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Convenient high security mechanical and electromechanical lock systems

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions.


ASSA is a leading supplier of lock and security solutions for professional customers. We develop, manufacture and market lock and security solutions for doors, windows and cabinets. Quality, high security and design characterize the products. Since the start of lock production in the late 1930’s we have supplied locks and door furniture to practically all segments and applications. Among these a large variety of some very prestigious, industrial, institutional, military and governmental enterprises. We continuously monitors and drives the development of lock and security issues further, and believe that you as our customer are mainly interested in solutions – not the individual products. With our comprehensive range of products and services, we can set up security systems that suit your specific needs irrespective of what segment or business environment you operate in. With us you have the choice, we call that “Security on Your Terms”.


About ASSA ABLOY ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door-opening solutions – solutions you might already be using on a daily basis without even thinking about it. We open doors to events, museums, airports, hotels, homes… in fact, we open doors to life. As the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. ASSA ABLOY is represented on both mature and emerging markets worldwide, with leading positions in much of Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific. In the fastgrowing electromechanical security segment, the Group has a leading position in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with around 42,000 employees and sales of around SEK 40 billion. As the world’s leading lock group, ASSA ABLOY offers a more complete range of door opening solutions than any other company on the market.



How can a company in a small quiet country like Sweden become the world leader in locks and security products? At ASSA we have a long tradition of developing and producing locks. Many are the standards and requirements set based on products we have developed in cooperation with the police, military and other government agencies as well as insurance companies. As a part of the world’s leading lock group, ASSA ABLOY, we are able to lead the development of technology in our industry.

ASSA’s environmental philosophy is guided by a holistic approach where we take into account what is technically feasible, economically viable and ecologically justified. We strive to stay well ahead of the requirements of the authorities.

In Sweden we have a tough environment with high demands. The temperature can fluctuate from -40 degrees to +30, from bright sunshine to arctic blizzard. From urban areas to coastlines with a lot of corrosive salt. Here survives only the best of products!

Our environmental work runs through our entire operation, from the development of environment- and allergy-friendly products to the purification of process water. We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001, which means that all processes are carefully examined with regards to what enters and what leaves the factory. Targets and thresholds are set for all significant environmental factors, and are measured and monitored. Maintaining security products with high functional demands using optimal resource management at all levels is a major challenge in a sustainability perspective.


The dp Concept

dp dp platform

CLIQ Remote


dp platform

Absolute Security Convenience dp platform

RFID Key dp platform


Access Control Systems

ASSA dp – a new technology with great potential With ASSA dp you get a new lock technology that gives you more than 48 billion possible active combinations according to EN 1303, grade 6. The new design and the vast combination possibilities make ASSA dp the world’s safest Master Key Systems. With ASSA dp, you can combine different levels of security in a single lock system, without the users requiring more than

one key. Now you can select the level of security each door should have. Typically, the security requirements are higher for perimeter security and other sensitive areas such as IT departments, R & D and warehouse, while a lower security level for the rest of the doors may be enough. This gives you a more economical locking system and each person receives only one key that fits the doors this person should have access to.

ASSA dp with CLIQ technology adds a new level ASSA dp with CLIQ™ is a key with an electronic ID. This gives the user higher security and greater flexibility. A lost key for the entrance door is no longer a security risk. The key can easily be blocked and is then unusable. As easy as to block, add the keys for new users. In short, there are two mutually independent codes - one mechanical and one electronically programmable. But, as a user, you only need one key. Changes in the organization where staff will be moved around are no longer a problem. Multiple users can have

the same mechanical code and then be assigned electronic access to suit their current location. The keys carry information about the doors they have been used in. If something occurs, this event can be traced both in the key as well as in the cylinder. Time controlled access adds another dimension. Each event is logged and the system administrator can see which keys that have been used in the specific cylinders, at what time and at what date. We call it convenient and absolutely secure.

ASSA dp with CLIQ Remote - remote access If your dp locking system with CLIQ™ is spread over a large area or if there is a need to manage the system from a distance CLIQ Remote is the product for you.

With CLIQ Remote you can easily change the access rights of a key, read the log and change the time-controlled access in real time for remote systems, directly from your PC.

As a system administrator, you have access to a web-based software on your PC and by using this software you can send secured missions to two types of programming devices – a wall-mounted unit or a mobile device.

The software is web based and this allows the administration to be decentralized on different levels.

ASSA dp RFID ASSA dp CLIQ™ key has a RFID tag/card built in the key bow and therefore it can also be used as a key card in ASSA access control system readers.


Security distribution How the distribution of codes and components is made to your locking system is essential for its life-span. By linking ASSA and ASSAs resellers through an IT platform, we can provide the system owner service around the clock. The reseller gets encrypted codes from ASSA that control the machines while manufacturing the keys. The codes are only stored at ASSA, ensuring security and safety throughout the life of your locking system. Only an ASSA-licensed reseller may be given access to your


locking system and order the components required for future expansion or changes. Through the software ASSA Performer and Web Manager you manage the distribution and handing in of keys as well as the information about changes in your locking system.




SM db





The Golden Terraces buildings in Poland.

St Andrews Universitet in UK and Estonian Forensic Science Institute

Sejm of the Republic of Poland




With a modern and patented ASSA master key system you can ensure that the right person has access to the right areas. For doors with particularly high security requirements you can add electronic access through the CLIQ™ function. The flexibility of an ASSA system allows convenient and secure handling of staff, customers and the flow of goods. Even business growth requires a master key system with high capacity. Examples of commercial buildings with ASSA dp and dp CLIQ is Plaza Torun shopping center in Warsaw and the tulip farm Keukenhof in Holland.

Security work set very high demands on the master key system. It concerns both the personal safety and the property protection during extraordinary events. The properties can often include multiple geographically dispersed buildings, which puts greater demands on the administration of access rights. Among others St. Andrews University in England and the Estonian Forensic Science Institute has chosen ASSA master key system to meet their business requirements.

Office buildings are in need of combines high physical securit ctions. The ASSA dp-concept e general structured overview th between different department The Siemens building in Portug buildings in Poland are exampl

a master key system that ty with convenient funenables this without losing a hat regulates the access rights ts, internally and externally. gal and the Golden Terraces les of ASSA dp installations.

SSAB steel plant in Sweden

North Lantau Hospital in Hong Kong



Industrial companies are often spread out in wide geographical areas. Parameter protection is achieved by gates and doors. Security solutions have to be adapted unequally to every door in order to serve the purpose of functionality and security. To enable individually unique access structure for employees and visitors, are equally important, for security and for safety reasons. The ASSA dp concept meets high security standards and flexibility.

Within health care is easy access, high security, clear and fast and secure administration of master key systems very important. By choosing an ASSA master key system you can meet these requirements and also add ASSA emergency exit products as well as antibacterial fittings from the same supplier. Example of a customer with ASSA solutions is North Lantau Hospital in Hong Kong.


AIRPORT An airport is an installation with multidimensional demands. There are many temporary visitors, travelers, while the staff, both temporary and permanent shall have different access rights. The security levels in all areas where people move around varies. Everything from the arrival hall where the main task of the locking is to steer the crowds to various gates and other public spaces, to the machine room, the control tower and take off ramps where safety is not compromised. The ASSA dp concept meets the airports high security standards. The dp CLIQ™ concept offers a flexible solution without compromising on safety. You can easily manage the access rights for different areas and block lost keys. You can easily see who passed the various doors / gates, both outdoors and indoors.



SPORT FACILITES PGE Arena Gdansk. Danuta Zielecka at ASSA ABLOY Poland: “Crucial to the choice of ASSA is the flexibility that means a lot when the locks will be installed in a large system. ASSA’s high security cylinders that are protected against unauthorized key duplication also played a role as well as the cylinder design.”




ASSA dp product range

dp key

dp CLIQ key

dp cylinder dp CLIQ cylinder

CK programming key

Wall PD

Mobile PD

dp CLIQ Remote key

XC key

CLIQ Web manager

dp CLIQ Remote RFID key

DK service key

Local PD


ASSA AB P.O. Box 371 SE-631 05 Eskilstuna Sweden phone +46 (0)16 17 70 00 fax +46 (0)16 17 70 49 Customer support: phone intl. +46 16 17 71 00 phone nat. 0771 640 640 fax +46 (0)16 17 73 72 e-mail:



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ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

dp concept  
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