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Understanding the Requirements for Cyprus Company Formation The company law that encompasses all businesses that are established in Cyprus is anchored on the English Companies Act of 1948. For those who are thinking of building or establishing their own companies in Cyprus, they should understand that most of the policies and regulations to be complied with there is identical to what is being implemented in the United Kingdom. Cyprus Company Formation is not easy unless you are oriented with the laws, cultures and economic condition of the people in that country.

The Requirements for Establishing a Business •

Permit from Central Bank Those who are not residents of the country and who wish to be a participant to the legal entity of a Cypriot should apply via an advocate who is legally practicing there. The advocate will be responsible in submitting to the central bank anything that is

required for the formation of the company including economic activities, capital and a lot more. •

Registration Upon provision of permit, the nonresidents should be able to register their names at the Registrar of Companies department.

Confidentiality There are times when you don’t want your identities to be revealed as the owner or as part of the company in any way. The rules of confidentiality remain the same in almost all countries. Cyprus Company Formation allows you to secure your identity as part of the company via other company’s agreements for fiduciary and other means. Administration

In terms of business administration or management, you will be allowed to conduct your trade even outside the country. As an international company, you are given the freedom to trade anywhere you want. However, you should see to it that you have a concrete office in Cyprus and that you have a set of employees composed of residents and other expatriates. If You are Looking For Offshore Company Formation Log On To

Understanding the Requirements for Cyprus Company Formation