call the flipper every year in a three way battle between Blackford, Tipton, and Elwood. The winner of the three way meet receives the flipper, which is a traveling trophy that every year is awarded to the winner. The men’s team had only five people on the team last year, yet still showed that, with hard work and dedication, even with a small team, great things can be done. Most of the first part of the swimming season is based around getting ready and prepared for the competition for the flipper. With a small team, people have to pick up the pace and actually have to swim more than a team with more people would have to, which means the Blackford High School Swimming Team works extra hard to get what they need done to be on top when the three way competition is over. Last year the men’s swim team earned the right to this traveling trophy once more as they competed in the three way meet and won. The women’s team didn’t manage to get their trophy but are practicing, and working toward the goal of winning the women’s flipper.

“I hope we can keep it this year. Our team has won the flipper more times than the other two teams has so , we should do well.” - Josh Coleman


Page 4 Page by: Devyn Hess

Black Friday

Fast Facts: Pilgrims & Indians 1. There was no school in the early years of New Plymouth. Parents who wanted their children to learn to read and write taught them themselves or had their children taught by neighbors. 2. Children often slept on mattresses that were laid on the floor at night. The mattresses were usually stuffed with straw. 3. Children and adults probably only took baths a few times a year. 4. Half of the Pilgrims died during the first winter. 5. The Plymouth Pilgrims dined with the Wampanoag Indians for the First Thanksgiving. Resources used:

1. Approximately 50 Native Americans attended the First Thanksgiving including Massasoit and Squanto - the Pilgrim’s Translator. 2. Squanto was an Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to fish, grow corn, and farm the land. 3. Indians didn’t fare so well at other thanksgiving observances. 4. At the end of their first year, the Puritans held a “harvest feast” celebrating the fruits of their farming efforts. The feast honored Squanto and their friends, the Wampanoag Indians. 5. The Wampanoag Indians were original natives of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Thanksgiving/Peanuts/Thanksgiving-CharlieBrown-Snoopy.jpg


Feature Article

The day after Thanksgiving traditionally starts the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It is the one day where people everywhere wake up, or never sleep, in order to make the sales that start anywhere between midnight and six in the morning. This year, stores such as Lowe’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Toys-R-Us, Old Navy, Sears, Staples, Kohl’s, kmart, and Target are some of the stores who are preparing for major deals. Digital cameras for only $39.00, a wide selection of movies for under ten dollars, and video games ranging from $60 to $7 are some of the price drops at Target alone! You can even print off coupons for Black Friday at info. They have Aeropostale, American Eagle, Bath and Body, Lids, JC Penney, and Charlotte Russe are all stores who are offering coupons on this website. Last year, Robert D. McFadden and Angela Macropoulos, employees at the New York Times published an article on November 28th about a mob of around 2,000 shoppers lined up outside of Walmart. The mob started to go crazy at around 4:55 AM. No police officers were in sight at the time the shoppers began pounding and forcing the doors open. 10 employees were pushing back on the doors in order to keep them out. Six to 10 workers inside tried to push

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? “I’m going to be honest... the food. Even though I can’t eat any of it because of wrestling.” - Trevon Atkins

back, but it was hopeless. Suddenly, the doors shattered, and the insane mob rushed through in a blind rush for holiday deals. One worker, Jdimytai Damour, 34, was thrown back and trampled in the chaotic stampede that surrounded him. The other nine employees were also thrown back due to the mob. Workers who saw what was happening to Mr. Damour, fought their way through the surge to get to him, but he had been fatally injured. Emergency workers tried to revive Mr. Damour, a temporary worker hired for the holiday season, but he was pronounced dead an

hour later at Franklin Hospital Medical Center in Valley Stream. Four other people, including a 28-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. If you are tight on money, and find that Black Friday is the only way you can get what you need, don’t worry! We have carefully constructed a survival guide for this year’s Black Friday sales. http://www.blackf target-black-friday-ad.html black%20friday.jpg Are you a fan of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers? “No, because I hate leftovers.” - Jenna Thomas

What is your favorite food served on Thanksgiving?

Do you plan on shopping on Black Friday?

“Uhm...stuffing!” - Kenzie Confer

“Yes! I plan on going to the mall.” - Olivia Batton

black Friday Survival Guide

In order to prevent any future “tramplings”, the BruInformer staff decided it important to create a survival guide for you! We have created a specially designed guide to ensure your safety while shopping this Friday. There are a number of items that should be purchased and worn before entering the blitz lines near Walmart stores. It is crucial to dress in layers. For clothing, we suggest the following: Fuzzy socks, comfortable shoes that lace (We don’t want you to lose your shoes during the stampede.), a comfortable jumpsuit or running outfit with long johns underneath, two pairs of gloves (in case it gets too cold), a winter coat that zips, and a toboggan that fits snug. Items that would be beneficial are: a watch, a backpack that straps over your shoulder (in case someone tries to steal it), Sydney Willmann and Devyn Hess demonstrate stretching.

band-aids, Neosporin, a glasses case (We wouldn’t recommend you wear glasses until shopping begins.), a plastic container to hold coupons, a list of items you plan to buy at each store, a pen to check them off, a wallet that remains inside the backpack until needed, Ibuprofen, Midol, two water bottles, a couple small snacks, and a bottle of Germ-X. The weather readings say that on the night of November 26, the low temperature is 20°F, and the real feel is at a chilling low of only 6°F. It is calling for an evening flurry, but mostly cloudy and cold. November 27th is calling for a high of 37°F, and a real feel of 28°F. It is supposed to snow off and on all day. For this reason, you may consider adding a few layers to your outfit. Some advice for wom e n shopping alone, is to read and follow our “SelfDefense

For Women” guide. We will provide a summary of this guide, but for a more detailed description go to If a man were to knock you down, and try to choke you, DO NOT PANIC! A gruesome technique for this attack is to use your thumbs and press them into his eyes. Sydney Willmann, Devyn Hess, and Robby Elliott get their game If a man comes up faces on in preparation for Black Friday behind you and grabs you at the waist, pinning your arms down, choke you, use your fierce womanly powers use your heels to stomp on his foot as hard and launch the heel of your hand underneath as you can. his jaw, or in his throat. Make this a swift When he lets and hard move, or he will only tighten his up his grip, grip...which would be unfortunate for you. use one of If a man grabs you by the wrist your elbows in order to pull you in a specific direction, to jack him twist around violently, then give him a good in the jaw as thwack in the nuts. Then you must run as fast hard as pos- as you possibly can, until you find a security sible. Then guard or police officer. Big and burley men break free who could knock out the man that tried to and, “RUN, choke you are also good people to run to. F O RRES T, We hope that this guide is helpful RUN!” for you, and that you are able to efficiently shop during this year’s Black Friday. Please If a man take our top five survival items into considpins you eration before heading out to shop. Enjoy While Devyn is helplessly being choked out by Robby, against a wall, your shopping season, and be safe! Sydney brings in hero Elijah Justice to knock Robby out! and begins to

Day In The Life Of: Mr. McGlothin

By: Whitney Watkins, Kaity Cook, and Carly Clock

mold some of BHS students into lean, mean, fighting machines! While molding the students, I have to try not to get lost in the huge newly expanded weight room.

school work that she has from that day at school.

10:55- Third hour is a tough period for me. I have to try to survive with my freshmen P.E. class. Trust me, this is not an easy task.

6:30- This is about the time we start to eat my delicious delicacies that I have prepared for that night.

12:00- I’m enjoying third lunch mod with Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Meska, and Mr. Davis at this time.

5:30- I begin to cook dinner for my wife and kids. I usually cook every night, believe it or not!

Page 5

Bringin’ Back the Melody By: Casey Cook and Michelle Nuckols

7:00- I sit down to watch my nightly show of Wheel of Fortune. I can’t miss it!

Jaret Baker

Olivia Batten Eyes: Sour Apple Green

Turn-On’s: Athletic ability, good hair, smile Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden Ideal Date: Romantic dinner followed by a movie

Picture Yourself at IPFW Apply for student housing at IPFW! “I came to IPFW because it’s a growing campus and has so many opportunities!” Jedaiah Newton –Northrop HS,’09 Fort Wayne (back left)


An equal opportunity/equal access university

I N D I A N A U N I V E R S I T Y – P U R D U E U N I V E R S I T Y F O R T W AY N E

An equal opportunity/equal access university

Most El


7:30- It varies every night what I’m doing at this time. Some 12:35- Sophomore P.E. is my nights I do individual basketball 6:30ish- I wake up to start 4th hour class. I continue to do workouts, but most nights I play helping my wife with getting Members of the newly revived BHS Swing Choir perform at the choral Fall Concert. my stellar molding of Blackford’s Mr. Mom and hang with the my daughters, Kamryn and finest athletes in this class. girls and play games or finish Rachel, ready for school. I take any homework that needs done. After a year of absence, BHS Show do get the chance to get together my youngest (Rachel) to the day 1:50- 5th period is another Choir returns with a new instructor, and work, they’re able to get a lot care before going to work. sophomore P.E. class. There are 8:30- I tell the girls goodnight Cheryl Barnes. She was previously accomplished. Their practices are 42 students in this class, so you and tuck them into bed so they a choir teacher at the Montpelier held at Blackford High School and 7:40- I’m arriving at Blackford can only imagine how packed are well rested for school in the Middle School, where she was also run from 6 until 8 in the evenings. High around this time. First it is. I try to manage another morning. head of the Elite Choir. According “Although they are a young group, hour is my prep where I spend exciting activity every day, such to Mrs. Barnes, the program was they are so hard working and fun my time planning for an eventful as El Carnival of Fitness (The 8:30-?- I take this time to relax brought back to “Bustin’ out in song is the to work with,” said P.E. class 2nd hour. After this, I Carnival of Fitness). and just watch TV. I look to BHS, because Mrs. Barnes. go to chat a little with Mr. Dansee if The Office, Family Guy, students and This year is a iel and steal some candy from best feeling ever. It lightens building 3:01- I am heading home from or Modern Family is on. If not, people of the year for Mrs. Musselman. Next, I go to Blackford at this time and go to there is always some kind of community had Blackford High visit Mr. Mealy and Mr. Phelps the mood and brings School’s Show pick up Kamryn from school. sporting event that I could check simply asked for to see what the game plan will After that, I pick up Rachel out. the return of it. Choir. They may not be for the day. everyone together.” from day care. She also finds have many places 10:30- It is time for me to go to Show Choir to to perform at this 9:25- Second hour, I have - Kendra Sutton 4:30-5:30- It’s homework time. bed, so I pack on my mud facial be a good conyear, but they plan weight lifting where I get to I’m helping Kamryn with her and hit the sack! fidence booster for the participants. on going out with a bang. They want Not only does it help build confito impress the community every Compiled by: Brandon Conner & Kurt Spencer dence, but it is also a great way of chance they get to open up doors having fun. Who doesn’t like singing to new performances in different and dancing your heart out? places. Since they are such a young Height: 5’ 11” Since the program has just group and have little practice time, Hair: Mocha Brown recently returned this year, Show they will not have the opportunity Eyes: Watermelon Green Choir members have had little time to compete in any competitions to prepare for their performance on this year. Although this is the case, Turn-On’s: Smile, personality Thursday November 12th. The song Mrs. Barnes hopes to give them the Favorite Restaurant: La Palma they will be performing is called experience they need to succeed in Ideal Date: Taking a lovely lady out to eat and then to a “Little Shops of Horrors”. They’ve these competitions next year! BHS motion picture. had little time to work together and and the community can expect great practice the stunts and moves used things from this group. throughout the song. Even though Height: 5’ 7” this may be the case, when they Hair: Hint of Ginger

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The Outlook

Club Spotlight: Science Club

By Mitch Cooper and Jess Patrick

Science Club offers many activites for students.

By: Robby Elliott & Hendrix Hess

We asked Freshman Kayla Faine about some of the new music she’s been listening to. Bullet For My Valentine Hearts Burst Into Fire “I really like the guitar ar the beginging, it sounds really cool.”

Scary Kids Scaring Kids The Deep End “Its a really great song that I can’t stop listening to”

Escape The Fate It’s Just Me “It sounds really circus-y to me, and I like it.”

I Set My Friends On Fire Things that rhyme with orange. “Its a very upbeat song and its fun to listen to.”

Alesana Tilting The Hourglass “It’s just flat awsome”

Who doesn’t love a vacation? With outings ranging from local bowling trips to a weekend in the Florida Keys, BHS Science Club offers a fun activity for every member involved. Science Club Vice President, Colton Eakins, said that, “Our trips are educational, we choose fun things to do that are related to science.” Most high school Science Clubs go on few outings and are not nearly as involved as the Blackford High Science club studies marine biolgy in San Diego, California in February of 2009 School Science Club. Science This trip is by far the Club sponsors and officers work favorite of science club members. This year’s itinerary together to try to organize an event for each month includes opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking while BHS is in session. through a bird sanctuary and a trip to a Turtle Science Club trips are a great opportunity to Hospital. (Yes, a TURTLE hospital.) socialize, learn, Students who go on the Marine Biology trip pay and gain hands $595 to go, and are able to offset some of the cost by on experience participating in the club fundraiser, candy sales. in a fun and educational According to the form provided by Mr. Cooper, environment. students who travel to the Florida Keys for the Science Club Marine Biology trip are expected to undergo a sponsor, formal evaluative process to showcase the adequate Mr. Cooper, educational value of the trip. said that, BHS science club member, Doug Prout, who has “I enjoy the gone on the trip twice in the past years said, “I love opportunities getting away from Indiana, and more specifically, to connect with Hartford City, to enjoy the weather of these other my students. It states.” is great that the In March, the Science Club will be visiting the things we do Science Club members about to tour a ship Muncie Airport for a presentation from Todd compliment the textbook science studies”. Shoup. The Science Club will be ending the year This year the club has already participated in with the election of officers for next year. multiple after school activities such as a bowling outing, and a trip to Taylor University to hear a lecture regarding diseases. In February of 2010, the group will travel to Florida where they will explore the world of marine biology.

College Spotlight: Harvard University Katie Hines

To those of you Blackford students who have been looking for a secondary school that maintains a high academic profile, listed below is one that will definitely fulfill all your specialized needs and wants. The most prestigious school in the country and ranked within the top ten universities worldwide is the striking and salient Harvard University. Known for its high-status and prominent academic courses, Harvard is one that can be quite intimidating. Filled with impressive students and arduous professors, this notable school is one that stipulates respect and admiration. Read below to learn more handy information on this appealing university.

Facts: t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t

Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts It is America’s oldest college; founded in 1636 380 acre campus Tuition for fall of 2010, including room and board, is $52,000 2,175 out of 29,114 applicants are accepted 2/3 of students have a job during their academic year Students from all 50 states and 80 countries all over the world attend Harvard Students can live either on or off campus All freshmen students must eat in the same dining hall until their sophomore year All students receive an unlimited meal plan There are 17 different dormitories to choose from More than 60 student theater productions a year A daily and weekly student newspaper Five orchestras 41 Division 1 intercollegiate varsity sports teams for men and women; more than any other college in the country More than 400 official student organizations Students may bring their own vehicles 98% of all admitted students graduate The library has approximately 16.2 million books The school colors are crimson and white In October of 2009, Harvard was ranked the number one university in the world


The name Harvard comes from the college’s first benefactor, minister John Harvard of Charlestown. Upon his death in 1638, he left half his estate to the institution established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


Harvard combines the attractions of a cosmopolitan city with the charm of a New England town. It is organized around traditional town greens, treelined squares and the grassy banks of the Charles River.

Graduate or Specialized Areas of Study: t t t t t

Harvard Business School Harvard Law School Harvard Medical School Harvard Divinity School Harvard School of Dental Medicine Harvard Graduate School of Design Harvard School of Public Health Harvard Division of Continuing

t t t

Application Requirements: Classes:

t t t t

Class sizes vary from 10-500 students. However, 1/3 of classes have fewer than 20 students Only 1 required class for freshmen: Expository Writing Average students spend about 12 hours per week in class; free time is to be used for studying 3,500 courses to choose from

t t t t t t

3 SAT subject tests Secondary School Report Mid-Year School Report $75 application fee Two Teacher Evaluations SAT or ACT Scores (The average marks of all incoming freshmen was a 2120.)

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