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WSKF Australia

Who We Are 1. WSKF stands for World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation. 2. We are a school for martial arts Perth. 3. Located in Western Australia we are a member of the federation among 80 countries of the world. 4. We have specialized training programs for adults and children. 5. We help to develop flexibility, balance, speed and power.

What We Offer 1. Training programs for children, adults and families. 2. Programs that help to develop high levels of fitness through strength, power, speed, balance and flexibility. 3. Internationally recognized martial arts programs. 4. Various exciting activities like training at parks and beaches, social activities, BBQs and competitions .

Why Us 1. We instill techniques of self defense for young and old. 2. Our approach is holistic and aims at comprehensive development of strength and fitness. 3. We bring to our students a training and martial arts that has been handed down for many centuries.

Contact Us Address : PO Box 214 Mount Hawthorn WA  6915 Call : (+618) 9444 3737 Email : Online Contact Form :

Profession Martial Arts Training Classes in Perth Australia  

Global Shotokan Karate is run by the most skilled and profession trainers in Australia to offer high quality martial arts training in Perth,...