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October 2012 SHROPSHIRE .....................................................................................................

Committee Matters Ride behind the Scenes ‘Where’s the ride to next week?’ is often heard on club rides. The Rides Programme will supply the answer, listing as it does a six-month programme of Shrewsbury- or Wrekin-based group activities. But a lot lies right behind the scenes for these to happen. For a start, someone – your group representative (Section Secretary in club parlance) – has put together a programme of suitable rides. Many others – ride leaders – have come up with destinations, and volunteered to lead us there (and usually back again). Someone else – Ken Knight (for the last time with this winter programme) has produced it in printable form and then sent it to someone else – Peter Lobban, our webmaster – to put on the website. Others have distributed the printed copies that are needed by those who cannot read it online. There are a lot of people in that chain and we are all grateful to them for the work they do. Some members serve on the Committee, some organise Audax events, others social

President’s Ponders Once again I have the pleasure of thanking one of our club members for an enjoyable social occasion. It has been decided by the Committee to hold a monthly social evening for all members. Sally organised an evening at La Lanterna, Shrewsbury, on 13 September. Twenty one members came along and we enjoyed the chance to have a meal and a chat with them and their other halves. Another evening is planned for next month, and details will be published on the website (too soon for the planned next issue of CN, I’m afraid – Ed).  Anita activities. Group tours like the Easter weekend need an organiser, club publications like Wheelmarks and Cycle News can’t be produced without an editor/typesetter. Not one of these things just happens of its own accord. It is unrealistic to expect volunteers to go on forever. We have some stepping down at the AGM this year. Sue is coming to the end of her year as Secretary. Ken is reducing his club workload and Sally has put together her last Mid-Week programme. So the next time you are about to ask ‘Where’s the ride to...’, remember there won’t be a programme to consult if we don’t get fresh volunteers. Why not you? We all get a lot out of CTC Shropshire. Please consider


putting something back? Talk to any existing volunteer or come along to the AGM on 4th November at 10.30 at Upton Magna village hall and see what you could do to help in the running of our club. As you can see, we need it, not for the Committee, but for all of us.  John Nowell Your Editor is aware that his revamping of the title of this column is using a tired cliché, but he hopes that after reading John’s cry for help, especially the urgent need to find a replacement Secretary, you’ll see the Committee does matter. Without it and without the other support John mentions, our club will just fade away. Surely none of us wants that. Editor

Malcolm’s Mytherings

Here we go again now that Rob feels he can continue his editorship in spite of his health problems. Thank you Rob and continue to look after yourself. The Birthday Rides have come and gone successfully despite the doomsayers, me among them. Certainly the feedback I received from riders doing the two rides I organised to Picklescott, a 78 mile A-Ride and a car assist C-Ride calling for lunch at the village hall, was very complimentary. I don’t mean that the compliments were for my rides or just for the excellent lunch provided by Marion Knight and her local W.I. No, the comments generally were that everyone was enjoying the Birthday Rides in Shropshire, and were very upbeat about all the rides, the venue, support programme and overall organisation. So, well done Peter and his team, you did it in spite of us, and did it well! What’s more it reflected well on the Member Group and Shropshire in general and you can’t ask for more than that. On another tack, how well are you prepared for an accident on your bike? Do you have an ICE number in your mobile phone, do you always have your phone with you, fully charged, and is it unlocked so someone finding you on the ground could find your ICE number to contact your nearest and dearest? Or do you have an identity bracelet or dog tags giving contact details? I didn’t have any of those when I had my recent off, so thank God that Chris and Mike were there to help me and get me back on my bike (even if it was only for a fairly short distance before I gave up and agreed to go to A&E). I was very surprised to be told that I would be kept in hospital overnight and would require general surgery the next day and then even more surprised when told I would need more surgery in 2 or 3 days, before I could be sent home. Whilst lying there in a ward that seemed full of geriatrics, most of whom were gaga, I got to thinking about what might have happened if I had been on my own when I came

off my bike and realised that I wasn’t prepared at all. So, on getting back home I ordered myself an identity bracelet that now carries all my emergency contact details, my medical history and medication, allergies, blood type, etc. All I’ve got to do now is to remember to wear it every time I’m on the bike, like my helmet. (for those that don’t know ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”) During the Birthday Rides, Ken Knight put on his digital slide show of the old D.A. glass slides from days long gone. As expected his presentation went down well. It was not, however, the only presentation that night, as Ken was awarded The Certificate of Merit for all his years of commitment and work for the CTC and the Member Groups he has been involved in. And well deserved it was too! Congratulations Ken, and thanks from all of us for all you’ve contributed over the years. On a final note I’m pleased to say that Rob Fris is still looking good, in spite of his chemo regime, and is keeping very positive about his future prospects. Keep on smiling and keep busy, Rob, we need your continuing commitment to us.  Malcolm Adams Thank you Malcolm. Having positive and supportive friends helps enormously – Rob It so happens that at about the time of your accident, Malcolm, this photo appeared on the AOL website. I reproduce it here with my best wishes for your recovery, and not to be insensitive about your plight, but because (at first glance) it is rather gasp inducing.

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Cycle Shrewsbury: ‘Love Your Bike Month’ Events

Sustrans Bike It officers will be running Love Your Bike month activities in schools in Oswestry and Shrewsbury including ‘Be Bright’ sessions. They will also be running open A highlight for children will be a free Hallowe’en days for students at Shrewsbury College on cycling party with fancy dress and a spooky 12 and 15 October which will include free Dr sunset ride around the Shrewsbury Sports Village Bike safety checks, bicycle polo taster sessions track. Other free fun activities will include face and cycling information and freebies. painting, spooky party games, prizes for the best As a special Love Your Bike month promotion costume and Dr Bike safety checks. free Bikeability training will be available for Cycle Shrewsbury are also holding free primary schools which run courses in November 3-hour basic bicycle maintenance courses and December 2012  in Ludlow, Oswestry and Shrewsbury. Editor Places need to be booked which can be done Contact: Emma Bullard, Cycle on their website. Otherwise call Ray Hughes on Shrewsbury 01743 255435; 01743 253008. Also during October, they’re giving away winter cycling goodies to people who sign up to receive e-newsletters from Cycle Shrewsbury/Travel Shropshire. This, of course, needs to be done on their website. Gifts include Peter Lobban reports that he has got the new adult hi-visibility vests and bike lights, plus the Cycle Shropshire website working as it should, lucky first 100 new people to sign up will also with special mention of the following: receive a reflective bag full of cycling goodies. The Rides and Events listing, and the Cafe & Free cycle training is offered for adults, Pub list are working fine. It is easy for emebers whether complete beginners, or haven’t been to enter new entries. The Blog is working fine, on a bike for a while, and are nervous in and if you want to write anything (CTC-related) traffic. One-to-one cycle training is available in it, please contact Peter to be assigned as anywhere in Shropshire. To find out more, email an “Author”. The same applies if you want to or call upload photos to the Gallery or write a News 01743 253008. Item for the Members menu. In this case, enter Three new cycle route leaflets will be ‘New Event’ on the Members menu. available for Much Wenlock, family friendly For guidance on all of these, there is a document How to Contribute on the Members rides in northern Oswestry and Southern Oswestry. These will be available for download menu. If you need any help with putting stuff and in printed leaflet form shortly. on the website, don’t hesitate to contact Peter. A Women on Wheels guided Sunday He adds: “Go on – give it a try, you can’t morning ride held on Sunday 7 October 2012 break anything. It’s your site so please use it.” He also reports that the new rides lists for meets at the Obelisk by Greyfriars Bridge at 10.30 am. More information on WoW rides can Shrewsbury and for Wrekin are now accessible on the website.  be obtained from Cycle Shrewsbury. Editor Coinciding with publication of the leaflets a guided cycle ride around Much Wenlock will be held on Sunday 28 October 2012 and around Oswestry on Sunday 21 October 2012.



Jenny’s Jottings Diary Highlights

Birdy Bill’s Birthday Bash

Having been found by CTC Cycling Holidays, Ellesmere College, proved near ideal In August we spent a very accommodation for the 2012 Birthday Rides, having grounds enjoyable week at the suitable for tenting and caravanning, as well as bedrooms within Ellesmere Birthday rides. It a comfortable building. was a holiday, but sleeping at Peter M and I visited Ellesmere College for a preliminary look home. We had a friend staying at the sports field that we were offered, adjacent to the Lee with us (B&B) in exchange road. Not having suitable survey equipment, we did a rough for a taxi service for the estimate of the area by pacing out the site. With that and photos evening events. of satellite views I managed to get an idea of how many tent The highlight of the week pitches we could fit in. was after Ken’s slide show, As applications came in from rides visitors in April, a more when David Cox, chair of accurate survey was needed. With professional surveying CTC, presented Ken with the equipment and advice from the College grounds staff I was able CTC CERTIFICATE FOR MERIT to make more accurate plans. for his work over the years But the wet Spring weather was still taking its toll. Just organising events, editor of four weeks before the event, our proposed site was declared Wheelmarks, his many hours of waterlogged. A sports field off the Tetchill Road was found to be dry work digitising the glass slides and would take all the tents and caravans but it wasn’t close to the and promoting CTC in many College and its facilities. I prepared new plans and we looked into other ways. I shall be writing a provision of temporary facilities adjacent to the alternative campsite. longer account of the Birthday With less than a week to go I was informed our original site Rides in the next edition had dried out and was declared usable. Back to square one! of Wheelmarks. With help and advice from Mark and Colin of the grounds We have managed to get staff, we started setting out some 120 tenting pitches and out on our bikes between managed to get about half of them done before the fields were the rainstorms, writing and needed for college activities. Afterwards Mark and Colin finished checking routes, so we have the setting out for me. been missing out on the club On the Monday, the first day of the event, I arrived on my rides this summer. We did loaded bike. A 1950s VW campervan was parked in the middle manage to get to the Cowshed of the tent area. Its sole inhabitant, Marion, wasn’t able to drive Lunch at the Royal Hill before it either. Its keys being available I was able to drive it to the the rainstorm but got very wet caravanning site, which Marion took over organising, leaving me on the way back. free to allocate the tent pitches. We hope to see you all at The next few hours were manic, as over 500 Birthday Riders arrived. the AGM if not before. The next day or two threw up some shortcomings in my preparations. Some campers needed washing-up and laundry facilities. The WEM INFORMAL GROUP caravanners needed toilet emptying facilities. All quickly sorted out! meets Sats when poss at 10.00 As the site cleared on the following Sunday I wandered for local rides. 40 miles at 10- around the now emptying grounds and was pleased to find no 11 mph ave. 01939 232061 or rubbish or debris lying around. The ground was perfectly ready to Edwin 01939 235556.  resume as a sports fields. A tribute to CTC members’ integrity.  Jenny Leese Bill Dorrell