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Minutes of the CyclingUK Shropshire Members Group 88th AGM Date 6.11.16

Time 11.00am

1. Election of Chairman Claire Ashton was proposed by Graham Milne and seconded by Helen Gilmore and elected unanimously 2. Apologises for absence Brian Oakley, Jenny and John Leese, Peter Lobban, Paul Roberts, Pauline Hanson, Martin Beardwell, Peter Smith, Robyn Halbert, Dot Lovett 3. Minutes of the last AGM The secretary summarised the minutes of the last meeting which were accepted unanimously as true, proposed by Ann , seconded by Malcolm Adams 4. Matters arising from minutes. There were no matters arising 5. Presentation of the Annual Report. Copies of the report had been distributed before the meeting. The Secretary summarised certain points from the Report. Roger Griffiths who sadly died this year was remembered. The leaders workshop was discussed by Claire Ashton and John Nowell, and the St John’s Ambulance First Aid course mentioned. Kevin Read-Jones, who had recently returned to a midweek ride asked for the pre-ride briefing to include more information. It was generally felt that the money spent on the two ventures was money well spent. Various initiatives to publicise the club and the rides programme were explained by Martin Anderson. The change of the Group name to Cycling UK and efforts to liaise more with local Affiliated Clubs was pointed out. The secretary also informed the meeting that the Wellington Group of cyclist has become an affiliated group named Severn Spokes. The Ride Organiser – Midweek, Freewheelers, and Audax – gave reports. John Cooper and Bill Dorrell were both thanked for their long service as organisers as both were standing down this year. Malcolm Adams thanked John Hamilton and, in his absence, Edwin Hargreaves for arranging the Audax events over the past many years pointing out that they are one of the main income streams for the members group. The secretary thanked Malcolm Adams who as President of the Group had also undertaken the role of Chairman of the Committee. 6. Treasurer’s report. The treasurer had circulated the Statement of Accounts prior to the meeting. She explained it to the meeting and there were no questions. It was accepted by a unanimous vote after being proposed by Malcom Adams and seconded by John Cooper.

7. Report of the West Midlands Councillor. David Cox outlined some of the important changes that had occurred nationally since he last AGM, and thank the Group for their efforts in making it such a successful year. He was impressed by our Leaders Workshop and First Aid course and agreed repeating them regularly was important. He reported that the change in logo of the organisation was considered a success nationally and was leading to more effective campaigning by the Club at a national level, and that the change in Governance arrangement with a council reduction to 12 members aligned the charity to other similar organisations. 8. Election of Next Year’s Committee Brian Oakley, in his absence, had volunteered to be the Midweek Rides Organiser and Hazel Nowell the Freewheeler organiser. It was agreed that this was not necessarily a committee post. The following were elected or re-elected to the Committee:- Bryan Oakley, Martin Anderson, Maxine Rogers, Claire Ashton, Robyn Halbert, John Cooper, Peter Lobban, and Andy Seabourne. They were proposed by Malcolm Adams, seconded by John Nowell and voted on individually. 9. Election of officers. Linda Hamilton was elected as Treasurer proposed by Claire Ashton and seconded by Malcolm Adams. David Osbourne was elected as Auditor proposed by Bill Dorrell seconded by Helen Gilmore. Julian Birch was elected as Secretary proposed by Claire Ashton and seconded by Bill Dorrell. 10.Forthcoming events including Easter Event. Paul Rogers amplified the proposed Easter event. The Secretary gave the dates of the Midweek Riders Christmas lunch and the Ukulele evening. An appeal was made for more members to organise social events and support them when they occur. 11.AOB none. 12.Close of Business meeting ended at 12.20pm.